Although he’s trying to apologize to Haruhi, Ritsu instead walks in and sees her changing, and hence realizes that she is a girl. As he runs out, the twins – with eyes the size of truck headlights – ask him whether he’s seen anything. While he stammers through trying to explain what he saw, all the other members of the club show up, with Tamaki pale and out of it. When Ritsu admits that he saw Haruhi changing, Tamaki’s inner dinosaur and volcano explode. The twins want to beat him up but Kyoya instead talks about conditions with a threatening consequences. Haruhi comes out at this point and says it’s ok. Ritsu blushes at her, and Tamaki is fading into another world again as the twins comment that Ritsu is in love with Haruhi.
Back home at the Kasanoda residence, Ritsu is not eating his food. The gang members are worried – they wonder if the young master already knows that they admire him very much and they have already collected so many cans so they can play “kick the can” with him. Tetsuya says that he saw Ritsu pulling petals from flowers and playing the “I like her, I don’t like her” game except with “I like her, I love her.” In other words, Ritsu is in love with Haruhi, and Haruhi is very cute…as a guy. All the gang members are of course quite shocked to hear this. All the while, Ritsu has been hallucinating scenes with Haruhi and falling deeply in love. He vows to himself that he’ll keep her secret.
The next day, Ritsu shows up at the Host Club. The girls are thinking that maybe he wants to be a host too, but he surprises everyone by asking for Haruhi. Renge rises out of the ground and everyone suspects that Ritsu has special interests. He, on the other hand, is wondering why no one is freezing up to his icy glares like before. Instead, everyone’s eyes are burning. When Haruhi appears with tea and cakes, Ritsu’s legs start shaking and his heart starts pounding, all because of Haruhi’s gentle and humorous conversation. The twins are mad and ask Kyoya to kick Ritsu out, but of course Kyoya says it’s only business, especially since Ritsu is actually attracting more guests. It seems that Renge and the other girls are asking all their friends to come and see this sight, thereby getting a record number of guests to come to the Host Club.
When Honey becomes curious as to why the twins haven’t gone over and distracted the couple, Kaoru says that Haruhi will be mad if they try to disrupt her conversations with her friend. Tamaki is meanwhile still in another world, and the twins decide to throw him toward Haruhi and Ritsu. However, Tamaki acts like a robot and is not really distracting the two. The twins called him and warn that if Tamaki doesn’t do anything soon, Haruhi will join with Ritsu and will be the “Big Sister” in his gang. Tamaki envisions what that will be like and ends up going a little crazy, saying that if Ritsu wants to get close to Haruhi, he’ll have to defeat Haruhi’s dad (aka. Tamaki). But Tamaki’s demanding tone blows away and his soul flows out into space when Ritsu challenges Tamaki’s status as Haruhi’s dad, since he’s not really her father nor does he have anything to do with Haruhi’s mom. When Tamaki wakes up, he wonders why he is so worried about Haruhi (especially when she is with someone else) if he is not her dad. Everyone realizes that Tamaki is a bit slow in understanding his feelings for Haruhi. Across the room, Haruhi and Ritsu are wondering what’s going on with Tamaki and the others. When Haruhi mentions that Tamaki is like her dad in some ways, Tamaki hears it and immediately becomes confident again. He is overjoyed about the fact that although he is not her dad, he is like her dad.
Ritsu then asks if he can come to visit Haruhi again, and whether it would be a relief to her if someone who knows her secret comes once in a while. Of course, Haruhi says it would be her pleasure. Ritsu gets so excited that he starts trying to confess, but he can’t seem to finish his sentence and tell her that he likes her. All eyes in the room are on them as Haruhi finally says that it’s good to have a friend who shares the same values and who she can have a conversation with about such things. Ritsu is crushing by the surrounding girls’ words that Haruhi rejected him, but he feels that Haruhi must have a lot of troubles since she have to pretend she is a boy. He vows to always be her friend, causing everyone in the room to start crying. They are all so touched by his words that run up to him, saying they will be his friends too. Sitting on the side, Tamaki admits to Kyoya that when he considered Ritsu’s feelings, his own heart was pained for a moment. Kyoya finds that strange since Tamaki is supposed to be the father – there shouldn’t be any reason for Tamaki to feel that way.
Sometime later, everyone goes out into the fields to play kankeri, with Ritsu being “it”. Tamaki and Haruhi end up hiding under a marble table in the garden, but the twins and Kyoya find them there. Tamaki tells them that this is a hiding place only for him and Haruhi, since it’s only natural for a father and his daughter to hide together. Hiding at the top of a nearby tree, Honey comments to Mori that Hikaru gradually developed a conscious liking for Haruhi whereas Tamaki obviously likes Haruhi but doesn’t know it himself because he’s super-slow. He thinks that the problems are Kaoru and Kyoya, who may like Haruhi too but they are hiding their feelings. Honey wonders if they will all make a bit of progress before they graduate. Back down below, Tamaki, the twins, Kyoya and Haruhi are all squeezed in under the table. Tamaki tells the other guys not to touch his Haruhi, causing the twins to point out that Haruhi doesn’t belong to him. A very annoyed Haruhi says that she is no one’s thing.


Hi Everyone,

I am Stacy, I will be doing the summaries for the rest of Ouran High School. I apologize now for the late post this week, I have been moving. In general, Ouran comes out on Tuesday night and I will usually have the summaries done by Wednesday night or Thursday morning. I have to say in advance that I don’t know Japanese so I don’t do the summaries from watching the raws. Instead, I download the Chinese fansubbed episodes and I write the summaries from watching the Chinese subtitled episodes. Ouran 22 has been posted and here is Ouran 23. Enjoy!

Omni’s note: Chinese subs isn’t a problem because I’m personally reading over these summaries for accuracy anyway (and making any appropriate changes). Fortunately, editing doesn’t take anywhere near as long as writing a summary does, so I’m quite grateful for Stacy’s work.
As for this episode, I thought it was the funniest one since the Zuka Club episode. This episode raises questions of whether Haruhi will end up with anyone of the other Host Club members by the end of this series (only three more episodes!) or not. It’s highly unlikely that she does, but in the off chance, I’d bet it would be Tamaki. At the very least, as goes with the theme of this episode, the Host Club members will realize how much they all like Haruhi.


  1. Poor Kasanoda kun… now he is in the same sack as Arai (XD)… but at least now he got some friends… (all due to the rabid yaoi fangirls powa)
    The problem now is about the club, as things are evolving (Tamaki’s reaction, his “not so paternal” feelings, the strange dialogue of Honey kun) and by the name of the last ep, it looks like there will be a “fight” among the members

  2. sounds like a vey nice ep..i cant wait to watch it and read this part of the manga, but i dont know wat’s happening betqween the members,, and DAH now tamaki realizes he has feelings for haruhi?they say in the manga the twins give up haruhi for tamaki, but here in the anime it seems they will fight over her?frankly i never saw someone as dense as haruhi..wat u think?

  3. ROFL, this episode is hilarious…

    actually only took 2 seconds to untangle the thing haha..

    so many funny chibi tamaki moments in the episode

    the fact that he doesnt even realise his feelings..

    he really is a baka ROFL

  4. i don’t think the twins would give up her for him…
    the last manga chapter showed one very hacked off hikaru when kyouya told him haruhi was spending time with tamaki.

    the anime just lined them up in a more succinct way. i dunno what will happen next though, if hikaru is realising he likes haruhi, tamaki needs to get his head sorted out quickly.

    this episode is hillarious. robot tamaki ftw!
    though he really must be a bit daft if he drags haruhi to the same place he did last time they played kankeri. The rest of the club found them in seconds!!! i love how he popped like a balloon too XD

  5. its so sad.. cause this soon is ending.., it’s bored– hope will come 2nd session or something.-.. oh you really think Hikaru gonna realize that he likes Haruhi.. hmmm maybe but i think his brother is really important to him not Haruhi,,,:P

  6. this is ridiculos.. why this Ouran High School Host Club… will finish,..:(.. soon…and
    Tamaki did’t say it to Haruhi,, that he like her… oh gud help him…or rather Hikaru should say it that, he also likes Haruhi..

  7. i just hope it’s not a reverse ichigo 100% where she doesn’t choose anyone nor does she reject anyone. i like a story that wraps up, no loose ends, but with just enough of a hint that more could come. that would satisfy me.

  8. I don’t belive Haruhi thinks of any of the guys in the club in a romantic way. They are just friends for her, which work fine in my opinion. I am not hoping for anyone to end with Haruhi. Like omni said, it doesn’t go with the spirit of the show.

  9. D: i hope there is a second season!!! 26 episodes seems too short for this… especially since they are adding all this “late” character developement.. as well as new characters toward the end of the series…

  10. i’m agreeing with golthin, as much as i love to see haruhi end up with someone, i don’t believe they’re going to change the show’s genre. it’s meant to be a comedy. however people who will be upset with the ending of the show. no worries! the manga is still being produced and coming out strong! so eventually we will see who haruhi ends up with–

    thanks omni and stacy–

  11. God, I love this Anime…
    ._. I’ll be very sad when the end will come…

    and this anime has just 26 EP ;~;
    Thanks for the pictur, the episode of LUNAR dusn’t came out yet…
    I LOOOOOOOVE THIS ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^0^
    And thanks, again!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

  12. I dont think honey meant that kaoru and kyouya liked haruhi but the problem is what will they do when their important ones (hikaru for kaoru n tamaki for kyoya)start to leave them for haruhi

  13. Loved the episode. Especially loved the hint about Kyouya might be in love with Haruhi as well, since IMO they suit each other being pragmatists in their own way.

    Just a point of criticism though for Stacy. One of the main reasons why people look at blogs is for the summary. Another big one though, would be the thoughts of blogger on the episode. If you could expand on this subject, like Omni does with practically every episode, it would really be a boon to the blog.

  14. hi hi hi,,, im watching ouran highschool host club and cant seem to find the last two episodes. i need to know where i can watch them online or where i can buy them. please email me back at! if you dont have any suggestions please tell me what happens at the end! thanks for the help


  15. Oh man, Haruhi as the big sister of a Yakuza group. Although I don’t think the Irazumi masters would bother doing a tattoo of a wounded teddy bear, I was laughing so hard at her pulling the knife and cutting the crysanthemum.

  16. I find the members of the host club really cute, funny and….. forget it. I find Tamaki kinda stupid but he’s OK. I’ve almost seen the whole series of Ouran already and I’m curious about the last episode.

  17. “Honey comments to Mori that Hikaru gradually developed a conscious liking for Haruhi whereas Tamaki obviously likes Haruhi but doesn’t know it himself because he’s super-slow. He thinks that the problems are Kaoru and Kyoya, who may like Haruhi too but they are hiding their feelings. Honey wonders if they will all make a bit of progress before they graduate.”

    KYAA!!!! *acts fangirl-ish-ly* Can I use that quote in my fanstory? Can I? Can I? Because as usual, Honey-senpai makes a good thing over there, pointing out the obvious. Now if only Bones showed chapter 45 in the anime…. Hanyaaao…

    Show Spoiler ▼

  18. “unknown2 at 8:47 pm on September 13th, 2006
    I dont think honey meant that kaoru and kyouya liked haruhi but the problem is what will they do when their important ones (hikaru for kaoru n tamaki for kyoya)start to leave them for haruhi”

    Sorry for double-posting but I think you are dead wrong. *sings fangirl-ish-ly*

  19. I really loved the ending of this episode…For once instead of playing the lolli-type role hes so accustomed to Honey makes a really insightful comment that sort of prepares us for a wrapping up of the end of the season and sorta clarifies the things we’ve all probably been wondering about over the progression of the series… plus the ED was a great little insert as usual…:D


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