Aka has a dream of her school days, and her friends hoping to someday hear her voice on TV. Fumihiko has a similar dream about his own friends, except they’re talking about Tokyo girls. He wakes up and sees her gargling, which she is doing because her throat is so important in her line of work. In fact, a lot of what she does, including eating breakfast to prevent her stomach from interfering with recording work, is connected to her job. After breakfast, Aka heads off to work while Fumihiko stays home to type up a business proposal. In the evening, Aka comes home, but has to knock several times before the work-occupied Fumihiko notices. She brought home takoyaki, but then goes out again after Fumihiko tells her not to bother him while he’s working. Fumihiko gets a call from his boss suggesting that he show up at a goukon (group date/party). He goes, but when the girls there start talking about the cute voice behind the Neko-ki, he remembers that Aka doesn’t have a key to the house. She’s not at home and not at the store, but he finally finds her in the park doing vocal practices. They go home and happen to see Aka’s commercial on TV. It reminds her of her dream and what her friends had said. After Fumihiko says that Aka will one day become a popular seiyuu, Aka turns off the light and performs an Audrey Hepburn line. In the darkness, Fumihiko tries to kiss Aka, but she pushes him away again.

This episode mainly seems to show how important work is Aka (and Fumihiko), and all the things she does to become a seiyuu. The two’s relationship is still developing, but Aka is clearly still not ready for them to be lovers. For the record, the Audrey Hepburn line she recites is from the movie Wait Until Dark. The Japanese equivalent of the movie title, 「暗くなるまで待って」 (kuraku naru made matte) is also the title of this episode.
Next week, Fumihiko gets to dress up as the Neko-ki.


  1. Unfortunately, I don’t speak tagalog…at ALL. My parents decided that it was better they keep it from me so that can speak about people without me knowing while I’m in the room.

    And anime usually go slower than the manga ^^;…or at least, is pretty well behind it.

  2. When not all the time since you have no idea what changes are going to make for the anime than in the manga. Not sure if this counts? Black Cat could be example? If not then yeah I shouldn’t be talking at all.

  3. Well, if the REC anime’s ending is going to be far far behind the manga’s, i do hope that they’ll be able to pull off a wonderful ending just like Honey and Clover’s.

    The Crappinometer
  4. i don’t really watch this anime but i read the first episode blog here, didn’t they allready sleep together
    on the first episode ?! whats with not being ready to be a lover or no kissing thing ? hell, they didn’t even know each others name when they did it first time around.

  5. Ah? Eh~ ^_^

    i don’t really watch this anime but i read the first episode blog here, didn’t they allready sleep together
    on the first episode ?!

    Aka explains in episode 2 that that was just an exception, spur of the moment thing. It doesn’t mean they are lovers. I guess she doesn’t just want to be a live-in slut, but actually develop a natural relationship, finding things out about each other.

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