The ending theme song to Jyu Oh Sei, 「手をつないで」 (Te wo Tsunaide) is sung by the popular Korean/Japanese singer Younha. I admit that I didn’t watch any more of the anime past the first episode, but one of the things I did love about it was the ED – some of you may have noticed that I’m a pretty big Younha fan. It’s been a while since she put out a single (not since December of last year). Of her recent singles, I didn’t really like My Lover but I did enjoy Touch. Of course, Houkiboshi still ranks as my favorite of all her songs. My point is that I’ve been looking forward to a new Younha single for a while now. And Te wo Tsunaide pretty much lives up to my expectations from the TV-size version at the end of Jyu Oh Sei. The PV is a bit similar to the part of the ending sequence with the girl standing in the water with the yellow hue on everything. It appears to be filmed on a barge in the middle of the ocean. This is a good song by Younha, one that I’ll be humming/whistling for a few days to come. This PV does make me wonder when we’ll get to see Younha play her piano again. The homegirl song on the Te wo Tsunaide sounds like it’s got that. Anyway, Younha’s Te wo Tsunaide single is set to be released June 7th, 2006.


  1. not surprised about the lack of piano… seems like it was a bit overkill in her early stuff. also seems like she’s trying to add some maturity to her image… that greasy hair look is kinda funky lol

  2. GOTTA LUV THAT HAIR ! =) I have this thing for curly, funky – greasy-ish hair, plus its Younha.. sheesh, its the best thing since bread came sliced haha ^^ anywayz anyone noticed the similiarities between Younha and Sun from the Lost series ? o_O

  3. Younha looks totally awesome with that hair, much more mature add with punk compared to her previous image, and I kinda like the whole rock band idea. Her music this time round seems to add more rock in it too, instead of the piano ballad feel, and I really welcome the change. Anyway, this is a really cool single and I totally adore it, 🙂


    now i’m really intoxicated searching feverishly for her song… i can’t find any of them in the CD shops……………… and i’m looking for a place i can dl it from =X

  5. Also a big fan of Younha here. Love Te wo Tsunaide very much even if she didn’t play piano there. I really love the way she look in that MV. It seems like she’s begging for someone to come back to her or she’s longing for someone to love. yay. I even made Te wo Tsunaide a translation to my own language, which is Filipino or Tagalog. I also made translations to her other song like “Yubikiri” “Houkiboshi” “My Lover” “Te wo Tsunaide” “Ima ga Daisuki” and her Korean songs “Secret Code 486” and “Time2Rock”. If you’re interested to have the lyrics, I’ll send it to you. Just visit my friendster.

    Thanks very much for the space~!

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