Kaoru is on the phone with Karina talking about the apparent disappearance of Sekidousai. After hanging up, Kaoru apologizes to Karina. He then hears a commotion coming from the other room and goes there to find his Inukami arguing because some of them are dissatisfied with their rankings (all of Kaoru’s Inukami are ranked, from Sendan as number one to Tomohane as number ten). Specifically, Imari and Sayoka don’t like being ranked eighth and ninth, but the other Inukami refuse to be ranked under them. Kaoru doesn’t want to decide and the alternative doesn’t leave his Inukami very happy. Meanwhile, Tomohane is admiring Youko’s tail in a public bath. Keita is on the male side, but has no interest in Youko or Tomohane naked. However, he does get excited when other girls enter the bath on the female side. Fortunately for the girls, the operators of the bath are prepared for people like him. Walking back afterwards, Youko and Tomohane wish that they had a bath at home. Keita doesn’t have the money for one, but by chance a large jar comes rolling down the hill. Youko gets the idea that they can use the jar as a bath, so she makes Keita carry it home.
Along the way, the three encounter Furano who looks at Keita and then decides that fire is going to attack him. She appears to be prophesizing Keita’s future, saying that he’ll be covered in flames. Keita, however, prefers not to know the future because it’s more interesting that way. With the rankings in mind, Furano starts taking her clothes off in front of Keita, much to Youko’s dismay. They are now attracting a crowd of spectators, so the four of them escape with the jar to the park. Tomohane had heard Furano say “first” earlier and wonders if she was talking about their rankings. Furano tries to change the subject to the jar, and uses the word taisou. The jar starts glowing and Tensou appears in it. She immediately asks Keita to rank her first, using the word ima. This leads to Imari and Sayoka coming out of the jar. After that, kyou gets said and Gokyouya appears out of the jar. Keita doesn’t know what’s going on, but he doesn’t want any more of Kaoru’s Inukami to come out of the jar. Right after he says that last part, the jar once again glows and Tayune & Igusa appear.
Back at home, Keita gathers the Inukami, and Tayune explains that they’re having a dispute about their rankings. They have no problems with Sendan being first, Nadeshiko being second, and Tomohane being tenth, but there are all the spots in between. And since Kaoru didn’t want to, he left it up to Keita to decide the rankings. In responding to them, Keita uses the word karinisendan, but not the Inukami. Instead, he gets the sendan that means a naval fleet. Karina suggests that the spirits of the jar are being uncooperative and tries to carry it away, but Keita stops him. Still bent on getting his harem, Keita realizes that the Inukami want to be ranked. He’s willing to let them use the jar, but he wants them to serve him.
Each of the girls get their turn and each ends poorly when a word is inadvertently said and the jar picks up on it. For Furano, the word nuge (to take off clothes) becomes nue (a type of bird). For Imari and Sayoka, the word lolicon becomes namacon (short for nama concrete). For Tensou, the word shitai is interpreted as corpse which is then taken a step further with mummies. For Gokyouya, the words ningen dokku (human doctor) is interpreted as ningen doggu (human dog). For Tayune, the word kisu (kiss) becomes kisu (garfish). And finally, for Igusa, the word hentai (pervert) causes Kariya & Keita to appear in each other’s arms naked. Kaoru’s Inukami realize finally that it was a mistake to have believed in Keita, so they’ll have to decide by their own strength. It is at this point that Sendan and Nadeshiko arrive to stop them and scold them. Nadeshiko says that Kaoru wouldn’t want them to be fighting like this and Sendan tells them to stop being concerned about the rankings. As for Youko, she’s been tied up by Keita this entire time while he’s had his fun. She’s now finally broken free and gets her revenge on him and Karina by igniting them both on fire – it seems that Furano’s earlier prediction came true. In the end, Tomohane asks why Kaoru wanted Keita to decide, and Nadeshiko says that it’s because Kaoru likes Keita.

For anyone who cares, the ranking of Kaoru’s Inukami are: 1. Sendan 2. Nadeshiko 3. Igusa 4. Tayune 5. Gokyouya 6. Tensou 7. Furano 8. Imari 9. Sayoka 10. Tomohane.
Well this was a silly little episode with a lot of plays on words. By now I’m pretty much unfazed by anything this series can throw at me in terms of naked men, so the Kariya and Keita together didn’t bother me that much. I had been hoping that we would continue the Sekidousai storyline, but that really wasn’t the case here save for maybe the first 30 seconds on the episode where Kaoru sounded regretful that he was betraying Karina. Next week doesn’t look that promising either, with the preview focusing on one of the perverts. Hopefully it’ll at least be decently funny like this episode was.


  1. qute a few sketches of Keita. hmmmmmmm, were there 2 inkami that drew? I know that the one with glasses most likely did the shoujo-style Keita, but did the one with the long bangs do “macho” keita?

  2. I’m suprized that Keita was able to keep Youko locked up for so

    Interesting episode, I dont know what to think about next week O.o.. hopfully it will be better then what the pre-view showed.


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