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ED: 「Brand New Reason」 by FLEET
Watch the ED! Mirror 1 Mirror 2
No OP in this first episode. The ED is soft, but rather catchy. I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve seen the style of the ED sequence before (showing parts of the picture and then the full picture at the end), but I can’t for the life of me remember where. I think it’s a combination of Blood+’s 3rd and 4th EDs with Shana’s 2nd ED with Kannaduki no Miko’s ED. Or maybe I’ve just been experiencing some déjà vu

Wow, that was really kind of cool. I’m usually not a fan of post-apocalyptical-style shows, but I enjoyed watching this. The opening part with Jo demolishing all those troops and the mecha reminded me almost of Raiden in the Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer. The episode started and ended on high notes with tons of action and carnage. Animation quality was very high, and as some of you have already noticed, Sana and Jin are voiced by Nazuka Kaori and Sakurai Takahiro, respectively, who were Elis and Hiroki from Canvas2. Fortunately (or not), they didn’t sound quite as much like their Canvas2 counterparts (at least to me), unlike a certain other show.
So like I said, I rather enjoyed watching the first episode, but unfortunately I just don’t have room to pick this series up since I’m already committed to blogging both Nana and Inukami for Wednesdays. Maybe if the second episode is really really good, I’ll change my mind…


  1. It’s maybe a bit too dramatic for me, but I’ll be observing this series.
    @ Omni. I remember there were also such scenes in Full Metal Panic. Watch the OP and ED of it and you’ll know what I mean.

  2. I’ve never seen Speed Grapher, so that can’t be it. (And yes, I went and double checked on YouTube)
    The artwork does remind me a bit of the recent Blood+ ED sequences, but I’m thinking of something else….I just can’t remember what.

  3. This will be and now is the fourth anime show I’ll be following up for the summer season.

    Because of my laziness and apathy, I am not able to get view and interest on Zegapain, therefore, I won’t be missing this title as compensation.

  4. Not even close.

    Just got done watching a raw. I could understand some of it here and there, but I’m by no means good at understanding japanese ^^;

    The atmosphere so far is very dark.. and bloody.. 😀

    Some of the combat mech type suits do look like the ones of of GITS though. But Appleseed used that style as well (quad arms, 2 for the operator and the 2 large mech arms).

  5. If Noble Roar is going to be the OP song. Rather interesting sound to it.. parts of the song remind me of the Avenger OP in terms of the style. The song has a very upbeat feel to it that doesn’t seem to match what we see in the first ep. at all

    Should be interesting to see the OP animation (next week I assume).

    Pity it looks like this is only a 12 ep series 🙁

  6. This show has the same seiyuus as the one from Canvas 2. Takahiro Sakurai (the white hair guy Jin) and Kaori Nazuka (the pink hair girl Sana), meaning Hiroki + Eiri again. Ah…this is like what happened with Zero no Tsukaima having the seiyuus from Shakugan o_o.

  7. Episode is was pretty cool. Cool animation and style. Jo is bad ass. The 3d mecha’s are weird and I’m still getting used to 3d effects in anime. I really prefer 2d over 3d, especially when it comes to mecha’s.

  8. The animation style in the ending theme somehow reminds me of of Glass no Kantai’s ending theme. Ooh, I love this song already. It remind’s me of Zegapain’s Little Goodbye, which I also really like.

    ~ Noodlehead

  9. Definitely will keep an eye on this one, as soon as it is subbed. After all, one of the seiyuu is Sakurai Takahiro. I love him as Cloud in FF7. ^^

    The way the girl’s hair is styled reminds me of Anemone of Eureka 7. Is the art/character designer the same person?

  10. This show us a definite watch from the first episode. Omni, I find it interesting that the seiyuu that did Elis & Hiroki are the seiyuu for the two main characters, I couldn’t tell. Something else to add to a long list of shows I’m following . . . .

  11. As well as airing right before Inukami! Looks like Innocent Venus also shares a couple of the VA =) I knew that Saya was Voiced by Kaori Nazuka (Voice of Nadeshiko in Inukami) But didn’t notice untill I watch it over, that Jun Fukuyama who voices Keita in Inukami, Does the Voice of that “Ponytail Man”

  12. Well, the panning across a static background all the long ending is a resource that has been done since the beginning of the world, and I am sure this won’t be the last time we’ll see it. You can mention hundreds of series and the list won’t finish.

  13. its a good show!, the boobs Majek, don’t get killed, just poked with a rifle. I poke boobies all the time with rifles! … ?
    anyways, the second ep has an opening sequence, you know the common, little girl turns into an angel, flies thru intro the chars and cool cg etc.
    ive only seen up to ep 3, but im definitely adding this to my list


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