I’m not even going to do a summary because there basically was nothing new in this episode. All it is comprised of is Junko, Kyousuke, and Shouji reviewing what happened in the past 11 episodes, with a few scarce words of commentary. I think it would have been really cool if they had done some of the omake stuff from the manga – it would have been great to see the Paradise Kiss group animated here lol. Or even if they had shown off some fanart like the real Junko’s Room does, that still would have been better than this. So yea, I’m a bit disappointed that this was a recap episode, but the next episode should continue the story. I’ve got my fingers crossed that there’s not a second episode of Junko’s Room like they hint at in this episode – at least not one that’s just straight recap.


  1. I heard something about Yazawa Ai objecting the treatment of some plotlines, or something. If that’s true, that’s very possibly the reason for endless recaps, as they’re trying to figure out what to do with the story…

  2. Let’s not start the rumor mill grinding just yet. One episode hardly qualifies as “endless recaps”, especially when I’m not even sure if this one episode is an “actual” episode or just some kind of extra. It’s called episode 11.5, not episode 12. We may still get a new episode this week, in which case the right to complain about this one will be non-existant.


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