1. Thank gosh you blogged it then I checked it out. I would have anyway since I was downloading 80% of all the first episodes released via fansubs… But it’s freaking great!

    The Gundam parody had like 100000 views before it was removed. Don’t know the viewcount now…

  2. gosh, I love that anime… it’s so refreshing after countless “serious” anime about psykers, aliens et al…
    and still its as deadly serious as is Haruhi herself 🙂
    btw, characters are really great here, Haruhi as spiritus movens of the action, Kyon as helplessly dragged along bystander, and trio of “summoned” by Haruhi : ultra-kawaii Mikuru-chan, spaced-out bookworm Nagato (trivia: do u know there was such battleship in WW2 IJN?) , and “sunny boy” and “mysterious transfer student” resident, Itsuki….

    Pawel Kasperek

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