OP Sequence

OP: 「Sanctuary」 by 玉置成実 (Tamaki Nami)

ED Sequence

ED: 「Very Very」 by アフロマニア (Afromania)
The opening song is kind of catchy, but I still don’t think that Tamaki Nami has much talent. And I don’t particularly like the ending song, though this is the first time I’ve ever heard of Afromania.

No guarantees on when I finish this entry, it’s not on the top of my priority list
I’m worried that this will turn into typical shounen action fare, but the first episode was interesting enough and has some fairly good animation.


  1. hhahaha im so use to clocks i didnt even notice it when i was watching. I liked how he made his intro in the last part and the music they played then went with it. Im still rebounding from the eureka 7 finale though i want more of it T_T

  2. Tamaki’s songs are way too repetitive. They are mostly good only for the first few times that you listen to. After I listen to them couple of tenth times, I easily get sick of them.

    As for the actual anime, it looks nice. I like shonen animes so that’s a plus for me 🙂

  3. I’m with Anga here, I’ll prolly give it one or two episodes more, so I can have an idea if I’ll keep up with the series or not. First episode was decent, Zedd’s voice is somewhat dull, but Noah seemed a nice character, and oh! Isn’t that Noah with one of those wicked swords at the Op? (5th Screen)

    Ahem, I’m so anxious about Suzumiya Haruhi… less than 3 hours for it to start airing

  4. the newest Nami Tamaki single, with the songs My Way and Sanctuary, is her worst single ever, if i heard her for the first time with these songs, i’d not listen to any of her music afterwards, but yeah, the animation for this show looks pretty good as well as the art.

  5. Ten minutes into the episode and I was bored to tears… this had so little going on related to say, the overstuffed gargoyle 1. Started to pick up but ended.

    Great animation, great sound effects, horrible pacing.

  6. Sanctuary is not bad all. The first time i listened to this song it was horrible, but now i getting used to it and its pretty cool =). Passion is still a lot better but sanctuary rocks too xD

  7. After viewing the RAW i must say im VERY impressed by this new series. This and .hack//Roots will be the top shows i watch this season along with Souk Link and High School Girls or Girls High whatever people will be calling it..

    Looking forward to nextweeks episode..

  8. ok im confused by 2 fansubs on the word used for Zeds power.. one says Shard caster another says Shadow caster…. animenfo also says Shadow caster but as i don’t know Japanese that well what is the correct term ??

  9. I came into the show with no expectations but came away impressed. I see potential for some quality shonen action. Good production values, nice sense of mystery and, so far, interesting/likeable characters. I hope the show turns out well.

  10. Alzaabi, read Lamer_de’s comment for reason why theres a clock in the upper left corner.

    well, i watched the first episode of this show.
    can’t really tell yet on whether it has a good plot or not but looks quite good and am hoping they
    won’t screw it up next episode and prove me wrong.

    anyway, Kiba is one of the shows that’ll be watching this Season.

  11. Well episode 2 out and i guess Omni dropped it after just the first episode cause i dont see a blog of episode 2 under misc. didnt even give it a few episodes. This anime is quite good and is really really underrated. I’ll give dot hack roots a few more episodes but what i saw from the raw i might not like it but we’ll see =) This will be what i wait for each Kiba is just that good!!!!!

    Anyway Episode 2 was as good if not better then the first episode… the music score is excellent and the visuals are as good as the website screenshots !!! Episode 3 looks good from the previews aswell.


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