OP Sequence

OP: 「ヒカリ」 (Hikari) by 堀江由衣 (Horie Yui)

Kawahira Keita, who purpose is to crush evil and spread the truth, fights and defeats a spirit with the help of his inukami Youko. Sometime later, Youko wants to go cherry blossom viewing, but Keita blows off her proposal for a date to go out and look at girls. She catches him and punishes him by magically taking off his clothes in public. That gets him arrested by the police and put in jail. Youko visits him in his cell and reminds him that when they made their contract he had promised to be hers and listen to everything she said. The two are then approached by a special investigator who offers them work. It seems that there’s an evil spirit on the loose who has a grudge against couples and has the power to make clothes disappear. Keita and Youko pretend to be a couple and indeed the spirit shows up…and flashes them. They chase him outside where he initiates his special attack. Keita is eagerly anticipating seeing all the naked girls, but much to his dismay, the spirit’s power undresses only the guys. He’s apparently on a crusade to exterminate all couples, but Keita tells him that he’s made three mistakes. First, there is no woman who doesn’t want to see the man they like naked. Second, if there is nakedness, it should be definitely done to the girls. And third, everyone is not scared of nudity; Keita proves his point by taking off his own clothes. While the spirit is distracted, Youko uses her powers and gets rid of him. In the end though, the naked Keita finds himself back in jail.

ED Sequence

ED: 「友情物語」 (Yuujou Monogatari) by Aice^5 (Kanda Akemi, Asano Masumi, Kimura Madoka, Takahashi Chiaki, and Horie Yui)
The OP is a bit too techno-y for my tastes. The ending is cute to look at it, but I’m not big on seiyuu group songs.

Say hellloooo to Mr. Elephant…
Um, wow, that was pretty unexpected. Here I was thinking this was a normal harem series, but this is more like Magikano with a crapton more sex and nudity jokes, though they are all pretty funny. Keita and Youko are contracted together, but it’s unclear who is the master in the relationship (probably Youko given the way things turn out). She seems infatuated with him, but he has no interest in going out with her, which proves to be his undoing. Anyway, it’s fun to see Horie Yui (voice of Youko) play this kind of role. Animation is also better than I thought it’d be.
Since this turned out so much better than I thought it’d be, I’ll probably be watching more of it. At least the next episode anyway…


  1. I agree, anything that’s compared to or takes reference to Magikano, i’ll be sure to watch ^_^..

    Those nipple beams sure look scaary… i wonder what he’ll pinch next?…

    Shinn Agami
  2. Wow, this seems a little extreme on nudity..
    Don’t think this whole elephant censor/nipple pinching raybeams/doggirl-harem thing suits my tastes though.
    But then again, they ARE animated by the same people who did Nanoha so I’ll be keeping this on my tabs… >_>

  3. the lead isn’t the guy in this anime, rather its the green haired dog-god girl.
    add the stupid male character that gets bullied all the time as the second main char.
    and the similarities with magikano start to appear.

    and since i dislike animes with stupid male leads and a possessive and brutal femal lead,
    i don’t think i’ll be watching this.

    i wasn’t a fan of magikano and i don’t think i’ll be a fan of this one either.

    *sigh* if only they’d release an ‘ai yori aoshi’ 3rd season, that might have been one of the best
    harem anime i’ve watched 🙂

  4. That looks hilarious. I just might watch (or at least follow anime blog entries on) the series. ^_^ Yeeeah, a hot boy! And partial male nudity! My only complaints are a) The lead girl’s hair color is weird and b) the main guy’s pectorals are illustrated too developed-looking.

  5. Looks like it could be fun, so I’ll give it a try sometime… still haven’t watched any of Magikano, although it’s all just sitting there waiting to be watched 🙁

  6. this show was damn funny, I even like the male lead. He might get picked on by the female lead like usual, but at least he aint a push over. this show is as funny as Haruhi, id would deffinatly keep up with this.

  7. Well, that was somewhat funny. Since they censored all “important” parts it’s same level of nudity as beach episodes that almost every series have, just different gender. And there was female fanservice too.

    Hard to say will i watch more, i decide that after second episode.

  8. Dont let the “nudity” make you not watch the show, its not like its going to be like that everytime. God! some people are making too! big a deal about it, I know girls who watch shows were the female is nude/semi-nude alot and they like it, it might not be to some people;s taste which is understadable but some people need to grow up.

    The show has two good leads, plus great animation (Nanoha A’s animation team) and is interesting I’m going to be watching it 🙂

    ~ :) ~
  9. This anime is sooooo hilarious but I am on doubt this season because there are ALOT of new animes very Cool and stylish.I am watching everything(the 1º episodes from all) at first but here is my addicted “MUST SEE” list and the possible number for episodes:
    What I´ve selected to watch has a (*) on it and what i am going to watch on the future has a (**):

    11 ~ 13 episodes
    Soul Link (12)*
    Makai Senki Disgaea (12)*
    Renkin 3kyu Magical? Pokan (12)*
    Yume Tsukai (12)**
    Ring no Kakero – Nichibei Kessen-hen
    Nishi no Yoki Majo – Astraca Testament (13)** today ^_^
    Tokko (13)**
    Demonbane (12)**
    Joshikousei – Girls-High*
    Ray The Animation*

    – maybe –
    Yoshinaga-san ti no gargoyle*
    Suzumia Haruhi no Yuutsu*
    Lovege CHU*
    Princess Princess(NOOOO please yaoi…noooo!!)
    Hime-sama Goyoujin**
    Black Lagoon **
    Gakuen Heaven(ARGH!!)
    Sasami – Mahou Shoujo Club**

    24~26 episodes
    Fighting Beauty Wulong Rebirth
    School Rumble Nigakki*
    .hack//Roots (26)*
    Yoshimune (24)*
    Utawareru Mono (26)*
    Strawberry Panic (26)*
    Higurashi no naku koro ni (26)*
    Ah Megami-sama – Sorezore no tsubasa*
    Shoujo Changum no Yume (26)*( i´ve watched the original in chinese)
    Tsubasa Chronicle 2nd**
    The Third ~ Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo ~**
    Simoun *
    Garasu no Kantai*
    XXXHolic (24)*

    – Maybe –
    Ouran Koukou Host Club*
    Air Gear*
    Witch Blade*
    Black Jack 21**
    Kami-sama Kazoku **
    Fura Kappa

    40~50 or more
    Fushigi Boshi no Futago Hime Gyu!
    Digimon Savers
    Onegai My Melody ~Kurukuru Shuffle!~
    Spider Riders (52)*
    Kirarin Revolution*TODAY ^_^..ops I´ve alredy watched
    Saiun Koku Monogataril (39)**
    Saru Get You – Ape Escape*Maybe

    I LOVE ANIMES and I do hope you all enjoy this new season as I am!!;)

  10. I totally agreed with ~:) a lot. Don’t let the “nudity” make you not watch the show! The story should get your attention more than anything to see the show or not. Beside, this is episode one. It’s good to watch more episodes to see how good a series is.

    I been looking forward to this series since it seems like a good comedy silly animes. Silly animes i enjoy a lot just for a good laugh. Sex and nuidty jokes, I can live with it. I do like the characters designs and from what i heard this series is pretty good.


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