In a series of flashbacks, Caster remembers her past. She had collapsed and lay outside of Ryuudoji one night until Kuzuki took her in. After helping her recover, he had told her that it was ok for her to leave, but she elected to stay with him. The current Caster is nostalgic about that time, since it’s raining now much like it was then. At that time, Fuji-nee is watching over Ilya while Rin, Shirou, and Saber are approaching the temple. Rin is sure that Sakura is ok because Caster wouldn’t kill her sacrifice so easily. Saber is unsure why Caster targeted Sakura since she isn’t a mage, but Rin knows that it’s because Sakura has a magical circuit and is part of a family of mages. Rin then finds a secret passage to a different temple. While running through it, she smells blood and gets a vision of Sakura.
The three reach a small underground city, but are forced to fight hordes of summoned monsters. After burying most of them by destroying a nearby structure, they start climbing a long set of stairs to the temple area, but are then stopped by the appearance of Assassin. He only wants to fight Saber though, so he lets Rin and Shirou pass. The two of them reach the top of the stairs and find Sakura in the middle of a pit. As Rin starts running towards her, Shirou notices something to the side. He protects Rin, in the process bringing out Kanshou and Bakuya, from an attack from Kuzuki. While the two men start fighting, Rin approaches Sakura and calls for Caster to come out. The servant scares Rin by appearing right behind her. Caster seems to know all about Sakura and Rin after having taken a peek inside Sakura’s head.
Caster also thinks that Rin is misunderstood, and claims that she has no intention of fighting Rin. Rin can take Sakura away if she wants, but Caster doesn’t know if Sakura herself still wants to continue on living. She then proceeds to tell Sakura that the person she’s been waiting for has come. This triggers a memory and a painful reaction in Sakura. As a result, dark whip-like tentacles spring forth from beneath her and attack Rin. Shirou notices that Rin is in danger, but that distraction leaves him wide open to Kuzuki’s fists. After taking cover behind a pillar, Shirou asks Kuzuki why he became a master if he’s not a mage and has no interest in the Holy Grail. Kuzuki surmises that perhaps he’s the same as Shirou, since they both aren’t doing this for their own desires. Kuzuki then smashes through the pillar, but Shirou blocks his fist with both swords.
Below them, Rin’s attacks are having little effect on Sakura. She knows that the most important thing to mages is not their life, but rather it’s defending the dignity of the soul. And since Sakura is from a family of mages, she should be able to understand that. Rin decides to make use of her jewels in a final charge against Sakura. She remembers a scene from their youth where she confirmed that Sakura’s name was Matou Sakura. The current Sakura tries to attack her with a dagger, but Rin gets out of the way and lands her magic squarely on Sakura’s abdomen. She then remembers the two of them being separated, with the young Sakura in tears. Rin had also cried later when she was by herself, apologizing for leaving Sakura alone. Back in the present, everyone notices that the magic underneath Sakura’s feet has receded. Rin has Sakura in her arms, and there is a bloody dagger on the ground. The real Sakura manages to regain consciousness and Rin tells her something (we see mouth move, but no words). She asks Sakura to forget everything – the bad dream has ended – and then kisses her on the forehead. Sakura smiles and the two girls hug. Floating above the two, Caster laughs and says that the sacrifice only needs one mage with a magic circuit.


Ahhh, so that was Sakura in the preview last week. They don’t explicitly state it, but it’s heavily hinted that Sakura and Rin are related (i.e. sisters) who were separated when they were young. I assume that one scene from the past was of Rin telling Sakura that her new name is Matou Sakura. The two then get separated as Sakura is taken to the Matou household and Rin laments letting her sister go. It seems that Caster was manipulating whatever repressed grudge Sakura had against her sister, which is why Sakura attacked Rin.
Well, it’s fitting that the Sakura episode had a lot of Sakura fanservice. Not only did she get a topless shot, Sakura also wears that dominatrix outfit and her seiyuu (Shitaya Noriko) got to do some rather orgasmic-style screams.
I hate to sound wishy-washy, but I think FSN is now going a slightly too fast in terms of how fast the plot is moving. The first ten or so episodes moved at a snail’s pace, but now we appear to be covering entire arcs in 2-3 episodes. For example, Sakura and Rin have had their connection hinted at several times before, but they pretty much show what it is and resolve whatever conflict through this one episode. And although bits and pieces of Caster’s past were shown in the flashback, they don’t make much sense unless you know the story of Medea. Having said all that though, I would much rather watch it go by a little on the fast side than a lot on the slow side, so I can’t really complain.
Next week, the introduction of a new (kinda) character!
Note: Large versions of screencap 13 and screencap 26 are courtesy of 2chan’s FSN thread.


  1. Damn, I think my ecchi levels are reaching critical. When I see “dark” Sakura I don’t think “Scary!!!!”. I’m actually a little turned on in spite of the fact that I’m not into S&M. Oh man, this can’t be good. Fate has way too many fetish elements into it.

  2. In my mind when i see this pictures I think:

    NINTENNNNNDOOOOOO 666666444444444444444444!!!!

    this joke is very old but I am feeling like that kid who got his console for the first time with this new animes season with very nice stuffs!!

  3. Ahh, poor Sakura, hope she will survive. Everbody who’s wondering why I always say soemthing about her, I have a special connection to that name, it’s holy for me, so I have often special feelings for characters named Sakura^^
    Again Fate/stay night proves it’s high quality, even without watched this episodes or read the summary.
    Just the pictures alone are very strong.
    As mentioned and what I can the from the guy Show Spoiler ▼

    Shirou looks damn cool with this twin blades, ok, maybe because I’m a swordfighter myself, ah, mentioned it? COOL!^^
    Omni, do you know when Fate/stay night was published (game) ?

  4. Show Spoiler ▼

  5. @ spammer

    I read here from time to time but this one was like “whoa I have to comment on this episode” It seems the ecchi levels keep going up notch by notch when there’s an opportunity.

  6. hehe i know what you mean but i was thinking that you were too busy with PSO or doing some work on HF ,LOL i never did expected to see a S&M sakura neither the “hug” :p

  7. Show Spoiler ▼

    random DUDE
  8. Show Spoiler ▼

    well forgot to praise that wonderful ep as usual great sakura fanservice can’t wait Show Spoiler ▼

    saber>rider>caster>rin… sakura as a substitute!!!!!!!!lol

  9. “Scary!!!!”. I’m actually a little turned on in spite of the fact that I’m not into S&M.”

    I must say, I’m not a S&M fan either, but that leather looks good on her. Normally Sakura’s character would conflict with that outfit, but she played such a miniscule role so far in the series that the two personas don’t really clash.

  10. Show Spoiler ▼

  11. Wait if Sakura is the sister of Rin then that’s mean Rin has a brother too and it’s Shinji right?

    Show Spoiler ▼

  12. Anyone else see a resemblance to Sakura (Da Capo one) with young Rin? And young Sakura looks like someone from To Heart 2. Just me maybe.

    Lol, they REALLY just wanted to push our buttons with all the Sakura fanservice in this episode. She doesn’t show up for like ten episodes and now she’s the main attraction.

  13. Eh… Looking at those pics from next episode.

    May I ask what the las picture is?

    The part from down right seems to be Saber’s head… So what are those things in the upper part?

  14. iamandragon spoiler post (second one to the bottom on the first page)
    explains how sakura’s hair is purple.

    iamandragon could you go into more detail though since saying Show Spoiler ▼

    says something to which i dont get why and why doesnt it affect other people.

  15. Sakura looks like an X-Man to me.

    What should we call her,? Hmmm

    Magus. That’s it. The new addition to the X-Men, Magus.

    You know, for the guys who have no idea about the game, everything that is shown so far, would look like there is yuri btn Rin/Sakura. The second OP included and now this. Not even the truth has been revealed yet.

    But I don’t care either way. Be it siscon or yuri or loli, I LOVE.

    Demon Eyes
  16. Show Spoiler ▼

  17. Hmm silverfish, why is that incest when two sisters kiss on the cheek or forehead?
    So I have incest too because I did similar with my older brother? Ahh, to mention it, I’m from a polish family, we have the tradition to kiss 3 times on the cheek to say hello and bye, is that also incest? 😀
    Sister or brother love is nothing bad after all, I define incest as sexual thing which is disturbing.

    Back to topic, Show Spoiler ▼

  18. Show Spoiler ▼

    random DUDE
  19. Show Spoiler ▼

  20. That’s enough, Matou, prepare to die.. !

    The more I read about Medea in my Greek mythology book, the more I dislike her. But as I mentioned a few episodes before, it’s really a good idea with this Greek heroes.

  21. Show Spoiler ▼

    hell can’t wait to see the next ep!!!

  22. That was quite a good episode. There’s three fights going on at once and it’s always exciting to see the main characters storm the opposition’s stronghold (well, in this case, a temple)

    That was some nifty and well-animated fight scenes between Saber and Assassin. It’s nice to see well-animated fights in Fate/Stay once in a while

    Well, if Shirou would just use UBW against Kuzuki, now that would be cool

  23. Kazuky, I just watched the episode, it’s Rin’s blood. She injured her left arm.
    I’m curious about the next episode, in the preview there was neither Rin or Sakura.
    I wish a happy end for the two, their story is really sad..

  24. Judging from the way the series is going, they’re probably gonna try to fit at least something from every scenario into the anime. So I’m guessing that Shirou has to use his reality marble and Saber uses Excalibur again to end the battle with Gilgamesh or something. Of course this is just speculation, so if people think this is a spoiler, please don’t.

  25. Show Spoiler ▼

  26. I see a lot of ppl play the games… I downloaded it and tried playing it, once before i watched fsn and once after i started watching hoping to learn more about the stories… but I don’t really do anything except click thru and hope i pick the right choice.
    Omni-how are u getting raw feeds? by sat?

  27. I deeply apologize for this double post!
    scsw Show Spoiler ▼

    The more I watch this series, the more I like it! Long time ago ( Last Exile to be exactly) that I was so fascinated by the story, animation, characters and setting in a anime. Now I know definetely what I’ll gonna do after my final exams (last next thursday). Buy the F/SN Game, 😀
    Ok, to be fair, Ouran High School Host Club is also top 😉
    So what’s next, right history history hirstory, arghhh, damn that Weimar Republik :/

  28. Do you want to read my theory about the preview?
    Show Spoiler ▼

    For “Chi”
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Definitely, Shirou have to use UBW at the end, at least one time. He has to.

    Syaoran Li
  29. Yeah! It’s a common mistake indeed with him…

    Ten years ago, in the 4th war Show Spoiler ▼

    I wanr so see another subarashi kenka between those two.

    Syaoran Li
  30. I don’t know about anyone but I think the writer must have mistaken the role of Assassin and Rider, come on the assassin here doesn’t do surprise attack, doesn’t backstab and prefer to fight honorably against Saber 1 vs 1, hes more of a knight or even Rider, more so than the Rider Meduse that do sneak attack, use cheap trick, and all those things that the role of assassin are known for. 😀

  31. Hey! Mike May

    I call that the spice of life

    Is much interesting this assassin than the one you described, at least is fine with me.

    I guess next week begins the last arc with you-know-who and then Mr. Allay of Justice will create you-know-what for you-know-who#2. I’m looking forward to it.

    Rider (Medusa), Archer (you-know-who#3) and Berserker (Hercules) well done.

    Syaoran Li
  32. ehem… this is a anime with a very deep philosphy though i advise u not to go to crazy looking into it atlest take a look wikipedia is a good start and theres also an crapload of other websites…

    lmfao… kkk mike thats very interesting medusa probably should be and assasain especialy with those eyes of hers(WHICH SHE DIDNT USE AT ALL) and kojirou man that guy is like walkin honor man also theres archer(who uses swords) and then theres also besurker who doesnt seem to be all that angry at all hes more like…a rock….that moves…and bashes ppl with a sword…

    Spoilerish….well sorta

    possible stuff to happen

    – next ep: caster gets snuffed by gilgamesh or saber / or rin / or shirou either way shes gonna die
    – ep after that: got lancer in there after like 15 eps
    – ep after that:this would be ep21 have the obligatory evil guy gilgamesh say his plan yada yada
    – ep after that: sorta planin ep with revelations and stuff
    – ep after that: big battle thingy part 1
    – ep FINAL: gilgamesh pushs up daisys and we get a happy ending???? no way im so not gonna bye that if the writers read this DONT DO THAT!!!! if u are gonna kill someone off get into the heavens feel thing and have illya sacrafice herself…which could actually happen seeing as shes just sleeping…

  33. lmfao if sakura dies im gonna be laughing not cause i hate her but cause after like 10 eps she gets some scenes then shes dead man…talk about crappy charactor management fuji-nee got more scenes lol…heck i think illya even got more scenes then sakura…and she was f-in awesome in heavens feel dark sakura pwned…didnt like her eyes tho creepy…

  34. It’s a damn shame that FSN is not a full blown hentai anime. Type Moon and some good publisher of hentai anime titles please take note. Alternative universe, wafer thin plot but hiding a clever plot twist somewhere in between. Subtle references to FSN the tv anime series/game and cameo appearances by other Type Moon characters. Hot harem action with all sorts of fetishes thrown in. Get talented voice actresses for the moans and groans.

    It will sell good. Believe me.

  35. This series gets more interesting after the first few episodes. I really want to know what happens next though. Dark Sakura and Dark Saber made their first appearance. Isn’t Lancer supposed to be there later because he appeared in what the first two episodes? I think Rider will come back as Sakura’s Servant.
    Don’t know about Shirou but isn’t he supposed to gain UBW from Archer like the OP song? I’ll be surprised to see Saber as Rin Tosaka’s Servant because Shirou learn how to use UBW from Archer and has no need for a servant.

  36. A few minutes ago, I read something interesting over ANN. The titles for episodes 20, 21 and 22 are up!

    2006-05-19 – 20 Distant Trace of a Dream / 遠い夢跡 / Tooi yume ato
    2006-05-26 – 21 Separation of Heaven and Earth and the Creation of a Star / 天地乖離す開闢の星 / Tenchi kairi su kaibyaku no hoshi
    2006-06-02 – 22 Result of a Wish / 願いの果て / Negai no hate

    Very, very interesting indeed

    Six episodes more to go!

    Syaoran Li
  37. Thx for the titles of the next episodes, but do you know what will happen in those next ? I mean do they publish the summaries ? If not what do you think that will arrive in the next episodes ? Does Saber is going to turn into the darkside ? Will Archer come back .. I hope so 🙂 !

  38. The same could be said for Yugioh GX, which had several episode titles listed in advance. Can someone tell me how to set up spoiler tags? I’m a newbie when it comes to this.


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