So I’ve been working on catching up, but having an entire’s week worth to do is a lot. I’ve already gotten caught up on some of the bigger shows (Blood+, Haruhi, Ouran High), and most of the rest will come eventually. I say most because there will likely be a few changes in what I watch and blog. So if I don’t cover your favorite series, please don’t send me an email telling me that I’ve forgotten to write about it. I haven’t forgotten – either I haven’t had the time or I don’t have the movitation to continue on with the series in question. This is especially true given that next week starts the new season (more on that coming very soon), meaning that there are lots of new shows I will be giving priority over some of the older ones.
Once again, a big Thank You to everyone for supporting me and this site through the past week and through the past year. 🙂


  1. i was hoping you would do an entry on the new shows coming up in the summer season! didn’t want to ask outright, and i’m very glad you’ve mentioned it! i’m personally looking forward to the second season of Honey and Clover =D

    hope you’re feel much better now

  2. I’m curious as to how you’re doing health-wise. Feeling better?
    Better, but not great. No painkillers means that it hurts when I have to take deep breaths/cough/etc. Sleeping in particular is bad because I go to sleep and wake up in pain. Doctor said the pain’ll probably last a month.

    When are you planning to do your run through of next season’s shows? I enjoy those 😉 .
    That’s what the “coming very soon” is talking about 😛

  3. Omni, thought u would want to know this… while u were away, the fate OST tracklisting came out… no Hikari or new ED 🙁

    1. disillusion(TVサイズ)
    2. 洗礼
    3. 運命の夜
    4. 輝け少年少女
    5. 藤ねえのテーマ
    6. 孤独な巡礼
    7. 魔術師
    8. 因果流転
    9. 聖杯
    10. 英霊鎮魂
    11. 雲は染まりゆく
    12. 家政夫は正義の味方
    13. アインツベルンの森
    14. 癒えぬ傷跡
    15. 冬木遠景
    16. 受け継がれし刻印
    17. 朽ちた血統
    18. 漆黒の十字架
    19. 麗しき花々
    20. 闇蠢く
    21. 太古の伝承
    22. 英雄王
    23. エミヤ-Kenji Kawai ver.-
    24. 藤ねえのテーマ-triple time ver.-
    25. 憧れの優等生
    26. 異界の淵
    27. 騎士王の誇り
    28. 冬の妖精
    29. 今はその剣を置いて
    30. 鮮血の騎兵
    31. 契約
    32. 約束された勝利の剣-Kenji Kawai ver.-

    Credits to for the information

  4. yayy new seasons…more disk space hogging!!!! 😀

    remember Omni…health comes over blogging…and if ne1 disagrees theres gonna be some flaming

    hasldkfhlakfkladh EXAMS SUCK! neways peace XD

  5. I dunno, it depends on what I fall so far behind on that I don’t have time to catch up with. Sadly, School Rumble is in danger of just that, but I’m refusing to drop such a funny series for now. ZEGAPAIN is the same, but I REALLY don’t want to drop that. I may decide to drop xxxHOLiC again, depending on how good some of the new shows are.

  6. maybe you should do more for the fact that you arent taking painkillers, either that or just get some one to hit you over the head, then you wont be thinking about your chest pain ^^


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