Keita learns that he is to represent the Kawahira family at a competition of spirits’ abilities. He promises to win, but that night, a dark shadow visits him while he’s sleeping. The next day, Youko tries her hardest, but can’t seem to wake him up. By the time the competition rolls around, Keita is still out cold. Luckily, his first opponent is a fish monster who dries up in the sun, meaning that he wins without having to compete. Tayune seems to think that Keita’s condition is her fault after she punched him last night for touching her. She tries to make it up to him, but ends up punching him again after seeing his lecherous face even though he’s unconscious. After a second competition that Keita wins by chance, Tomohane thinks that Keita’s condition is her fault because she gave him a chocolate to eat that she had found on the street. Keita then somehow wins a limbo competition by sheer luck. This time, it’s Igusa who thinks that Keita’s condition is her fault because she ran away from him after meeting him by chance. She takes off her clothes, revealing the magical girl uniform underneath, and tries to make him energetic again through a magical girl chant. Youko and Tomohane catch her doing this, so she runs off embarrassed.
Later on, Nadeshiko and Tayune are worried enough to check up on Keita again. They find Tomohane watching as Youko bounces up and down on top of Keita. They immediately assume the worst, but it turns out that Youko is just sitting on his back giving him a foot massage. Having heard about the situation from Sendan, the twins Imari and Sayoka bring a special fruit that’s supposed to make Keita energetic. Youko shoves it down Keita’s mouth and it actually appears to have an effect. An evil spirit emerges from Keita’s body, so Youko and company beat it until it returns Keita to normal. Keita wakes up in time for the final match between him and what appears to be a stuffed pink rabbit. But that rabbit quickly gets an evil look on its face and knocks Keita out with one quick kick to the head. In the end, Keita loses and his grandmother goes on a cruise. It seems that she bet on Keita losing instead of winning. At home, Keita is forced to act as a servant for all the Inukami because he lost.

After last week’s episode which actually had some story substance, we’re back to the normal. Some amusing sex-related jokes this time (Youko bouncing up and down on Keita, the love massage book she had), along with Igusa unexpectedly becoming a magical girl. That pink rabbit was also really creepy looking.
Next week, a new girl is introduced.


  1. Looks like a hilarious ep!!! and some “magical girl” action!!! yeeeeeeees. One of my favorite inukami in a magical girl outfit. Does this mean a return of the chicken?

  2. I’ve been watching this series and i admit its funny but my question is who are the characters sofar that are Inukami?? all the girls or what ??

    Seems Tayune is a tamer but im not sure.. been only watching the Raws so i don’t know whats all being said..

  3. Igusa’s magical girl outfit = Hilrarous
    Ketia winning by sheer luck = Hilrarous
    Youko ‘humping’ Ketia = Hilrarous though highly misleading
    Exorcism by weird fruit = Hilrarous but effective
    Ketia being trashed by stuffed bunny = Priceless…

    The bunny of doom kinda reminds me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Except that this one’s pink. I wonder whether Ketia would win if he didn’t bother doing anything for the last round since he had a face-off against a seemingly inanimate rabbit.

    Still waiting for Kaoru’s appearance though a new girl would be sufficient to cover up for his absence.


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