OP Sequence

OP: 「砂上の夢」 (Sajou no Yume) by 佐々木ゆう子 (Sasaki Yuuko)
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ED Sequence

ED: 「アイエヌジー」 (ING) by 超飛行少年 (Super Flying Boy)
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The OP seems to suit the series, but not really my tastes. The animation sequence is a bit bland. The ending song is slightly better, but that animation has this ugly color swirl (kinda like a Windows screensaver) as a background.

The Third is about a girl named Honoka who basically works as a mercenary in a post-apocalyptical world where there are giant bugs and desert is everywhere. Her companion is a computer-in-a-box named Bogey that drives the tank she operates out of. The first episode has her fighting against a horde of spiders and later has her finding a guy in the middle of the desert who’s standing in a patch of fireflies. She saves him from bugs and he heals her head (which she bumped earlier when Bogey woke her up).
I thought the action sequences were pretty good, and was especially impressed by some of Honoka’s moves (including how she pulled a gun on that one spider). Bogey reminds me a lot of Alastor from Shana, even though the voice actors are different. As my friend put it, it’s the “Poor AI stuck with a loli sort of thing.” Ok, Honoka’s not really a loli, but you get the point.
The animation is fairly good, especially the scene where Honoka fights the spiders. However, I’m not a big fan of the character designs. The inclusion of a narrator means that it really feels more like you’re watching a story unfold, but I also found him to be a bit annoying.
As you can see by the lack of a full summary, I’m still unsure about whether I want to follow this series or not. I was impressed by the battle with the spiders (yea, I know I keep saying that), but not so much by other parts of the episode. I’ll probably watch another episode at least.


  1. Well……the whole innocent-looking girl who really kicks ass is always good in a series.But I can’t help but get the feeling that this series is lacking something very important that will screw-up the entire show.I don’t know maybe it’s me.


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