When Kyon arrives at school one day, Haruhi tells him that they need a mysterious transfer student. Kyon, of course, has very little say in the matter. Haruhi also decides that the club needs a computer to add to the growing collection of items in the room. She drags Kyon and Mikuru along to the Computer Research Society and demands one from them. The club president of course refuses, but Haruhi blackmails him by putting his hand on Mikuru’s breast and taking pictures. With the threat of sexual harassment over his head, the president has no choice but to hand one over. She even gets them to set up an Internet connection and makes Kyon set up a website. He spends the next day working on it, but falls asleep. He wakes up as class is starting, but before he can go, Yuki stops him and gives him a book to read.
Haruhi has temporarily disappeared, so Kyon finds himself after class in the clubroom with only Yuki and Mikuru. He assures Mikuru that he’ll do what he can to prevent something like the computer club incident from happening again. Haruhi bursts into the room with bunny girl costumes – she and Mikuru are going to dress up and hand out flyers outside. Kyon tries to stop her from stripping Mikuru down, but runs out of the room in embarrassment instead. While picking up the girls’ clothes after they go out, Kyon sees the declaration of the SOS Brigade’s beliefs, which says that they’re recruiting mysteries of the world. That includes anyone who has had a mysterious experience in the past, someone who’s facing a mystery now, and anyone who’s planning a mysterious experience in the future. Haruhi and Mikuru get stopped by the teachers because of the costumes. Mikuru is taking it the hardest and can’t stop crying.
The next day, Mikuru is absent and word of what happened spread in the school. However, Haruhi is angry that no one has come because of their publicity. After Haruhi goes home, Yuki asks Kyon if he’s read the book that she gave him. He hasn’t, so she makes him promise to do so tonight. At home, he flips through the book and finds a message asking to meet him at the park. He rushes there and finds Yuki on a park bench waiting for him. She takes him to her empty apartment and tells him that she and Haruhi are not normal people. Yuki is a humanoid interface for contacting organic life created by information synthesization thought-entities. In other words, something like a space alien.

Well that was certainly a change of pace. The first half of the episode is like the previous episode in the Haruhi’s-wild-escapades sort of way. I saw the blackmail thing coming as soon as she brought along Mikuru, but it was still hilarious. However, the last few minutes have Yuki getting rather serious and talking about weird techno-jargonish things. I’m as confused as Kyon is with what she said. Big things seem to be looming, and so I think may have misjudged this show when I classified it as a comedy.
The next episode is a bit weird. Haruhi introduces it as the seventh story in the preview, which breaks the -1 count that they were doing. It appears that they’re putting in characters who haven’t been introduced yet, so I suspect that the stories will be told out of order. Somehow that seems fitting for a show like this.


  1. Great pace. They’ve already covered about 3 chapters of novel ^_^

    How long is this series? For all I know, they are going to have to change the title of the anime to “Suzumiya Haruhi no Tameiki” soon at this pace…-_-;

  2. By DVD release dates, 13 episodes plus one DVD one. And I’m interested in seeing how they reveal all the weirdness and especially: (serioulsy… no foolin’ here)
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Should be fun though.

  3. THe DVD episode is episode “zero”, I believe. (The episode where they were viewing their movie, aka out pisode one)

    Looks like their still keeping their awesome level of animation quality. 😀 😀 😀

  4. I just wanna know where is this thing headed ?

    It is unpredictable.Hilarious yet is there a story?

    Another question to anyone who read the novels how long is thing in the novels? And has it ended?

  5. Novel hasn’t ended yet, I believe… and I hilghly doubt this show will be 26ep.
    I feel so bad for Mikuru… I really wonder why she still comes to the club though. ~_~ so Yukki is space alien…but what is Suzumyia supposed to be?

  6. novel 1-7 is available for dl (i encourage buying the original, just so we show our support)

    just look where Full Metal Panic has lead us thus far … ( i got vol. 1 of FMP: Tatakau Boy Meets Girl )

  7. Next episode seems to be skipping ahead a bit, well, right to the first chapter of the third book that is. I look forward to seeing how they are going to make sense of it all (introducing Itsuki, then “re-introducing” Itsuki and Mikuru).
    Predictions are that the ending of this series will be the same as that of the first volumne, with a lot of events from volumne two and three fitted into the in-between episodes (like the next one). Hopefully if there’s a second season it will start with the mysterious events surronding the opening of volumne four – “The disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi”.
    Don’t know if anyone else has discovered this, it’s found on the official site’s activity log section:
    If you highlight the phrase 第1回 (episode one) and drag your mouse to the right and then downwards, it’ll reveal the list:
    第1回-3回 4-6回 7-9回 10-12回 13-15回 16-18回 19-21回 22-24回 25-27回
    28-36回 37-53回 54-86回 87-280回 281-1049回 1050-2537回 2538-7560回 7561-15497回 15498回
    Up to 15498 episodes? Let your own senses decide.
    However, 15498 was a significant number somewhere in the storyline……

  8. I was drinking during the computer club scene, and my hand froze with the cup in midair as Haruhi seized the man’s hand.

    As if I had a terrible, terrible premonition of what was going to happen….

  9. Being a person who can’t understand Japanese and watched the raw, summary pl0x.

    Well… 14 episodes mix and match the first 3 volumes. Sounds good for the pace and amount of story they can shove in. Hopefully there will be a second season after this. ^^

    While the animation is still superb, the pace and situations were lower than expected (in comparison to the first two episodes, too). A bit of a drag, but my Haruhiism is still growing. 😀

  10. Oh….that’s soooooo Haruhi to do that sort of thing. Guess she do have in mind what to do with Mikuru after all. Aww…..Mikuru looks so cute in the screencaps too! I’ve only read till the part where Yuki and Kyon met and you-know-what-happens. Seems like I’ve got some catching up to do.

  11. I can’t believe they are cutting Haruhi short just so they can do a remake of Canon. This is of course if Kaito is right. I rather have 26 episodes of Haruhi, maybe they will get back to it once they are done with Canon.

  12. Love Mikuru’s line at the end to Kyon.

    The novels are only in Japanese and trad. Chinese and are kind of a short novel with a few illustrations here and there. There’s a translation project going on, but it’s only a little into the second chapter of the first book.

  13. My guess is SOS Brigade is going to be a club full of people associated with aliens, ESPers, and the supernatural with the exception of kyon.

    Anyone noticed the talking cat in the first episode? Also did you notice the male actor in the club movie displaying some powers (the only one displayed realistically)?

    John Doe
  14. That’s not completely true. The first Mikuru Beam thing was real as well. Her eye completely turned blue, and whatever came out of it knocked out the camera, or hit Kyon, or something.

  15. Show Spoiler ▼

    Hope that isn’t too much. >_


  17. That’s the problem, can’t find the books @
    I guess, I’ll contact my bookstore nippon^^ Good thing to live in Düsseldorf(Germany) the city with the highest population of Japanese people in whole Europe^^

  18. Omni, I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to remove the spoiler that Nobody posted. Nobody, I really appreciate the pimpage but that is a work in progress. If there is a mistake in it, I can’t immediately fix and be held accountable for it since it’s out of my reach. Because of this, I’m not ready to have the information disseminated to other sites before I’m sure that I’m completely comfortable with the translation.

  19. This is just like every other anime where a bunch of weirdos (aliens, time travelers, ESPers, X-files people) gather around some ordinary guy. The delivery of the plot line is what makes it entertaining.

  20. this show is so freaking strange… the characters arent that attractive… personally speaking i think characters in chrno crusade, full metal panic, mamoru-kun ni megami no shukufuku wo, fate/stay night, and others are much better looking than the “super-cute, lolita type, small” characters that exist in this series…



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