Kawarazaki is watching anime when suddenly he senses something strange. Somewhere else in town, the peeping tom has the same feeling. Meanwhile, Keita and company are still facing off against Sekidousai. He wants to create a world where all desires are affirmed and all thoughts are liberated. In the ensuing fighting, Keita, Youko, and Kaoru each use their powers against Sekidousai, but individually they can’t touch him. Keita then tries charging Sekidousai, but gets his foot caught in a jar and stumbles right into Sekidousai’s crotch. After Keita cleans out his mouth, Kaoru suggests that they work together, so the three combine their attacks. However, it still has no effect on their opponent. Nadeshiko is ready to defend Kaoru, but he has her stand down. This time, instead of attacking Sekidousai, Kaoru and Keita aim for the cracking sky. As a result, the cracks grow bigger and eventually everyone is brought back to Sekidousai’s secret base.
Sekidousai traps Kaoru, Keita, Nadeshiko, and Youko in a bubble and starts to suck out their spirit power. Using his machine, he is able to take a look into his captives’ thoughts. Keita’s are of all the girls he’s been with, Youko’s are of Keita, and Nadeshiko’s are of a date with Kaoru. However, in the middle of Nadeshiko’s thoughts, the system experiences a surge in power and has to make an emergency stop. Sekidousai reveals that he’s got another objective: to get revenge on the Dai Youko, Youko’s father, after being defeated by him once before. As Keita and Youko then fight the robot, Karina notices that Kaoru has a brief private talk with Sekidousai. Sekidousai then disappears to the real world with Keita and company following after him. The four of them plus Karina emerge out of the book and find all of Kaoru’s Inukami waiting for them.
Sekidousai has already started to affect the city as there are car crashes all over the place. He is currently sucking out all the happiness from the people in the city, causing everyone to stand around lifelessly. As Sekidousai holds up his magic book, his chicken – whom he calls Socrates – returns to him. Keita, Kaoru, and all the Inukami confront him, but their attacks are still ineffective. Socrates uses its powers to give Keita a swan ballerina costume. Since Sekidousai is busy increasing his spirit power, he sends his robot, which is now giant-sized, after them. With the Inukami powers also useless against the robot, Keita, Kaoru, and Youko direct an attack on the robot’s vital point, the drill. This doesn’t work, so Keita has Youko teleport him onto the robot so he can figure out a weakness. Unfortunately for him, she puts him right on top of the drill, so Keita gets thrown off.
Things look bad, but suddenly Kawarazaki appears and rallies all of the town’s perverts to protect happiness. The large crowd manages to topple the robot, but it gets back up again. Keita has Youko teleport him onto the robot again, however this time he uses his frogs and blows off the drill. Meanwhile, the peeping tom steals the magic book from Sekidousai and throws it off the side of the building. The book lands on Karina, but then Keita also lands on Karina (as a result of the robot touching a power line, blowing up, and knocking Keita off). Socrates retrieves the book and returns it to Sekidousai, who is done for the day. As happiness returns to the town, all the perverts slink back into the darkness. Youko thanks Kawarazaki and Kaoru thanks all of his Inukami; only Nadeshiko looks unhappy. Karina drags back a naked Keita, but he feels like he’s forgotten something.
Sekidousai is at his new home with his daisakai machine when Kaoru and Nadeshiko show up. Kaoru appears to be cooperating with Sekidousai, though Nadeshiko doesn’t look happy about it.

Special ED Sequence

Special ED: 「友情物語・男子(?)バージョン」 (Yuujou Monogatari – Danshi (?) Version) by すーぱーぞうさんず (Super Zou-sans) & Rice^5
Watch the ED! Mirror 1 Mirror 2
Hahaha! This was hilarious, a macho parody of the ED, complete with machos dressed up as Tomohane and Sendan. Incidentally (in reference to the artists for the song), zou is japanese for elephant. Someone uploaded a comparison of this ED with the normal ED onto YouTube.

I thought this was going to be just a two-episode arc, but that turned out to be wrong. Not only is Sekidousai still alive, but he also wants to get revenge on the Dai Youko AND Kaoru is working with him. So I guess this means that Kaoru is a bad guy. It was apparent that something was odd when Kaoru smirked at Nadeshiko’s embarrassment when her thoughts were being read, and then again when he was talking privately with Sekidousai as everyone else fought. That’s probably the thing that Karina saw but forgot after being hit on the head too many times. At least this Kaoru is working with Sekidousai; there’s still the crystallized guy who looks like Kaoru, who may be the real Kaoru.
I get the feeling that Nadeshiko is the source of some great power. She was ready to defend Kaoru, but he had her stand down, as if he knew that she might be able to defeat Sekidousai. And when the daisakai machine had to stop absorbing spirit power, it was during Nadeshiko’s thoughts when she was yelling for him to stop and not look. I’m curious if Nadeshiko will just blindly follow as Kaoru helps Sekidousai.


  1. well i guess kaoru would be a bad guy since they said keita got youko which is who kaoru wanted and everyone made him out to be a perfectionist often portrayed as bad guys so umm yeah

  2. I kinda suspect “this” Kaoru to be fake. Remember the frozen Kaoru they found few episodes back? Yeah, I actually think that’s the real Kaoru. Kinda cheesy, but it always works.

  3. I was watching this on my PSP at the hospital waiting room, before i knew it there were 4 people who started laughing behind me. They were watching on my back the whole time 😛

    Shinn Agami
  4. Although the story looks interesting, I hope they dont drag…. it all the way to the end. With the pre-view for next episode it looks more like a ligher comedy episode, but you cant tell for sure. Right now the thing that I’m interested the most is how Dai Youko will fit into the plot.. and who/what is behind the ‘Kaoru’ that is walking around right now.

  5. Shinn agame….I also have a psps too and looks awesome on the screen man but whatch at the hospital 😉 you could start to be sick from laughing out loud a lot….ahhhhh…..but ok in case your adrenaline goes up too fast even if you fall down you probably would be safe because you ware at the hospital 😉 😉
    PS: I really feel bad for some high pressure sick guy behind you laughing for his last minutes… 😉 😉

  6. Darn…the storyline has gotten predictable as I feared.
    Somehow, I didn’t find this episode as entertaining as the previous one, besides Keita’s ‘accident’ at the start. I expected more fighting and more Nadeshiko fanservice (or just more of her appearance), and definitely less of the bad guy standing around as a spectator.

    The ending was hilrarous, but certainly most disturbing.


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