Hajime and Tsugumi are still alive after Ai’s blast, but are now drowning in the water. Hajime sees a light and they are both granted a vision of Sentarou’s life. It seems that Ai is getting picked on by the other kids, who call her a spirit. Sentarou tries to stick up for her with force, but gets beaten up himself. Ai later tries to apologize, but Sentarou tells her that she’s not a spirit, she’s just herself. The seasons pass and winter soon comes around. Ai is selected as the seven year old for in the festival for the mountain god. Sentarou is of course against this, and Ai’s parents ask him to protect her. Sentarou is tasked with bringing food to Ai, who is now living alone in a shrine on the mountain. Six years later, the crops are doing poorly, and Sentarou is still visiting Ai. One night, after Ai takes a swim in the nearby water, the other boys from the village and Sentarou’s father find the two together. The village decides to sacrifice both her and her parents by burying them alive after knocking them out with a shovel. Sentarou is forced by the villagers to shovel the first spade full of dirt onto her grave, even as Ai starts calling out to him. Ai’s eyes turn blood red and start bleeding as she says that she trusted Sentarou. The villagers push him aside and quickly finish the burial. Before it’s finished, Ai curses everyone in the village. Sometime later, a hand emerges from the grave. Sentarou wakes up that night as if he saw the hand and decides to leave the village. On the road, he smells burning and notices a light coming from nearby. He arrives to see a ghost-like Ai walking around burning houses while singing the sakura song that she and Sentarou used to sing. In the end, Sentarou runs away, laughing crazily. Back in the present, Tsugumi and Hajime are by the temple again. Tsugumi doesn’t feel that she understands Sentarou, but Hajime does. Somewhere on the boat to Hell, Ai opens her eyes.


Not a bad episode explaining what happened back then with Sentarou and Ai. The whole story was a bit tragic, though I can’t really feel remorse for any of the characters. I’ve no sympathy for the villagers who tried to sacrifice Ai and none for Ai who got her revenge. As for Sentarou, I think that if he really wanted to save Ai, he should have escaped with her like he had almost suggested to her after her skinny-dipping. Granted it would have been too late at that point anyway, but it’s the only way out of the problem I could think of.
They did a good job with the end of this episode, which had a very horror-esque feel to it. Of course, I’m more excited about next week’s finale because I see that Tsugumi has a doll in her hand and Ai looking over her shoulder. Odds are it’ll be revenge on Hajime somehow.


  1. this episode looks so sad!… and tsugumi has a doll.. i think (and im only guessing this) she becomes fully possessed by enma and ends up cursing her dad ( enma cursing tsugumi’s dad through tsugumi)

    i hope no one dies i honestly think there has been too many deaths .. and like nanashi said .. there has to be a happy ending for once

  2. “this episode looks so sad!… and tsugumi has a doll.. i think (and im only guessing this) she becomes fully possessed by enma and ends up cursing her dad ( enma cursing tsugumi’s dad through tsugumi)”

    I think that Ai told Tsugumi that her mother died because of Hajime (I don’t think that her grand parents told her about what happened). So she may have come to hate her own father for what he did.

  3. JT: Tsugumi’s mother ended up in an affair because HAjime never paid her attention, and then when she tried to make up things with him, he told her to ‘bug off’.. and that night she got into a car wreck. I think that’s what jfjh means, although I don’t see Tsugumi blaming her father for it, since she never really got a chance to KNOW her mother, save through her grandparents on her mother’s side.

    I’m wondering if she’s supposed to send AI to Hell for what she tried to do to Tsugumi and Hajime, though… or if that’s something else.

  4. Tsk tsk tsk!! *spoiling it*

    Ai escapes from Hell and returns to finish the job with the Sibata family, by using Tsugumi..WHY? well thats easy Tsugumi sends her dad to hell…and when she dies shes going to hell SO WHATS LEFT TO KILL? NOTHING!!!!!! 2 birds with one stone kind of thing, eh?
    And just to let you know Ai doesn’t go back to Hell! =]

    ..the ending sucks it ends like its gonna give us a new sesson *IT BETTER!!* But eh it explains a lot. and it shows a lot of what happened to Tsugumi’s mother and father..and makes Tsugumi come to her deccission on pulling the string!!!

    -MooMoo, if you need me email me at

  5. Ai’s age…
    Is she actually 7 or older when she was sent to hell? I got some forums saying that Ai is 7, but things don’t actually add up. When she had short hair, she was already 7, right? And when they found Sentarou with her, that was already 6 years later, so she should be around the age of 13-14, right?

  6. This is a sad story. Why they wanna treat Ai like this? She didn’t do anything wrong. She just wanna b with the one she love.Sigh.. How wonderful if Ai was not the chosen one. So that she can b with Sentarou. Then it won’t ended up like now, Sentarou betrayed her. But i think actually he wanna save her but he just not allow to do so. sad sad sad.

  7. I think the ending was tragic. I pity Ai. She was right to burn down the village and every 1 in it. the villagers deserve it, for trying to sacrifice Ai. I don’t get it, why was she choosen and not someone else?! She could have live happily with Sentaro and not have to do the horrible job. Why did she burn down the temple? How old was Ai?? Was she still 7 or older?? This show is so confusing.

  8. Enma history is very sad , but why she became a hell girl?
    She look like godess of death in few parts of this series . like whe she came to know her history her anger was making her look like godess. and who is that spider. and why grany of enma never come out from that room.

    priyank tiwari

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