The animals and Inukami peer out in fear from the woods. Along with Hake, Kayano walks up to Dai Youko’s sealing site and remarks that the seal is reaching its limit. Hake thinks that it is a matter of time before Dai Youko resurrects, judging from the way the evil vibe is spreading. Meanwhile, Kaoru requests Tomohane to find something for him, saying that time is precious for this matter. Tomohane smiles and says that he can depend on her. Back at the site where Dai Youko is sealed, Kayano says that it is time for the Kawahira family to unite and reseal Dai Youko, and that she needs Hake’s power to help. Hake tells her to command him to do whatever he can.

Running out of the entrance of Kaoru’s residence, Tomohane vows to find Keita. She then continues rushing out with her pet badger.

Back inside the house, Furano tells Gokyouya and Tensou of a disturbing dream she had about the frozen thing they found back at the vacation home. The dream was about Kaoru standing right next to it, and after that everyone was swallowed by the darkness. All of them are worried because Furano’s dreams are usually a prediction of the near future, but they are held back from asking Kaoru because it could have been a secret not meant to be revealed. Since it’s not possible to get an explanation from Kaoru, they decided to ask someone else for help: Keita.

The three leave the house, but happen to meet Tayune, Igusa, Imari and Sayoka – all of whom have also been searching for Keita. Those four reveal that Keita and Youko have not returned from work for the past whole week. Sendan then appears and also finds out that Keita’s not around; she is disappointed because she just brought her favorite horse since Keita wanted to try horseback riding. Upon hearing that, Igusa has a brief fantasy about Keita with a horse in between his legs, and image that is embarrassingly waved away by Gokyouya. All of this is interrupted by Kaoru, who comments on how popular Keita is. Tayune immediately tries to deny it, saying that Keita is just a toy that everyone has fun playing with. After laughing it off and apologizing, Kaoru asks everyone to the meeting room to discuss something important.

There, he informs his Inukami of the startling news about the seal weakening and Dai Youko attempting to resurrect. Sendan expresses her fear of Dai Youko, whose power of destruction is so great that even the power of the first generation Kawahira Ekai alone couldn’t completely defeat it. Kaoru requests that they help reseal Dai Youko, and of course they all agree since they are all sworn loyal Inukami to him. After learning about this crisis, Furano, Gokyouya and Tensou decide to put the disturbing dream behind them until they finish resealing Dai Youko. Igusa happens to ask Kaoru about Tomohane’s whereabouts, and Kaoru tells them that Tomohane is out on a mission requested by him.

At that time, Tomohane is at a roadside searching for Keita’s scent, but to no avail. She rushes elsewhere to look for him.

Back at the meeting room, the Inukami find out that Tomohane is actually on a search for Keita. Furano teases Tayune about Keita, which makes her blush and call Keita a hentai whose existent is irrelevant. That’s followed by more teasing from Imari and Sayoka. In any case, Igusa is worried about Tomohane being alone, but Kaoru feels that it’s alright because knowing him before and today, Keita will definitely come.

At the place where Dai Youko is sealed, Hake thinks that whenever someone is sad and suffering, the first generation Kawahira Ekai will definitely be there for them. Kayano says that Hake is over-complimenting Keita if Hake is comparing him with Kawahira Ekai, but Hake responds that she’s also very similar to Ekai as well.

After Sendan leads everyone to get ready, Kaoru smiles at how everyone is looking forward to see Keita, compared to how much they hated him at the beginning. Nadeshiko is worried about what Kaoru plans to do, especially since he let Keita decide his Inukami’s rankings. Kaoru says that when something happens to him, he will be relieved if everyone is entrusted to Keita because everyone is very important to him.

Back at the streets, Tomohane is admiring a bag shaped like a frog when her pet badger reminds her that she should be looking for Keita instead. After resuming her search, she senses something ahead. It is around this time that Kawarazaki is staggering around mumbling about his obsession of Youko. He spots Tomohane shooting Kurenai at an evil spirit. After disposing of it, she realizes that caution has to be taken since even weaker spirits like these get restless as Dai Youko’s vibes are greatly spreading. Just as she is thinking that, her pet badger panics at the presence of Kawarazaki, who screamed “moe” at her and asked her to be his new costume model.

Terrified, Tomohane runs away to the park, wondering if that’s an evil spirit as well. She remembers the priority of her mission and executes her special detection power, but to no success. She tries searching alleys, garbage cans, sewer pipes, puddles, the public bath, and even the police station, but none show any signs of Keita. And of course she’s now being chased by Kawarazaki with a dress, calling her loli and asking her to wear it.

As the Inukami bid Kaoru goodbye and proceed to the sealing site, Imari and Sayoka are jealous of Nadeshiko and Kaoru being alone together again, whereas Furano and Gokyouya are worried about Tomohane. Tensou draws a scenario of Tomohane possibly being eaten by an evil spirit, while Furano now says that she also dreamt of Keita being washed down by underground water wearing diapers. Tensou follows it up with more drawings, and blushes at how Keita might have this kind of fetish. The three of them are still clueless of what might be coming, but they are very sure that it’s going to be something serious, since both Kaoru and Keita are involved.

Meanwhile, Kaoru and Nadeshiko returned to the cabin, where the frozen chunk that resembles Kaoru is placed. Kaoru says that he will leave things to Sekidousai, since he can only depend on him. He then asks Nadeshiko if everyone will despise him if they find out that he’s secretly joining forces with Sekidousai. Even though she’s not sure whether what he did is right or not, Nadeshiko says that she will still protect Kaoru regardless of his decision. Kaoru thanks her and the two embrace..

During this, Tomohane is still searching for Keita when someone screams pervert. Tomohane rushes towards the sound in hopes of finding Keita, but unfortunately the hentai is just a normal flasher, and he’s already getting arrested by the police. Tomohane stepped on the police’s feet when he compares the pervert to Keita, telling him that Keita’s different from any other pervert.

By evening, Keita is still nowhere to be found. Tomohane stumbles into a large figure and screams, but fortunately the man she ran into was Sebastian. He and Kei remembered Tomohane as one of the Inukami who took care of them while Keita and Youko were fighting the Shinigami. It seems that the two of them have since opened up a cake shop. While Tomohane enjoys a few slices of cake, the duo explains that after defeating the Shinigami, the Shindo family became bankrupt and they worked their way up to start the business. When Kei asks Tomohane to invite Keita along next time, Tomohane reveals to them about how she can’t find Keita, and how everyone’s waiting for him in this state of emergency. Kei comforts her by saying that there’s nothing to worry about, since Keita will definitely come if everyone is waiting for him. Sebastian further says that Keita will definitely come up with something, saying that he’s a hero of justice. Hearing that, Tomohane is in tears thinking of how much Keita has helped everyone.

While walking towards Keita’s tent under the bridge, Tomohane is reminded of Youko talking and arguing with Keita. Back at the shop, Kei, Sebastian, and Kawarazaki see a group of evil spirits rushing past them. Those spirits stop in front of Tomohane, combine into one giant spirit, and then it tells her that it’s going to end her life. Tomohane successfully disperses it with Kurenai, but the spirits recombine again and attack her by grabbing her by the leg and throwing her to the ground. Tomohane decides not to run away while she struggles back, but the spirit is about to slam her. Feeling defenseless, she screams for Keita.

Before she knows, a few frogs fly by and explode on the evil spirit, destroying its right hand. Tomohane then turns around and calls out to Keita in joy, only to find him in a cat-maid outfit, standing next to Youko. After complaining about the weird outfit, Keita and Youko direct their attention towards the evil spirit. It is Youko’s fire abilities that finish off the evil spirit.

After everything settles down, Kawarazaki, Kei, and Sebastian join Keita, Youko, and Tomohane. As Kawarazaki is taking photos of him, Keita explains what happened before they returned. Apparently, Tomekichi requested Keita and Youko to help solve the problem of their Cat God’s sickness. Keita had found the culprit to be a fish bone stuck inside the Cat God’s mouth, and as a token of their appreciation, Tomekichi told Keita that he can have a wish granted. Unfortunately, the Cat God misunderstood his wish for a harem and he ended up wearing this outfit, unable to take it off. Keita curses his fate, but Kawarazaki thinks that the costume is perfect and fabulous. Even Sebastian laughs at Keita’s appearance. With tears in her eyes, Tomohane hugs Keita and tells him that she has been looking for him.

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This is my first official summary for everyone, and frankly it’s been fun. One thing I’ve learnt though, writing a summary to include most points of an episode will definitely cause a summary bloom to 3-4 times of what I expected, so I have much to learn. In my future posts I will be making much shorter summaries, giving most of the key points that would aid everyone in following the advancements in the story. Hopefully this won’t spoil most readers out there who might want to enjoy the more comical ends of the episodes first hand.


  1. Yeah, I enjoyed this episode a lot, IT is nice that now Kaeru’s Inukami are all VERY friendly with Keita, even Sendan. It seems that all the episodes so far have been just relation development between Keita and Kaoru’s Inukami

  2. …I, A Rabid Inukami Fan, find this summary boring. Please do not be discourage, I’m pretty sure it’s a good summary, but i find it too long and too detailed, i only read the first sentence and lost interest…you didn’t make it interesting enough…”The animals and Inukami peer out in fear from the woods.” I look up to see the first screen and see Tomohane with Kaoru, and i went completely lost. I Do Not Watch RAWS, so when i read Omni’s summeray i actually imagin what’s happen and then look at the screen to put everything together. Maybe I’m not explaining it correctly, it’s weird you know, but, the summary doesn’t have that “magic touch”

  3. It’s not that i hate you for taking over Omni, it’s just my opinion, i was actually happy when you posted that you’ll be giving the summarys for Inukami!, because someone is only concentraiting only on Inukami! might make it better.

    Sorry, But i thank you for your efforts *points to how much you written ._.;;*

    On a lighter side, do not take my words too heavily, i suck at writing, so keep at it ^^;;!

    Edit: wow it didn’t let me post everything O.O;;

  4. It’s alright MiNuN, everyone has his/her own flaws in starting something new, and of course I’m prepared for it. Like what I said earlier, there’s definitely alot to learn. Ultimately, I just wanna make it clear for everyone that from the start, I joined the team in hopes that this blog will remain the same ol’ blog that everyone likes to read, if not better. But right at day 1 itself, no one’s able to make things like the way it’s used to, ain’t it?

    I’ll try to write my best, and hopefully instead of drawing Inukami! fans away, at least it does actually help Omni to bring back the original taste of his entries. Hopefully everyone can give me some time for that.


  5. I Do Not Watch RAWS, so when i read Omni’s summeray i actually imagin what’s happen and then look at the screen to put everything together. Maybe I’m not explaining it correctly, it’s weird you know, but, the summary doesn’t have that “magic touch”
    I guess I should be flattered. Don’t worry, Kenn and I are working together to improve his writing and shorten future summaries a bit. Keep in mind though that without him, Inukami might not be even getting summaries as I just don’t have the time.

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