OP2: 「Wish」 by OLIVIA inspi’ REIRA (TRAPNEST)
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The new OP is another OLIVIA song, and a really good one at that. I like it a ton more than the first OP, which I hardly ever listened to. I think they also did a better job with the opening animation this time – hard to describe, but it felt more artistic to me.

-Kyousuke and Junko have noticed that Hachi hasn’t been around much. Junko thinks that Hachi has a new boyfriend, but is denying it. She also explains to Kyousuke that Hachi is working temporarily as a demonstrator – a girl who demonstrates new food products.
-Trapnest’s final concert is coming up, and Nobu, Shin, and Yasu have tickets to it courtesy of Ren. With Takumi’s promise still in mind (coming to see her when the tour is over in order to taste her cooking again), Hachi isn’t with them.
-Shin doesn’t know anything about Tanabata or Tanzaku, so Nana and Hachi invite the band over to write wishes. Unfortunately, Nana turns on the fan because they don’t have air conditioning and accidentally blows away all of the slips of paper. Hachi had actually written on hers a wish for a long-haired boyfriend.
-On the day of Trapnest’s final concert, Hachi debates with herself about whether Takumi will come or not. She ends up buying groceries and visiting Junko for more tomatoes, reasoning that even if Takumi doesn’t come, Ren will come to see Nana.
-After Hachi’s done cooking, however, Nana informs her that Ren isn’t coming. Hachi gets depressed because she was counting on Takumi coming with Ren. As the two girls eat all the food themselves, Nana reveals that she didn’t want to go to the Trapnest concert because she didn’t want to compare herself to Reira again.
-Once Trapnest’s concert concludes, Yasu leaves, instructing Nobu and Shin to tell Reira otsukare-san. Shin ends up being the one who passes along the message, and when Reira takes a liking to him, Shin presents his business card. It seems that Shin charges 100,000 yen per night.
-At the party afterwards, Takumi is forced to sign autograph sheets for a sponsor. When Ren wants one of the autographs because of Hachi’s earlier request, Takumi thinks for a bit and is finally reminded of who Hachi is. But once he remembers, he feels that he doesn’t need to do the autograph anymore since already they slept together. The boiling point for Nobu is when Takumi claims that Hachi even shook her tail to please him. It looks like Nobu and Takumi are about to break out in a fight, but Nobu decides to go home. Shin, who had been sucking up to Takumi earlier, now dumps his drink on Takumi and also leaves. Pissed off, Takumi goes because he has something to do, but first he tells Ren to tell Nobu that he’s 100 years too early to compete with Takumi.
-Nana wakes up to a doorbell ringing at 3AM in the morning. She goes into the living room and finds a crying Hachi in Takumi’s arms. Takumi motions for Nana to be quiet, so Nana retreats to her own room and collapses onto the ground.
-In retrospect, Hachi wonders why fulfilling a dream and becoming happy are two different things. Even now, she still doesn’t understand.

-This is one of those episodes that makes you really hate Takumi. He did end up coming to see Hachi, but it feels like he only did so because of what happened at the party with Nobu and Shin. Heck, if they hadn’t reminded him about Hachi, he probably wouldn’t have come to see her again. Nobu should have clobbered him.
-This episode should be the start of more Shin, Nobu, and Reira character development. I am, of course, especially looking forward to all of Reira’s lines. That scene with Shin working his gigolo magic charm on Reira was pretty amusing.


  1. Arrgh! Having read the manga, I already am familiar with Takumi. Watching the anime makes me wish that Nobu had knocked all of Takumi’s teeth in. What an @%%. Oh well. I agree with Omni and think that Reira should appear more often. Maybe Hirano Aya’s work as Haruhi makes me perk up whenever I hear her voice. More REIRA!

  2. While it’s true that Takumi seemed like he only remembered Hachi because of the incident with Nobu and Shin, I think there’s a point to Ren’s comment in the manga (I think it’s in chapter 19) that
    Show Spoiler ▼

    While I’m not denying that Takumi is an @**, I think his feelings for Hachi are sincere, though he might not always know how to treat her right.

  3. great episode!!

    after reading the manga i reckon it really should be nana, and not hachi, who reflects that “fulfilling a dream and becoming happy are two different things”. afterall, in the manga, nana wishes hachi would get a bf (wif long hair lol) mmmm…

  4. I liked Takumi before, but after reading this… It makes me to hate him. I didn’t know that he is so arrogant. -_-;
    Anyway, this is a great episode! I like it. Excpet for what I feel aobut Takumi now. 🙁

  5. Episode 22 subbed was released today (well, I only found it today..lol).

    I dunno, I have a feeling that Takumi actually has real feelings for Nana although he seems like a real B!*%&£%!

    Shin was also really good in this episode, a real charmer..hehe

  6. Haha, with each episode i’m beginning to love Shin more and more. He is cute and funny. This episode did kinda make me hate Takumi. I dont know how I feel about him…he’s handsome but.. like Nana said, he really does seem like a player. =\


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