Keita is overjoyed that Nadeshiko is staying with them, but Youko is less than happy. She complains to Hake, and he tells her that she’ll have to put up with it for a week. The fact that Nadeshiko can cook and clean perfectly only pisses Youko off more. Nadeshiko even beats her on breast size. However, a conversation in the bath between the girls about their masters brings them closer together. Unbeknownst to them, they’re being watched by Tomohane and Tayune. Those two report back to Sendan that Nadeshiko is very happy with Keita, but that the one hindrance is Youko. So, in order to keep Nadeshiko with Keita, Sendan decides that they have to get rid of Youko.
Nadeshiko finds a note from Youko saying that she’s going to fight Sendan and the others. It also instructs her not to tell Keita, but she does anyway. However, Keita doesn’t really care, which causes Nadeshiko to say that she misjudged him and rush out. Sendan and company have superior numbers, but are still no match for Youko. With the intent of killing Youko, they all transform into their beast forms. Youko calls them spoiled and says that they don’t know who’s really strong. With a bloodthirsty look on her face, Youko says that she’s glad that Keita isn’t here. Nadeshiko arrives at the battle and sees Youko completely destroying her opponents. She gets ready to finish them off, but Nadeshiko steps in and blocks her. Youko backs down, repeatedly saying that Nadeshiko is scary. The other wounded Inukami gather around Nadeshiko and accept her again. After returning home and patching the girls up, Nadeshiko ends up on the phone with Kaoru. She’s really happy and promises to be forever by Kaoru’s side.

Oh, I wasn’t aware that the Inukami could actually transform into dog/wolves. It wasn’t all that impressive though, since Youko soundly defeated all of them. The scary one was really Youko, especially with that look in her eyes. Makes me wonder what she can do in her beast form. In any case, this episode finishes off the Nadeshiko story (for now I assume), but still doesn’t show Kaoru himself – and no, the OP doesn’t count. Next week, we’ll be seeing how Youko and Keita first met.


  1. 🙁 nobody is subbing the show 🙁 Well it was a great! episode this week (but not the best)
    Cant wait to see what is up next episode with the metting of Youko and Keita ^^

    random guy
  2. my guilty pleasure show of the season minus Ep2 which i skip. I was hoping for some more fanservice involving the girls considering al the stuff form ep1 and 2. They need to balance it out.

  3. Me! and I’ve heard alot of other people interested, I havn’t heard anything bad about it apart from people complaining-about /not liking the naked men (which was only for comedy ^^; )

    And about nadeshiko staying.. I would of thought Nadeshiko would of stay there alot longer too, Guess she might just be showing up from time.. to time..

  4. kaoru might have a lot of inukami, but they are basically cannon fodder compared to Youko. If I were to choose between either Kaoru’s or Keita’s inukami, I will choose Youko. Kaoru’s Inukami have their use for certain things like we saw in episode 3, but in cheer fighting power all them can’t beat Youko.

  5. I will also be deleting ep2 from my archives.
    (it has zero plot progression so can be skipped with no problem)

    Now that they have gotten past all that…. stuff this is a good show 🙂


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