Hazumu freaks out when Sora asks her what she’s going to be about Yasuna’s confession and love. With the topic on her mind, she goes and asks Asuta if he has someone he likes. But Asuta takes so long trying to figure out what she means that she assumes he has no interest in love. In front of the school, Tomari notices that Yasuna is waiting for Hazumu to arrive. By the shoe lockers, she overhears Yasuna asking Hazumu if she wants to draw together during the sketching event. Tomari decides to intervene and asks Hazumu to do the same thing. Hazumu doesn’t answer Tomari, since she had already agreed to Yasuna’s request, and instead looks rather uncomfortable between the two girls. During biology class, Sora notices that Yasuna acts strangely around the boys. Indeed, Yasuna had trouble figuring out which boy dropped his notebook beside her seat. Sora goes with Hazumu to the art room and the two find Yasuna’s picture from the last sketching event. It features several girls, but all of the boys except Hazumu are drawn as abstract shapes. It confirms Sora’s suspicions, but only makes Hazumu more confused.
When the day of the sketching event comes around, Yasuna and Tomari both want to draw with Hazumu, so all three end up together. Hazumu is thinking about drawing the scenery, but both the other girls want to draw Hazumu instead. The situation becomes awkward, and Tomari makes it worse by again reminding Yasuna that she hurt Hazumu and confronting her about the confession. Hazumu stops Tomari from continuing her harsh words, but the damage has been done. When Hazumu asks Yasuna to go home together after school, Yasuna shakes her head no. Yasuna feels like she doesn’t deserve to be beside Hazumu, but Hazumu tells her that she saw the picture from the last sketching event. Hazumu feels that she doesn’t know anything about Yasuna and wants to learn more.
Yasuna reveals that she can’t see males, starting with her father when she was a little girl all the way until now. She had resolved to live alone, but then she found Hazumu – the one boy she could see. Though changed her entire world, she was still afraid – afraid that he’d disappear from her view someday, just like her father. That was the reason she rejected his confession, even though she had regretted it and blamed herself. But then Hazumu came back as a girl who wouldn’t disappear. Yasuna says that she’s liked Hazumu ever since they first met and hold only Hazumu in her heart. At this point, Yasuna breaks down crying and runs out, but after taking a fall and regaining her senses, she returns to the classroom with a determined look on her face. She whispers into Hazumu’s ear that she doesn’t want to have any more regrets, and then kisses Hazumu. Returning from her supplementary classes, Tomari is shocked when she catches the two in the act.

I thought this was an excellent episode that brings us full circle to the very beginning of this series (just like the manga). Time and again, the animated version demonstrates that it can tell the manga’s story with much more detail. After reflecting on the first five episodes, I can say that I feel like I understand Tomari and Yasuna’s characters so much more than their manga counterparts. The anime is highlighting the tension between Tomari and Yasuna a lot more, resulting in more angst (which is being laid on pretty thick now). I sympathize with both, but I continue to root for Yasuna over Tomari.
My point is that Kashimashi is shaping up to be exactly what I had hoped to see at the beginning of this season, if not better. And now that Yasuna has had her kiss, it’s Tomari’s turn again to get some Hazumu-time next episode.


  1. I feel kind of bad for Tomari, it really seems hopeless for her. It’s not going to be much of a love triangle if she doesn’t get in gear, Yasuna’s going to be on third base by the time Tomari gets around to even confessing to Hazumu that she likes him…or…her.

  2. “I hope a original ending for this series”
    Hm… so it took 5 eps for the first volume, which means second volume will be used up by ep 10~12 that means it will be well ahead of the manga by the end. So any ending would be origional.

  3. We’ll see how things go, soon… but poor Tomari. Still, at least Yasuna seems less overtly creepy here than in the manga, especially since she’s made a confession to Hazumu, before going in for the kiss. Bonus points for admitting that Hazumu was the only guy she really noticed, although whether because he was so feminine or because he was so kind and non-threatening is something she doesn’t really explain.

    Now, we just need Tomari to get her act together and stop dilly-dallying. I suspect that seeing THIS happen on her watch should be enough motivation to do something – or to give up until encouraged by some other party.

  4. I have no idea who to root for here. I am a sucker for childhood friend characters, but with Yasuna it feels like she needs Hazumu more. But what’s witht the “I can’t see boys thing” pyschological trauma? or perphaps something bigger than that?

  5. Ah, that, if I remember correctly from the manga, her dad barges into the bathroom and asks Hazumu if he can wash her back, or something. Hazumu doesn’t respond kindly to this.

  6. “Bonus points for admitting that Hazumu was the only guy she really noticed, although whether because he was so feminine or because he was so kind and non-threatening is something she doesn’t really explain.”

    The manga (as far as I’ve read at least) never explains this fully either but also makes it clear that Yasuna could (at least partially) see Hazumu when he was a boy but no other boys. I don’t think it’s something we’re supposed to read a lot into, basically it just shows us that Hazumu is very special to Yasuna for reasons that go beyond just love. 🙂

  7. For the record, I like to point out that I hate this ep because i’m in Tomari’s side. As we all know this ep points out that vol 1 will be over soon…it looks like it’s going at a very slow pace, seeing how other animes skip or cover a vol in 1 or 2 eps. I still don’t buy the whole “I can’t see guys” crap….and come on, If I was Hazumu, I would feel insulted that Yasuna would admit her confession after Hazumu’s confession. That’s like you confess to a girl and was rejected because you were clumsy, poor, smelly, dumb etc. etc…and then all of a sudden that same girl likes you and confesses because you are rich, smart, athletic, clean…..I know this is only an anime but I’ve seen this happen tons of times in my lifetime and it’s irritating, annoying and superficial…sigh…worst part of all this….I ended up watching this at Valentine’s day….which is, without a doubt, the worst time to watch this ep.

  8. Bright day
    so Taishi and all other people, you would accept person of gender aou are NOT attracted to. if the gender was the only thing between the two of you as a lovers? I know that at least I would not.


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