On this early morning, Saya returns to the apartment having had no success finding Karman. However, she thinks that since it’s almost day-time, Karman probably had returned to their apartment. Just as she and Kai are convincing Lulu that this is likely the case, Moses walks in through the front door. Kai goes to greet him, but Moses responds with an apology and then asks Kai to die. Meanwhile, sometime in the past, Diva had seen James – with his repaired body – recuperating in a medical tube and declared that this wasn’t her James. She thinks that she should have made Kai her Chevalier, but when Amshel offers to bring Kai, she says that it’s ok as it is – because these children exist, everything else is ok. After Diva, Amshel, and Nathan had left the room, James had opened his eyes. In the present, Nathan comments on how James’ intricate plan of using the Shifu to kill Kai is useless. James in turn reminds Nathan that he’s the one who says beauty is found in useless things such as art. Hearing James say the word art, Nathan thinks that he’s changed. James disagrees, but Nathan continues on by saying that although “Mama” (Diva) hates him, Nathan doesn’t hate James’ body. After James leaves, Nathan remarks that there is only a tiny difference between art and madness.
Back at Kai’s apartment, Moses swings his scythe, but Saya is there to block him as Kai gets out of the way. After kicking Saya back, Moses knocks Kai out of the window, though fortunately Hagi is there to catch him on the street below. Lewis yells for Kai to run into the bright areas where the sun is shining, and so Kai does. Moses throws Hagi aside and then chases after Kai. Lulu tries to chase, but she stops where the shade stops and the sunlight begins. Saya and Hagi, however, aren’t inhibited in this way and so they continue the pursuit after Saya tells Lulu to wait here. By this time, Kai has run himself down an alley to a dead end, where Moses has followed and now cornered him. Kai pulls out his gun and attempts to find out why Moses is doing this, but Moses tells him that it’s not necessary for him to know. When Kai tries to convince Moses that Irene wouldn’t have wanted this, Moses says that Irene is dead while he is alive, and so there is something he must do. Kai asks if that’s to kill him, which Moses quickly confirms. Kai admits that he’s going to die someday, but he also knows that he can’t die here because he needs to support Saya until Diva is defeated. Moses immediately counters back by asking what use Kai would be in the fight with Diva. When Kai says that he’ll do what he has to do desperately, Moses accuses Kai of not knowing the fear of death and then strikes down with his scythe.
Kai stumbles out of the way of the blade, but now his back is against a fence. Moses approaches him, feeling that he has no other options, but just then, the sun peeks over the nearby building and into the alley. Unable to stand the light, Moses is forced to flee. As he’s hiding in the shade by a stairwell, Moses sees a man and his dog rummaging through the garbage and is reminded of his conversation with James. Back then, Moses had asked if James wanted them to become dogs and James had told him that only Diva’s blood to would free them from the abominable curse. He explained how a Corpse Corps body was transplanted to replace the parts that he lost. In other words, as long as his brain is there to govern his thoughts and memories, he can live forever by changing out bodies of Corpse Corps. This is of course made possible by Diva’s blood. James tempted Moses with the prospect of becoming a Chevalier through Diva’s blood and getting rid of the Thorn for him and Karman. The condition, however, is that Moses must take Kai’s life. James said that it was ok to call Chevaliers as Diva’s pet dogs, but did Moses want do die as an insignificant stray dog? With this in mind, the present Moses covers his face and treads slowly out into the sun. He wonders if the sun hates them so much and decides that it’s ok if he burns. But before he does, he must… Not finishing his sentence, Moses looks forward into the light.
While Moses was off thinking, Kai had made his way to Central Park’s Sheep Meadow, where he’s now out in the open with the sun shining down. As he’s thinking about Moses, Kai gets a call from Lewis asking if he’s safe. Lewis informs Kai that Saya and Hagi are searching for him and tells Kai to wait there. Lulu then gets on the phone asking about Moses and is relieved to find out that Moses ran off somewhere. She asks Kai to tell Saya not to kill Moses if possible. Right as Lewis takes backs the phone and tells Kai to stay where he is, Moses appears above Kai and slashes down, destroying the bench that Kai dived away from. Breathing heavily, Moses crushes Kai’s cell phone and slowly chases after the now running Kai. Talking to himself, Moses asks Karman to wait for him. At that time, Karman is in their run-down apartment noticing that the Thorn has spread to his hand. Suddenly, one of the windows opens and Karman see James standing in the light. James reveals that Moses requested his help for Karman and that Moses is currently off killing Saya’s important human, acting on the possibility of saving Karman through Diva’s blood. As James continues to open windows, he says that even if the Shifu obtain Diva’s blood, they won’t be able to escape the curse of death. When Karman asks why James is doing this, James replies that it’s because of despair – the Shifu’s existence brought him despair because of how they alienated him from the one he loved. James leaves with a message to Karman about how he wants them to struggle, to writhe, and then to turn into ash.
Back in Central Park, Kai stops to catch his breath by a large tree. Although there appears to be no one around him, Kai senses something and gets out of the way right as Moses embeds his scythe into that tree. Kai responds by firing off his gun, but Moses isn’t afraid of it. However, instead of aiming for Moses, Kai fires several more shots at Moses’ hood, throwing it back and leaving Moses exposed to the sun. The light causes Moses great pain, dropping him to the ground on his knees. Still, Kai isn’t going to stand by and watch Moses die like this, so he covers Moses up with his shirt and brings him into the shade of another tree. Moses came to kill Kai, but he’s in no shape to do so right now as he doubles over again in pain. As he slowly gets back up on his own, he says that he doesn’t need Kai’s sympathy. He remembers how Kai had told Irene that humans can share things, but Moses also knows a life is not something that can be shared. For someone to live, a sacrifice is necessary. Moses then gets frustrated because of how Karman had said that he had everyone inside of him and how he had wanted Moses to remember everyone. If he dies, who will remember Karman? Who can prove that Karman lived? Where will these traces remain? Moses thinks that Karman needs time, time for someone else to reach out to him and get to know the real Karman.
Addressing Kai, Moses says that if they had met earlier, they might have surely become good friends. However, it’s necessary now for him to kill Kai for Karman’s sake. As he’s saying this, Moses takes off his glove and grows out his spike arm. He aims the projectile at Kai and asks him to die again. The spike never hits Kai, instead piercing through Karman. Moses realizes that he’s hit his friend and proceeds to pull the spike out of Karman. With his anger towards the Chevalier and with man’s meddling (referring to the blood packets from Kai), Karman got enough strength to come here. He tells Moses to open his eyes because what he’s doing now won’t open up the future – it’s enough for Moses simply to be still living. Saya and Hagi arrive at this point, but Saya quickly figures out what’s going on and sheaths her sword. Getting up with Moses’ help, Karman asks Kai to give his weapon to Lulu. Kai starts protesting about him talking like that, but Moses cuts him off and asks him to take care of Lulu. The two Shifu then disappear together, leaving Kai with their weapons. Hagi shakes his head and says that they can’t chase anymore.
By the time the sun sets, Moses and Karman are crouched in the shade by a bridge, staring at a plant growing through the cracks of the concrete ground. Karman admires it and then remarks that the people who created them couldn’t have predicted that they would have come to such a place on their own will. He thinks that Lulu will be able to go even farther, maybe to the southern island where there’s a lot of sun – she’s got so many new companions to help her. As for the two of them, Kai will remember them and pass the memories down. Moses says that it was because Karman saved Kai that their memories could be conveyed to him. Karman then remembers the words Moses had said back in Khirbet – about believing in the word “hope” – that had started everything. Although Karman goes through more pain because of the Thorn, he tries to be happy that they were able to do an amazing thing. Still, he knows there there’s one last thing he has to do, and so he asks Moses to lend his strength for it. Moses says that he understands and that this time he’ll follow Karman. The two of them then get up and turn around to face the sun, taking off their hoods. Moses remembers how Karman had said that he was glad to have met him and admits that he feels the same way. The sun then lights up the two Shifu, engulfing them in green flames. Back at Kai’s apartment, Lulu is crying in front of Moses and Karman’s weapons. Kai comforts her and vows not to let anyone cry again.


And then there was one. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Moses died, given that he had turned on Kai and the others. And Karman’s been a goner ever since he developed the Thorn. Which leaves just Lulu now. I wonder what the odds that she lives to see the end of this series. Being the last one left, and child at that, I think her chances have actually improved. Well, improved is a relative word. I’m not going to hold my breath for anyone surviving who’s not a human.
Nathan was right about the small difference between art and madness, in reference to James. The Chevalier who’s fallen out of favor with Diva really looked like he lost it, especially in this rather creepy shot. I guess in a sense his plan succeeded in killing off one more Shifu than was originally going to die at this point since Moses ended up going together with Karman. Still, I personally think that him dying with his friend like that is a bit of a waste, but what’s done is done.
Next week, Solomon and Nathan appear to have a discussion. In the preview, Saya talks about the promise she made a long time ago, so maybe we’ll get to finally find out what it is.


  1. You know………about a couple of episodes ago…… would have never guessed that LuLu would be the last one standing.

    I personally thought it would be Moses like everybody else thought.

  2. Is it weird that nobody visits David in the hospital? Saya and others have better things to do like playing tag with Moses in the park, watching cartoons with LouLou, or playing William Tell with Moses’s hood.
    How is it that the Schiff can walk through a crowded city carrying weapons and wearing uniform Grim Reaper cloaks?

  3. actually… i thought it was quite obvious that Moses would die and Lulu would be the last schiff standing… but still can’t rule out the chance that there won’t be any schiff left at the end of it all. Anyway, i think that Moses was really burnt to a crisp, wouldn’t make sense if he survived. No way he’d be able to survive under the sun, and after all he’s been through for Karman, the chances of him abandoning Karman at the very last second of his miserable life would be…. utterly ridiculous?
    Btw, James really turned into a crack-pot. I’ve shifted from being ‘ok’ with him to hating his sorry @ss
    -__- Anyone else with this mutual feeling? Diva’s a b***h too.

  4. o__o /) Agreement with soujirou_yukimura and Pinwheel. It’s weird how anime works that way. Before the Schiff were finally mentioned in ep 44, they disappeared while Saya was pampered by Haji, Kai, and Solomon. Had Kai been bringing them blood ever since then? I dunno. Especially about Pinwheel’s last sentence. And in broad daylight. If they’re in New York City, one of the busiest cities out there, why are there no cars going by the Metropolitan museum whatsoever? o_0

    Eighth picture down on the right makes me laugh. 😀

  5. well, james’ plans failed because of one of the normal mistakes that Villains make, GLOATING and revealing their evil plans. If James had kept his mouth shut instead of telling Karman about his plan, Kai will be dead now. It is a basic Villain’s mistakes 101 🙂

  6. Before Kai brought the Schiff blood, the Schiff were serial killers who preyed on lonely bookish-type women. The Schiff paraded through New York City and nobody suspected them as peculiar because Goth was in fashion.
    Hagi waited outside of the apartment just in a nick of time to catch Kai because Hagi was secretly taking a smoke of MJ. Saya purposely faints not because she’s about to sleep for 30 years but beause…she’s just so damn lazy.
    James was supposely reconstruced down to his personals. Unfortunately, due to the Schiff’s lack of complete human anatomy, no parts could be found in the Corpse Corps so Diva lost all interest in James due to extremely small package he now had.

  7. Show Spoiler ▼

    are you kidding?! o_0 do you remember what they do to kids on this show?
    *sniff*… riku… legged girl….

  8. Omg Moses is so gay and emo, oh wait both are sort of the same thing lol. He didn’t even have the thorn, yet, and now he just throws his life away… What was he fighting for? (rhetorical question)

  9. So sad solomon belived chiroptera would be a better species than humans what diva did to james which shows how fickle and superficial she is and anshells actions prove how dead wrong he is. when you think about it chiropterans and humans are not really so different.

    francisco vampire warrior
  10. James’s manipulations have led to the deaths of the remaining Schiffs.
    Does this mean LouLou and James will have the usual clique showdown?
    James versus a little girl? I can’t wait to see that.

  11. well this was a pretty much pointless episode. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m not insulting anyone of you who thought it was good its just that we all KNEW that the siff are pretty much gonna die, basicaly EVERYBODY is gonna die (i think i wached too much sad stuff peoples death in anime don’t make me sad anymore like in “she, the ultimate weapon”) well i hope the next episode will be interesting. it better be; were nearing the end of the series and yet nothing is moving me unlike when i watched the first ep of blood+ and the dude was grabed up the tree and eaten…. that was kool.

    Lost Seeker
  12. AWWW! Poor schiff I have to cry…Moses and Karman..sayonara! 🙁
    and I am very afraid from next episode…solomon talks with Nathan and he really looks terrible…OMG
    He is so sad, cause Saya let him go…I am really afraid, he going to be mad and he going to do bad things X.x his life is lost. I can´t wait for next episode…

  13. lol yea i thought solomon threw away that purple dress XD and also she stabbed herself once in her dress and now it’s as good as new?! saya’s been goigntoo the same tailor as hagi and solomon i bet.

    but i must say i am looking forward to the next ep where solomon tries to make an attack on diva for his dear saya. he never stops trying ^_^’

  14. Just to comment, even though Solomon left Diva don’t you find it interesting that he is doing exactly what she says still? even if it wad indirect?

    Episode 40 Diva said:

    “But i’ll tell you this. No matter how hard you try, you can never be Saya’s Chevalier.
    If you wish to have her, then take her by the hand and have her bear your children.”

    Point is, she said TAKE HER BY THE HAND, and what did solomon do? Try to get saya to take him by the hand, and then probably bear his children.

    that just creeps me out a bit.

    Elegant Destruction
  15. Lost Seeker: thank you so much! the tv manga is what i meant, but i think the manga i found from the 1st link is in chinese. but anyway, thank you! it really IS hard to find the mangas!

  16. WHAT A WASTE MOSES DYING THAT WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted more Lulu toi die, god even in the OP Moses has more action than her (she only gets a mere Shot!)
    anyways it seems that Salomon is going to die next episode (plz noooo, but if that’s the way then at least take Nathan with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  17. ya like I thought too, saya wants hagi to kill her when she kills divia however now that divia’s babys are alive will they even keep that promise, ya saya cant kill either one of these babys but there just babys right now, ugh I dunno theres not that many episodes left, 6 more,.. so when is the major fighting going to happan? Also how the hell is saya going to beat divia anyway she can bearly stay up for more then a hour without having a spell and about to pass out. Also, Kai is going to die too many warm and fuzzy moments with him now, there just setting it ugh lol. I cant beleve they just had divia have the babys with nothing happaning at the time, ya think they would have saya in the next room fighting and trying to get to divia before she has the babys but there born thats it, lol.There goes our theroy btw that the babys would suck divia dry lol.. Oh and Divia kicked Solomons ass big time lol… I kinda saw that coming.. I dont think solomon is dead but jeaz lol. I am really wondering what is up with this anime lately.. I mean… Divia has the babys and Solomon depressed as hell goes right after Divia for says’s sake and Saya is walking around with Kai just being random and Hagi is changing light bulbs.. lol I know breaks are breaks but saya needs to at least kill James or something lol. James is just luike carl now Divia doesnt like him anymore so hes being all werid and lurking around being odd.

    I love blood+ but come on! lets go fighto fighto lol. There probly going to save it for the last episode divia is going to trip over a rock and saya is going to fall asleep on her and she falls on her sword stabbing divia and herself so they both die mixing each others blood.. humm that could happan?… well stabbing themselfs anyway at the same time meaning, in more dramic faction.. meh who knows.. ok enough rabbling lol. Since 46 wont be posted on here I guess we should all reply here just so our hostess knows we miss her ^^

  18. OMFG I knew, I Knew it!!!

    Hagi was so such depressed during all the B+ mytharc, think of it, he has the mission to kill the one he loves most!!!

    I knew he was a tragic character, maybe he´ll kill himself too, after a last cello requiem. F#%@ck Emo end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I agree that Moses going out the way he did was a major waste. I mean, what the hell was he fighting for this whole time? Wasn’t he the one who led the Sif out of their imprisonment and gave them hope for a better future? Now he throws it all away in one giant pity party for Karman. Going out not with a bang, but a whimper. I can understand wanting to be with your friend (or rather, Moses and Karman seemed like brothers) til the very end, but their deaths rang pretty hollow and rather senseless to me. It would have made more sense to have Karman stop being so selfish and die with some dignity, but before that, slap some sense into Moses and tell him to keep fighting the good fight rather than betraying his principles just to save Karman.

    Anyway, that just leaves Lulu. I really don’t see where they’re going with her, the youngest of the Sif. I’m guessing her days are numbered as well, though I have to admit she has grown on me with her chipper personality if not her ugly character design (she looks like her parents did crack or something – the way they showed Lulu in the 3rd OP was much better, even if it was for like for a split second).

    Only 6 episodes left, and so many things unresolved. The latest one seemed like major filler to me. I wished they’d just get to the main story already and have some conflict, instead of more of this Saya x Kai yawnfest. It’s good that they’re taking a break and all, but I thought the whole London arc was where it ended with the resting/feel-good episodes, and the New York would get back to the butt-kicking action. I do agree that I didn’t like how quickly Diva gave birth to the babies in their cocoons. It’s still rather creepy to have her walking around in the guise of Riku lugging with her a baby basket. Just was is the purpose of Diva still looking like that? Do all Chiropteran queens take the forms of their lovers, or is it just Diva still being a sick wacko?

    The characters and plotline in the manga seem so much more sensible and flows better storywise. Though I can’t read Japanese and can only guess, I rather liked the kid-version Carl they had in the manga, and his interaction with Riku. Why did IG decide to make kid-Carl an adult (a rather pathetic and boring one, at that, and the whole silly Phantom of the Opera persona he assumed) in the TV series? Hagi also seems to have more dialogue and an actual personality in the manga, and he interacted more with Saya and Kai, not like a pretty-boy robot like he is in the TV series. The friendly rivalry between him and Kai seemed really interesting, and Kai, his answer to all of life’s problems is to head-butt it, lol!

    The relationship between Saya and Diva seemed much deeper as well, with Diva basically lashing out of jealousy over losing her sister’s affections to Hagi. And the twisted things the original Joel did to Diva in the name of science also make Diva a much more sympathetic character, rather than just being the perverted psycho we know in the TV series (though she’s still a whack-job in the manga, thanks to Joel and Amshel). The scene where Diva slaughters everyone at the Zoo was just disturbing and great. It also doesn’t hurt that there’s a lot more Saya cheesecake moments in the manga too (what was Kai thinking, touching Saya like that at the start of the Vietnam arc?!). ^_^;; The scene where David shoots Saya knowing she can’t be killed by bullets was nicely done. And Solomon, he seems much more evil too.

    Anyway, I hope some translations for the manga can be found somewhere as I’m loving it far more than the TV series. Why oh why did IG change so many things between the two, and not for the better?

  20. hehe, where are u do downloading the raw versions of the manga? or are u just in japan and able to buy the manga? ^^ *sighs* tv series and manga’s never get it right for some reason, its like this whole NY arc is almost a filler the way they just talk and talk and nothing is happaning fighting wise. and the major things that have happaned in this arc in just a few mins and it happaned. Like I said before Divia just having the babies like that is a major wtf moment lol. Why even bother her being pregnut for a few episodes? They should have just said a few months later divia has the babies lol.

  21. I don’t think Saya’s promise with Hagi is to kill her. He’d need Diva’s blood to do it (obviously they can get it after they kill Diva, but still…) ..:D;; Saya promised Kai and the others that she’d go back to Okinawa with them, so i don’t think she’d let Hagi kill her before then.

    Their promise was probably to travel the world together, like how she dreamed of in the past. But in a way, that dream has already been reached with her traveling with the gang. But maybe she meant something more like a honeymoon with Hagi? XD;;

  22. I so totally agree with Ryuma (on your first paragraph). I’m so pissed to see Moses just throw away his life like that! He just left Lulu alone!! Sorry, but WTH did Blood+ creator must make him die such a stupid way? Instead of like dying in battle or something. So angry (because he’s my fav Sif too)!!


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