At the Metropolitan Opera House, Saya and Hagi have arrived ahead of Diva. Saya starts to get dizzy again in the lobby, but Hagi manages to catch her before she falls. She thanks Hagi, and then David calls them away. Across the world, everyone is tuning in for Diva’s performance, including Kaori in Okinawa. However, many of these people are also consuming Cinq Flèches food and drinks. Back at the Opera House, Amshel tells Nathan that this night will open their new act in history. Nathan thinks that filling the world with Chiropterans is nonsense. To Nathan, it’s not as like this world exists for Amshel’s foolish experiment, but rather all the world exists as a stage for Diva. He’s already seen all this – a repetition of what happened before Diva was born with the mummified mother of Diva and Saya. Nathan offhandedly wonders what would happen if there were also one of her Chevalier still around. In any case, he’ll be watching with the cocoons from the audience to see how the plot Amshel wrote develops.
Across the opera house in another balcony box, Kai and Okamura are talking about the first performance at the Metropolitan Opera House in 1883, Gounod’s “Faust.” Joel finds that interesting since 1883 was the same year the tragedy at the zoo occurred. Kai believes that that has nothing to do with it, and thinks that Saya will defeat Diva and return to Okinawa. As for Diva, David reports that there’s been no confirmation of her arrival yet. Joel wonders if Diva will really come, but Saya is positive that Diva will because she can hear Diva’s singing voice. Kai then asks Hagi outside for a moment to talk with him. He wants to know what Hagi is hiding, though Hagi isn’t quite sure what Kai is talking about. It seems that Kai is worried about Saya being able to fight since her sleep period is nearing, causing her self-healing to slow and causing her to weaken. Hagi simply answers that Saya wants to fight. Kai refuses to believe this since he thinks that Saya is only fighting because there’s no one else that can defeat Diva. He admits that he wants to protect Saya, but he also knows that a human such as himself is powerless against Diva and her Chevaliers. For that reason, he entrusts Saya to Hagi. To make sure, Kai tries to confirm that Hagi doesn’t want Saya to fight or die. Hagi answers that Kai doesn’t understand anything about him and then excuses himself. Back on the balcony, Saya puts the pink key that Kai had made for her into Kai’s coat pocket, thanking him and saying good-bye.
Outside the opera house, Lewis and Lulu see Diva arriving in her car and report it to David. Joel sends Saya go confront Diva before she gets on stage, though David stops her first because he has something to say. He tells her that she is the sole, indispensable weapon for this fight, but even more than that, she is their important friend. He then urges her to go end everything tonight. Saya runs into Hagi and Kai in the hallway, but they don’t say anything to each other. David comes out and calls Kai to go since Diva has arrived. As Kai is passing by Saya, she grabs his arm, but then lets go again. She eventually turns around and leaves with Hagi, all without having said a word to Kai. The two of them make their way backstage and find Diva waiting for them. However, Saya get dizzy right then, so Hagi takes the initiative and rushes at Diva. She is able to dodge all of Hagi’s swings and makes a beeline for Saya, commenting on how Saya seems sleepy. However, Diva thinks that it’s ok because (referring to herself in the third person), Diva’s song will open Saya’s eyes. Actually, the real Diva is presently on stage already. Saya doesn’t understand what’s happening, so the person who looks like Diva in front of her says that the children of the world are going to be awakened. That person turns out to be really Amshel in disguise.
As Diva’s song begins, Hagi and Amshel continue the fight backstage. Amshel hits Hagi with an energy blast, effectively taking Hagi out of the battle. Amshel thanks Saya for setting Diva free, which Saya herself admits was a mistake. He actually agrees that it was a mistake because if Diva hadn’t been set free, then she would have remained only Amshel’s thing for all of eternity. However, the doors of fate opened and she began to walk freely in this world. Amshel now wants to know everything about Diva, which is what he considers supreme love. During all this, David had realized that something was wrong since Diva was able to take the stage, so he orders Lewis to blow up the satellite relay stations. Also watching Diva are her US government backers, who really like Diva’s singing. Accompanying them, Van reiterates how Delta 07 will create the Chiropterans in problem regions so that they can then dispatch the Corpse Corps to take care of them. However, the female government official looks like she isn’t feeling very well. Meanwhile, watching from Okinawa through the TV, Kaori recognizes Diva as Riku.
Okamura and Joel suddenly notice that there are people in the audience who are suffering from Diva’s song. Around this time, Lewis finally blows up the satellite relays stations, taking out all the transmissions. But this victory is short-lived, as the broadcast soon continues. Lewis reports to David that the enemy is directly transmitting to the military’s satellites, so it’s useless if they don’t take out where the transmission is coming from. Unfortunately, there are Chiropterans springing forth from humans across the world, including many inside the opera house. The government backers are confused at why there are Chiropterans appearing here too, and bad turns to worse for Van when the female official transforms into a Chiropteran herself. It kills Van’s assistant, but then gets knocked off the balcony by the gunfire of the government agents. Nathan, meanwhile, remains seated with the cocoons as he watches Diva sing, commenting on how Amshel’s writing has a more stimulating stage than he imagined. Outside the opera house, David, Kai, Lulu, and Lewis find and destroy the transmission trailers. The problem is, it’s too late because there’s now tons of Chiropterans running around. One of them attacks David and hits him in the arm. Although Lewis and Lulu are able to kill that one, the group soon becomes surrounded by many more.
Back inside, seeing the carnage that the monsters are wreaking, Saya yells for Amshel to stop it. Amshel eagerly awaits Diva’s children being born and raised in a Chiropteran world. When that time comes, he wonders what Diva is going to do – that’s what he wants to see. Saya is in disbelief that Amshel would transform humans into Chiropterans and create tools of war like the Shifu just for that. Amshel replies that it is because man wanted it. He asks Saya if she knows what things flow on the battlefield. The answers are blood, sweat, tears, and money. Man still continues his foolish wars for these things and Amshel feels like he’s just giving them what they want. Mankind is causing these wars themselves, and so they are the ones walking the path of ruin. Amshel is only using war as a tool, with man dancing on his hands. Saya declares that Amshel used to be a human and so he should know that that’s not what people really want. Amshel didn’t quite expect such words from a pure queen like Saya. He thinks that Chiropterans are mysterious things – without a particular appearance that they should be, they get close and live with humans. Saya says that they shouldn’t have appeared in this world, and that’s why they should return to the place where they should be. Amshel asks if that would be the world of death and Saya confirms it.
The enemy Chevalier isn’t about to let that happen tonight, but has to get out of the way after Hagi gets back up and takes a swing. Hagi wants Saya to leave Amshel to him so that she can go fight Diva, though Amshel makes a comment about how the Chevalier is the same as the master. Hagi tells Saya to fight, and then the two Chevalier charge each other. On the stage, Diva finally ends her song when Saya appears before her. The two face off with swords drawn and with Nathan still watching from the audience. As Nathan is thinking that it’s finally started, Diva is welcoming her sister, whose eyes are now blood red.


I gotta say that I’m a little disappointed that Amshel was doing all this just to see Diva’s babies growing up and what she would do. I had hoped for a far grander plan, but I guess Amshel wasn’t meant to be the final boss, even though all signs earlier on pointed to that. Given that Amshel is now fighting Hagi and Diva is fighting Saya, Nathan looks like he’ll be taking that role. I don’t like that so much because it feels like Nathan hasn’t been given nearly as many evil moments as Amshel has, making this casting feel a bit rushed. But I suppose they are starting to develop Nathan here, with his comments about how he’s seen with his own eyes what happened before and about Saya and Diva’s mother’s Chevaliers. I’m sure we’ll learn more in the next two episodes.
Yet again, this show focused more on SayaXKai than SayaXHagi. We see that Saya herself really isn’t planning on coming back with the way she returned the duplicate key back to Kai’s coat pocket and said goodbye (though not to his face). And then when she actually did see him, she just grabbed his arm for a brief moment as if she wanted to say something, but never does. It’s really frustrating watching something like that. I’m betting that Kai will interfere in Saya’s fight at least one more time, in order to tell her not to die or something.
Speaking of dying, it’s becoming more exciting to predict which characters will live and which will die. I’m guessing that none of the Chevaliers will live, nor will Diva. Saya might make it through, but I have my doubts. Kai, Joel, Okamura, Mao, and Julia will all probably make it through. Lewis I’m kind of iffy on, though I really want him to survive. I would say that David can live through anything, but he seems like a mentor character and those typically have bad odds. As for Lulu, her survival depends on if they want to tie up her storyline and give her a cure for the Thorn. In any case, I expect the body count (main characters and random people/Chiropterans/) to be fairly high. They should bring in “Kill ‘Em All” Tomino 🙂
Next week, the next-to-last episode! Looks like we’ll get to see Amshel’s Chiropteran form and Diva back in her old appearance.
As a random side note, it’s easy to get the wrong idea from this shot of KaiXHagi.


  1. Wow, thank you for the screen caps! Diva looks cute and evil at the same time in that suit.

    And I agree with you on Nathan being the last boss(or at least something like that), since in this cap from op3:

    If you look onto the right side of Diva, you see someone standing on another tower, and somebody has pointed out that from the standing posture, it looked like Nathan.

  2. haha diva’s outfit reminds me of suigintou from rozen maiden…
    the wings on her “crown” though has significance, but, they just doesnt go too well together with her other pair, already on her shoulder (as seen from 1st pic of 5th column)

  3. Wait a minute……….if Nathan said that he’s seen all of this before……then did Nathan know Diva and Saya’s mother when she was alive?

    Is Nathan older than Amshel? Is he from the previous war?

  4. Wow, this episode has the best poetic justice ever. I think it was ironic what happened to the female goverment agent. It was so good that those clowns to get their deserved punishement. On another note, I was going Darth Vader[NOOOOOOOO] at my computer screen when Saya put the key in Kai’s jacket pocket. I don’t know how Kai and company are going to survive. I can’t wait for next episode more than I couldn’t wait for this episode. I kept hitting refresh every 2 or 3 minutes hoping for the episode to be loaded.

  5. Am I the only one who was shocked to find out that Nathan was actually a Chevalier for Saya and Diva’s mother? O_O

    Also if Nathan was in fact still alive at the time their mother turned into a mummy with the two sisters inside her stomach, where the hell was he, and what the hell was he doing? Aren’t Chevaliers supposed to stay close to their masters? If Nathan had prevented the two sisters from being seperated, wouldn’t there have been lower chance of Saya and Diva killing each other? Could Nathan have actually planned this to happen?! Arrrgh!


  6. Well Rasmiel…….let’s not jump to conclusions.I was only stating my thoughts on what exactly Nathan meant when he said that.

    Although it is possible that if their mother did in fact have Chevaliers that maybe one of them survived after her death.

    If this speculation is true then I’m a bit mad that they didn’t reveal it sooner.(if this in fact is the end of series, as in there’s no sequel)It really would be a great twist if Nathan is a Chevalier of the past.It might explain why he doesn’t seem to trust or take orders from Amshel whom he very plainly isnt’t scared of.

    Well we won’t know anything until the last two episodes air.

  7. Nathan is Diva’s chevalier.
    His words were just the product of speculation and probably very close to the truth. I mean, otherwise he just showed up one day and joined Diva’s clique. Don’t you think circumstances would have been much different if this were true?
    Saya means well but is too naive. And just imagine the horror Hagi must be going through right now not to mention Kai who is ignorant of Saya’s true intentions.
    As if trying to force her species into extinction will facilitate world peace? It will not. She’s proof that just as there are selfish and wicked humans for every few “good” humans, such is the case with Chiropteran. In fact, things are the way they are now because humans saw fit to exploit both she and Diva for the sake of inquiry. Diva and Saya are twins and thus for the most part genetically identical. If Saya were reared the way Diva was, most likely she would have turned out just as rotten. If you keep a young girl locked up in a tower for years on end and treat her like a lab specimen, most likely she will grow up to become a sociopath with no respect for life. It’s the argument of nature vs. nurture all over again.

    And let’s not forget Solomon who became a pinnacle of honorable character.
    By the way, the Blood+ wiki confirms that there will be only 50 episodes. The title of episode 50 suggest strongly so as well. I hope Saya and Hagi live. A part of me is anticipating Solomon’s valiant return but it must be wishful thinking. Is there any reason why they had to kill him last week? Gosh.

  8. Blood+ was supposed to be 52 episodes. About episode 41 it came to light that it was going to be only 50 episodes on TV. Some people think that the last two episodes will be TV only.
    Wikipedia even had 51 episodes listed with a working title for episode 51, then it disappeared about the time episode 41 broadcasted.

  9. NO! I wanted 52 episodes! But actually now that i think of it, 50 episodes seems about right. On the first DVD box set, they have 1-25. So the second should be 26-50. I think alot is happening and that the whole story revolves around divas destruction, I thought it would take atleast more then 2 episodes to defeat her in combat( if they do)…so thats why its hard to think that theres only going to be 50 episodes.And what about the whole thing about going back to okinawa and what happends after Diva is gone, I was sure that there would be atleast one episode after Divas destruction about being back in okinawa and how everything ended up..I just think there is so much happening, that it couldnt actually end good in 2 episodes… Well there might be acouple more episodes aferwards that are on a seperate DVD…mabye, or an OVA. And if Divas children die i think that would be kinda dumb because then it would of been almost pointless to even add the whole thing about her children, so i think that there could be an OVA or a small second series on children. Its just hard to think that it would officially end at 50..I hope it ends good and something afterwards.

  10. I agree Jeckel Saya is naive the one she should kill is amshel he is the arrogant greedy fool who wanted his little experiment and doesn’t care how many lives it costs plus he wanted to selfishly keep diva for himself like his personal possession when he talked about how if saya had not relased her she would be his and his alone.

    francisco vampire warrior
  11. Seriously, Amshel has his ultimate nosferatu thing down to the magical energy beams.
    Maybe Amshel should transform into a flock of bats then each female character featured in Blood+ (particularly his favorite Liza) with a finale of beating Hagi ugly.
    I really want Amshel to beat Hagi at the end once again because Hagi seriously did not put his all into saving the world.

  12. I can’t believe there are only two episodes left. I also thought about what would have happened if Saya was the one locked in the tower. She probably would have turned out just like Diva. It’s fate that Saya was meant to be with Hagi. I can’t wait for the final battle of the two queens. They’re both wearing pretty outfits. It’s hard to imagine how Saya will kill Diva since Saya’s so weak now. And doesn’t she have to kill Amshel and Nathan with her blood? Hopefully, she won’t sleep soon. And Nathan won’t let Saya kill Diva just yet. He has to fight Saya first!

  13. hmm…i think i’d disagree with pinwheel. Rather than didn’t, it’s most probably that Hagi couldn’t give it his all in saving the world. Wouldn’t you find yourself turning into a pin-cushion if you had to fight formidable,psychopathic chevaliars while having to protect a practically immobile, weakened and uselessly drowsy master? -__- I seriously pity him.

  14. I see some people wondering how Nathan saw what was repeated before Saya and Diva
    were born. Actually, here is interesting info about who Nathan exactly is.. It is not 100% sure but it might be possibly true.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  15. So much happened in this episode, but all its done is give us more questions to ask, and more things for them to answer. Frankly, I’m getting a bit skeptical on whether they can actually pull this off in a good way with two remaining episodes.

    The one good thing I really liked from this episode is Condolezza Rice finally turned into a chiropteran! I mean, the US government people. Rumsfeld, whoops, I mean, the other US official ran for his life. Hopefully he’ll meet his end too. Vin Argiano needs to die. I so thought monster Condolezza was going to get him!

    Like Carl and Solomon, I wish we got to see how Nathan, James, and Amshel got made into chevaliers. I’m interested in James’ and Nathan’s turning into chevaliers because that’ll explain a lot on why James is so loyal to Diva, and unravel a little of Nathan’s mystique. Amshel is a sick bastard and probably drank her blood just to see what happens.

    From what’s transpired, there will be three fronts of battle. Someone is likely going to die in the first front of Red Shield vs Chiropterans. Kai will obviously survive. Lewis is too insignicant to die. I can see David dying for the mentor role he’s been playing. Lulu will probably live through all this and be cured of the thorn, because otherwise she has no point in the story.

    I’m really confused about Nathan right now. He sounds as though he really is a chevalier from the mother. Could he be the chevalier to make sure that the sisters DON’T kill each other? Or at least one of them survives? If any one of them and their chevaliers all die, then the other will be incapable of reproduction. If Amshel dies, and Nathan really is the mother’s chevalier, Saya will not be able to have children, thus rendering her useless to the chiropteran survival…maybe that’s why Nathan will attack her.

    Kai is definitely going to be in the midst of the final battle between Saya and Diva. If Saya were to live, the only way for her to be happy is if Kai somehow becomes a chevalier…maybe Nathan will kill him and Diva (now switched sides or about to die) might give him her blood before she dies so he can live with Saya? It can’t be a happy ending if Saya lives with Kai happily ever after only to have Kai age and die with no children.

    Haji is so dead. He is destined to be unable to live with Saya forever. His Christ-like forms while being stabbed (by both James and the Sif) makes it seem as though he’ll somehow be the savior of all this.

    Amshel seems more and more to be a villain who thinks he’s in control, but is in the dark about things. The alarm on his face when Nathan said he’s seen the past really seemed to freak him out.

    Solomon better stay dead. If he comes back, his whole speech and scene where he dies that generated so much emotion will be for naught!.

    Really want to see the next episode, as the fighting will likely end by then. I think they’ll need the last episode to wrap things up after the battle and Saya’s ending after this, and whether she will go through with her promise. (It’s hard to carry out the promise when Haji’s dead, as I’m pretty sure he will be).

  16. Hmm… if Kai really did interfere in the fight between Saya and Diva,and assuming Diva tries to kill Kai,while Saya is knocked away, Hagi(I have every confidence that he would defeat psycho Anshel by now ^^) would step in and take the blow for Kai, and die =( ( NOO!!) or it could happen the other way, that Hagi take the blow for Saya,while Kai is the one that watches from the sideline~ an honorable and noble death would be much fitting for Hagi (if he were to die, that is 🙁 *angst* I am rooting for HagixSaya no matter what. KaixSaya is just wrong..

    Lorraine C.
  17. why do i get the feeling that the next two episodes are gonna let me down? anyways how come NO ONE noticed that Kaori is gonna know who and what saya is soon? (by tv of course!) actualy im a bit angry that this “whole koari know nows now” (which will happen) happened near the end, it should have happend a long time ago when saya was afraid of her past self, it could have made the show a WHOLE more exciting.

    P.S in the episode that ricku get a crush on a disabled girl she doesn’t return to normal. in the manga she gets killed by saya, just saying cause i remember a while ago someone asked about it. the anime is lousy compared to manga but i’m not good at japanese so i have to stick to anime.

    Lost seeker
  18. From the current situation and from what we saw in all previous episodes:

    Amshel > all
    Nathan > all
    Diva > all
    Chiropterans > Kai & others

    There is no possiblity that they can beat Diva and her chevaliers and its obvious that happy end will never come. Kai should survive somehow, but i see no chance for other ‘good’ guys. But what if im wrong and producers of Blood+ have created happy end after all ? If there will be happy end with Diva & Nathan & Amshel death it will ruin the show in my eyes because such a situtation will be agains all facts we saw during all previous episodes. But there is a hope, isnt it ?

    * Diva & Nathan VS Amshel or even (!) Diva VS her chevaliers and then Saya and others will use this situation to win agains chiropterans
    * Vin Argiano will bring Corpse Corps and with Saya and her team they will try to win again Diva and her chevaliers. Why not ? After all he was only used by Amshel and he was not aware of Amshel plans and his true (chevalier) nature. And dont trust wikipedia completely because there are many false facts like this one “Van is one of the few humans who sided with the Chevaliers despite knowing their true nature and their plans.’
    * Solomon resurrected ^^

  19. …You forgot one more possibility…
    Diva pisses off Saya enough for her to go totally insane, rampaging through the Metro Opera, killing Diva and all her Chevaliers including the chiropterans and… well… everyone else along with them. The bad guys die, so do the good guys and we’ll have a mutually happy and sad ending where Saya stands victorious.
    …O__O I hope the producers aren’t crazy enough to get that idea.

  20. ………Or possibly…..these are WILD guesses not spoilers on my part based on previous comments…just possibilities

    If Haji dies, Saya will go completely beserk, getting a powerful boost in her power level, kill Diva, all chevaliers and “gulp” anyone else standing the way. And maybe in a ironic twist, after being horrified of seeing Saya going berserk and seeing that she is just like her sister Diva, unpredictably dangerous, Kai will deliver the mercy killing and kill Saya with Diva’s bloody sword……….crazy? I know its a wild guess since I believe Haji will not be around to deliver the promise of ending Saya’s life. Irony….Irony. Saya will finally be able to die knowing her mission was completed. Sad.

    And another crazy guess, the 2 baby queens will end up in Kai’s custody and he will raise them like his own since he is technically related to them because they are his brothers’s children, Rikus kids which will be Kai’s nieces. O___O I base this on that ending credit song where the 2 little girls are running across the street with what looks like an older Kai and Mao just behind them.

    I think the producers are capable of anything……….

  21. Even if Saya will go berserk because of Haji’s (i hope he will die in next ep) death its still impossible for her to beat all her enemies. OK, she can kill one of chevaliers or Diva but not all of them. It wouldnt make any sense if she is powerfull enought to kill all of them. After all they are all high-level chiropterans and they have similar abilities/powers. Anyway, Saya is sleepy and she needs human blood to have a boost in power.

    Saya will be dead in the end for sure, because she has no future. Solomon is dead so they cant live together. There is also no future for her with Kai because she will have (if survive) 30 year sleep time soon. If Haji dies she will have no one but herself. Anyway, she wants to die because she is a chiropteran and she said the only place for chiropterans is a world of death. There are no many options here, sad but true.

    Nathan should be able to survive because he is not a madman and he have not foolish plans like Amshel. He is not only strong, but he is smart and intelligent too. If he will not sacrafise his life for Diva or he will no have direct fight with Amshel he should be live in the end.

  22. Josantia, yea I agree on a lot of points with you.
    The tone of blood+ is always somewhat bittersweet, so I’m pretty sure some of the main characters will die and some will live.
    Based on the previous blood+ I’m guessing that (possible spoiler although it’s just a wild guess so I put the tag) Show Spoiler ▼

  23. I can’t believe it’s episode 48 already! Omg. Two more and.. no more Blood+!! I hope it ends with a nice big bang and doesn’t disappoint. I’m not going to try to guess what’s going to happen next though.

    I couldn’t recognize Kai from the screenshots! XD And I think Diva’s costume is… strange. >_> Funny how her wings are like Hagi’s.

  24. it feels wierd for me that the series is ending, ive been watching it for like 2 years!!! but then again it my first anime series i’ve watched alongside it if you get what i mean. as much as i know saya is gonna die i don’t want her too, but i do want her to go beserk i kinda missed that element.

    Lost seeker
  25. I said that awhile ago that Nathan was most likely not Divia’s Chilever and that hes Saya’s(meaning saya’s and Divia’s mom since there mom is named Saya too) Nathan seems to be watching the saya x Diva fight for them to get it out of there system, most likely if saya is about to kill Divia or Divia about to kill saya he will step in and stop them and explain why. This fight should be good, even if saya is almost passing out lol. Most likely the writers will forget about it for some reason and saya will be able to fight Divia one and one which makes no sence at all but hey I hope so lol. Or kai shows up gets hurt or killed by Divia and Saya snaps and is on Divia’s level then. Who knows, at least some good fightin is going to happan either way hehe.

  26. One last possibility in regards to Diva’s children and episode 50. Not sure about the last “2” proposed eps. Just another guess

    Show Spoiler ▼

  27. Final battle really has started, looks like there will be a duel between Haji and Amshel, although how that will turn out will be interesting. As for Katya’s comment Amshel is the oldest, Nathan(hehe, my namesake) is one of the youngest, which is why it surprises me how long he’s lasted and how involved he seems to be. I’m actually hoping for both Diva and Saya not to die, but I don’t see it happening. As for who will die, I can’t even begin to guess, Blood+ has a habit of taking my guesses and shoving them right up the…erm….I won’t finish that sentence.
    Still we’re hopefully looking at an excellent final battle that will hopefully still leave some loose ends to wrap up and leave something to the imagination still(i.e not killing everybody)

  28. Kai: Actually, Hagi…it’s you that I want to protect. All along, it has always been–
    Haji: Don’t say that, Kai. I’m…I’m already deeply in love with someone else.
    Kai: ::tears up:: 🙁

    Anyway~sounds like a somewhat odd and repetetive episode. Didn’t something similar to this happen before? Saya went prancing along to Diva’s concert and failed..and the audience turned into chiropterans…and Saya failed…and Prince Charming rescued her…and Knight in Shining Armor went after Prince Charming la la la…

    But, that probably won’t happen again and although I doubt this would be the last battle, the story has to progress somewhere. Either Saya goes to sleep before she kills Diva and Diva takes over the world, or Saya kills Diva and Hagi kills Saya and Kai kills himself.

  29. Josantia,i toght so as well,when i first saw the ending..
    but i dont know if the will actualy go that direction,the “Qeewns” are *ment to fight*,and forever will be.
    its in ther nature,so sooner or later they will fight,i guess.
    maybe that will be the topic of the next sesion..^_^
    Anyway,ther are still a lot of things we dont know,such as:
    *amshel ring…they had a “thing” about it,i want to know what..
    *Who the F**k is Nathan,after all?maybe he was the one who gave amshel and the Joel1st Dive&saya’s mother?(with diva and saya inside..)

  30. My beloved Hagi will die without tells Saya that B@$@¨&tch how much he loves her,it´s so unffair to him, my favorite character ever…Even he was not a such great fighter, his heart was so tender and kind…

    Saya never, never deserved him!!!

  31. … i hope wikipedia is wrong. personally i’d rather the tv series end at 51 and have only one episode for the OVA. i have a feeling they’re gonna rush the ending if they plan to end B+ at 50, and that is not cool.

  32. I thought Hagi was a popular character but many here just want him to be killed off.
    Oh well.
    I like Hagi despite his mild anime persona. In general I can almost forgive I.G for not handling Hagi well at all. But moving on, I can forgive the fact that his desire to bend to Saya’s will is enabling her suicidal tendencies. There are different kinds of love. Of course he loves Saya and has done a world of good for her. But it’s hard for some people to perceive this because Kai’s approach to dealing with Saya is completely different. If Hagi were the sort of bright-eyed protagonist who could somehow make everything sunshine for Saya, this would just be another show, not Blood+. It would really be as if someone sheared a layer of maturity off of the show.
    And Show Spoiler ▼

    By the way, if Hagi dies and Saya lives to enter her 30 year sleep with no chevalier to properly awaken her when the time comes, she will remember nothing at all. That includes Kai, her life in Okinawa, Red Shield…pretty much everything. I doubt Kai’s purpose is to become a chevalier so late in the game so I don’t see how this would work at all.

  33. If Diva dies i wll be disappointed in this show.For a long time she has been the only reason i have even continued to watch this show.Just to see what shes going to do next has driven Blood + in my opinion. Now a weakened Saya stands before her and her childrens future…How can Diva lose to her ,really!!! In nature nothing is stronger than a mother protecting her young!! Even if Saya somehow was at full strength and got the same abilities as Diva…Diva should still rip her apart since she seems to have more battle experince as a queen using her powers.

  34. Too much…it’s just too much! I have too much excitement for the final episodes, I feel like I’m gonna EXPLODE! I want to see them so bad, I want them right now! LoL and thank god for Nathan! He breaks the stereotype that feminine gay men are just pansy push-overs, the real secret is…we can fight! We just like to hide it under a lot of decoration 🙂

    And that final look Saya gives O_o

    I’m right there with you girl, we’re finally gonna stick a knife through that bitch!
    (Can you tell I’m still bitter about the DivaXRiku story line?)


  35. ya maybe nathen is diva’s and saya’s dad, that would make sence hehe. I mean when it came down to saya almost being killed by james he stopped him cold. I think he basicly faked becoming divia’s chelvder because he was already one.He still cares for Divia more then any of them. ugh who knows, where probley just thinking too much and Nathen is just Divia’s chelveder and the only one who hasnt lost his damn mind thats why hes still alive lol.

  36. Saya killed divia….Nathen gives up and lets saya kill him and ashell gets hit by lighting as hagi drove him though the empire state buildings spike…wtf… saya won, and hagi didnt die. Divia’s babys are now crying right in front of saya, kai stopped her….wtf.. I mean seriously I dont give a crap about posting a spoiler because the summery will do that all on its own. 49 ended saya’s fight with divia.. 50 next week will be saya’s choice.. All her enemys are dead but 10000’s of chiedlien are still around. She cant kill herself with them all over the place… Sorry my spelling is off..…honestly I didnt see this coming. I mean Divia basicly let saya kill her. She didnt move super fast or anything… Nathin just gave up gave saya her sword and said kill me. I guess all our thoughts about him being saya and divia’s mom’s cheilver. I really didnt think saya and hagi had a chance in hell, this ending made no sence, its like the enemy that was alot stronger then them went to there level and let them win. I dont know weather to be mad or happy. 1. cause saya won 2. Cause Hagi lived during the fight.. or 3. The final battle just happaned like that. No crazy super speed by saya, just like a play. ASLO WHY DIDNT DIVIA’S BLOOD KILL SAYA! Maybe I missed something in the japanese raw but wtf! Did divia’s blood not stick to the blade or something?? I just dont know how to feel right now. I just havent seen this common yet uncommon of a final battle. WTF the good guys win? In anime standards for this kind of story very odd..

  37. hmmmm…….I’m not so sure that 50 is all there is, I just finsished watching the last episode oh and before I say this !!!!!!!!!!!!WARNING SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!! I REPEAT SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway if you watch closely you will see that even though saya has killed nathan, at his own request, he is still alive as a reporter in one of the last scenes. And also to top it off, there is still the growth of the children to see and also the mysterious reappearance of haji symbolized by his rose. Anyway all I can say is that if they don’t make anymore episodes than they are absolutely and utterly ridiculous and I hate them all, although I love them at the same time for the first 50 episodes. anyway if anyone knows anything else about this please let me know. ok ttyl all


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