The Coyote Ragtime Show is an upcoming anime from ufotable. Normally I’d consider this still way too early to be talking about future seasons since we’re only about a month into the spring one, but I’ll make an exception here. The plot of the Coyote Ragtime Show is that there’s a planet called Graceland where a pirate king named Blues has left his 10 billion dollar inheritance. However, the government wants to destroy the planet because of the war there. The inheritance has been entrusted with a young girl named Franca, who gets involved with a first-class criminal named Mister and a death squad called Marciano’s 12 Sisters (who are all named after months). The animation quality on the trailer looks pretty top-notch, but it’s important to remember that trailers don’t necessarily reflect how the series will look. The real reason I’m writing about this is because of the background song that goes with the trailer, which has been stuck in my head for several days now. It reminds me a bit of a few songs off Honey and Clover’s soundtrack mixed with some of Final Fantasy X-2’s music. Anyway, since this is an ufotable production, it’s definitely on my radar for whatever season it ends up premiering on (I would guess next season).

You can find the high quality version of the trailer available for download on the official site (backd00r -> download) or you can watch a lower quality version through YouTube.


  1. I said it in the comments of this week’s Tsubasa Chronicle episode, but I’ll say it again here:

    All the shows I’m currently following will continue to be followed. I’m not going to be picking any more shows except maybe the two premiering in a week and a half: Demonbane and Kamisama Kazoku. Those are also Thursday shows, but we’ll see how the schedule works out…

    As for Black Lagoon specifically, I don’t want to pick up another Saturday show and I also don’t feel like having to play catch-up for the first five episodes. I will say that it’s a pretty entertaining series though.

  2. Nice looking animation and the character designs are interesting. The one mean looking girl with the white hair looks like someone merged together Paine and Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2, lol. I really like the idea of 12 potential villains (or should I say, villainesses ^_^) who are named after all the months in the year. The music for both the trailer and ending credits just rubs me the wrong way, though. It’s a far cry from the soulful stylings of Yoko Kanno in Cowboy Bebop. The trailer music just sounds, I dunno, like it was plucked from some bad 1980s music synthesizer, and the ending credits song is pretty forgettable fluff that sounds just wrong considering the setting. Still, I’m looking forward to this series; old wild west shoot em ups meets space opera is always a great combination! The dynamic of the surrogate father-daughter relationship between the 2 main characters should be interesting. A little girl pulling out a garotte from her wrist watch just looks unexpected and evil, lol.


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