At the athletic festival, Ayumi is writing a story where Haruo becomes the MVP and gets a kiss from her as a reward. The book, which she got from Rika, will apparently turn what’s written in it into truth. The other girls catch onto her plan, and their interference scrambles all of the words. Now, the book says that Haruo will kiss the girl who becomes this year’s MVP. With a kiss up for grabs, all of the girls now have their sights on that title. Maika ends up asking her sister Chiaki, who is winning in numerous eating contests, which game has the highest point value. The answer is the female-only Ultra-Race, and Maika, Yuri, Ayumi, and Marin all sign up. Meanwhile, Ayumi’s sister Michiru decides to meddle in the competition by inserting a bug into the magic book.
The bug uses the book to manipulate the rules, making it into a pair’s race. And because the book is at work, Ayumi and Haruo (who’s not a girl) get paired up, while Maika is with Marin and Yuri is paired with Umi. The first obstacle is to scale up a giant cliff, at the top of which is a giant plant/tentacle monster. Later obstacles include traps and several evil sports teams. The world even becomes volcanic in the final stretch. By this point the book is going crazy, but Maika (with Marin’s sacrifice) has almost reached the finish line. That is, until a giant bolt of lightning strikes her down. Instead, it becomes a race between Yuri and Ayumi, both of whom have ditched their partners. Ayumi pulls out ahead, but is then confronted by a giant version of Michiru’s bug. Fortunately for her, Rika shows up and kills the actual bug in the book. Ayumi wins the Ultra Race, but when the principal announces the MVP award, everyone is shocked that it goes to Chiaki (because of her eating awards). And true to the book’s word, Haruo goes up and gives her a kiss as her reward.

I’ve noticed that for this episode and last episode, they’re closely following the manga for the first half and then making stuff up for the second half. Well, the ending and the general plot is still the same, but they added Michiru’s interference, Rika killing the bug, and a lot of the crazy stuff in between. It seems to me that they’re trying to 1) use characters who haven’t been introduced yet at this point in the manga and 2) work in something of a back story (Michiru being evil in this case). But I enjoyed the overall episode, and a lot of the new stuff just made it funnier (like the ping pong team).
Next week looks like more of the same in terms of them extending a manga chapter. From the preview, I think we’re going to see the Yuri-centric chapter 16, with a lot of Michiru meddling.


  1. Did he just kill Fuyuno, his sister? Again, whose idea was this… whatever it was… that provoked so many of those fantasy images of him kissing various girls? Especially given Fuyono’s athletic talents?

    Poor Maika, upstaged by her own sister. 😀 Poor Haruo, who’s going to have to live down the ‘incest’ label if they didn’t mind-wipe the witnesses to his impertinent act…

  2. Gawd, another episode on crack and steroids ^_^ … Magikano continues to deliver the goods.

    Next episode a Yuri one? Perfect! Yoi Yoi Yuri members rejoice! Time to go back to “rooting for the losing girl” routine, after my last champion (Asa) happened to win in a total upset. Yuri FTW!

  3. I find the student body president quite appealing…. basically she reminds me of an alternate universe Motoko (Love Hina)…. pardon me while I go stand in her camp and wave her banner.


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