Amshel asks Diva, who is sitting in her completely trashed room, what she truly desires. Diva points to a picture of Kai – that’s who she wants. Sometime later, at the American Air Force base, there is an air of festivity as crowds of people enjoy the food and the airplanes buzzing overhead. Erected on the grounds is a giant poster of Diva that Kai is staring at. His frustration stems from David telling him not to lay a hand on Diva if she appears in front of him. David feels that they can’t do anything; the only person who can stop Diva is Saya. And since Saya’s physical condition right now hasn’t returned to normal, they can’t go out recklessly fighting. Kai understands that, but every time he sees Diva or hears her voice, the Riku inside of him cries. In front of the stage, Mao and Okamura are reading a flyer for the concert, which includes a picture of Nathan the producer. Mao understands their situation better, but she still feels that she can’t do anything. Saya meanwhile is following Hagi around the base when she suddenly gets dizzy and collapses. He catches her and takes her to rest on a bench until the time comes. When he sits down beside her and reaches over to brush her hair off her face, Saya takes his hand – she likes the cold feeling of it.  During this time, David has been sneaking around the base disguised in a uniform. Over the phone he tells Lewis that although Diva is pretty much in front of them now, they can’t move carelessly without knowing her objective. David is about to hang up but Lewis has one more request: the American military’s steak and grilled burgers.
Just then, David notices Julia entering a building nearby, with Collins following her. Collins hides a gun in his pocket before entering the building too. Inside, Julia has done an ultrasound on Diva. Julia calls them “embryos,” but Diva insists on calling them “babies.” David overhears all this from outside the window and continues listening as Julia explains that in terms of a human pregnancy, this would be about the eighth week. Diva, however, thinks that the babies will be born soon, much to Julia’s dismay. After Amshel leads Diva out, Julia breaths a sigh of relief and reaches for her cigarettes. Just as she’s trying to flick her lighter on, Collins appears behind her. He asks what her plan is and Julia responds that she doesn’t want to know everything about the Chiropterans. She also has no desire to go public with what Collins calls the “discovery of the century.” He asks her about her duty as a scientist and talks about how the truth is the truth recognized by everyone. Collins feels that there’s an obligation to inform everyone of the truth of the Chiropterans. When Julia asks him if it’s for the sake of prestige and admiration, Collins explains his desire to leave his name behind in history. Julia tells him that the Chiropterans are dangerous and that it’s still possible to turn back now. In a crazed tone of voice, Collins asks where they who led to the destruction of Red Shield can turn back to.
As evening nears, more and more of a certain type of candy bar are being handed out on the airbase to all the visitors. In her trailer, Diva tells Nathan and Amshel that Kai will be coming later. Her blood whispers it – the blood of Riku inside of her. Amshel then steps out of the trailer and disappears. In the distance, Van Argeno is standing on a cliff with a trio of helicopters and a Corpse Corps force. Right before he sets out, Van says that it’s the start of the show. Diva’s performance is also about to start, but first Amshel pays a visit to Kai. Because Diva desires it, Amshel invites Kai to go see Diva. With little choice, Kai gets taken to her trailer. She tells him that she wanted to meet him, but notices that he’s not very happy. Kai of course still remembers how Diva killed Riku. Hearing this, Diva tells him that Riku is still living. When he gets angry because he thinks she just stole Riku’s appearance, she walks over and places his hand on her abdomen. That’s where the babies are – her and Riku’s babies. Kai remembers what happened way back when Diva stripped in front of Riku and had her way with him. As Kai continues to stare in amazement, Diva reaches out to him, but she gets interrupted by Nathan because it’s time for her to go on stage. As Nathan fusses over her, she tells him that she’s going to be singing for Kai today. Kai says that he doesn’t need it, prompting Diva to call him obstinate.
A large crowd has gathered to hear Diva’s performance. Kai and her two Chevaliers watch from the sidelines as her song fills the air. The song even reaches Collins and Julia; Collins says that his “fifth base” (as in the chemistry term) is singing. In a calm manner, he then pulls out his gun and points it at Julia. If she’s gone, they’ll have no choice but to rely on him. Julia thinks that Diva and the Chevaliers wouldn’t choose him even if she were dead because they are pure. Collins loses his composure and yells for her to be quiet. Meanwhile, Diva’s finished her song and the crowd cheers heartily for her. Afterwards, Nathan calls it perfect, but Kai responds coldly. Diva decides that pressuring him is useless. Amshel utters her name in a cautionary tone, causing Diva to say that she understands and that she’ll reserve it for a special day. And on that special day, she wants Kai to be at her side as her Chevalier. Together with Anschel and Nathan, doesn’t he want to protect her babies? In fact, Diva says that if he became her Chevalier, he could make children with Saya. All of this pisses Kai off enough that he pulls out and points his gun at Diva. She puts her hand on it and tells him that it’s ok if he shoots. By squeezing the trigger and drinking her blood, he can be together with her. She makes her final plea in Riku’s voice. Kai is at first caught up in Riku’s voice and expression, but then steels his face. A gunshot rings through the grounds.
That gunshot actually came from Collins’ gun. And the person who got shot wasn’t Julia, it was David protecting her. After Collins runs out of the room screaming because he now has a knife stuck in his right arm, Julia rushes over to David and sees that the bullet hit him in the gut. Talking slowly and in pain, David says that he’s glad she’s safe and that everyone is waiting for her. With that, he collapses onto the ground. Back at the other showdown, Diva urges Kai to hurry up and shoot. Kai lowers his gun, refusing to become her Chevalier because he knows that Riku wouldn’t want him to be. Diva gets angry and decides to eat him instead. But before she can make a move towards him, Saya flies in. Diva jumps away and tells Nathan and Amshel that just as she thought, Kai is Saya’s precious prince. Saya tries to rush Diva, but Amshel stops her in her tracks. He twists her arm around and digs his claw into it, causing her to drop her sword. Hagi then charges into the battle, but he is met by Nathan who smacks him around and is easily able to dodge all his attacks. Nathan restrains Hagi by putting him into a neck hold, just like the one Amshel currently has Saya in. Diva decides to let Amshel kill Saya with Kai watching on. Kai tries to stop them by shooting his gun, but Amshel easily catches the bullet in his hand.
This battle is interrupted by a scream from the crowd of people who had been Diva’s audience. Several of them have turned into Chiropterans, all of whom had been eating the candy bars. Okamura starts shooting pictures as the security guards try to stop the monsters. The flash of his camera catches the eye of one of the Chiropterans, but suddenly a Corpse Corps soldier falls out of the sky and impales the monster’s head. They are of course being dropped off by Van’s helicopters. Van’s assistant is filming all of this which is being sent to the Pentagon. Van himself thinks that this is indeed a wonderful demonstration. Watching the scene from behind the curtain on the stage, Diva laughs happily. She then gives Amshel another go ahead to kill Saya. As he crushes his neck in his hold, Amshel finds it regrettable that he has to deprive the light of those beautiful pupils. Soon after Saya blacks out, a dagger aimed for Diva comes flying out of nowhere. Amshel intercepts it with his hand, letting go of Saya in the process. Before she can fall to the ground, Solomon arrives and catches her. Amshel asks Solomon if he’s now pointing his blade at Diva in addition to leaving her. Solomon replies that this is the way of life that he chose: he wants to live together with Saya. That’s his only desire. He says goodbye to both Diva and Amshel and then flies off in the night sky carrying Saya’s body. Amshel asks Diva if he should give chase, but she says that it’s ok because she’s drained from hearing everyone talk about Saya. She wants to go home now, feeling that it’s still ok because she has her children. During this, Hagi has been surprising Nathan with his strength. He manages to break free and then kicks Nathan into one of the trailers. Once Diva and her Chevaliers leave, Hagi decides that he’s going to chase after Solomon. Kai thinks that the idea is absurd, but Hagi says that the only person he has is Saya. And with that, Hagi runs off in the direction Solomon that was headed.


Ok, lots to talk about this episode.
First of all, I hope David isn’t dead. He kind of crumbles onto the ground unconscious and we hear Julia yelling his name, but that’s the last we see of him this episode. I don’t think he’ll die quite just yet, though this whole thing will probably bring Julia back over to Saya’s group. Collins is also still out there, probably as loony as ever now that he’s failed to kill Julia. He’ll probably make one or two more appearances before he’s killed off. If he gets really desperate, I can see him trying to make some grand public announcement about the Chiropterans.
I guess that candy that was being handed out to everyone was laced with Delta 67. It was an ingenious plan though, having a live demonstration of the Corpse Corps’ abilities using monsters you created yourself. The moral of this story? Don’t eat the candy.
I wish Hagi was able to show his true strength all the time instead of just when Saya is being taken away from him. They’re going to need it if they want to beat Diva, Nathan, and Amshel. Speaking of which, I bet the special day Diva was talking about is going to be her September performance at the Metropolitan Opera House. Maybe that’s going to be the stage for the final showdown.
Word also got out this episode (mainly due to Diva herself), about the pregnancy. Interestingly enough, the person who doesn’t know and won’t be able to find out now is Saya. She arrived on the scene after Diva talked about protecting her babies and then Solomon took her away before anything more about it was said. On the subject though, I laughed when Diva said that Kai could go make babies with Saya if he became Diva’s Chevalier; laughed because of all the KaiXSaya moments this series has had. It looks like next week Solomon might be trying to make babies with Saya. He says in the preview that he wants Saya to be his bride, and there we also see Saya in bed naked. It’s a shame because I’d rather not see Hagi and Solomon have to fight each other when they could instead be fighting the bad guys.


  1. very late post…… in like 4 episodes……on episode 36 i noticed there are a bunch of signs with iEOX and something looking similar to an iPOD……..lmao even blood+ makes fun of them it getting worse than Wac Donnalds…….

  2. wow!! Solomon and Saya!!!
    Why did Anschel say that if Saya becomes Solomon’s bride, Solomon will kill her (ep 40). Saya in bed??? How exciting, battle of Saya’s suitors!

  3. whoa after some lulling in plot development we get a whoa in the plot development that renews my faith in this series…

    sad to see that Saya/Hagi not even close to what Diva/Amshel/Nathan are in power…

    funny as hell to see Hagi get STRONG when pissed… I like pissed off jealous Hagi…

    Solomon isn’t winning any brownie points with a potential forced bride situation…

  4. Ha! I think We might finally be able to see Hagi with wings in the next episode. By the previews Saya is not very happy at Salomon. I will never believe Saya will betray Hagi, so I am sorry for Salomon’s fan but he is going to be a goner.


  6. Animation quality is exceptionally well done for this episode …

    *sigh … i am not surprised Saya getting PWNED again by Diva n co

    At least Haji is showing some promising potential whereas Saya is just a toy to be played with by Diva and co

  7. Why is Diva so much more powerful than Saya? And why is Saya the only one that needs to take a 30 year nap?

    I do love Solomon but Saya should be with Haji. I’ve been holding out for another kiss between them for soooooo long. I can’t believe that blood-swapping one at the very beginning is all we’re going to get.

    I’m starting to get really twitchy about the ending. It’s going to be emotionally crippling.

  8. Ben: Maybe because Saya doesn’t want two lovers, or any lovers at all. Plus, she doesn’t seem to like Solomon romantically. Probably the most potential lover for her would be Kai, and that’s only if he doesn’t become her chevalier.

    I have a feeling Solomon was the one that put her in the bed nakie. xD ..or is it?

  9. This episode looks really good, emotional, but after looking at that last screenshot I really want to know what’s going to go down between Saya, Solomon, and Hagi. As always, with this show, next week cannot come soon enough.

    Ben: The thing is, we don’t know if Saya feels that way about Solomon, thus far it’s always been Solomon putting on the moves. She feels grateful to him for bailing her and Hagi out in a few cases, I’m sure, and there was their first meeting as well as the Zoo to go on, sure, but how are we sure that she’d allow him to do anything of THAT sort when she knows Hagi’s around, eh? Maybe if Hagi was dead or…no wait, don’t kill Hagi. Hagi’s awesome. Don’t kill him. Give him more character development, not death, go-go character development!

    I’m still not convinced that Hagi’s not as strong as those other Chevaliers, they’ve – well almost – all become full Chiropteran, but Hagi has not and has still managed to hold his own well enough with just his hand, cello case, and that endless amount of daggers he pulls out of hammerspace. I’m hoping Hagi’s going to come out and kick some major ass when he finally turns into a monser (even though I’m certain he’d only due so if Saya’s life depended on it, unlike the other Chevaliers, I’m thinking that maybe he doesn’t want to ‘lose his humanity’ or something, and that’s why we haven’t seen him turn 42 episodes into the series. He’s got wings!)

    I’m sure if we were dealing with Saya’s Blood: The Last Vampire movie there would be any sexual tension between any of her potential interest, she’d just take them on the spot whenever she felt like it. That silly, psychotic – but totally rad – katana wielding loli.

  10. why can’t Saya be with both Solomon and Haji at the same time? many people do live with two lovers, don’t they?

    Why can’t Saya be with Solomon? Maybe she doesn’t want to? I could deal with Solomon if he truly cared for her and acutally tried to respect her wishes, or if what he truly wanted was her to be happy and protect her. But how he’s acting now is like a caveman. He seems obsessed more than anything else.

  11. OMGOSH! WHY DOES BLOOD+ KEEP GETTING BETTER AND BETTER? I really don’t think Diva’s going to do anything to Kai. He’s MUCH stronger than poor defenseless Riku. What if Diva really does have Riku’s babies?!!! What’s going to happen to them?

    The ending will definitely be a thrill. We all have so many unanswered questions.

    And it looks like Hagi’s getting more action scenes. Yay!

  12. first off, DARKREDEYES, PLZ SEND ME YOUR WIKIPEDIA LINK BECAUSE I LOOKED IN THERE!! *including the episodes* and i can’t find those spoilers you got and i want to know!! T_T

    second off, *and this is my theory mind you* As to WHY Diva’s Powers are stronger than Saya’s, and incase i am right it is going under spoiler
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Well that is my theory on it, maybe rather obvious but can you people tell your views? ^^

    Elegant Destruction
  13. Diva you monster! Man, if I would be in Saya’s shoes right now (i am a girl), I would just chose both Hagi and Solomon. However, I can’t help but feel that Solomon still needs to earn a bit more trust….you never know in Blood+! That is why the show is so good. One second we thought Hagi would die a few episodes ago and then suddenly the chevalier shota ends getting rapped and killed.

  14. ok seriously the power difference in that episode was pretty nuts lol. Saya is to the point where she cant fight because shes so tired. Dont ask me how there even going to slove this problem and even defeat divia at all. I thought by now saya would be rested up and stronger but I guess there either not letting that happan or just holding it back for later episodes. Solmon has gone from oh I’m going to help you saya to kidnapping and acting very well Carl like lol.

    What is he going to get so absessed with saya that he and hagi fight and he is about to kill hagi and saya has no choice bit to kill him? Right now that looks to be the deal. But once again I didnt like how weak saya looked in this episode, lol Hagi is more powerful then Nathan when hes mad and probley hif he transformed saya hower seems to be more and more closer to her deep sleep. I honestly would like to know what the writers are up to now. I mean saya cant just say oh! nm I dont have to sleep, nah its her time to sleep for 30 years so how the hell is she going to fight at all? Joel did something that kept her up for longer then 2 or 3 years so maybe thats where they find out how to. Also now Davis’s been shot and is basicly half dead at this point. Alot happaned in this episode, had a werid feel to it though, like Divia wasnt the enemy I dunno why just had the feeling until the end where they fought odd. Also seems like the CC are being like told to the public and everyone there the monster killing things and dont worry. Thats why they where being filmed I guess. lol I dunno wtf there all thinking at this point they drugged the crrowd just so they could kill them with the CC. For publity I guess. Still werid idea lol.

    Also anyone else tired of Divia’s song at this point? Ya she can sing her butt off but iis that the only song she sings? lol

  15. To Omni,

    Actually what David threw at Collin was not a knife but rather a scalpel.

    Watch scrutinously the screenshot of Collins holding on his injured arm, and you’ll notice.

  16. Making babies, bla blup. Oh my, the whole thing is a bit, ridiculous.
    Honestly, the story now remembers me a bit of a typical Hollywood film.
    Hope next episode will be more fighting. Blood+ is really dialouge heavy. Sometimes too much for my taste. And I think poor Omni also has some problems with it (the longest summaries are always the Blood+ ones^^)

  17. Great episode. But sad. Unfortunate that Kai had to be reminded of how Diva took advantage of his little brother right before his eyes. She’s gross, yet still a very sick & sad character. Can you imagine how keen her parenting skills will be? Her desire to protect her babies is the only admirable trait I’ve seen in her but that alone is unfortnate as well.
    And even as the series is concluding, it appears as if Saya and Hagi are not much of a strong duo in the face of Diva and her chevaliers. Who knows how the series will conclude at this point?
    Saya is nearing her sleep and whether Hagi is giving his all remains questionable. Of course seeing Solomon take off with his woman was enough to set him off XD
    I like Solomon, maybe he is just very lonely and without purpose. But kidnapping saya and making her put on a wedding dress? Suddenly Blood+ has become very Pahntom of the Opera-ish.
    Saya has no choice but to choose Hagi if they stage a fight to the death, but I would like to see Solomon stick around.
    And no more jokes about Solomon crystalizing in the middle of coitus >_

  18. Solomon obviously has his intentions with Saya, I think he realises that he is teh one able to impregnate her, but yeh, Hagi is letting me down, I want to see his true form. XD

    By the way does this whole series end at 52 EPs?

  19. HA HA! Good episode!
    Blood+ always does this, it becomes very boring very quickly then – blam! Hit’s you with the unexpected! I’m gonna LOVE the ending!
    Unless we’re lucky and get a 2nd series . . . yeah right
    Anyway, Hagi’s probably gonna win. What else would they need such background detail?
    BTW – I love Diva! Heh heh, lil’ psycho!

  20. Someone removed the synopsies of episode 43 to 46 on wikipedia; you can still find out about future episodes by checking on the history tab — it shows changes to the page.

  21. anyone knows what happened in the messed-up room before OP? According to Nathan, Diva ate something called ‘hanorari-kun’, sounds like Nathan’s pet (??). But what’s point of that scene?

  22. Ya same only thing I can think of is Divia and her Chevaliers dont care about who they kill or drink so there never low on blood. While saya and Hagi dont drink much at all and saya gets blood tranfuions. I think where going to see a part where Hagi is off fighting and Saya is with Kai and she needs to save him so she has to drink Kai’s blood. Which will jump up saya’s energy.

  23. It’s stupid, and anticlimatic. For now, Saya and Hagi are totally owned by Diva and her chevaliers.
    Each time Diva and co have the upper hand (she’s about to kill Saya or Kai etc…), someone mysteriously appears to deliver the person and they flee while Diva and co just give up and don’t care.
    It’s the same EACH FREAKING TIME!

  24. “Suddenly Blood+ has become very Pahntom of the Opera-ish.”

    Considering all the family angst and dialogue going on, I think it’s more of ‘Phantom of the Oprah’

  25. in the OP, when saya is down and all bloody, whose hand is that that reaches out to her?
    i thought it was diva’s at first cause the outfit was white with blue.
    then i saw that it at least didn’t look like a girls hand.
    and then i remembered that solomon wore a white suit with i think a blue trim on the cuff or something.
    there may not be any blue there, but there is definately white and looks like a man’s hand.
    does anyone else think this could be solomon? i know he started wearing black and everything but…
    hey, they’re still showing riku in the OPs even though hes been dead a while.
    so i guess its possible its solomon.

    p.s. i hope hagi looks really sweet when he changes all the way. and he better kiss saya soon before solomon does! oh and i know that the queens need the chevalier of their sister to get pregnant, but what would happen if saya and hagi were to do it? something good, bad, or nothing at all? cause if its nothing, they better get to it right away before she falls asleep again!

  26. or i just noticed it could also be kai who reaches out to saya. hes worn a white-ish jacket and a definate blue shirt underneath. in fact he wears it in this episode and i think hes worn it before too. any thoughts anyone? ANYONE?

  27. I personally thought it was kai also, but i didn’t figure that out until episdoe 40, until then i thought it was soloman. lol

    and thank you everyone on the tips on using wikipedia!!!

    Elegant Destruction
  28. i came up with some crazy theories….
    The chiropterans and Diva’s chevalier’s ‘true forms’ that we’ve seen so far seems like bat-horse creatures, but that’s because all of them have Diva’s blood. I’m starting to think that Hagi’s ‘true form’ will look more human, and that he’s possibly unable to control that side of him or maybe he’ll be consumed (i heard he’s ‘infected’ by thorn) . I think that he may even be more powerful than Anschell (If u base on the manga, Hagi’s roar can paralyze other chiropterans if he’s had enough blood). Whatever it is, i wanna see the guy’s chiropteran form next episode. What do u guys think?

    Btw…. what would happen if this was the promise made between Saya and Hagi:
    “Hagi, promise me… When this is over…. fly me to the moon.” O__o;; Hell no.

  29. well looks like after 43 saya will be back into action so to speak, usually they take about 3 or tops 4 episodes from heavy fighting and saya’s issue she happaned to have is over with for now and shes back fighting. Plus wipicika or whatever in the summery for 44 says so lol. We’ll see its not a big spoiler really we all know saya is somehow going to be a strong as Divia if not stronger but I wish it would happan already! lol

  30. This is the most action-packed episode in the last few eps. I could almost see Kai giving in to Diva because of Riku – he’s just so soft-hearted or something of the like. 10 more eps before the show coming to a final end.

  31. I like Solomon so much…hehe..he’s so cute and charming and mysterious..
    I wish that Saya chose Solomon and Hagi…

    I wish they will make more new episodes cause finished watching episode 50…
    and hope that Solomon will be there with Saya, and Saya with Solomon.

  32. dude! im still wondering what made diva take riku’s body…he was such an ugly little boy. kai is so much better. im still upset that james didnt die….i hate james. and no its not because im racist. and no im not racist. i think that the only good characters are saya, diva(in HER body), david, kai, and hagi. everyone else just kinda bugs me. a lot of the characters are cute though. me and my sister cosplay as the original saya and diva. ill have to get the film developed and post it on my myspace ( and on my piczo ( come and check it out sometime! and maybe if you have a myspace or piczo add me

  33. This was a wonderfull anime show!
    Does anyone know if their going to make more?
    Counting that you know who was still alive!
    (pay close attation to the ending of the last ep)


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