Yume invites Shanin to her upcoming concert. Old man Chen tells Ryo that Mad Dog had committed a killing where one of the victim’s went missing – a baby girl. There’s no mistake because that girl’s age matches Yume’s. At the concert hall, the group meets Kazama Masaomi, the world renowned violinist that Haruka is dating. Yume becomes star-struck and nervous at the prospect of performing in front of Kazama, so Shanin gives her another hug. Shanin tells Yume about Ryo and Kaori and how her current heart belongs to her mother Kaori.
During Yume’s performance, a figure in the back raises a remote control. Shanin tackles Yume out of the way just as an explosion rips through the stage. Though relatively uninjured, Shanin is taken to Doc’s to recover from the shock. Yume of course thinks it’s all her own fault, but Shanin wakes up long enough to say that it’s natural for her to protect Yume. Kazama comes into the waiting room concerned about the situation and how they’re not talking to the police. Haruka calms him down by telling him that she doesn’t want to involve him in this.
Yume gets a phone call from the bomber, who promises her answers to what’s going on. He has her go to the restroom, where he has a DVD player already set up. The man on the video introduces himself as Dog Walker. He tells Yume about how her father was a murderer responsible for many people’s deaths. However, her father was killed by none other than Shanin. The shadowy figure tempts Yume with revenge and tells her about the gun hidden in the toilet. Yume returns to the hospital room and points the gun at Shanin, asking for an answer about killing her father.

Dog Walker really has to be Kazama, unless they’re going to introduce a third character. But I think Kazama fits the part of the villain quite nicely, even though we really don’t know his motivations just yet. He’s the outside character who knows about the Doc’s clinic and is able to plant the DVD player and the gun. As for Yume-chan, her feelings for Shanin are probably too strong to shoot her (that plus the fact that we can’t lose the main character). Her desire for revenge doesn’t seem very strong and she’s most likely just feeling shock and betrayal. It’s ultimately probably going to come back to how close she and Shanin got during the past two episodes.


  1. Another good episode of Angel Heart which is exactly taken from the Manga (volume 6). This worries me since the anime catches up pretty fast. Each episode covers about 3 chapters from the manga, while the manga only progresses like 1 chapter a week I believe. So far there are 18 volumes of manga that are published in Japan. Volume 18 has just been published very recently.

    I just hope that whoever in charge of making the anime version will come up with some nice fillers in order to give Tsukasa Hojo (the manga creator) more time to release more chapters.

  2. actually, i think there’s more than enough material for the anime to cover. assuming that this is a 52 ep series… not really a big fan of filler episodes *cough*Naruto*cough* 😉

    Show Spoiler ▼


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