From a newspaper clipping, Shanin tracks down a Kayano Yume, a girl whose father Shanin had killed. Outside the mansion, Shanin nearly gets run over by Yume and her chauffeur. Yume offers Shanin a ride, but the car first makes a stop at Shinjuku Station so that Yume can write a note on the XYZ board. As a result, Shanin brings Yume to see Ryo. She tells Ryo that although she still wants revenge, there’s something bigger bothering her about her father’s death. It seems that his body disappeared when she had gone to call the police. She then found out that his company didn’t exist and there were no records of him having graduated from school. On top of that, his room had then burned down. Before he had died, her father had laughed and said that he could die at long last. Yume’s request is that they dig up what they can about who her father was. Shanin becomes determined to not run away from this request. After Yume has gone back home, old man Chen tells them that the father was a killer who went by the name of Mad Dog. Umibouzu recounts that Mad Dog was a homicidal maniac bomber.
Meanwhile, Shanin has brought some ice cream to the Kayano home, but it induces a traumatic reaction from Yume because of the ice cream she was bringing when her father died. Shanin then meets Takanami Haruka, Yume’s violin teacher and the guardian of the estate. Yume tells Shanin that Haruka was appointed by her father when he was still alive. This causes Shanin to wonder if he knew that he was going to die. Back at the Cat’s Eye, Chen continues on by saying that Mad Dog had an accomplice named Dog Walker. Walker was the one who got the requests and did the information gathering while Mad did the killing. Walker is still alive, and so Yume digging into her father’s past brings great danger.
As Shanin is leaving the mansion, she and Yume shake hands as friends. But Shanin then encounters Haruka on the road out. Haruka wants her to drop the case and not come back. Shanin suddenly leaps forward and tackles her right before a bullet whizzes by. Another gunshot is heard, this one belonging to Ryo, but unfortunately, the gunman gets away. Haruka says that she doesn’t want to be killed like the detective who had uncovered everything. He was killed before he could tell Yume. Ryo offers to take them in while they’re in danger.
Yume and Haruka end up staying at the Cat’s Eye, where Yume seems to be all sorts of trouble for Shin Hon (walking into his room while he’s sleeping, walking in on him in the bathroom). However, Shin Hon doesn’t like how Yume can be so happy there while Shanin is going through a lot of suffering. Haruka tries to tell Shin Hon that Yume wants to be friends with him, but Shin Hon doesn’t think that it’s right for the situation. Returning to his own room, Shin Hon finds a note from Yume in the door that he assumes is a love letter. Yume and Shanin are watching from around the corner as he tears it into shreds, and Yume tries to make light of how she got rejected. Shanin knows how hurt she really is and slaps Shin Hon for being inconsiderate. She finds Yume in her room and gives her a hug and a shoulder to cry on.

I’m betting that they’re setting up Shanin to be a mother figure to Yume, only to shatter it later when Yume learns that Shanin was the one who killed her father. For a while during the episode, I suspected that Haruka was Walker, but then a gunman tried to kill her, so maybe he’s Walker. This arc is off to a good start, though I admit that the murder and mystery aspects of this episode are a lot more interesting than the Shin Hon and Yume-chan stuff.
The ending song this week is 「Daydream Tripper」 by U_WAVE, the same one they used for episode thirteen. I wonder if there’s going to be a new ED soon.


  1. I know i’m a lil late, but does this story have a love story in it at all? I dunno, it sorta seems like it could…

    I’m not a huge fan of JUST action, although if it has a good plot or something else i’ll enjoy it a lot more (aka FMP my fav series :P)


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