With the Christmas party over, the acting director tells Hiroki and Kiri that she’s going succeeding her sister and officially becoming the director. After she leaves, Hiroki and Kiri agree to meet each other at the hotel’s restaurant at 7 PM. Kiri mentions that she wants to go to the beauty parlor first. Meanwhile, Takeuchi catches Elis and Tomoko on the way home. She gives Elis a pair of red gloves as a Christmas present. Elis, in turn, gives one glove to Tomoko and keeps the other – symbols of them meeting again next Christmas. Tomoko is still afraid that she won’t be around next Christmas. At home, Elis lies naked in bed with her brother’s coat as her last memory of him. By the time Hiroki comes home, Elis is gone. In her room, Hiroki finds a painting of angels with a red background. He calls her cell phone and she tells him that she’s in a taxi – she lied about going to Tomoko’s home. Elis says that she’s giving the painting to him as a Christmas present. At the end, she tells Hiroki that she loves him and then abruptly hangs up. Hiroki tries to call her back, but the crying Elis doesn’t answer. In a beauty parlor, Kiri tells the stylist that she’s going to be spending Christmas with the person she’s always liked – a childhood friend.
Hiroki is about to leave for the hotel, but his lingering thoughts of Elis cause him to turn around. Instead, he grabs his painting stuff and starts working on a present for Elis. Kiri arrives at the hotel restaurant, but finds that Hiroki isn’t there. This happens to be the same hotel that Elis is saying at and the same one that Kana and her editor Sugihara are working to finish her novel at. When Kiri calls Hiroki, he tells her about the painting that Elis left him and how he’s now painting again. Kiri knows how important this is for Hiroki and lets him go. She then calls Sugihara, but the editor is busy with Kana. Kiri ends up sleeping alone at the hotel, as does Elis (who’s still pining for Hiroki in her sleep). The next morning, Kiri, Elis, Kana, and Sugihara all leave the hotel at the same time, but manage not to run into each other. Sugihara does happen to see Kiri leave alone. By now, Hiroki has finished his painting. With very little time left, he rushes to the airport by train. While at the station, he encounters Kiri from across the train tracks. Spotting the painting in his arms, she confirms that he’s going to see off Elis. She happily asks him to give her regards. Hiroki gets on the train and yells something to Kiri, but she can’t hear him through the door. After the train pulls out of the station, Kiri cries in the arms of Sugihara, who had apparently followed her. Kiri says that she’ll be ok – she and Hiroki are returning to being childhood friends.
At the airport, Elis and Tomoko are getting ready to leave. Hiroki is late getting there, so Takeuchi leaves to look for him. Tomoko’s plane leaves first, and they all say their goodbyes to her. Because of the snow, Hiroki is now forced to take a taxi, but even the roads are clogged up. He gets out and starts running, however Takeuchi soon rides past on her motorcycle. She recognizes him and takes him to the airport. When they get there, Hiroki tells Takeuchi to stop calling him sensei. He’s going to be their art club advisor again. Takeuchi thinks to herself that she’s been waiting to hear those words. Elis’ friends keep her at the busy for just long enough so that Hiroki is able to get there. He holds up the painting he drew: a reflection of Elis’ angels, except with a blue background. Elis comes running into Hiroki’s arms and the two wish each other Merry Christmas. On her plane, Tomoko says goodbye to Elis and then takes some medicine. The stewardess finds Tomoko with her eyes closed. However, it seems that Tomoko eventually gets through her surgery just fine. Life at Nadesico Academy also continues on. And in Paris, the paintings that Elis and Hiroki drew have been put next to each other. Naked under a bed sheet, Hiroki and Elis link hands and kiss.

Holy crap, that just completely blew me away. I didn’t see any of that coming at all; I spent a good part of the episode going “No…they wouldn’t….” and “omgwtf is going on.” So Hiroki basically let Kiri go (or vice versa as the case may be) and ended up going with Elis. And there was the whole Tomoko dying thing that had me fearful for her life up until the very last shot in the credits. I think I’m still suffering the shock effects of the 180 degree turn that they pulled on us.
Overall, I’m very split over this episode. On one hand, I love it when a show can completely surprise me and can blow me away (the majority of SHUFFLE! come to mind). On the other hand, they’ve been working towards a Kiri ending for the entire series, but now they throw all that away and force an Elis ending. If the point of the past 23 episodes was to set us up and surprise us with this finale, then they definitely did their job. And I can’t help but feel bad for Kiri, who ends up being the loser, though the whirlwind of her giving Hiroki up came just a bit too fast and too easily. At least Elis – who has been angsting as much as, if not more than, Kiri the entire series – gets to have her happy ending.

Final Thoughts: If you had asked me last week, “roller coaster ride” would not have been how I would describe this series. And overall, Canvas2 is written so that it’s doesn’t have huge plot twists and wtf moments. From the beginning, it was clear that this art-themed series would be about Kiri and Elis vying for Hiroki. And then around halfway through, Elis kind of left the picture as a potential love candidate. If they had kept with the Kiri route, then I probably would have said something like “this series is a consistent romance story that builds up nicely to the end.” But with an ending like this…well, let’s just say that I have to now be very careful not to spoil things when I recommend this series to someone. And I definitely would recommend it, probably as one of the most surprising shows of the year.


  1. YATA!!! YUPI!!! Holy shit…

    What was that?? Subarashi!! Hontoni subarashii
    Arigatou gosaimazu… you make my day with this.

    I regret it from what I say on AoMM, I love Canvas 2

    Syaoran Li
  2. HOLY CRAP! *Checks if it’s April 1st*…Nope…

    Wow…This is by far the biggest surprise I got this year. Unbelievable. Just unblievable. The way they are wrapped around naked together is just unbelievable orz

    BTW I can’t believe that random guy appeared again. Well, good thing I won’t be seeing that face anymore.

  3. Very curious how it came to that. I had been suspicious of this result since episode 13. Kind of sad that Hiroki lead on Kiri for so long. I wonder how much it makes sense in context…

    What does the “Z” in “ZOMGWTF mean? I’m familiar with OMGWTF but not adding a “Z”. Does it mean zowie?

  4. I—*speechless*

    This is wrong on some many different levels!

    Honestly, this was so OMGWTF for me. I mean, its his SISTER albeit not blood related, but seriously, he cannot just KISS her and then wrap around NAKED with her without getting GOOSEBUMPS.

    Oh god *barfs*

    Not only that, she is YOUNGER than him by YEARS its wrong! WRONG!

    Sister complexes are getting WAY to popular nowadays.

    *barfs again*

  5. I really should be more shocked than I am… somehow I’ve always felt like something wasn’t right, and that it was just too easy. Hiroki was still holding back, even when it looked like everything was working out with Kiri, which made me wonder if he hadn’t really figured out his true feelings yet. I guess the main thing, though, is that (like pretty much everyone else) I didn’t expect them to go for the twist this late in the game – I expected it much sooner. So, mixed feelings about why they put the twist this late, but not that surprised that they did it.

  6. I love it! I simply love it! Finally one of the girls i have been rooting for actually wins in the end!
    Omni you have to, simply have to, put this episode on the “favorite anime episodes this week” poll.
    This is so great, cant wait for the subs. What a fantastic surprise ending. One of the best if not the best anime of the year IMHO.

  7. It’s not what it was “supposed to”. It is like it is^^ Really a surprising ending, but there was often pointed, that Hiroki may like Elis and not Kiri. So I wasn’t shocked that much after all.
    Thank you Omni for blogging this series and thank you Canvas! Maybe we’ll meet again in the future;)

  8. In Japan, cousin marriages are legal… but people don’t really like to talk about it. :3 Statistic is maybe 4 in 1000 marriages are cousin-marriages, I heard? Something like that

  9. OMG that freaking rocks!! Elis and Hiroki ending was the best. You were right definite spoilers. Thanks so much for blogging this!! That was definitely a shocker ending and I’m very happy.

  10. Well, that explains it. Given that Kiri deep down inside wanted so much to see Hiroki paint again, she loved him enough to let him go after learning of him actually painting again. And the painting Hiroki made was in a sense the “other half” of Elis’ painting, which pretty much showed what was in Hiroki’s heart.

  11. now that’s it, I stopped watching this show after ep21 and this ending proved me right in doing so, I’m so dissapointed with this, I can’t even describe it, what the hell were they thinking, unbelievable, gotta remove this stuff asap, total nonsense…

  12. and for those deep down in his heart people, he previously rejected kiri because he though he isn’t good enough an even Elis knew, he loved her back then so WTF is this ending supposed to mean damn it, all directors nutts there in JPN, holly crap

  13. I wasn’t really a big fan of HirokixKiri and liked Elis more, but i didnt really expect the ending to end up like that (though i’m not disappointed). I’m glad the writers decided to end it in this way, i’ve been thinking that the show hasn’t been surprising lately (almost boring), ever since Elis decided to ‘give up’ Hiroki in the first half of the season.

  14. Hmmm now that i think about it, i really feel bad for kiri. i mean, she has loved hiroki for almost as long as elise. while elise’s love seemed like just a very deep infatuation, kiri’s love seemed like the real, strong, caring kind. i would have been happy either way, but this ending makes me a little more happy 🙂
    yet bittersweet because of kiri’s pain and loneliness.

  15. oh wowowow OMGOMGOMGOMG this was surprising. way to turn the tables at the last minute
    not bad ending.

    Recommendation for next poll :
    (Who did u think hiroki was best suited for?)
    Kiri or Elise and for the heck of it add in the other girls

  16. Technically first cousin marriages can still be considered incest. It’s because the blood is still very similar. The chances the children have of being born with some congenital disease is increased. Which is why incest is such a big problem. You want to expose the gene pool to as many variations as possible, not limit it.

  17. Like everyone else i am so 360 degree shock!! i mean WTF, its holy crap…what are the directors doing!! encouraing incest, and early S3X…dude how can they do that to kiri!!! i regret watching this anime… i still cant believe it!!! holy crap…is about all i’ve been saying!!! damm it..!!!! ergh!!!!!

  18. Getting over my extreme joy over the ending to this series, the bed scene was a just a tad much. They could have done something like several years later with their family, or something. ^^b

  19. omgosh…. i was totally waiting for a kirixhiroki ending………………………. *stares*……………
    i think it’s a surprise, but doesn’t seem to be justified much…
    and they sleep together!?! aren’t they cousins!?! *stares some more*…

  20. Well I don’t want to see this anymore since the spoiler spoiled ot 😆

    the thing that i don’t understand is why do they have to build some hard relationship that is away from the main heroine just to come back to it?

    I just don’t get it…It’s like Da Capo Second Season, you build Kotori just to be shadowed by Nemu halfway the series(even though Nemu still takes a stand in the plot) But this is ridiculous…Elis just popped out of nowhere 😆

    Loyal KirixHiroki Fan

  21. I think most ppl are just surprise and happy about the plot twist in the end, the Hirokixelise thing comes second. Come on who wouldn’t love a show that surprise its audience. ^^
    I don’t think anyone would be angry at HirokixKiri either since both Kiri & Elise both seems very cool to begin with IMO.

  22. Dude, what are you talking about? Once Nemu reappeared, Kotori got completely cancelled out. Her feelings hardly made any difference after Nemu came back. >.> COmpletel different from this situation, where Ellis didn’t get completely cancelled out of any importance when Kiri appeared.

  23. Didn’t see this coming at all… and it seemed to be setting up for a Kiri ending. Feels like the Ichigo 100% manga ending all over again… Well that was way worse. I’m all for suprises, but i don’t know about this one. They could have made Hiroki seem more indecisive a lot earlier instead of having him think of Kiri so much.

  24. Actually, I think this is the complete opposite of Da Capo S.S. in terms of plot. This whole series, they’ve been building up on KirixHiroki relationship and Elise was fading with each passing episode. And BAM! They suddenly show Hiroki and Elise together having naked pleasure time, whereas in D.C.S.S., they built JunichixNemu relationship (while stepping all over Kotori, those blasphemers) to make the ending more reasonable.

    What bothers me about this is that through the entire series, they NEVER showed any sign of Hiroki having any romantic affection towards Elise while he was practically all over Kiri. I don’t hate Elise, but I don’t think it was reasonable of them to have Hiroki leave Kiri to get together with Elise in the end. The most surprising anime this season indeed, but it’s the least logically structured anime.

    And all you extreme anti-incest people need to keep quiet. You are over-reacting towards a freakin’ anime. Get over it and move on with your life please.

  25. I’m still just as shocked after my second viewing of the episode. I was a fan of the Elis X Hiroki ending through the whole series, but I was not expecting it after ep.19. But the door was opened very clearly in episode 22. I like the way it ended, but it was too rushed. The cousin thing does not really bother me one way or another.

    The biggest shame of the whole series is the fact it will most likely never see a R1 release. To me, that is a pity because Canvas 2 is so much better that most of the anime that get released here in the U.S. However, I never expected to see Koi Kaze licensed here either . . . .

  26. For deftoned or any of those that read the Ichigo 100% manga what do u think of the ending, I was just shock who the main character end up with, is so sad cause I like all the girls in that manga, first time it happen to me that i couldn’t find a favorite one, they are all just so special in their own way and if all their personalilty combine together it be the perfect girl for me ^^. I was hoping he find a way to have them all XD. A bit sad about Ichigo 100% ending thou.

  27. That’s disgusting…like someone said lolicon and sistercon are getting way too popular.
    Would you be OK if that happened in real life or even in a live TV-show?
    And don’t forget the 360° turn to provide a cheap surprise… Shuffle! was building its ending since the episode 18 at least.

  28. “who will watch da capo 2?”

    Everyone, at first. And then they’ll act surprised and shocked and upset when one of the two Asakura girls (or both?) ends up with the male lead, instead of the new Shirakawa (Nanaka) girl. And then they’ll rant about it on blogs and on forums. And then, just like the title suggests, it’ll be Da Capo all over again. But that’s off-topic… ^^;

    As you say, though, the problem with a “shock ending” like Canvas 2 is that you’ll polarize your audience. Opinions are definitely all over the spectrum on this one…

  29. After rewatching Shuffle recently, I agree with eurys, Shuffle wasn’t that full of shocks in terms of the romance, after about halfway. AsaxRin was built up fairly steadily during the Primula arc, and the other characters were noticing it when they came back from the other world. The out of character moments in Shuffle during the Kaede arc are a different matter, but don’t change the AsaxRin relationship build up.

    I find it most fascinating that this is probably the most discussion this series has ever had on this blog.

    Anyway, not sure what to make of this ending, until I see it subbed. I prefer these stories to make some narrative sense, to be true to their characters. Can you watch this series and see a coherent narrative whole? People seem to be describing this as a last minute 180 turn (by the way, a 360 turn means you end up where you began, so that’s not really a turn is it…). Although there were occassional ambiguous scenes, at first blush, it seems a little weird for Hiroki. Maybe it’ll make sense, and hopefully not be a surprise for surprise’s sake (which seems to be all too common an element these days in movies, etc). Blame it on M Night Shalyman, I guess?

  30. Everyone, at first. And then they’ll act surprised and shocked and upset when one of the two Asakura girls (or both?) ends up with the male lead, instead of the new Shirakawa (Nanaka) girl. And then they’ll rant about it on blogs and on forums. And then, just like the title suggests, it’ll be Da Capo all over again. But that’s off-topic… ^^;

    Anyone who has any hope on the Shirakawas at this point is deluded~! Circus seems to hate them.

    I bet that when/if we find about Kotori’s past her life will have been miserable. :p

    At least Otome seems cool though, and apparently unlike Kotori, Nanaka does look relevant. ^^

  31. “Can you watch this series and see a coherent narrative whole?”

    Hmm… I think you’d have to re-watch the whole thing to say for sure. What this ending does (to me at least) is answer the ever-present question “Why is Hiroki holding back with Kiri all the time if he does in fact love her?” Now we know. Does that really explain everything though? I’m not sure yet…

  32. -First of all: Koi Kaze, they were siblings (not marriage, but a relationship consumed)

    -Second: Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru (just wonderful, I love Iku)

    -Third: Da Capo S. S. (with wedding and all)

    And then, a lot more show feelings between cousins (Kanon, This Ugly and Beautiful World, Elfen Lied, Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~, Tsukuyomi Moon Phase, Ikkitousen, etc)

    Let it be… if is wrong, is wrong and that’s it. After episode 13 I think Canvas 2 lost the track about Elis, since then they gave us hints, clues and memories of Kiri and Hiroki, but never settle anything. Hiroko doesn’t help to much, specially since him left drawing after seeing Kiri with his “best friend” – in my case, a revenge would be fine -. After episode 19, the series was following a clearly Hiroki x Kiri ending, very weak indeed, but the idea was there.

    I’m happy for Elis, because at the beginning she fight with everything she got to show her “brother“, how much did she love him. Kiri make equal or better efforts, but if you were rejected once, is hard to say if a second chance could come. And writers don’t help too much after Kiri tried a second confession (we never had the chance to know).

    This is a good example; you never had to give things for granted.

    And with Kashimashi final episode this week, Friday’s poll is going to be hard

    Arigatou for this ending

    Syaoran Li
    damn Elis, Hiroki is such an ASSHOLE!!!!!!
    im so sad now, i was hoping i could watch one
    anime without a creepy brother/sister ending; i’ve been traumatized since Da Capo
    but DAMNIT, poor Kiri……*sniff*

  34. If the writers wanted to create a buzz about the ending of series, judging from has happened here in the last 7 hours, I think they succeeded . . . . . It will happen all over again when the subs come out in a week or two . . . . .

  35. Whaaat!!!?!? Hiroki x Elis? When did THAT happen? Last time I checked, Hiroki seemed to be leaning towards Kiri! Why did they suddenly change to to Elis on the last minute?! Is he some kind of sicko? That’s his COUSIN for goodness sake! Not to mention that she’s a minor… So wrong on many levels. (the last 3 screens nearly made me puke)

    A forced attempt in making it end Hiroki x Elis in my opinion. Poor Kiri.

  36. ———
    “Can you watch this series and see a coherent narrative whole?”

    Hmm… I think you’d have to re-watch the whole thing to say for sure. What this ending does (to me at least) is answer the ever-present question “Why is Hiroki holding back with Kiri all the time if he does in fact love her?” Now we know. Does that really explain everything though? I’m not sure yet…
    My point isn’t just about the narrative whole in relation to Kiri and Hiroki, and certainly one can now retroactively interpret his hesitance to Kiri that way (although reconciling that with his behavior in episode 7 and 19 is annoying), the bigger question is, does as a narrative whole, did it lead to ElisxHiroki? There’s no question Elis wanted it. Considering how often and with seemingly little hesitation Hiroki seemed to reject Elis or just not see her “that way”, I found it difficult when I rewatched it before. Yes, there were instances of ambiguity one can point to, and I saw it. But it’s hard for me to reconcile ambiguity with unambiguity (is that a word)? Maybe on another rewatch with this last episode when it is subbed it will make sense. But it sure as heck won’t make me enjoy the fact that he lead on Kiri for sooo long. Always annoying when they do that in these types of series (like RinxSia in the first half of Shuffle). Can’t recall where the leading on has lasted so long, though… But I haven’t watched that many of these series until recently.

  37. Great Ending XD

    I always thought it was possiable to end it like this, but I thought it was highly un-likely that it would happen, but that doesn’t mean it ended bad. I’ve always liked the interactions with Elis and Hiroki better, so i was dissapointed with little time spent on them sometimes, well.. In the end Hiroki is a Good male lead character and much! better then Rin from shuffle.

    The ending was a suprize and a good one too, though to bad there is no more Canvas 2 left 🙁

  38. C’mon, if you started a Project and don’t suit you, deal with it. Sorry if a annoy you

    I hate myself after seeing Shuffle! Why? Because I wanted the final in my way of thinking, of course that’s impossible, I don’t get it at all at that tine.

    MonkeyBrains has a good point. Maybe most of you didn’t like Hiroki x Elis ending because all the facts never make sense in that way. Since episode 13, when Elis says she is “all right”, everybody thinks she gave up on him. And then only “that annoying guy” complicated the relationship between Hiroki and Kiri. But, let my tell you something; Hiroki never show any hint about being in love (if you don’t take in count his reason for no drawing) with Kiri. Being childhood friends, Kiri being rejected once in the past, the fact of Elis has feelings for him; these entire make thinks more complicated.

    After reading comment after comment, I realize Shuffle! Has a better script work, no matter if Asa x Rin wasn’t my favorite couple, in the end I could understand and accept that fact. Canvas 2 lacks of that script work, that’s why everyone disagrees with this final.

    Let me ask you something, what if Kiri would be another relative of Hiroki?

    Think about it

    Syaoran Li
  39. I’d have to say in defense of the canvas2 writers that it wasn’t a predictable Elis and Hiroki ending, but if half the people got that impression there must be some substance behind it. I think what really threw the viewers off was how unusually developed relationship between Hiroki and Kiri was for a character, kiri, playing the conventional romantic contender. I think what also complicates the situation is Hiroki’s own ambiguous feelings, which he only began to resolve beginning with episode 19, both in the context of Elis and Kiri. He unquestionably accepted his feelings for kiri as a romantic affection and never considered whether he “liked” her romantically or as a friend. So this is neither bad publicity or a forced ending because the train had always headed in one direction, but got temporarily intersected.

    nietono no shana
  40. “Let me ask you something, what if Kiri would be another relative of Hiroki?”

    Actually, I have to admit that that’s something I’m wondering about myself. From the angry comments we’ve seen here, it’s surprised me a bit how many of them are “OMG she’s his cousin!” I guess the creepiness of that possibility (which was obviously what Elis wanted from the start) didn’t sink in until now that he’s made his decision.

  41. Well, at some level I think it’s weirder if you don’t notice she’s his cousin. But since I didn’t notice until my second time through, I don’t know what that says about me. 🙂

  42. If you look closely, we have more plot development in the first 10 episodes until the end, never mind anything else, since Elis come back with Hiroki, I feel like everything was makeup around nothing. Remember that episode when Elis and Hiroki do as babysitters, WTF, with what purpose? A damn filer at the middle of the series, when nobody knows what’s going on, Elis reluctant of let it go her feelings, Kiri more and more troubled with mixed feelings about Hiroki, and Hiroki, between his desire of being a teacher, his decision of never drawing again and his deepest sad memories bring to light again, there is no much to say about it.

    Besides, I don’t like how Sugihara told Hiroki about accepting Kiri in episode 19. C’mon, if you love someone, you don’t need anybody to tell you nothing; especially to push you over someone. I know she was her friend and all, but it doesn’t make any sense. Hiroki has to make the choice, only him and nobody else. Bring it again Shuffle! On stage, after accepting her defeat, Kaede make peace with Asa and Rin, and then could go on with her life. Thumps up to Canvas 2 for the same thing with Kiri, no exchange of words between Elis and her, but Kiri admit her defeat at the very end (I have to see D. C. S. S. entirely for more background examples).

    I’m glad with my determination of keep going with a show until the end, because you never what could happen. Arigatou Canvas 2, for remember me how much I love anime

    >> Thanks relentlessflame for your opinion

    Syaoran Li
  43. wow polls are heading for kiri….
    i was pretty content with the ending since i was hoping for something extravagent to happen since it had all been light stuff in the eps and i got what i wanted.
    the kiri relationship to me seemed a bit bland and mostly one sided. When hiroki started showing interest in kiri, it didnt seem to genuine to me.

    Also for you D.C.S.S. people
    Show Spoiler ▼

  44. Omg, OMg, OMG!!!

    I would have never guessed that my favorite girl, Elis, would actually get picked in the very end. Especially with all the pointing towards HirokiXKira. This surprise ending just made this series SO much more memorable for me, rather than just another cut and dry romance story.

  45. Crap! I just had to press “Continue Reading Canvas2 – 24 (END)…” I don’t know what to say. I feel overwhelmed now. Darn you curiosity. Oh well. It’s not too bad. At least I’m not getting the angry feeling like I did with DCSS.

  46. LOLX argg… regretted droping canvas 2 but oh well it got off to a really slow start… was rooting for kana ^^ but then again that seemed way too impossible right from the start =.=”””

  47. Well, the whole series was pretty much different from the game, so the ending being different is hardly a surprise. I prefer the Elis ending in the game, because his painting made more sense, and had better lead up. But it does remind me of an annoying thing about this ending.

    Earlier in the series, there were comments about how Hiroki never draws portraits, then you see his portrait of Kiri, and it was kind of like the old adage – if you show a gun in Act 1, someone had better get shot in Act 3. If he was going to paint again, it would’ve made more sense if it had been a portrait, considering that early build up (not to mention Elis doing a portrait of Hiroki). But from what I’m reading, I think the point of the ending is “PSYCHE!” Not really that satisfying. Maybe it plays out better when I see the sub.

  48. Nice ending…

    Am watching Ep 22 just-released fansub… it started from there… and if you look at the ending episode, it boils down to the paintings – from Elis to Hiroki… and from Hiroki to Elis. Pretty much explains the ending.

    Bravo to the directors!!

  49. i think the problem here is not the relative relationship (being bro/sis or cousins) at all
    its how the lack of development, hints, clues and script that it would be an elisxhiroki ending.

    i just rewatched ep 1-21 and there is barely no build up that hiroki would go for elis, even after rereading blog summaries ep 22-23, i dont really see why what already happened happen at all.

    if you look at the point of view of hiroki not the other way around, i dont see why he choose elis over kiri. the problem i see, is they made hiroki a 180 degree turn (i dont see why its 360 to others) without backing of such decision. for me, its already clear that it is kiri in his heart even with the lack of screentime to confirm it. plus i see the build up of the hirokixkiri tandem going to waste, me taking those episodes a total waste at all.

    overall at first i was shocked how things turn out, after careful review, i was quite disappointed at the ending. i see no justice on how things turn out making it hard for me to accept it.

    i really love this anime, well the first 23eps not the 24th.

  50. Interesting… never mind

    I see we agree in something, the lack of development in their relationship; I mean, Elis is in love with Hiroki, but Hiroki never show anything for her until episode 22. Even when the fight between Elis and Kiri was hot (episodes 7 to 10) Hiroki never reveal his feelings for Elis. This is mostly why everyone dislikes this ending.

    Syaoran Li
  51. “Hiroki never show any hint about being in love (if you don’t take in count his reason for no drawing) with Kiri. Being childhood friends, Kiri being rejected once in the past, the fact of Elis has feelings for him; these entire make thinks more complicated.”

    Umm, yes he did. Hiroki almost kissed Kiri in the festival. Hiroki spent a night with Kiri in an INN. Hiroki got earrings for Kiri. Most of all, Hiroki blushed every time he was in a “situation” with Kiri. Kiri got every attention Elise didn’t get. If that’s not enough to prove that this ending is illogical, Hiroki was indeed in love with Kiri; the reason Kiri got rejected the first time is because of Yanagi’s existance. Hiroki knew Yanagi was also in love with Kiri, so he stepped back.

    Honestly, I like Elise just a bit more than Kiri, but this ending absolutely turns me off. I’m even getting a thought that D.C.S.S. ending was better! Now that’s something you won’t hear very often.

  52. rllaneis made some very good points. The reason why I hate this ending is that the directors made it look like Hiroki and Kiri were the ones who were going to get together throughout most of the episodes. And just when the final episode comes along… BAM! Hiroki suddenly chooses Elis! No development whatsoever!

    Judging from what I read in the summary of the last episode, I don’t see any valid reason for Hiroki to go for Elis. If they build up on the Hiroki x Elis relationship, then I would understand why he chose her, no matter how much I adore Kiri. Surprise endings like this does not entertain me. At least in Shuffle! they built up on the Rin x Asa relationship well. Canvas2… lousy attempt.

  53. Honestly, I like Elise just a bit more than Kiri, but this ending absolutely turns me off. I’m even getting a thought that D.C.S.S. ending was better! Now that’s something you won’t hear very often.

    Well, the DCSS ending was easily better than this, in the sense that it did fit the story. It was the whole thing that sucked, with another love story between those two and nothing but them…but the ending was well justified…

    And yeah, I like Elis a bit better, but this ending…it makes no sense.

  54. I think i didn’t expect this after episode 13, but was after that the show doesn’s was interesnting anymore, all seems to be done with HikorixKiri. I’m surprised but i like the surprises.

    Where i can find info about Da capo 2??????

  55. Yeah! At least a little explanation in last episode would help to understand why Hiroki chose Elis. The only logic point, if that word can be use here, for Hiroki’s decision was his own feelings for her, never showed for some reason. That’s why I hate when a male character can’t be clear with his emotions.

    I’m happy for Elis, because she suffered a lot at the begin of the series.

    Syaoran Li
  56. “Hiroki almost kissed Kiri in the festival. Hiroki spent a night with Kiri in an INN. Hiroki got earrings for Kiri. Most of all, Hiroki blushed every time he was in a “situation” with Kiri. Kiri got every attention Elise didn’t get. If that’s not enough to prove that this ending is illogical, Hiroki was indeed in love with Kiri…”
    – Rasmiel

    In light of what we now know (if we assume that it is in fact supposed to fit together, which is I think what we have to assume in order to analyse it), you’d have to conclude that Hiroki was just going with the flow, but hadn’t really figured out his own feelings yet. Either that or his feelings changed. There was the excitement of having an old flame back in his life, and maybe he still had feelings for her, but it wasn’t until Elis was on the verge of leaving that he realised that she was the one he had feelings for now. One of those “You never know what you have until it’s gone” sorts of things… Does it make any sense? Well, I’d agree with most that they certainly didn’t leave much in the way of clues… But if we want to assume that this was “in the plan all along”, then you’d have to start re-evaluating everything in that light… or, I guess you could just come to the conclusion that the series planners don’t know what they’re doing. Either way, we got what we got.

    “Where i can find info about Da capo 2??????”
    (Only the game site, and only in Japanese. Anime not yet announced, but I’d bet on Summer 2007, if the previous pattern holds up.)

  57. I have watching anime since 12 years and let me say that this series has the MOST STUPID ENDING I EVER SAW !!!
    The producers try to put in the last epiode all the drama they didn’t put in the rest of the series.
    I’m so disappointed,…. Canvas 2 it’s a totally waste of time,… I didn’t recommend this series to anybody.

  58. One of those “You never know what you have until it’s gone” sorts of things…

    Personally, I find those sudden realizations a bit lame. Sure he was gonna miss her, and maybe he’d see it that way (“you don’t know what you have till it’s gone”), but as a little sister, like always. I don’t think he’d suddenly fall in love with her just because she’s leaving, no. Maybe he’d want her to stay, maybe he’d realize that she’s important to him and he doesn’t want her gone from his life…but I don’t see any relation between that and Hiroki suddenly loving Elis.

    Well, personally, anyway.

  59. WOW more D.C. Sure don’t have enough with 2 anime series
    Let me dig a bit more about Hiroko. After Elis confessed her feelings, the storyline fell apart of her, almost pushing her to forgetfulness. Then, with Yanagi around, Hiroki bring his painful memories again, maybe to show us his true heart, about drawing and love, but instead of that, hi makes us believe he deeply love Kiri or at least he felt something for her many years ago. Chousing Elis came out of the blue, still I want to believe hi had strong feelings towards Elis, not only because she leaves to Paris. My disappointment was nobody cheering Elis, instead cheering Kiri, Yanagi included in the party
    Oh well, Canvas 2 is over, lets keep going.

    Syaoran Li
  60. Since the leads were Elis and Hiroki, we should have sot of predicted this outcome, whatever the build-up. Even though i did brace myself for this type of outcome, still was a little difficult for me to handle…
    Well, too bad for Kiri…

    (Now, i’ve 2 shows to get over… ugh…)

  61. “I love it because I love it”, more simple, impossible

    We have to be thankful at least for Kiri and her acceptance of defeat (I’m curious about her second attempt of confession, did she said it again?). Maybe its lame if Kiri still feel guilty about Elis accident, something that Hiroki know is false.

    Hurry! Hurry! Still we have a happy ending.

    Syaoran Li
  62. It is very amusing to read episode 23’s comments by Omni. Very prophetic.

    “But, as many people have said, I think the main thing that’s missing from this next to last episode is a big plot twist. Everything’s been decided in terms of relationships and there isn’t much to get in the way of Hiroki and Kiri’s relationship, unlike Asa’s disease in SHUFFLE! or Aisia’s meddling in DCSS. Really the only thing left is for Hiroki to start drawing again.
    So with only one episode left, I’m predicting that Hiroki will end up with Kiri as his love, but will start painting again because of Elis (maybe his painting will be of Elis). Those guesses aren’t too hard to make based on what’s been happening up to now, and I don’t really think that they’re going to pull any big surprises. Anyway, onward to the final episode!”

    LOL, it was like he was just tempting fate!

  63. I think the director just aimed at pulling off one big controversial issue because Canvas2 didn’t have any WoW-factor. If I’m right, they are certainly successful; nearly 130 comments in one night. More comments than GSD’s, I think.

    On the side not, D.C. II is looking great! I love how Suginami is almost the same as the original both appearance and personality-wise.

  64. LOL, it was like he was just tempting fate!
    Yup, I was obviously not expecting much from the ending, hench why it had such an impact.

    And yes you’re right Rasmiel, this entry now has more comments than any other I’ve ever done, beating out even the finale of GSD.

  65. Considering how empty the Canvas2 Comment Threads were until now, I’m surprised that many people were watching it or reading its entries that they’re suddenly posting now. That’s pretty crazy.

    “haha, gotcha!” “PSYCHE!” As I read about this ending, I keep thinking of some comments from Walter and Perry in Home Movies…
    “Yep, double Lame-O”
    “Double Lame-o donkey *bleep*”
    “Sucking on the witch’s *bleep*”

    Kind of obvious what the bleeps are, but I won’t say it in case people are offended by language…

    Fun fun fun in the sun sun sun.

  66. okay, after watching it the third time I wasnt that pissed bout the ending, but then after the song finished, I almost puked again from watching that scene with HIroki and Elis. WTF!!???

    The only thing that can save me now is SCHOOL RUMBLE SEASON2. ONLY 6 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll just pretend Canvas2 ended at ep23 and Hiroki and Kiri did watever they were supposed to.
    EVERYONE WATCH SCHOOL RUMBLE S2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cleanse your body of this ending~!!!

  67. I agree with Rasmiel. I thought Canvas 2 was nothing more than a mediocre series, soon to be forgotten after it finished airing.. then BAM! They pull out an insane plot twist, pleasing some people, but confusing and angering a lot more. This of course creates a lot of attention.

    Well, I watched the episode again after the “WTF” feeling went away.. and I really don’t like it. I like Elis more than Kiri, but the way they did this just left a bad taste in my mouth. It’s like the director deliberately pulled a cheap trick for the publicity.

  68. I just watched the subbed version of episode 22. Knowing what I know now, it is easy to see that this ending was being setup in that episode and that Hiroki choosing Elis was not something that came out of the blue. Hiroki showed Elis move affection in that episode than he ever showed Kiri. Hiroki never was obviously fond of Kiri, but there was never any sign of passion or excitement.

  69. Yo Zendar,

    You are spot-on. That’s what I meant earlier. If you rely on the blogs solely, you won’t get it.(BTW Omni good job on the blogs). Go watch the raw/fansubs. Noticed 1/3 of the poll did not even watch Canvas 2.

  70. This is the childhood friend curse! There are very few shows where the childhood friends end together.
    Only show that I can remember right now where childhoodfriends end together is Show Spoiler ▼

    and that was at the cost of another childhood friend.

  71. Childhood friends hooked up in Comic Party, To Heart 1 (To Heart 2, sort of, from what I’ve heard – never seen it), Da Capo (Nemu kind of fits a few roles), Canvas 1 (although there was another childhood friend as well in that one, not unlike the fate Kiri suffered), and I’m sure plenty of others if I stopped and thought about it longer.

    Was there really that much affection shown in episode 22? It seemed more like ambiguous stuff not unlike in Saya’s episode. Of course now it can be pointed to, but at the expense of other “ambiguous” stuff featuring other characters, and unambiguous stuff too. Sigh.

    Maybe this is the first anime based on the Bush administration’s case for war in Iraq – “The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence!” Thank you, Boondocks, for drilling that into my head 🙂 It’s so very true, yet so very hollow.

  72. Childhood friends hooked up in Nadesico as well.

    Thank you for pointing that out Zendar. 🙂

    And even though Kiri won the poll by 2% (not that big when you see that well over 400 people voted), we Ellis fans have the satisfaction of knowing that no matter what the Kiri fanboys say or do, or how much they say Kiri was better for Hiroki, Hiroki chose /Ellis/ in the end. End of story. ROCK ON, HIROKI!!! 😀

    And yeah, that’s pretty funny that the biggest option on the poll was “I don’t watch Canvas 2.” lol XD

  73. Well I just watch ep.21 and you know reading Blogs and such.. and reading ep.24, I dont know how to think of things when you watch it. Mostly I heared from people who watch the raw in ep.21-23, that Kiri has won for sure… and so I think.. oh it must be straight forward then..? well after I watched ep.21, (knowing what going to happen) it seemed to me that anything was possible.

    Anyway what everyone got agaisnt ‘Childhood friends’? I really dont care either way, as long as the two people who get together fit well. Its like alot of people these days write off a show as bad if it ends with a childhood friend :/

    I think Hiroki and Ellis are a more interesting together, happy that it ended that, way, but I cant really comment anymore till I watch the subs.. but I’d say it would of been better if they showed more (obvious) foreshadowing, then what I’ve seen up till now.

  74. wow that poll did better than i thought it would.
    One thing i like is that the series kinda led you on a light hearted pace throughout the whole series right up to the end and at the last few minutes suddenly pushed you off a cliff. If u liked the series for being pretty light romance/comedy, then it pretty much left a deep memory/scar on you which will prolly last for a while. Overall i think producers nowadays are trying the stray away from the obvious usual old ways ending animes as it should and instead just leaving a last minute surprise at the end.

    Every series ive watched so far with romantic relationships theres always someone i was rooting for. The only exception was KGNE since the options werent too great. You either can choose the orange haired psycho B*tch or the blue haired crazy wh*re (replace * with a vowel and if u still cant figure out the both words then dont bother since your better off that way since your one of the few innocent untained people on earth)

    Still amazing that most of the people dont watch canvas 2. I highly recommend it since its light hearted.

  75. Is crazy you now, because when I star watching Canvas 2 was when Shuffle! Reach episode 18, just when Asa & Rin begin to envelope more than other pairings.

    Childhood friends eh… We’re use to it, who doesn’t remember “the promised girl” in Love Hina. One example recently was Lamune (or Ramune), a slow, silly but funny soap love comedy. Thanks to Omni I can appreciate both, Lamune and Canvas 2

    Syaoran Li
  76. I don’t have anything against childhood friends getting together, but we were just pointing out that Golthin was not correct in saying there are very few shows where childhood friends get together.

    And yes, Lamune was indeed another show where childhood friends got together.

  77. I can’t believe the number of responses to this episode and the various opinions posted about the last episode. Whether you were for Elis or Kiri, or have issues about the outcome, it’s nice to see such passion about a show. And no one seems to be in the middle about this ending.

    This series and especially the final episode reminded me again why I really enjoy watching anime and will continue to do so . . . .

  78. Now this is really an unsuspected twist to the story , (I must admit I’ve also been thinking that Hiroki would end up with Kiri in the first place). I have no idea why he picked Elis but it was still a nice ending.

    Note btw: Since everyone is talking about D.C Da Capo 2, you guys know that nemu is like totally not blood related but adopted right?

  79. LOPLOP : “This series and especially the final episode reminded me again why I really enjoy watching anime and will continue to do so . . .”

    Agree with you there 🙂 I love hearing and reading reactions to something like this, it makes watching the show even more exciting. A straight forward anime can be good, but having it do what Canvas 2 did was Great!

  80. I like to see more people think the same as I

    That’s why we’re here, ins this blog, because we love it… we love so much
    ANIME Rulez ^_^

    Canvas 2 was an unexpected pleasent show for me

    Syaoran Li
  81. First, DIE! HIROKI! DIE!

    Now that that was over, let me re-up the comment about Sumire’s song. Sumire sings more than once in this episode. The first time seems to be done by someone else as the voice quality showed much improvement, but still not a drop of interpretation. 2nd time on, my wife, who is not a music major, said she could sing better than that, and with me giving her about 1 hour/day X 7 day training ( I have some experience in Choir Conducting ) , I give it 95% chance that she would sing better than that. Canvas2 has a very good opening song, but other than that, its musical quality is below average amongst Anime. Solty-Rei and Rescue Wings ( perhaps other than its ending song )probably has the best overall musical quality among this year’s Anime.

  82. nooooooooooooo ho ho ho ho hooo!!!
    Tomoko!! she said “goodbye oniichan from the hospital…” at the end! did she mean Hiroki!?
    I wanted Hiroki and Tomoko twist like Rin-Asa!! ^_~

    oh well… but why Elis?! from all the girls WHY ELIS?!!? it’s almost as worse as Junichi-Nemu!!

  83. Just watched the sub, talk about a kick in the stomach. Despite me not agreeing with Shuffle’s ending, there was ample buildup, and was acceptable. Seems like in all but a few series, the lead will always get the guy. Sigh.

  84. Man, what a surprise ending…. have not been caught this off guard in a while…. I love it…Elis is a far better choice than Kiri…. Blond with blue eyes and absolute love for you … or reserved tomboy who is not that good looking…hmmm hard choice indeed….This has been one of the best animes this year only second to otome…

  85. In my opinion Episode 23 is the ending for Canvas2, if they gonna make Elis twist like this then they should make another episode and put more details of how Hiroki changed to Elis. This is like watching an incompleted show. This show persuaded the viewer to believe that Kiri is the right girl and we felt happy for her that Hiroki actually care about her.

    I was thinking in my head after watching eps 23 ” Wow this is a nice simple romance story “. After finished watching eps 24 ……. ” ZOMG!!! another SISCON story!!!!” First Kotori now Kiri poor poor girls.

    The thing about Hiroki that I cant stand the most is that how could he denied Kiri and go for his sister!!! dammit!!! I mean.. she is a lot younger than him and ..the naked scene in the end ZOMG!!!

    Thank god, there are still good series out there that give me hope like Ah! My Goddess 2nd Season and School Rumble 2nd Season!!!

  86. I love the ending ^.^ (and to Voodoomage’s curiosity, I’m a girl). Elise finally got a happy ending ^.^

    Are the age really that different for Hiroki and Elise? Correct me if I’m wrong, but Elise is first year in high school, so that means she’s probably around 16, and Hiroki is about to graduate from college? So he’s probably around 21 to 22. A 5 to 6 years difference in age, in my opinion, is not that much. Maybe it might seem a lot because she is still in high school, but after a few years when they’re both in their 20’s, I don’t think their age have a big gap.

    I just think that Kiri is lot stronger and more indepedent compare to Elise, so if she didn’t end up with Hiroki, she can still move on. I’ll symphatize wtih Elise a lot more if she has to go to Paris alone. That just seem too sad. Of course, these are all my opinions.

  87. I hardly think 5-6 years is much of an age difference either. >.> There are people in real life who are married and have a 10+ year age difference. And many people don’t even find /that/ disturbing.

  88. It’s not the age difference that’s disturbing; it’s the fact that she’s underaged.

    I do think that Elis is the better match for Hiroki, but I also thought she was at least 5 years away from having any kind of meaningful relationship. She’s still in her second year of high school, for crying out loud.

  89. Er, won’t Elis or Hiroki get kicked out of the school if the school found out that Hiroki is sleeping around with his cousin/sister/student? (wow, talk about killing 3 birds with 1 stone!) ^^;

  90. If they’d cut out the final sleep scene way at the end, I would have enjoyed the ending (no girls), but NO they had to have a girl ending. I thought the story was pretty good when ep24 ended, but then they showed the final scene… which just sucked. Yes, I’m a HirokiXKiri fan.

  91. actually I couldv accept the ending… without the final kiss scene.
    seeing Elis and Hiroki kissing naked there… EWWW!!! o.O; KILL ME!!!

    WHY ELIS WHY?! WHY ALWAYS THE MAIN GIRL?!?! (except shuffle of course…)

    again i’m asking: does anyone have any idea what Tomoko meant in the plane scene?

  92. YATA ZEEE!!
    I knew it was gonna be a ElisxHiroki after watching ep 23..


    I think what Tomoko meant at the plane was that she would not be able to see elis in france since she is not going and is going to stay with Hiroki…


  93. I’m thinking the opposite about Tomoko.. when she removoed her arms there was pills laying on her, supposebly she didn’t take her medication and thought that she’ll give up on hope?

  94. >_>

    *jumps on the bandwagon… pretty late :P*

    I gotta say, just to have a twist like that was questionable… It’s not the fact that Hiroki ends up with Elis, but the fact he leaves Kiri. It’s seems so wrong to play with Kiri’s feelings… for almost her whole “love life.” It’s just WAY too heart-breaking to see the focus on Elis’ happiness rather than giving a conclusion to Kiri’s feelings. It just stinks. Kiri phor lifez! 😛

  95. I think I know what Tomoko means by “Goodbye Oniichan from the Hospital”.
    If you watch Episode 2 again, there is a scene looking back when Kiroki is
    going to the hospital to see Elis when she was little. He runs into a small girl
    that calls him Oniichan, and she wants to see his sketchbook. This girl looks
    just like Tomoko and is even wearing a similar loli-goth outfit.

    Some Body
  96. Having just finished marathoning Canvas2, I’ll have to say I LOVE Canvas2. Personally, I enjoyed the level of drama and conflict in Canvas2; Not too deep, not too shallow. And the ending actually suits me very well. Unlike KGNE or Shuffle!, the protoganist might not have chosen his girl based on true TRUE love. Rather, it feels more like a mixture of brotherly-love + love + sympathy +sense-of-responsibility + spur-of-the-moment (as some commenters pointed out, everything occurs too suddenly at the end). To me, Canvas2 isn’t about the protoganist finding TRUE love. Instead, it’s about finding out who he wants to spend his time with, regardless of the reason.

    And Kiri? I feel really sorry for her, but unfortunately, one or more girls in such series will get hurt in the end. I think the storywriter decided it would be easier to show a happy-go-lucky, post-hiroki Kiri (Given her strong personality) compared to Elis.

  97. It’s trully have a gread ending unlike Shuffle(wich have an estremly sad ending with bitchies characters).I love this and Da Capo Seccond Season because is about… long as they love each other then is okay even if they are cousin or sibling.

  98. ya but those aren’t love stories – those are dating sims! harems!!
    we don’t want a “no matter who comes – we still love each other” type of story.

    anyway I just watched it again…
    Tomoko’s story is really interesting!!
    if you notice that – you can see that she’s inlove with Hiroki from the beginning!!
    at the end she DOES say something we saw at ep2!! (and she was first on ep5 as we know!)
    I really hope for a second season… and that Hiroki and Elis didn’t got married or something…





    Holy shit…


    THE SEX SCENE?!! Undesired Fanservice.


  100. I am setting here six months after this show ended and I am still blown away about how this show ended. I was glad to see the Hiroki x Elsi ending, and I still am. I have passed this show along to several people since the the show ended, and am still amazed at how people take it. I really wish one the U.S. based anime companies would release this because it deserves to reach a bigger audience. For myself, I have gone as far as buying the R disks from Japan. With the possible exception of The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi (or maybe not), This is the best anime I have watched in the past year . . . . .

  101. After watching Canvas2 in one straight run, i must say, it has risen on the number 1 spot of mine list of favourite anime’s.
    Finally the girl i cheered for won (this is unique)
    Still puzzeled by the reaction of many people by the ending.
    I knew from the start that it would be elis!
    Hope for a second season with tomoko appearing, she is cool!
    And a deepening relationship between elis and hiroki.

  102. yap, ive watched this series and i was shocked at the ending. i also didnt see it coming and also i feel it is wrong. all the wyl hiroki looks at elis as a little sister no indication that he look at her as a lover then all of a sudden they ended up together and this all happened in the last episode. i dont like the sister complex disturbs me. o well at least their cousins…i feel sori for kiri too, shes too good for hiroki.

  103. Misaki Sumire(The minor character of this series) is voice by Hirano Aya(Why nobody realize that until Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu)

    Atually the anime after this is Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
    sorry for 9 month late.

  104. Ya i know, i just finished watching the whole series, wow seriously it was surprising! Your right Omni that it reminds you of shuffle, but the thing is shuffle was less surprising since they started showing Rin and Asa dating and showed Asa’s situation as well as the resolution of the rest of the girls. But this was UNEXPECTED! I mean i thought for sure that he would just go and say his goodbye to her properly, i wouldve done the same thing, like tell her i’ll always love her since she is family just for moral support and stuff. But oh well, u cant really hate it, i for once was satisfied either ending, whether its Kiri or Elis, since these were the only option and both are good. If you guys want to compare bad, watch Da Capo -_- that couple i hated especially by making a wasted second season.

    Also i KNEW IT! that girl who came by the hospital when Hiroki was also showing Elis his paintings was Tomoko! I could tell once she was introduced since you guys will have to look back to that flashback, when a little girl who looked a lot like Tomoko walked up to Hiroki telling him to show his sketchbook. Wow at least they didnt leave this fact vague, since in the end when Tomoko was in the plane, she said goodbyes with probably im guessing the two most important people in her life, one was Elis and the other was oni-chan from the hospital, which she probably forgot, and didnt realize that it was Hiroki seeing as the guy quit drawing. It wouldve been great if they showed Tomoko’s story more, i mean come on, they show other crisis, especially since she was apparantly influenced by Hiroki greatly, like lol would be a potential candidate for Hiroki.

  105. It’s so unrair!!!! I don’t like the ending of this anime;Canvas2. I’ts so sad that Kiri was rejected again by Hiroki because of Elis Housen.Why is that so?! Besides Elis is too much young to be Hiroki’s girlfriend!!! THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!! It should be Hiroki and Kiri will be together!!!! AND FOREVER!!!!!

  106. Watched a couple of episodes, and then felt compelled to finish the second half of the series in a day. My hope for Elis/Hiroki held out until the very end. While Kiri is a good person, a PE teacher could never get Hiroki to paint again, which is really what the story was about.

    Elis fanbois rejoice!

  107. Im pretty relieved that Elis won in the end.. I was just like “If Kiri wins im gonna scream” xD

    The ending was fine aparty from the fact that tomoko didnt get enough .. how should i put this without being disrespectful.. Screen time for her death =( And we find out that she also loved “the Onii-chan from the hospital” which was actually hiroki =(

    Yea i kinda knew from the start that Elis was gonna win but they seriously made me doubt myself halfway through until the end =P

    Overall i loved it!! ^.^

  108. I don’t really give a care about Hiroki and Elis stuff. But what the hell happened with Tomoko?! Well, from the ending song it seems that she’s okay. But that part before really scared me…

  109. i swear romance animes never go my way… I don’t know what to say… I didnt watch all of this to have kiri LOSE! sigh… i really cant say anything much without swearing… man this ending sucks >>

  110. I liked the entire series…up until that last sleep scene. I really should have stopped watching at the credits point where Tomoko was alive and well (damn those 13@$+@13D$ who wrote the story for scaring me with Tomoko like that) instead of watching. I admit that I’m an Elise fan (she’s cute and still does things right(mostly)), but that ending just ruined it all for me! I was so happy until that point! I agree Pakxenon! Ill quote it since I feel the EXACT way:
    [If they’d cut out the final sleep scene way at the end, I would have enjoyed the ending I thought the story was pretty good when ep24 ended, but then they showed the final scene… which just sucked. ]
    God…I really just hope i can edit my mind to say that Elise was 16 going on 17 and that Hiroki was 19 to 20 (21 latest) to put my mind at ease…
    AHH!! I cant believe that last scene still!!! ZOMFGBBQWTFFFFFF!!!!!

  111. Well,
    I am really disapointed with this ending. I was praying that it would have been Kiri…For me Elis’feelings is just a big crush and not a true love, and maybe at the end Hiroki noticed that he will miss his cousin but he is not in love with her. If I can continue the story, after a while, Hiroki will notice that the made a mistake and that he just like Elis as a sister. For me it is impossible that you can be in love with a girl that you raised!! Just like my apodtive mother falls un love with me….

  112. It amazes me that the last episode is still getting comments almost a year and a half after the last episode aired. [spoiler]It ended just right. Elis was the only person for Hiroki. Go back and watch the show, the ending was being built on slowly and steadily from about episode 11 . . . . [/spoiler]

  113. I emerge, against the clock – an hour from school; withdrawn from all social obligation; away from food, and water, for 12 straight hours – and at tis, I take awe, at the zenith…


    YES… YES… YES!

    NO WAIT, YES!!!

    I didn’t even care if the neighbouring apartments are gonna call the police, because I can’t help it – to face empty space at my balcony, and scream, as though the Allies have just won.



  114. lol, i’m surprised that there is still people posting here about this anime series. i don’t mean it as being a stupid and bad idea, it’s just i would think you would get a better response from a fansite or a specific forum focusing it’s subject on canvas2 ONLY.

    …maybe i’m an idiot too. 😉

  115. AAAhh!! That was a surprising and shocking ending!! I was hoping for kiri to end up with hirok >=(( but WTF?! its like the entire thing was planned out for kiri and hiroki but at the very end, it goes the other direction..


  116. Shockingly I really hoped it wasn’t true at all…
    But they actually pulled off the Hiroki x Elis…
    Why not Kiri! Kawaii Kiri.
    Go away Elis. T_T Ruined my ending. I literaly had my mouth open by unbelieveble ending.

  117. Still posts about this show almost 2 years now after it aired. I just watched the DVD version recently. The fact it has not been licensed for R1 is a shame.

    I’ll still say it ended just right . . . .

  118. lol i rewatched this series since i just dled and watched canvas 1 which i thought was a prequel but actually completely different. I keep laughing at the ending, initially i was quite stunned, like the rest of us. Now the two went to paris and just kept doing each other and looking at paintings lol.

  119. It almost seems as if the writers planned the ending from the very beginning, despite what other people say. The first scene (not the dream) in the first episode and the last scene in the last episode both have Elis and Hiroki in bed together, after all…

  120. I laughed really hard 2 when ever u said “Holy Crap.”
    That was my first reaction when I saw it 2! haha

    I really started 2 like the series after a while (Elis annoyd me the entire series)but once I saw the last episode I was soooooooooooooo pissed!
    The first few episodes the show revolved around Kiri and Hiroki and her confession back in middle school. But during the entire show Hiroki didn’t really show that he was interested in Elis that way at all!!!!
    What made me more mad is that I didn’t ever like Elis in the first place.
    This series is so messed up. and I could of lived w/o seeing that scene of 2 blood relatives doing u know what. I’m sad 4 Kiri.

  121. what ??
    how ???
    the ending scene after the cast ..
    doesnt has any sence..
    how they did THAT !!!
    well.. maybe she moved his heart and make him to draw again
    in the past was kiri the one that motivates him,
    the person that makes hiroki draws is the one that is in his heart
    i can understand that
    BUT !!!!!!!!!!
    HOW?? WHEN?? after she came back from her studies in france ??
    or after christmas with grandmas ..
    and how many things happend before they did THAT !!!!
    hiroki is a lolypedo-fin(from shuffle lol xD)
    im still shoked
    i really wanted that ending but..
    i cant acept it

  122. Ok, so i watched the whole series on my own BEFORE reading this, after seeing the ending, i then go on google thingking “Wait that cant be right, youve just spent too much time on 4chan” and now that its been confirmed i go, “O___________________O EEEERRRRR” Wow, thats probably the biggest twist in an anime of any sort that ive ever seen, considering how tame this appeared to be not even School Days beats it.

  123. I love this anime up until the last minute! How can they do that? I mean… HOW? WHY? OMG!!! I was just so disgusted… they just ruined the whole thing. I shouldn’t have watched it till the end.. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have a nightmare tonight.

  124. Holy crap!! I wanted this to happen from the 2nd episode, and I was SO scared that it wouldn’t!!

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! It’s SO hard to find anime romances like this and chobits, your blog served as an excellent guide and I’ll definately read more to find what I like!

    Elis x Hiroki… YAY!

  125. They are not blood-related. Though they are cousins (which is legal). Fragile Ellis need Hiroki more than the strong Kiri. Plus, I didn’t get the ending i wanted in Shuffle (was rooting for Kaede), so this is a good way to make up for that.

  126. @xdotx

    Sorry but you’re wrong somewhere there,xdotx . Hiroki & Elis are blood-related. But it doesn’t mean that they can’t get marry. Since Hiroki & Elis have different family name, it’s most likely that Elis is Hiroki’s maternal cousin (cousin on the mother side), just like Yuuichi & Nayuki of Kanon.

    And another thing is Elis is not the fragile one. She’s much stronger than Kiri that she was willing to go to France & let Hiroki be with Kiri. The fragile one is Hiroki, not Elis. Hiroki needs Elis because its her strength that motivate him to move towards his dream to become an artist.

  127. Lol I remembered this series again, love the twisted ending! screwing elis in paris! Lmao! Of course the guy did good! He chose the LOLI! Plus she’s got a better set of goods than Kiri comparing them in the pics and in the game, elis is the best choice!

  128. “Though they are cousins (which is legal).”

    That’s only a legal justification. In my opinion, from a moral point of view, there’s something just not quite right about getting attached in that sort of manner to a blood relative….

  129. Fu<K that moral view. The FACT is, people have been marrying their cousins for ages. If any of you can’t stand cousinxcousin relationship & going to be all yucky & whine about it, then STOP watching Japanese animes. And don’t even started talking about them getting deformed/retarded babies. That will NOT happen in the ‘ANIME’ world. Anime =/= reality, no matter how realistic the anime seems to be.

    Damn you hiroki, choose hagino, dammit! D:

  130. i just finished the anime and it was really unexpected *shock-u*…hiroki x elis!!!wee! XDDD

    as i watched the series, i thought hiroki will choose kiri….at that point, i ‘ve completely accepted their loveteam..but it was the other way, so much for anticipation and dramas, the twisted ending surprised me…

    i’m happy that elis and hiroki end up together *yay!*..but i feel sad for kiri, though i thought they will be together in the end..she put so much effort just to be with hiroki..
    but i’m happy that hiroki realized what he really wanted to do and did have a change of heart in his least he would not have any regrets, frustrations, blaming them to other people (hah, very MATURE..), and leaving his past by becoming what he thinks is best for his future…


  131. HAHAHA! Take that, Kiri fags 😀 That’s what she gets for neglecting hiroki’s dream and chasing too much on love. Kiri was never a great character anyway and I’m glad she got dumped on Christmas. She should’ve punch Hiroki and tell him to be a man, swallow up his pride, pick up the brush and PAINT! But NO. Instead she’s spoiling him too much and trying to cut corners in winning his feeling by supporting him in becoming a teacher. And becoming a teacher is not what Hiroki really wants. He’s just running away from his problem. Kiri was too dumb to understand what hiroki really needs.

    As for the ending, I don’t care much about it as long as it’s not that boring Kiri that got chosen. I’m tired of weak character that got picked in the end just because she’s the childhood friend or acquaintance. Kiri is just way too overrated and too dull to be the winner. AND SHE’S SUCKS! 😛

  132. Saw the Chinese Version.

    If in the last episode,if Hiroki say
    he love Saginomiya Saya,the acting superintendent at Nadesico Academy, (or any other girl in the anime)

    Everyone will know what the “Holy Crap” Feeling is.

    At least should make until episode 26, 2 more for love development.
    Might as well show first episode showing Hiroki&Elis getting married

  133. just finished watching this and I really have to say it was all around awesome, right up there with strawberry panic! =p

    its amazing that i find shows from a few years ago better than newer stuff coming out, not that I don’t like them but they don’t have the same impact.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    also, any recommendations on what i should watch next? I’m trying to find more shows like this but I’m open to most anything =p

  134. Thinking about watching this again but stopping at episode 23 or something. Still don’t like the cousin x cousin part. It’s still blood relation. Just one level removed from brother x sister. But it is legal in Japan and quite popular in animes. Even if it has an increased chance of creating birth defects…

    I think keytosky summarized it well up there last year. If Hiroki in the last episode said he liked person “X” like Saginomiya Saya, everyone would know the holy crap feeling. But I guess in the ending, the story wasn’t about Hiroki, it was about Elis, and she needed her happy ending. Even if Hiroki never showed such a strong interest till the last moment.

    Oh well! At least someone translated the game in English so everyone can pick whatever they want.


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