As he makes his escape, the remaining government official is demanding answers from Van Argeno. With the intent of returning to Washington, the official talks about enacting “Option D,” and then keeps Van from entering the elevator because he’s not American, leaving him with only a handgun. Inside the theater, on the stage, Diva wonders if Saya is going to kill her. Saya does indeed intend to do so because their existence causes people sorrow. Diva, however, thinks that it can’t be helped because she doesn’t understand man and man doesn’t understand their kind. Saya of course disagrees since her important friends and family are human. Even if she’s not connected to them by blood, Riku was her little brother and George was her father. But she also realizes that Diva doesn’t understand. Diva questions this, saying that they were born from the same mother. She finds it unfair that Saya gets to be happy and have fun. As the spotlight above them goes out, Diva returns to her original, long-haired form. She says that it’s really selfish since she was the one liberated by Saya from the tower. Saya replies that from that day on, the only reason she herself had been permitted to exist was to kill Diva. Looking hurt, Diva can’t believe that for the sake of proving her own existence, Saya would kill Diva.
Backstage, Hagi and Amshel’s fight has already started, but the two are able to dodge or deflect each other’s attacks. At first Amshel says that he hated Hagi, but then he corrects himself and says that he was jealous of how Hagi was to be Diva’s bridegroom. But now that Diva is a mother, Amshel doesn’t hate or envy Hagi any longer. He recalls that in the old days, he could be happy in exchange for buying a piece of bread. He suggests that they give thanks, causing Hagi to say that he is grateful to Amshel and Joel for letting him and Saya meet. Hagi then exposes his wings and both Chiropteran arms, showing Amshel that he’s serious. Amshel proceeds to take off his ring and place it on a mannequin bust, explaining that you need to behead or completely burn a Chevalier to kill him. He then turns into his Chiropteran form, which towers over Hagi. Hagi tries to attack him from above, but Amshel strikes first with a blast from his mouth. Saya and Diva notice that something’s going on when the stage starts shaking and a platform falls down under the stage. Diva turns Saya’s attention back to her, saying that the Chevaliers have the Chevaliers’ fight and the two of them have their own fun to be had.
Hagi got pushed out of the opera house by Amshel’s energy blast, but he manages not to take any damage. As the two Chevaliers fly over a stormy New York City, Amshel seems to have the advantage as he stays on the offensive and beats Hagi around. Back outside the Metropolitan Opera House, Lewis is playing decoy – because as he says, he’s tasty – as David and Kai run off. When Kai tells him not to die, Lewis responds by saying that he’s Invulnerable Lewis. But when one of the Chiropterans jumps at him, Lulu is the one to save him. She, in turn, calls herself Invulnerable Lulu. By this time, Hagi is hanging onto one of the eagle heads of the Chrysler Building. Amshel soon finds him and the fight resumes, this time with Hagi on a counteroffensive. He tears off a piece of Amshel’s shoulder, and then pierces through another energy blast to claw into Amshel again. The two rip up each other’s left wings at the same time, but Hagi pushes Amshel downward. Amshel ends up getting impaled by the spire of the Chrysler Building, whereas Hagi lands safely below. Hagi sees that Amshel is trying to pull himself up, off the spire, but then a bolt of lightning completely fries Diva’s Chevalier. With Amshel out of the way, Hagi remembers that Saya is still facing off against Diva.
Outside the opera house, David and Kai watch as Corpse Corps behead Chiropterans. Kai figures that the Americans wanted to bring the Corpse Corps to other countries, and David thinks that they would lie about a Chiropteran disease even though it was the Delta 07 that was really changing humans into Chiropterans. Kai then discovers the pink key that Saya had left in his pocket. Back inside, Saya and Diva clash their swords. Diva again confirms that Saya thinks Chiropterans shouldn’t exist in this world, and then wonders if Saya is going to murder her children. Diva finds her daughters quite cute and asks what Saya is planning to do. Saya says that it’s because she’s also a Chiropteran, and then decides that she has nothing more to say to Diva. Both girls wet their swords with blood, and the fight really begins. Nathan calls the sight beautiful, but then has to protect the two cocoons because Hagi returns. Nathan realizes that if Hagi is here, it means that Amshel was defeated. He tells Hagi not to overwork himself because he doesn’t have any intention of going against Hagi. He refers Hagi to the duel between the two queens and says that he’s only here to see it with his own eyes. Hagi lowers his Chiropteran arm and says that that’s why he’s also here.
Diva and Saya meanwhile have cut each other’s clothes to the point where they have to rip off pieces of their dresses that are getting in the way. Both of them re-bloody their swords and rush at each other in a final charge. Diva’s sword succeeds in piercing through Saya and Saya’s succeeds in piercing through Diva. Afterwards, the girls get rid of their weapons as they start bleeding from their wounds. As expected, Diva starts to crystallize, but surprisingly, Saya does not. A scared Diva doesn’t understand why it’s only happening to her, and a concerned Saya runs up to her to try to reattach her crystallized arm. As Diva collapses onto the ground and her face starts to crackle, Nathan brings over the two cocoons so that she can touch her babies one last time. Her final thoughts envision herself as a mother playing with her two daughters on lush green grass. Nathan pities Diva, saying that she only wanted a family, but that Amshel didn’t understand this. Still, Nathan thinks that Diva obtained it in the end – she hadn’t noticed that her own blood lost its power from bearing children. Nathan then approaches Saya, who starts taking steps backwards in order to keep her distance. He also explains that since Diva is dead, her Chevaliers have lost their meaning. Transforming into his Chiropteran form, Nathan hands Saya her sword and asks her to kill him, believing that as long as he’s alive, Saya’s wishes won’t get granted. Saya ends up doing just that with a slash upward right through Nathan’s body. Just before he collapses, Nathan thanks her.
With the fight over, Saya sees the rain coming through the roof, dripping onto Diva’s crystallized face as if she were crying. Hagi walks over and hugs her from behind, causing Saya herself to start bawling, though she stops when she sees Diva’s two babies emerging from their cocoon. Hagi volunteers to kill them for Saya if it’s too painful for her, but Saya decides to do it herself. However, after she bloodies her sword once more, Kai interrupts her and asks her what she’s doing. She apologizes to him, saying that she’s going to die. Her promise with Hagi was for him to kill her when everything was over. That’s why she has to kill these children and die herself.


Ok, I gotta say WTF. NO ONE on the good guys’ side died. Not even Saya. Heck, Nathan even asked Saya to kill him. In other words, there was no big final boss with a secret master plan that I had been hoping for. I’m a tad disappointed.
I wouldn’t necessarily say that Saya and Hagi suddenly became more powerful, but it did seem like Amshel and Diva weren’t as intimidating as they were before. Which is to say that the producers needed to bring the enemies down to Saya and Hagi’s level so that those two could win. And the whole thing about Diva losing her powers because she gave birth seemed like a convenient way to kill off Diva and keep Saya alive. Actually, it reminds me just a tiny bit of Mai-Otome where the girls lost their powers if they had sex.
Getting back to the final boss thing, I was really hoping that after what Nathan said last week, we’d learn more about him and who he previously was. But no, he just asked to die and that was it. If he knew that Diva’s blood was powerless, why did he let Diva fight? Did he really just want to see what happened that badly? I’m not happy that all those threatening looks to Amshel led up to just this. But hey, maybe they’ll try to send a political message in the last episode by having the American Government be the “final boss”…or maybe not.
I guess I should be glad that with pretty much all the good guys still alive, there’s a good chance now for a happy ending, at least much more so than I would have thought last week. As predicted, Kai did indeed come to interrupt Saya, and I’ll bet that he’ll probably prevent her from killing those kids – if they wanted to show her killing the kids, they wouldn’t have had the children stick their cute heads out. Still, I’m not going to try to guess if Saya and Hagi are going to survive (and how Kai factors into it) in next week’s final episode – I’ll wait to see what happens. But with a title of Nankurunaisa (everything will work out), I’m thinking it’ll be fairly happy.


  1. I TOTALLY agree with you. Why didn’t Saya die? I mean, I’d rather have an ending in which both Diva and Saya die, then Kai, learning from the past, raises Diva’s two babies as normal human beings with love and care.

    Man, I thought a series like BLOOD+ will kill off at least one of the main characters in the last few eps, but I guess I hoped for too much. *sigh* So disappointed.

  2. Well, check that out! Haji fans get their wish. A juicy kiss between Saya and Haji. I am only 30 minutes away from watching this awesome episode. I am glad nobody from the good guys died. What a great upset, they made everything that said that Haji was a gone wrong, including me.

  3. Too much happends in this episode, and thats not a very good thing…by the way it looks, it seems like a dissapointing ep..ill see later with the summary…i hope it is better then the way it seems…

  4. Too bad that ending sux, and ‘bad guys’ are completely destroyed with no damage to the good ones :O For me it looks like David VS Goliath fight with typical ‘american-opera’ happy ending. It was impossible (from what we saw during 95% of the series) that Saya and her team have any chances against Diva & her Cheavaliers but in the end they won easily. Even if Saya will be killed somehow (promise with Haji ?) in the last ep, this will not change the fact that ending of Blood+ is mediocre :/ Creators of Blood+ have ruined this show in my eyes because of this ridiculous ending.

    I someone is happy with current situation i can only feel sorry for such a person.

  5. I’m so glad everyone’s okay, even Hagi.
    I’m also glad that Moses and Solomon didn’t suddenly pop out of nowhere to help Saya out with Diva. She did it all on her own like a good protogonist does.
    Rest in Peace Moses and Solomon. (Kicks dirt on their tombstones)
    Are those babies actually related to Riku somehow because they look exactly like Diva and Saya when they were babies?

  6. That episode is not diappointing at all! I mean whether someone from the ‘good’ side dies or not isn´t that important IMO, since this episode is tragic enough! I prefer a Saya who is able to reflect her horrible destiny to kill her Twin Sister over a Saya who simply is dead. So you can see there ARE in fact feelings for Diva left. How sad! I have to admit – that made me cry a little…

  7. a tad disappointed?.. yeah, I’ll bet. I, too, hoped there to be some underlying secret in the anime instead of it just being a kill-the-bad-guy-and-everything-will-be-over type.

    Guess it still has one ep for redemption?

  8. I watched the episode, I also have to say WTF. How come Saya didn’t crystalize like Diva.
    Did Diva’s Blood change somehow because she got pregnant? That is the only way I can reason for Saya not to crystalize. Darn! One more week to find out!

  9. Anyways, with the final battle finished, please tell me what do you think are the unresolved issues that the anime didn’t tackle at all. Actually, right now, I am starting to write a fanfiction that will act as a sequel of Blood+. I already have developed a premise for the story. And your comments/suggestions will act as a way for me to develop a better twist for the story. 🙂

  10. Wasn’t Diva so much more powerful than Saya? How come Diva didn’t use her super strength or speed? Instead she actually tried to kill herself along with Saya, maybe to she thought her babies would be safe from Saya’s blood with Saya gone. In a way, Riku helped Saya survive and beat Diva…ironic???
    Nathan didn’t fight? What’s with the opening? Nathan and Saya were fighting but actually Nathan would do absolutely nothing to protect Diva or fight Saya. So that would make Nathan neutral.

  11. This episode was a moving viewing experience for me. More so than I anticipated it would be.
    Believability has always been an issue for me with this series.
    But as for the matter of some sinister master plan and/or final boss I do think it was all on Amshel. Amshel and his organization were behind weaponzing Diva’s blood for the most part and he pushed for a world full of chiroptera. Diva on the other hand just wanted to have a family. Or so Nathan said. So her ambitons did not match Amshel’s but being that he was her only father figure (or closest thing to one) for a long time, she allowed him, “the mad scientist”, to use her.
    In the manga Diva even goes as far as to say she only made the extra chevaliers (in the manga, Nathan, James, and Solomon) because of Amshel’s wishes. Apparently, she really does love him like a father. Manga!Diva really loves Saya as well and really has the mentality of a little girl.

    Back to the anime;
    Do I believe all of the Diva’s motives as explained by Nathan? Kind of, I believe in her own way she enjoyed manipulating humans and was a sadist as well. But overall her true wish was a humble one. Family has been a huage theme in Blood+.
    It was sad to view such a sad, pathetic death. Same for Nathan.
    To Saya, Diva was family and her only reason for living so I don’t think her grief was forced or out of place. Saya is by nature a sensitive, compasionate person. To watch her her younger sister plead for her life broke her heart.

  12. what troubles me is all the way back, remember the mother of Saya and Diva? She was all dried up right? Why not still alive? and why didn’t Saya and Diva hatched on their own back then, and if there are always twins born then where’s their aunt?

    Maybe that Diva dies is something genetical, like if the children are born the mother dies, something like that.

    But still this episde sure looks damn dissapointing to me, it got better for a while but this episode kinda ruins it. And Diva is so strong right? Is it all because she only drinks human blood? Kinda hoped that it’d be like a hidden power and Saya would use that this episode.

    and I’m kinda afraid next weeks episode will be almost completely a recap episode when looking at the preview picturs…

  13. dont speak too soon about haji or saya not being dead… remember, there is still ep.50. haji might still keep his promise to saya that when it’s all over he will kill saya with his own hands. T_T but im a sucker for happy endings so im hoping that no one dies 😛

  14. I think what makes Diva’s death so sad is the that she didn’t have to turn out the way she did.Diva wasn’t born this way.Everything was beyond her control. In fact this entire war between them didn’t have to happen, but because of mankind’s curiousity and need to be in control it destroyed both their lives.

    I think we should all blame Joel the 1st and Amshel……….evil BASTARDS ROT IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!! *composes oneslf*

  15. OKAY im lost how many ep are there i mean are there 50 or 52 i mean whats going to happen next if all the bad guys are dead are we going to see DIVA kids grow up now or something????? and also if Saya does die will she ask Hagi to raise the kids and will one of those kids end up falling in with hagi LMAO that would be funny but i HIGHLY DOUBT that will happen……i just want the anime to end with HAGI and SAYA thats all i ask

  16. i;m seriously starting to believe that there was a different writing team for this final arc, cause this is pathetic. i mean come on! after about 30 episodes that was the big confrontation between Saya and Diva? it barely even lasted 5 minutes. maybe they will surprise, but i can already see where the end of this series is going. in any case, this show went to crap in the last episodes.

  17. “I’ll bet that he’ll probably prevent her from killing those kids – if they wanted to show her killing the kids, they wouldn’t have had the children stick their cute heads out.”

    That line made me lol.

    Beware of plan D.

  18. This serie sux .. cant %@%## believe Diva, Amshel and Nathan died in such a cliche way! The story was written by a fucking monkey. No i am being too generous, even a monkey can write better than this shyt. I am fairly disappointed with how it ending. Especially the fact that SAYA DIDNT EVEN GET STRONGER! I mean .. she was suppose to be getting weaker, and HOW THE FUCK DID SHE BEAT DIVA? OOOH WAIT! Diva’s blood changed? MY FUCKING ASS!

    One of the worst ending anime ever …

  19. Is all to do with total half-assness with all immortal chiropteran. It’s more like they all get bored with life and decide to commit mutual suicide. Only humans have determination either for good or evil because humans are mortal. Therefore the final bad boss would be the White house.

  20. LMAO well at least we all agree we are not going to like the ending but hey who knows i mean im seriously happy that Hagi didnt die………i guess the moral of the story is that the weaker you are the greater the chance you have to defeat the enemy lol *yeah like that will really happen….* still i actually did enjoy the series cant wait for the last ep….

  21. also i know this is my third post but heres the spoiler for ep 50 Show Spoiler ▼

  22. Geez Hagi…last chance to show your true form and you waste it on some stupid half transformation. The coolest thing about the Cheveliars is that they are human shells hiding some monstrous truth. I wanted to see what kind of monster you really are. But you just had to stay the pretty boy to the end huh? Kinda lame if you asked me.

  23. or maybe, Saya and hagi will live in the end, since Diva’s children are ‘born’ now, she’ll take them away with her and raise them herself cause Kai will come and tell Saya not to kill the children because they are a part of Riku too.

  24. WOW~!!!
    1more ep to the end…
    they still got lots of things unclear,like Amshel ring thing-whatwhats up with it?
    and whats going to happen with the babys.
    i also hoped that nathan will say somthing about erly times,but he didnt.

    i cried like hell when diva died….soo sad!

    I WANT SALOMON TO REVIVE AND KICK THOSE PROCUCERS ASS HARD *goes to talk to god to see if it’s possible*

  26. Nathan asking Saya to kill him is just stupid. I would’ve expected him to fight Haji a little. He just gave up his life like that. >:[ But I’m glad Haji’s alive.

    Awwwww…the babies are adorable. It’s another new life for Diva and Saya to be together. That’s great. ^___^

    Can’t wait for the BIG FINAL episode.

  27. RIght now .. if they decide to do a part two, and have the same idiot(s) who made up the story … THEN NO #%@ WAY! Leave it as it is before the name Blood+ looses its reputation. HOWEVER! If it is a new group of ppl or ppl that KNOWS THEIR SHYT! THEN i am pro for a 2nd Blood+

    We dont know if Nathan is actually dead … most likely he is. But he fell into that dark ditch … but as many of us have wondered, what if Nathan is NOT really Diva’s chevalier, but the Queen before Saya and Diva. So Saya’s blood didnt affect Nathan … AND SO HE LIVES! Um .. no >.>

    I just find it really stupid for Nathan to die just like that … seeing as most of us thought he was the final villian. Perhaps if they do a 2nd Blood+, maybe Nathan faked his death and waited for the 2 queens to mature? *shurgs … tho it is hard to see it bc why would Nathan just wait when he can easily raise the children by himself?

    My thought is that the Chevalier needs blood from their mother/queen in order to survive. So when Diva died, and Nathan says theres no point living .. perhaps he meant that eventually he is going to die bc of lack of Diva’s blood?


  28. if she does die now it would be pretty stupid (like a piano falling on her or something…) seeing as when the main charactar dies (i.e. chrono crusade) you get half the fans pissed now if the main charactar doesnt die you get the other half pissed….its a no win situation….

  29. Also .. what was really REALLY lame was when Diva was beginning to crystalized bc of Saya’s blood. Then Saya try to reattach Diva’s arm … then she tried bc Diva died? WTF IS UP WITH THAT? SAYA WANTED TO KILL DIVA, YET SHE MOURNED DIVA’S DEATH? Anyone found that really REALLY GAY?

  30. about those dvd episodes im gonna get very pissed if they do it evangelion style and make a movie cause the (TV) ending sucks….i would only be pissed cause i would have to go watch it….. yeah and now i have a question WTF plot is really left in the story now…its pretty much a filler happy-killy w/e episode next, hell it might even just be a flashback episode then saya croaks for some reason leaving hagi to go insane then become a vagrent so he can chase demons in the vatican…wilst kai raises children like a dad-mom hybrid machine and the rest of the charactars get crappy chilche endings like lulu is saved by the power of love and crap and david gets hit by a car after winning 100,000 dolar, lewis opens a donut shop and dies of a heart attack after eating a zillion donuts…mao moves in with kai but is pretty much useless…julia becomes a crackwhore after realizing david has to amputate his balls…oh and amchel isnt really dead and goes around causeing michief in a overlypowered mecha will three teenagers try and stop him from destroying humanity…..i would laugh if they did any of this……

  31. the moral of this story is….if you want a family by having underaged sex a crazy demented teenager will come and impale you with a sword, honestly how many times do i have to tell this kids not to have sex…its like the biggest no-no in horror fill history…j/k lol

  32. It looks like they ran out of funding.
    Killing the main characters this way is just silly. Especially the way Diva died…from the way she fought Solomon earlier it’s just ridiculous she died this way.
    The only logical thing is that they really want to finish the series in 50 episodes. So this is what happened. Don’t blame the artists/storywriter though….it’s hard to finish the story well with only 2 allocated episodes….
    It’s almost like having software developers forced to ship crappy products to meet the deadline…. 🙁

  33. Well I guess most of my wild guesses went to the toilet……

    I didn’t expect Diva to die like that but its probably possible that having those babies changed her bloods dna and most likely passed that powerful blood to her 2 daugthers.
    Sad ending to Saya and Diva. Definitely rushed ending.

    Its pretty shocking. Now whats gonna happen to Saya and Haji? With the spoiler about the US government getting ready to bomb the MET, and those flashback scenes from the past for the next ep might point to Saya finally ending her life. She will probably feel too much guilt to stay around and help raise those 2 kids knowing she killed their mother. She and Haji might decide to stay and get bombed to smithereens.

    Oh man what a let down……………….just another wild guess… but i think i was right about Kai possibly raising those 2 kids.

  34. @JH1stGen
    Well, can you please stop whining/screaming? Everybody get´s it already that you weren´t pleased by this episode.

    For your last post:
    First, are you homophob or what?
    Second, Saya mourning Divas death was totally IN CHARACTER and absolute believible! If you didn´t noticed: that was a strong part of the whole drama – that Saya would have to kill Diva, although she is her own Twin Sister. What did you´d expect? That she enjoys her triumphe? Well THAT would really be the cliched hollywood ending! Saya crying for Diva and for herself mirrors the whole emotional dilemma of her character in this series. She hated her AND she loved her.

    NO we don´t ALL agree in not liking the finale! I enjoyed it so far 😉

    Well I love the show NOT because it has action fights, monsters or whatever. I love it because it´s a drama. And so I like that episode, because they were going with the drama and don´t introduced some rediculous hidden power or otherwise deus ex machina. It sure could´ve been more extensive. But I like it – and let´s not forget: there is one episode left. I´m looking forward to it.

  35. See people are missing the whole point. Yes the ending was disapointing however, Divia once she took riku’s blood into her basicly no longer wanted to kill Saya she only boosted and put on a front. Fact is wither we like it or not Riku helped defeat Divia. Divia had no problem trying to kill saya when they 1st met. Divia moved super fast and everything against saya but when they met again, she held back.. why? Because she couldnt kill her sister because of riku’s blood influence. People all asked why she took riku’s appearance? We all said oh shes a nut job. Nope! Riku basicly became one with Divia. Divia having control mostly but when it came to making a life or death choice Riku took over more and Saved a weakened Saya. In the end that little shit of a kid helped end saya’s 180 year battle. Saya and Hagi will live. Most likely they will excape just before the place is bombed by the us goverment. Saya will go to sleep, and they will show how the other characters are doing Julia and David get together married Julia somehow cures Lulu. Louis will just be Louis and they’ll show him eatting something being happy. That reporter guy and kai’s gf get together then They’ll go to 30 years later, show a older kai next to Hagi with Divia’s now teenager looking kids (same age as saya and divia look) And the rest of the older looking gang waitting for her in the sunset and saya looks at them and just smiles of course not knowing wtf they are lol. Series ends.

  36. I agree with flobotnum regarding the complaints about how the final battle ended. So sad to see that final shot of Diva dreaming being with her 2 little ones. Just heartbreaking. I really loved this series from the original movie to the manga sequel and watching every ep since the beginning. Waited 6 years for a story to be built up. Its a heart breaking drama but with possible hope at the end. Heres hoping that Saya will find a reason to live and maybe not go to sleep. Who knows?

  37. Also some people would say oh Divia wanted to kill totally kill Saya dont beleve that, meh so so some of her did and some of her didnt. You cant say Divia didnt hold back because she did we all know it. She was very shocked that her blood didnt kill Saya. Like I said part of her wanted to kill saya and part of her didnt. So she wasnt going all out. Because of Riku. Nathan just loves Divia plan and simple. He didnt wanna live in the world without her. So he willingly gave up his life. Personally a better role for him would have been to at least take the kids and run and rase them but he wanted saya to be happy as well. So that was his choice. ummk I’m done, cant wait to see next weeks episode. Hope saya gets she is still needed because man still has divia’s blood and is still creating monsters.

  38. @ Flobot

    I am entitled to my opinion u sanctimonious sob

    1st: How am i a homophob u retard? Are u a homophob? Exactly .. bringing such a accusation right up ur ass

    2nd: It is called Saya being a total hypocrite bc Soloman proposed the idea that Saya and Diva lived together and stop the meaningless fight. When Diva’s arm broke, Saya tried to put it together. If you cannot see how wrong this is, then you are absouletly blind, or dont understand the irony.

    I did not expect Saya to be happy or laff with an evil side to it, but the fact that she mourned was pathetic

    And this serie has not shown Saya progress as a character. You cannot deny the fac that Saya didnt get strong like Haji. She barely beat her previous battles against Karl and James. Let alone normal chiropteran.

  39. @ flobotnum
    I agree with you on absolutely everything you said.

    The ending of Blood+ has been so far, one of the most enjoyable finales I’ve seen in animes. Sure Blood+ had some good amount of action, but what seperates Blood+ from the other titles in the genre is its ability to pull off bittersweet drama out of context promised with action animes. No, Nathan didn’t fight Hagi and Saya. But it shows one thing; his grand scheme was to let Diva have what she really wanted–to be treated as a human, and to discover various emotions, and to understand what it means to live outside the cage you are trapped in. And we’ve seen them all; her anger and sadness, her jeaolousy towards Saya, and her wish to live along with her children. For once, Diva wasn’t a psychotic and hysteric child molesting b*tch that many had portrayed her as throughout the series.

    And, the final interaction between Saya and Diva can be seen in many different ways. Put yourself in Saya’s shoes for a moment; Your whole life is about killing the monster that you’ve unleashed, who happens to be your own sister, and to kill yourself, who is the very cause of this chaos. Now, you just exchanged swords with her, in which you’ve stabbed each other with curse-tainted blood. Just when you thought you are going to die along with your sister and welcome the end, only your sister starts to crystallize. Then your sister finally breaks and says she doesn’t want to die. What would you be thinking? You’ve just lost the easiest solution of death, and the only fact that remains is that The last part is important by the way, you just stole the life of your own sister who just wanted to be free, just so you can proof the meaning of your existance.

    You have to look at things from different points of view for a drama such as Blood+. Think about what message is hidden under seemingly boring finale. Look at the series as a whole–review the meaning of this series. It’s not an onparade of the obvious *coughDBZcough*. You have to interpret the ending yourself.

    I’ll stop because I’m sounding too much like some second class mediator or something. -_-;

  40. Regarding how Nathan died. I kind of thought it was lame but also smart.
    Instead of having Saya and Hagi fight Nathan exactly like how they fought Karl and James, he just decided to call it quits and die with honor. Sure he had a cool different look than the other Chevaliers but Saya probabily would have beat him anyway.
    I find Hagi fighting boring. I mean every single time Hagi takes like a hundred stabs, Hagi will never die. And Hagi makes all those blue-streaks when he goes here and there. Hagi and Amshel’s wings weren’t flying naturally at all. It’s like they were floating like balloons instead of bats. A large part of the action in the series is by Hagi, not Saya. Perhaps the worst thing in the series and why Saya makes little progress in the series is all because of Hagi. The series would probabily have taken a better direction if it weren’t for Hagi.

  41. I think the series will end nicely…
    After all, isn’t the last episode titled “Nankurunaisa”?
    Zettai Daijoubu dayo

    Besides, remember at the new ending sequence, you see two little girls crossing the street holding hands?

  42. LMAO Chu Chu…..i honestly disgree with you i mean HAGI is considered one of the best characters of the series and you are telling us readers that you think without HAGI the series would have been better Lol i HIGHLY DOUBT THAT……..

  43. I hate Hagi because he doesnt say anything,he is a boring character that tries to get by on looks alone. I can only hope now that Saya and hagi stay in the theatre and wait for the bomb to drop killing her and letting kai take and raise the new queens. Then that will leave hope for a good season 2 if there is one. Without Diva saya becomes boring and meaningless in my opinion.

  44. I’m perfectly fine with a happy ending which most of you say is cliche and predictable. But hey, it doesn’t sound too bad at all. What’s wrong with the protagonists being able to live happily everafter? *Praying for a happy ending*

  45. Are you saying Hagi is a mimbo, Darkloco?
    And now that Diva is dead Saya can actually get a life. Good for her.
    What’s with this bombing the Met thing? Don’t forget millions to billions of people all around the world have just turned into chiroptera. I don’t see how destroying the Met will accomplish anything.

  46. Amshel died so that pleased me.

    When Saya and Diva stabbed each other, they both assumed they’d die together but the unexpected happened; and Diva is the only one to die. It’s really heartbreaking to see, specially when Saya tried to piece her back again but failed. Saya is a kind-hearted girl and to see her own sister die like that… I understand why she cried.

    Perhaps it will be a happy ending next episode after all. Tho, I can’t foresee any happily ever after with Kai and Saya. He’s human. She’s not. He seems to have forgotten that fact.

  47. The writers came up with the dumbest idea i ever heard of, that because of the birth of her twins divas dna changed…if that happened to the point that divas blood doesnt effect saya anymore…that would only mean the same goes for her as well. Thinkabout it….it makes no sense otherwise!!! And yes, Hagiis a mimbo in my opinion…he so sucks as a character. all this screen time and he hasnt evoled since the first episode we seen him in. He has stayed the same,while i cant say like like sayas change at least she did change a bit. Now please kill them both so we can have a meaningful ending,instead of the typical lets live happy. Then again i sort of would like to see what saya will say to the twins when they grow up how their mother died!!! It really would be awesome to see them kill saya for their mother!

  48. Well yes, it is physically impossible for Saya’s blood to work on Diva but not for Diva’s to work on Saya, but the same is true for every single other Chiropteran Saya has killed over the course of her life. If there are two substances that crystallize on contact, if one of them ceases to have that function than the other will have no effect either. Still, that hasn’t stopped the same exact thing from happening tons of times over the course of the series. I guess we were just supposed to accept that it’s possible in the Blood+ universe for such a thing to occur.

  49. Diva is dead. I feel so sad that she’s dead because 1. she was my favourite character EVER and 2. she never really had the chance to be truly happy.

    Never mind that this episode could have been so much better. Never mind that I found it lame as well that all three antagonists died just like THAT. I’m hoping so hard that it doesn’t become cheesy. Bomb-dropping-on-theatre-killing-everything sounds exactly like melted cheese poured all over it.

    And if the series turns to full KaiXSaya I will be pissed. I AM a HagixSaya fan. Unfortunately, Hagi seems to be too silent and obedient for his own good at times. -__-

    I’ll be fine with happy endings, though sad ones [and more realistic ones] have always appealed to me. As long as it isn’t cliched and cheesy… because Blood+ so does not deserve to end like that.

  50. The picture with Diva playing with her babies is the sweetest picture ever. I just can’t stop looking at it. Here, she’s so happy to be alive with her daughters. Can’t you see it? Even though she was brought up as a lab subject, she still wants her children to be happy. I think she would’ve made a good mother. But how she got her babies is the wrong way to do it, but it was the only way to do it.

    I believe Saya is not going to die in the end. She will probably sleep for another thirty years while Haji and Kai waits for her. Kai will also raise the children. Mao will probably end up with Okamura. Yay for that. 😀

    Actually, I’m REALLY hoping that Saya will not have to fall into her 30 year sleep. Is that a possibility? I really really hope so. I think it’s sad that Haji and Saya can’t be together like a normal couple. And are Haji’s feelings for Saya truly love, or is it just the natural feelings of a Chevalier towards his master? That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

    So the twins that Kai will raise up will not age after turning 16, huh? I wonder what they’ll do.

    I agree with your ending for episode 50. I also liked the way you explained how Riku was holding Diva back from killing Saya. I really didn’t think of that. Is it true though? I didn’t read the manga, so I don’t know.

    I must say, if Julia and David were to have kids, they’d be pretty smart kids. xD

    Also, Saya may not only be crying for her sister, but the fact that everything is coming to an end, that Haji stayed with her for so long, that Kai always thought of her as family, that Riku will always be in her memories, that Diva can finally find peace, that she befriended Solomon, David, Julia, Lewis, Mao, Kaori, the Sifs, Joel, and that it is finally time for her to die.

  51. Diva’s DNA didn’t change. What was said was that the blood lost its power. It makes sense for the blood to lose the poison, because the children had to share the blood with the mother. Diva retained all her powers, that is why nobody could tell the blood has changed. It makes sense, when human women are pregnant, their blood has changes due to the pregnancy. How do you think pregnancy tests work? They detect chemichals that are not supposed to be in the urine when the woman is not pregnant.

    I don’t think the writers pulled this from their asses at the last minute, that is why the pregnancy was important, was the only way to convincenly have Saya kill Diva. They both thought they were dieing together.

  52. MaoxOkamura is a big NONO! Where do people get the idea that Mao has given up on Kai.
    Saya is going to sleep for 30 years. Kai and Mao are going to raise the girls. Haji is just going to wait for Saya to wake up.

  53. I am surprised that they finish off Diva so fast, and I thought there would be some kinda final showdown in the end. It does seem far too easy to kill off an important character such as Diva herself. And the fact that Saya didn’t crystalize like Diva is really too good to be true, :/ but well, since the anime is comin’ to an end, guess shall take whatever comes. And based on the title of the last ep, it does seem to hint a happy ending… or not?

  54. i think i’ll love the ending, kai will confess his love to saya( watch ep 46)and saya will go back to okinawa(because there was a lot of kaori, and “nankuranaisa”), hagi is going to die(watch ep 36 and 28), and van will probably do something, maybe is going to steal one of the babies(because he’s still alive !!!!!!!)…but there is still the “saya’s going to sleep” thing but they probably find a way for her to be happy with kai…

    but we still don’t know what a chiroptere is…

  55. well, Kai didn’t die dammmmit… I was praying for him to just die and disappear from the serie right from the beginning of the serie.

    Anyway, Kai gonna screwed the next episdoe beyond control…So I don’t really care about the ending much anymore..

    AS LONG AS ITS NOT KAIxSAYA GO BACK TO OKINAWA ENDING! I am praying it wouldn’t end like that….and as a little hope, I hope Hagi just slice Kai off into little pieces because he is getting in the way….

  56. I think that Saya and Haji will die in the blast. Reasons for this are simple:

    1. She killed many innocent people and children in Vietnam ep 1 and killed most of the Red Shield commando squad when she went berserk in ep 13.
    2. She reluctantly made Riku into a Chevalier and then saw him die.
    3. She caused Haji to get hurt in 1883 and always regretted making Haji her Chevalier in spite of his never regretting it.
    4. Her blood killed Irene, Solomon and most painfully of all, her own sister. That last scene of her trying to keep her sister from breaking apart is painful to watch.
    5. Haji would rather die with her than to remain for all eternity without her.
    6. The ending preview with the past flashbacks eps may indicate that a real tear jerker of a finale is coming………..with a future hope in the end.

    She has always maintained that if she didn’t release Diva from the tower, none of the horror that was introduced to the world would have happened. She carries a lot of guilt and feels that to pay for her wrongs she has to die.

    Kai will raise the 2 girls and will teach them to love each other as family. OMG this is a emotional anime, one of the best I have seen in spite of the negative comments.

  57. Okay, I don’t hate Hagi like say what Diva did to Riku. He hate the way he’s like.
    He says nothing. Seems to be always taking so much pain yet not even relating on any of it like he’s a zombie. Hagi doesn’t even talk that much to all the other major players. He knows so much about Saya and fighting chiropterans but doesn’t seem to share any of it. And he doesn’t care much about Kai’s emotional troubles when Riku became a chevalier like he didn’t care too much about saving George from fighting Forest near the begin of the entire series. So much happens and he’s still a dumb over-glorified tuxedo-kamen.
    If the series fleshed out his character instead of being Saya’s psuedo-love interest and zombie guardian, he would have been really cool instead of being so tacky and unreal.
    Zero character development over 50 episodes, even with flashbacks???

  58. @Josantia
    Sounds plausible. And it would indeed be the major tear jerker I expect from that show.
    But who knows. I had some theories about episode 49… but in the end I was mostly in the dark (I didn´t see the ‘Diva´s blood lost it´s poison’ plot twist coming. And it was a good twist – at least for me it makes perfectly sense).

    But now think about it this way: she sure feels a lot of guilt and from her viewpoint maybe the only logical solution is to die. But that would contradict a mayor theme of this show: It isn´t your blood relation which defines you – the choices you make for your life makes what you are (some episodes ago they vocalised that theme with Kai saying something like that to David and the rest of the core red shield group).
    What I want to say is, that it´s possible as well they go with that theme and make Saya learn not only to feel the value of life in her friends but the value of her own life (and that of her nieces). And I can imagine that somehow this could be triggered by Kai.

    Well – next week we´ll know 😉 And how did they put it – ‘The battle that started in 1833 will soon end in ways no one could have forseen.’. I´m curious about it 🙂

  59. @flobotnum

    I just downloaded the shinen subs version for ep 49 and on the ending preview Saya says

    Show Spoiler ▼

    I won’t say anymore. This will be one tear jerker of a finale……..

  60. The whole thing with Divas children came up around the late 30’s. Yes there are ONLY 50 episodes, but im pretty sure there will be a second series…mabye an ova. Divas children were born, and they seemed to make such a big deal out of them..because they came in, in the late 30’s..theres no way that they wont make anything afterwards with them in it…..they better.

  61. Funny how Amshel says that buring a chevalier is only one of a few ways to kill them for certain, and he then gets fried, heh. Was very disappointed that Hagi didn’t go full chiropteran form for his showdown with Amshel. It would have been nice to see it at least once before the series ended; I figured the red and black motif he had with his hands, and his black wings, would have been really cool as far as chiropteran design goes (James is still my favorite design). Is it just me or did Amshel remind anyone else of the devil in his chiropteran form (a big hulking one with a gross beer belly, anyway)? I have to agree with most comments about Hagi; zero personality and motivation aside from being Saya’s robot slave, and no character development throughout the entire series over 50 episodes. At least in the manga he interacted with Riku and Kai more, and Diva’s chevaliers each all had more personality and sense of free will than Hagi ever displayed. Show some emotion, man, instead of keeping up this pretty boy tuxedo-sam pretense who’s only good at being a pin cushion.

    Diva being killed was a given; there was no way she was going to kill at the end of the series, though her blood no longer being poisonous to Saya was a mild surprise, even if it was kind of a deus ex machina cop out. Did feel a little sorry for Diva; in the end, all she wanted was a family (and for Saya to care about her), but the way she went about having one made her an unredeemable monster. I never thought of Amshel as a father figure to Diva before, but it would make sense given how the theme of family is important to both sides. The brief flash of Diva playing with her children was sad, and despite being an evil monster, her maternal instincts were very strong. Nathan giving up so easily like that was pretty surprising too; I expected a lot more fight out of him, given how much he was hinted at being this dangerous and powerful badass despite his effete exterior. But without his beloved Diva, he had no reason to keep on living, it seems (he gets killed very similarly to how James gets sliced in half by Saya in the manga, it seems).

    Still iffy to say how the series will end, but judging by the title of the last ep, everything will work out. Saya will sleep; she can’t fight her biological clock. Hagi can either die protecting her one last time, or watch over her slumber until she wakes up again. Kai raising the girls as his own daughters makes sense (though technically he’s their biological uncle); he’s optimistic enough to believe that raised with love and care, they can overcome their nature. Saya is proof of this. Lulu is still a question mark, but being “adopted” by Lewis seems to work out if Julia ever finds a cure for her. Julia and David have finally come to terms with each other. Mao; well, that depends on Kai (though I really doubt he’ll end up with Saya given she’s about to sleep for 30 years) but I’m fairly sure she’ll stick with him and go back to Okinawa. Okamura will continue to work with Red Shield (the chiropteran problem still exists throughout the world).

    Van Argeno is still at large so far, and he may do something unexpected, so we’ll have to see in the next ep. If IG ever makes a sequel to the series, it’d be interesting to see the sisters grown up together (and fighting together – twin sword-wielding schoolgirls would be cool, heh), an older Kai (in the role of George/David), and a new villain(s) to face against (Saya and Diva’s aunt, perhaps, who may be in hiding all this time – they never did explain what killed their mother). Some interesting possibilities, though IG will most likely work on other projects now (they are making a new series called Chevalier, I believe, unrelated to Blood+, taking place in Renaissance-Napoleonic France, but can always hope it has something to do with this series). I have to say, overall, I enjoyed the series, and the twists and turns have been interesting, even with all of Blood+’s flaws in character development and the dragging story in some places. Definitely one of the better anime series I’ve seen.

  62. I don’t think it’s possible for Saya to die anymore. Kai is around and he always messes things up.

    Because of him, what would have been a better more satisfying ending – Saya dying with her sister, will most probably not happen and we will have to tolerate an all around happy ending with Saya and Kai going back to Japan.

    I just can’t see any other way, with a title named “Everything will be alright.” The best ending I can see is one with Saya and Hagi leaving together.

  63. Shimatta!

    First Strawberry Panic! 25 preview and now this… Shinsen took me be surprise today, but I was happy for that outcome. Well, Diva was defeated pretty easyly, and Saya wanted to die with her? WTF…

    Well… after every 30 years of slumber… maybe a happy ending for Saya is fair

    Syaoran Li
  64. arghs… ep49 is so sad!! (T_T) suppose in the end all Diva wanted was to truly be happy…

    well… here’s what i’m guessing (and hoping) will happen:
    1) Saya will let Diva’s kids live (those two little girls in the ED sequence!!). Kai will take ’em back to Okinawa and raise them just as George did for Kai, Saya & Riku.
    2) Hagi will keep his promise to Saya… the series just wouldn’t have much meaning anymore if they tried to cancel this out somehow.. (>_

    hagi fan
  65. @piggy
    Well because Saya isn´t pregnant? At least that´s what they implied.

    Or do you mean that if one blood loses it´s ability to poison the other -> therefore it cant´t be poisoned itself anymore? Well…*lol* – I don´t think you should try to see it as scientific correct and think of it as acid vs. base. I mean – it´s a fantasy setting after all…

  66. i just thought of something. Since everyone said that nathan was possibly from the previous mother, i thought it might be that he might be up to something like saya’s blood doesnt kill him and it mixes and does something. Iono i find it suspicious that the animators didnt show him dying and instead had him fall into that pit. Doesnt it remind you of what happend to james? in anime no1 is really dead unless you see it is what im saying. I dunno possible portion for ending, he comes back somewhere kills some character and end it w/ a triple ko hagi saya and nathan. wouldnt that be cool?

  67. Well if Diva’s blood had remained toxic to Saya’s, her babies may have crystalized in the womb [insert shock]. I think that’s what was implied. In order to get pregnant she had select a mate from the opposing bloodline.
    She chose to conceive a child with Riku, adopted some of DNA, and the consequence was that she could no longer kill Saya.

  68. Im quite sad that Diva is now dead. I mean like she looked really happy in that vision of her and her kids. ;_; As for Saya and Hagi, im glad that they’re still alive. But i do agree with everyone about Hagi’s personality. He has’nt changed one bit since the 1st episode. >_> He’s too quite, and obedient. I wish he acted more like a human and show some emotions. But i still like him though.

    Chibi Misao
  69. WTH..
    Diva lose her power because she have baby.. btw in biology explaination mother and bady DO NOT share blood at all.! amshel said want to create more queen sigh.. how can that plan work cos the queen will lose their power when they give birth.. meaning queen will be weaker then those Cheavaliers….
    Saya and Diva should have their true Chiropteran form rite?
    cos their mother is dead in her chiropteran form….
    i been waiting to see diva true chiropteran form but she DIE with just one stab.. Disappointed!!!

  70. Okay, lol:
    During pregnancy, it is not uncommon for the mother’s and baby’s blood to mix via the placenta.
    Also, who said anything about Diva losing her powers?
    The only thing that changed was her blood’s affect on Saya as far as we can tell.

  71. uhmmm… I don’t think (and never thought) saya would die, I mean now there are thousands of yokshu or however you spell it roaming the world and so basically she will be needed by the red shield to destroy the mess amschell created.
    by the way, loved solomon everyone else kinda sucks… and yes character development in general in this anime was kinda poor, could’ve done a lot more with 50 episodes.

  72. Kai will succeed his late father and raise those babies

    Saya and Haji.. it’s really better off if they die.

    unless they want to make another stupid season of Saya vs the eeeeeevil amerikkkans
    seriously, Japan. WTF.

  73. I watched 49 and it was pretty good, by the screenshots it seems not so well, but it ended okay, but there is still ALOT more un answered questions…alot of the questions are important, and some that are not what about going back to okinawa? All i can say, the end of 49 is a huge cliff hanger!! I cant wait another 5 days for the last ep.

  74. I really am hoping that Saya spares the two kids. Also, I really am hoping that Kai pays attention to Mao. I can’t help rooting for her as she clearly is so in love with Kai, and he still focuses on Saya.
    One thing I am not sure I liked was how Nathan just dropped out of the picture. I wanted to see a bit more explaining his tie to Saya and Diva’s mother. Also, how is it that Diva can create such gi-normous (yeah I know that ain’t a real word) Chevaliers, and Haji looks like the runt of the litter. Anyway, the Battle between the first Chevaliers was fun, but I wish it had gone a little longer. One more to go!

  75. I think the whoever scripted the final battle between Saya and Diva could have done a much better job. I would have preferred it to have gone more like this: 1. Haji kills Amschel 2. Saya and Diva start to duel, looking like a pretty evenly matched battle 3. Haji and Nathan start to fight 4. Diva starts to win, Saya gets beat up 5. Nathan kills Haji. This really gets Saya’s blood boiling (not literally) 6. Saya just completely overwhelms Diva with her newfound anger 7. Saya stabs Diva. The audience thinks Saya won 8. Diva musters enough strength to stab Saya (surprise number one) 9. Diva crystalizes; Saya doesn’t (surprise 2) 10. Haji isn’t really dead (surprise 3).

  76. I’m fairly sure Nathan bit the big one. When his body fell down the pit, it landed with an audible (and fleshy) thud. But after a little while, you can hear some crackling of glass echoing from down below, implying that his body crystallized after the impact (Saya’s blood had to have a little time to spread through his system, I’m guessing). Nathan hinted at a lot of things, some of which surprised even Amshel (who thought he was fully in control – arrogant bastid), and it sucks that we’ll never know for sure know unless ep 50 fills in the blanks (doubtful) or IG makes a sequel (also doubtful). We also never see how Nathan became a Chevalier, while all of Diva’s other Chevaliers have had their origins explained to some degree (with maybe the exceptions of Gregory/Ratsputin and Martin, but they were very minor characters).

    Speaking as a member of the American military (and currently stationed in Okinawa, no less), this show does seem to have a thinly veiled (and preachy) undercurrent of anti-Americanism to it. But I can forgive that since it’s just a show (and fantasy too) and the theme of the shadowy government conspiracy as a major villain isn’t exactly anything new. The original Blood movie had the same strangely mixed message of American involvement in foreign affairs around the world; what that message was, who really knows except the writers. But speaking from firsthand experience, yes, there is a bit of anti-American sentiment here in Okinawa, but it’s mostly coming from older generations of Okinawans (who tend to think of themselves different from mainland Japanese anyway). Without American dollars supporting the local economy, Okinawa would have serious problems (it’s certaintly the prefecture that receives the lowest funding by the Japanese government).

    Who knows, Van Argeno may do something really crazy and unexpected, seeing how he now has nothing left to lose. I really wouldn’t mind seeing Hagi die. He needs to serve some greater purpose than just take bullets (or spikes or claws through the stomach) for Saya and be her yes-man boy-toy. The whole promise about him killing Saya when everything ends seems like a really weak excuse for having him around.

    Saya; well, with all that she’s been through, the girl deserves a bit of happiness, however brief, before she dies or goes into her 30-year sleep cycle. I don’t think she has it in her to love anyone romantically; she’s too afraid to let anyone get that close to her and so she distances herself from everyone except Hagi. I think she even sees Hagi as more of a brother than anything else (she gave him her blood so he could become her Chevalier, so technically, they DO share the same blood), even more so than Kai. But now that her purpose for her entire existence thus far (killing Diva) has been accomplished, she may ease up a little, but what can she really do in the little time she has left before falling into hibernation again? The series did have entirely too much KaixSaya moments though.

  77. the whole story is like pandora’s box…saya opened the box and out poped diva (sounds stupid doesnt it) anyways after diva gets out all thats left is saya(hope) to go killer her also as for the whole blood poison thing just think of one as poison and the other base and seeing as riku was a chevalier and had sayas blood when diva err…yeah “did him” there blood mixed thus making it neutal so the poison is gone…..

    twin sword wielding school girls vs. van argeno and the chiropterran menace….hmmmmm mabye they should make a sequel…..

  78. Officially my favorite episode. I think it would’ve been better if Saya had gone with Diva…at first I thought Diva was a whore or whatever, but she’s actually just misunderstood. REALLY misunderstood. But Saya was spoiled, and Diva killed people, so I guess they both should’ve died? Too much dying, but I guess that’s “Blood+” for you. Nathan was weird, I agree. Still, this is my favorite anime. :] Thanks for the summary!
    Oh yah, and I agree with Dori. :[ Seems like those Sif were just thrown in. x__x

  79. poor of Diva,i kinda like her now,i wish that she could live peacefully with her babies…
    i hate kai or anything with kaiXsaya…if he didn’t interrupt saya,she would killed the babies and haji would kill her and then he woul kill himself,or she could died with diva and haji would also follow her death,or something like that…kai ruins everything…

  80. Throughout the series, Kai has been portrayed as the type of character whose strength comes from being able to move opposing arguments and thoughts (Kai with Irene, Moses, Lulu, Saya) into a positive outcome. Because of that I really believe in this last episode coming up, that Kai will be able to convince Saya to live. Even though I say this, I’m still crossing my fingers for it not to suddenly take a turn for the worst.

  81. in a way the nathan kind’a works.

    he’s the only one who ever really was trying to achieve what diva really wanted, to just have a family and be freed from all the tests and experiments.

    him and hagi pretty much ended up being the same kind of person….

  82. this is a truly disappointed ep. they try to squeez so much things

    in one ep (by cutting the whole series short). i agree with this

    web-host’s idea. “it did seem like Amshel and Diva weren’t as

    intimidating as they were before” and “Nathan even asked

    Saya to kill him”. Diva, Amshel, or even Nathan could have kill

    saya and haji easily. since saya has been fairly weak for the

    past few eps(due to her sleep-period is near). and haji never

    had much powers(compare to the Diva’s Chevaliers). it seems

    that all saya’s Chevaliers are weaklings, they can’t transform

    fully as those big powerful and ugly monster Chevaliers, yet all

    Diva’s Chevaliers could. and Amshel’s death is so pathetic, it

    seems that everyone could have killed him. and Nathan had

    been a very interesting Chevaliers, he comes and goes and

    shows a very interesting side from all other Chevaliers. i also

    thought that they wud show some background info, about how

    he became Diva’s Chevalier. they could have let him take

    Diva’s baby and rise them. altho he did say that he wasn’t

    interested in her babies, but only her – Diva. im just very

    disappointed how this ep turned out. now Diva is dead, i guess

    that last lil purple haired girl is going to die too, since Diva’s

    blood is gone. unless she uses her babies’ blood or something.

    and as the web host referring to mai otome. isn’t Diva suppose

    to know that she will lost her blood-power, before Nathan?

    afterall, Nathan is at least the 4rd person became Diva’s

    Chevalier. 1st the Amshel from way back to the Zoo, then is his

    pretty-lil-bro and then is the Phantom. if they brings in tons

    policial statment and stuffs on the last ep. i wud rather not to see

    it. so many ppl shouldn’t die, they died. many ppl should been

    have died many times, yet they are still alive. and it seems that

    the last ep gonna be a happy ending. WTF is wrong with the

    producers?! do they actually expect that saya can go back to

    what she used to be? and where is haji’s place?

  83. THis ep 49 is no a happy ending at all…
    Cos DIva died
    after this ep i knew that Diva is a sad character.. recieve no love by those human and was made as an experimental subject by those human…
    ya saya is selfish, why she never put herself into Diva’s shoes?
    I would prefer A ending showing DIVA AND SAYA draw their sword to fight those monster than to fight each other…
    i pity Diva’s baby too…
    THi ep 49 is a very tragdic ending

    Happy ending???
  84. also people totally missed, saya wanted to go with divia. She kept saying take me with you. Thats why when Divia’s arm came off she tried to put it on again. She simply wanted to die with her sister who shes been fighting against for over a 100 years. Shes going to make her choice tomorrow. I already stated what choice she will make. Peope should try blood+ final piece for the psp. kinda fills in some gaps left. New characters too.

  85. I would like the play the psp game but my Japanese ins’t strong enough and because it is on the story based side my experience would be lacking 🙁
    Would someone who has played the game mind giving examples of the the new characters/information in it?

  86. ZOMG

    Show Spoiler ▼

  87. The reason I know so early is because I live in Okinawa and saw the last episode air live on local TV, of course. I kinda wish I was kidding when I typed that quick spoiler before heading out the door, lol. Gathering from my non-existant grasp of the Japanese language, I’m fairly sure what I wrote is accurate for the most part, barring any translation issues.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  88. apparently, Nathan didn’t die… if you watch the capture of “Van Argeno” a “reporter” asks him a random question which he answers with a no comment. If you listen to the voice, see the face and the way he disappeared, you would know that it was really indeed Nathan. So, not all of Diva’s chevaliers died.

  89. Poor Diva, I like her because she wasn’t a bad person, she just wanted a family, I always cry in this episode, she looks really cute with her babies!!!

    Mmm… I don’t care if Saya doesn’t die, she is the protagonist, isn’t she? and I think is a good ending and an excellent anime, You guys really want a tragic ending?? because it’s a sad ending; solomon, moses, george, riku, Diva and a lot died in this anime… Do you want to kill Saya too??, and Hagi disappears!!!
    And, maybe, if Saya wakes up, she’s going to kill herself, because she’s going to be alone, are you happy? jeje

  90. I can’t believe that saya didn’t die what a bitch she totally should’ve died and Kai should not have the honor of raising Diva’s kids Diva should be the one to have survived not her stupid sister.Always forcing people to die for her own safety like solomon I HATE her with a passion

    Blackheart rebel #666

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