Summer vacation has ended and Samatarou and Tenko are both writing in their dairies. Tenko thinks about how Samatarou was rejected by Kumiko, but more importantly, she’s trying to figure out what the meaning of the kiss on the cheek he gave her. At school, Samatarou embarrasses himself and Tenko after he falls asleep in class. When lunchtime comes around, Shinichi tells them that he’s got big news. Although Tenko and Samatarou don’t really want to hear it, he tells them anyway about a girl in the next class who went from being quiet and obedient to being very active over the summer. Samatarou doesn’t care until Shinichi makes him care by giving him the last yakisoba bread. Shinichi wants Samatarou to climb a tree with him so that they can see the girl’s locker room, which is on the second floor. The girls file into the room to start changing, and Shinichi points out the pigtail-haired girl that he was talking about. Tenko suddenly communicates with him and starts looking around to figure out where he is. While Samatarou is trying to block her view and trying not to be seen by the girls who are changing clothes, the branch he’s sitting on breaks and he goes falling down. He manages to catch onto Shinichi’s leg, but ends up pulling both of them down into the fall. Tenko realizes something is wrong and rushes outside to find Samatarou lying on top of Shinichi. She looks up, notices all the girls, and figures out what the two guys were up to. Tenko delivers a quick kick to Samatarou’s face, which causes Samatarou to break Shinichi’s leg because of the way they were laying on top of each other.
After Shinichi gets taken away in an ambulance, Tenko says that she contacted their mother. But when they get home, instead of being angry, Mama-san is only concerned about if Samatarou is ok. In fact, she and his sisters are all dressed up as nurses. Samatarou blacks out after Mama-san smothers him in her chest. In the kitchen later, Misa wonders if something happened with Tenko and Samatarou, which gets Tenko really embarrassed. She goes to her room and can’t stop steaming from her head as she thinks about Samatarou’s feelings. The next day, Tenko hasn’t prepared breakfast because, as she tells Misa and Samatarou, she’s not feeling well. Tenko has closed herself up in her room and has started to realize something. Samatarou goes out and Misa tags along all the way to the hospital. Misa goes back home after talking with and teasing Shinichi a bit, leaving Samatarou there with his friend. That afternoon, Shinichi points out a girl under a tree in a wheelchair, the girl that he’s fallen in love with. He doesn’t know her name though because her hospital room is not marked with it and the nurse won’t tell him. Getting another look at the wheelchair girl’s face, Samatarou can’t shake the feeling that he’s seen her somewhere before. He returns home and learns that Tenko is still in her room, with a sign on her door that says “Please Do Not Wake Up.” Actually, Tenko has been awake this entire time because she’s realized that her and Samatarou’s baby is coming.


First things first, I’m going to shy away from calling Tenko pregnant because I don’t believe she’s pregnant in the traditional sense (nor does it seem that she gets pregnant in the traditional way). I can imagine the baby arriving via a stork or just “poof”-ing in, but I’m pretty sure she’s not going to give birth per se.
Overall, the episode felt a tad on the boring side to me, save for the final revelation from Tenko. That baby news seemed to come out of nowhere, though for whatever reason it didn’t faze me that much. All of the Shinichi stuff wasn’t all the interesting, though the mysterious wheelchair girl is a little intriguing. There’s got to be a reason Samatarou thinks he’s seen her before and I’m not sure what that reason is (though some people have suggested that she’s connected to the baby).
Next week, the baby arrives and grows really up fast (another sign that it’s not just a normal baby).


  1. This is gods and angels we are talking about. This is not the first time a baby has appeared out of nothing in this series. Tenko herself was born out of nothing. 🙂

  2. -.- O.O WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWTTTTTTTTTTTTTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFf a baby o……k…….. i know angels can reproduce asexualy but getting pregnant by a kiss……. this is too much dud

  3. It is possible that spiritual beings can exchange their genes by mere skin contact of somewhat intimate nature. The short kiss alone may be enough to transmit Samatarou’s gene to Tenko so she could reproduce. I guess the required circumstances is that the female must be open to the possibilities, as these beings can manipulate reality by mere thoughts.


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