OP Sequence

OP: 「Brand New Morning」 by 水橋舞from原宿BJガールズ (Mizuhashi Mai from Harajyuku BJ Girls)
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A boy named Kamiyama Samatarou and a girl named Tenko are sitting in class when their teacher asks a question about whether bloomers should be abolished or not. This piques Samatarou’s interest, and makes Tenko wonder if he’s thinking about something strange. Their teacher then goes a bit crazy talking about how much he loves bloomers, even taking off his pants and showing off the bloomers that he’s wearing underneath. Tenko accuses Samatarou of being responsible for this, but it’s actually their father’s doing – it seems that the Kamiyama family is a family of gods and goddesses. Tenko still considers Samatarou to be the one responsible since it was his thought that triggered his father to come and perform the “miracle.” She feels that he’s been getting what he wants since he was little, being spoiled by their father. After school, Samatarou expresses his desire to go home alone. He and Tenko are together so much that the class thinks that they’re going out. One of Samatarou’s friends then comes by and invites him to go to the game center together. Tenko refuses to allow him because according to her, it’s a den of evil. Samatarou gets pissed off because she’s always so bossy – once in a while, he’d like to do what he wants to do. But then, while Samatarou’s sister Misa comes by and keeps his friend busy with her beauty, Tenko drags Samatarou off.
The two end up in the park after Tenko punched Samatarou. Seeing a pair of twins roll by in a stroller, Tenko remembers how they were born in the same hospital on the same day. While Samatarou is his parent’s biological child, Tenko was found outside the hospital. Their father had taken her in and named her Tenko because she was an angel. The two of them have been together ever since then. Samatarou eventually apologizes after seeing Tenko’s smiling face. Tenko thinks to herself that they always end up making up. When they return home, they find that their entire family (father included) is dressed in bloomers. After a really embarrassing bout with everyone having fun (at his expense) at a family athletic meet conjured up by his father, Samatarou spends the rest of the night sulking in bed. He doesn’t show up for the sukiyaki dinner that Tenko prepares, despite the family’s efforts to get him to come out. It’s not until that night, after his parents jump into his bed and take his blanket, that he’s forced to go downstairs. He eats the sukiyaki that Tenko left for him on the table, but then hears her voice. She’s wrapped herself in his blanket, which his father had thrown into the dining room, and is now huddled beside the refrigerator. Samatarou realizes that she had been waiting for him to come down. She appears to be sleeping, but still reacts through her sleep to what he says. After he goes back upstairs, she wakes up and sees that she’s got his blanket around herself, which makes her quite happy.
The next day, the two go to school together. An energetic Tenko accidentally falls down some bars that she’s trying to walk on, but Samatarou catches her. In class, his friend tells him that there’s going to be a female exchange student coming today. Tenko thinks to herself that since he’s surrounded by goddesses, Samatarou wouldn’t have any interest in normal girls. But as it turns out, Samatarou can’t keep his eyes off of the new girl, Komori Kumiko. Tenko can’t believe that Samatarou declares (twice) that this girl is beautiful.

ED Sequence

ED: 「図書館では教えてくれない、天使の秘密」 (Toshokan de ha Oshiete Kurenai, Tenshi no Himitsu) by ミラク (Miraku)
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The OP is really heavy on the guitar in a very good way and Mizuhashi Mai is a surpringly good singer. The ending is decent group song, but I haven’t listened to the it nearly as many times as I’ve been playing the OP over and over (which should tell you something).

Wow, that was tons better than I had expected it to be (actually, I wasn’t quite sure of what to expect). This had high quality animation, a good love story (triangle) developing, along with cute and funny characters who have god powers. The bloomers thing was quite unexpected and funny.
The central plot here revolves around the relationship between Samatarou and Tenko. Though not related, the two have been raised together (try hard not to get sis-con vibes here). But from the OP animation and Samatarou’s reaction, it looks like a triangle will form between him, Kumiko, and Tenko. If I had to guess, I’d say that the childhood friend archetype would win here, but it’s too early to tell. Aside from the love aspect, the other half of the story seems to be about Samatarou learning to become a god by living in the human world and about Tenko being an angel. It’ll be interesting to see how that develops alongside the relationship aspect.
As for back information, Kamisama Kazoku is based on a series of light novels by Kuwashima Yoshikazu (Matthew pointed out to me that he also wrote the lyrics to the opening and ending song.). From what I’ve heard, the first episode follows the novel fairly closely.
And before anyone asks, it’s important to note that this series will only be thirteen episodes long. From the preview, it appears that next episode will be the pool episode.


  1. Do we really need antoher good show to watch this season -_-;;;

    Fate/Stay Night
    The Third
    Strawberry Panic
    Suzumiah Haruhi
    Ouran High School
    Saiunkoku Monogatari

    I am tap out of time to watch all this. I so didn’t need another good show to watch this season.

  2. Awfully catchy OP. I understand why you’ve had it on repeat for so many times now.

    First impression: aww, the flying piggybank looks very cute. Um, that’s all as I have no clue of what it’s about 🙁 I’ll be looking forward to your summary.

  3. Is this one of the shows where two girls fight over a guy but it’s pretty obvious who the main character will end up with?

    I’ll take it if so, I don’t need another Canvas2 crap.

  4. nice anime as a late gift for my birthday (05/15)
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY for me!!!! 😉
    30 years of otaku-rashi!!!( man I am really getting old…I need a wife and a decent job)…and a next gen console too 😉

    anyway….nice entry Blog master and I do hope anata no karada wa totemo genki!
    remember….this blog can´t die yet..( as we all will someday ;_;)..because we still have tons of new seasons coming…SOO

    KAMPAIIII…to my birthday and your health…together people…KAMPAII…BANZAII 😉

  5. I don’t really like the chara design, but your summary made it sound quite interesting ( I’m a sucker for love triangles and I enjoyed Canvas 2 🙂 ). I’ll give it a try as soon as / if a fansub group picks this one.

  6. too many shows so little time to watch it. the animation is kinda old for a 2006 release. the story looks kinda gay, but ill keep my hopes up that it will get better with couple more episodes.

  7. I really like this anime so far 😀 I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile since I liked the character design (they look kind of like the character designs for Eureka Seven and rightfully so because the chara designer for this series was an animation director for Eureka Seven). Too bad it’s only 13 episodes. Anyway it’s pretty fluidly animated.

  8. Oh my god (pun?) this hand me laughing most of the way through. Tenko is really cute. And his family… LOL I don’t know which would be worse(better?) for the world… having the members of this family or having Haruhi as the Almighty Deity… And chibis as an expression of divine power = WIN. About who will win the love triangle in the end, the ED (in which the ‘new girl’ doesn’t even appear once) seems to hint that it would be Tenko. The OP is a lot more ambivalent though… Jezz another addition to the bulging number of shows I’ve chosen to follow… ^^000

  9. As I told Omni before, I have an aversion against Kami-whatever shows. Kamichu? Please spare me from the wet noodle called lead character. Shinigami? Cute girl, but not my cup of tea. Somehow, the idea of omnipotence ruins anime concepts for me.

    And then I watched the first 5 minutes and was hooked. Looks like my Magikano replacement has just arrived ^_^

    Mommy/Daddy are horribly getting on my nerves, but the rest of the show was very fun. And if the second protagonist of the anime is sufficiently fun and spunky, this might actually become very enjoyable. Though – it’s clearly a fake triangle, Tenko is clearly the designated girl.

    So let’s hope it continues as energetic as it seems!

  10. They could easly pull of snother WTF! like what happen in Canvas 2. U think is going one way and oh no, things just change in the last 5 mins.

    Anyway i’ll also whatch this cause I’m a sucker for these.

  11. not true i felt canvas 2 wasn’t that surprising… i was like elis is gonna win all the way… even when kiri came into the picture and stuff…

    anyway i still feel the new girl is not human but a devil in disguise… tenko go go!! 🙂

  12. Awesome new show!!!! The screenshots make the animation look poor, but it’s pretty good. Awesomely funny! They set the story up boom-boom and you’re hooked. Now to find a good subbing group to keep it…

  13. This anime is awesome. This anime is awesome. This anime is awesome. This anime is awesome. This anime is awesome. This anime is awesome. This anime is awesome. This anime is awesome. This anime is awesome. This anime is awesome. This anime is awesome. This anime is awesome. This anime is awesome.

    its really nice love story, i defintely like the way the story is told. omg i love tenko, she so cute.


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