Shana confirms to Kazumi that she indeed a Flame Haze, and then is about to abandon her to go look for Yuuji. However, Alastor reminds her that her duty is to bring Kazumi back to Khamsin. Inside the fuuzetsu, Yuuji and Satou tell each other about their situations (i.e. Yuuji is a Misutesu, Satou and Tanaka are under Margery). Yuuji mentions that the real Sakai Yuuji is already dead. The two end up going their separate ways because of their different tasks – Satou is headed to Friagne’s old hideout and Yuuji is going to find Kazumi. At that time, Kazumi is being pulled along by Shana. Kazumi thinks to herself that even though Shana knew about Yuuji being a Torch, Shana still liked him. Kazumi trips, but decides to ditch her one sandal and run along without Shana’s help.
Yuuji finds Khamsin just shortly after Margery does. After confirming that the monocle is indeed Khamsin’s, Yuuji admonishes the Flash Haze for dragging Kazumi into all this. Kazumi and Shana emerge from the bushes where they were overhearing him talking about her. The group’s attention goes back towards the happenings around them, and Khamsin thinks that they need to start tuning soon. But when he and Kazumi try to, the procedure fails because the Jizai Shiki is interfering with the markings. Margery receives a call form Tanaka and Satou. From the map, the two report that there is a concentration of the Jizai Shiki back at the festival. With the intent of destroying the Rinne at that place, Shana and Margery head off.
After Shana attacks it, the professor’s robot transforms the festival’s yagura into a giant robot. With Yuuji’s help, they figure out that the airship high above the city is the final piece of the puzzle. When Shana and Margery fly up to attack it, the professor calls for his robot to combine with the airship. The two Flame Haze hastily make their retreat after getting word that Khamsin is taking the form of a stone beast. It chucks a rock that sends the airship crashing into the water below. On the ground, Yuuji and Kazumi are on the ground from taking cover. When she asks if his situation is irreversible, Yuuji reaffirms that he’s already dead. But Kazumi believes that Yuuji is still human because his body and heart are still warm. And, as she confesses, that’s the Sakai that she likes.
By the time everyone gathers again, morning has arrived. Khamsin uses the image of the town from Kazumi’s mind to correct the distortion. It’s a warm image that causes Yuuji to start crying from feeling that he belongs there and remembering Kazumi saying that he’s human. Shana runs off because she’s feeling more and more distant from Yuuji, but trips on the pavement. When she raises her head, she sees the face of an old friend: Wilhelmina.

Yay for Kazumi-chan finally being able to confess! I’ve been rooting for her since the beginning, so I’m glad that she’s finally able to get closer to Yuuji. She’s going to be overjoyed if or when she learns that Yuuji isn’t going to be disappearing anytime soon because of his Reiji Maigo power. Of course, I expect her ultimately to lose to Shana, but it creates some good drama for now. Shana herself has some great scenes. Shana + Nietono no Shana + yukata + flame wings = awesomeness. On the other hand, Margery and Marchosias are given a rather comedic role this episode in how they comment on the Professor’s giant robot. Oh and there’s also Khamsin, whose rock form is a lot bigger than I thought it’d be. Seems to pack quite a punch too.
But wait, there are now four Flame Haze in this city because Wilhelmina arrives at the end of the episode. It makes me wonder if they’re all going to leave the city together (if they indeed need to leave the city at all). Next week’s episode looks to be more or less devoted to her. And now that I think about it, it’s hard to believe that next week will already be episode 20. Time sure flies…


  1. Wilhelmina and Shana reunite /already/?! Uh-oh, we’re going off the novel track here…not that this is a bad thing mind you (although it could be, we’ll have to see), but in the novels, a lot of important stuff happened between the end of this fight here and when Wilhelmina showed up, includingShow Spoiler ▼

  2. If you ask me i think Shana may be the one turning sides in the end… Right now her heart is the most messy and maybe the baddies will use this chance to turn shana evil muahahahha!!!!!

  3. A Flamehaze runs on hatred against Tomogaras. With Alastor on her watch, there’s no way Shana will work for them.

    That Yuuji and Kazumi scene was pretty nice. Pretty heart warming.
    On the other note, is it just me or do people in this anime tend to trip a lot? -_-;

  4. Yuuji is a pain in the ass to me. Why can’t he show how he feels about the two girl in the way they could understand? The two girls have been being tortured by his undecisive attitude. He seems to like Shana better than Kazumi but at the same time he looks trying to make Kazumi believe that he is interested in her. Who does he prefer anyway, Shana or Kazumi? If he likes Shana better than Kazumi, express that in the way they could understand that, then he could stop tormenting them. Shan should hang around with more boys, then she could find a much much better boy than Yuuji and give that whiner to Kazumi.

  5. shozo: Undecisive? Analyze the situation a bit better than that: /we/ may be able to see Kazumi and Shana have a crush on Yuuji, but does /Yuuji/ know that? Unlike Yuuji, the viewers have the luxury of knowig what the characters are seeing and seeing Shana and Kazumi when Yuuji isn’t around. What makes you think that Yuuji knows either of them have feelings for him? Shana’s outburst in 17 about Kazumi not mattering was far from a confession of love, and Kazumi hasn’t exactly been straightforward about her feelings until now either. And who says he actually has feelings for /either/ of them yet? He may have feelings building up, but he’s far from lovestruck.

    Okay, I put up with that completely BS crack about Shinji using people as shields that somebody said back in the episode 1 blog, but this is where I draw the line: WHEN THE HELL HAS YUUJI WHINED???!!! (outside of the comical scenes, when whining actually matters)

  6. For once, I gotta agree with the Kazumi-haters. XD Shana really suffered there…But points to Kazumi for being the first to break out of her own shell and confess.

    Exciting episode though. Finally get to see the battle form of Khamsin and Wilhelmina! Can’t wait for the next one…

  7. I have to say this… Yuuji no baka!

    Where is all that crap he said time ago like “Stay with Shana for ever” or “Because of Reiji Maijo, I can live for ever and then stay with Shana” (remember that, when they were on the roof). And now, only because Kasumi founds the truth about everything, he forgot that. Well, al least he doesn’t know about Shana’s feelings (yeah, they are feelings), but every action in the past two episodes take a lot of Shana’s happiness and hopes. I don’t know how this story is going to end, but… I hope “baka” Yuuji remembers two things. First, he is sill a Torch, not a human, but himself believe he is Sakai Yuuji (the only thing it matters), and second, Shana could be a little selfish when she said that Kazumi don’t have nothing to do with them, but her heart don’t kwon how handle love and the way to make it clear.

    If there is not a happy ending with Shana & Yuuji, al least make a masterpiece final for the story… Nothing more to say.

    Syaoran Li
  8. Geh, I seriously don’t understand these Kazumi-haters. Jezus, Shana gets depressed and all of you attack Kazumi. You’re all a real-life version of those crazy fanclub dudes from Shuffle, albeit not as outlandish but just as stupid.

  9. Don’t worry my friend, is just our POV

    I don’t remember where, but the only reason for all this dialogue was because Shana is afraid, she is afraid of losing Yuuji, the only one who could see her more than just a Flame Haze, the only one who had the courage to keep fighting against all odds: being a torch, being a Mistess, acknowledge his own existence, aware of the consequences if he make a mistake. These are my reasons for argument on her side, come on, we even know how old is Shana, and what is that secret she keep away from everyone, except Alastor. My only hope is, if Yuuji picks Kasumi, the scriptwriters shows us a reason, and make things clear.

    And this is only speculation, that’s the wonderful in the Anime; you can take the story as far as you want and feel every emotion, every laugh, and every tear. That’s why I love anime so much.

    Let’s keep watching until the last word was said. Greetings

    Syaoran Li
  10. I’m sure we everyone’s already thought and said it, but I’ll say it again. Wilhelmina needs to be put in a yukata. Hopefully it’ll in an eyecatch since I don’t think it’ll be possible next ep.

  11. I totally called Shana’s sandal breaking when she ran away in the final minutes. It’s more or less a law now: the greater the negativity of a character’s emotion when running in a yukata, the greater the chance of the sandal breaking.

    And I fault Kazumi’s logic. Of course he’s warm, there’s a flame inside of him.

  12. Make me laugh a lot with that…

    Ahh Soo… Yuuji is still human ehh… he is an object like Shana said in episode 2, a torch with no other thing that keep the balance on this world. It’s funny, because Shana tried to put in Yuuji’s mind at the beginnig that he is a torch, nothing more and nothing else. And now, Kazumi tried to put in his mind that he is still human. ^_^ Somebody please explain this to everybody.

    Syaoran Li
  13. lol I laugh, when people say they hate Kazumi, because I never really hear any reasons for it, other then ” oh! she is getting in the way of Shana and Yuuj “so i hate her.”

    Well i’m rooting for Kazumi, though I dont really see that happening 🙁 but still it is not as if they have made it impossiable for it to happen in the end 😀 ep.19 was great! I’m hoping for a interesting ending either way it ends. But a Kazumi ending would be a suprize for most people and I love a suprize in a romance anime ending, if both female characters have had alot of time and been developed well, and that whats happened in SnS. Well hopfully the show doesn’t go downhill from here.

  14. “lol I laugh, when people say they hate Kazumi, because I never really hear any reasons for it, other than ” oh! she is getting in the wy of Shana and Yuuji “so I hate her.””

    Pretty much the same thing as all the Shinji-bashers to do Shinji. They bash without labeling any basis. 😛 So just do what I do: smush ’em everywhere they go. 😀

  15. Ill say this episode was the craziest to watch after everything that happened. True alot was predictable but wow what the hell is shana doing. I know she dont understand everything but instead of screaming when she grabbed yuuji she should have said everything else on her mind then maybe she wouldnt be in this situation. I actually want Shana to win this battle. Most likely because the story follows her more, you know more about her and its basically revolving around her, you even saw her past, so its sad to see baka yuuji not understand what the hell is going on. All I know is that I really wanna see Shana win, and she should if the anime laws dont break themselves, but the situation actually has me wondering a little. Its been the first show in a long time to ever get me mad at what happened in it. Cant wait to see it!

  16. Shana for the win. if for some reason the story suddenly became about the relationship between Kazumi abd Yuuji, then it wouldn’t be Shakugan no Shana. The story is about Shana. That being said, Shana will most likely be the victor over Kazumi. In my opinion, most likely Yuuji is gonna hafta realize the reality of things that he longer lives in a normal world. and that dragging Kazumi into it might cost her soul by accident and he’ll realize that. In the next ep I think, Wilhemina (sp?) forces the choice on Shana that she has to leave the city and go hunter other Tomogaru (more Sp, i can’t spell today for some reason) and perhaps and only perhaps maybe Yuuji realize the effects of Shana leaving his life, and start to feel true loneliness like that Shana has felt. Damn Yuuji for being so insensitive towards Shana, he knows she doesn’t react normal to some situations, so he should pay more attention and try to make out what she is trying to convey to him. but yeah, the anime is about shana, so the winner in the end will be Shana, maybe Kazumi will get some sad fate by either teaming up with the baddies, or become a soul sammich (yummy?). As a last thing I have to say, it would be dumb of the writers to fork Yuuji over to Kazumi, (She’s most likely gonna go with Ike, that’s my feeling) since they have developed such a deep bond between Shana and Yuuji, that consisting of their times together, hardships, school, the training, battles. it would be a waste of an anime if Shana didn’t get Yuuji. maybe it’ll be one of those where he realizes his love for her at the very end. maybe leaving open for a Second season which would honestly kick some major ass. Nuff’ Said.


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