Just got back from school (11PM EST). One of my prototypes broke and I had to rebuilt it from scratch. *grumble grumble* Anyway, Lovely Idol, Pumpkin Scissors, and/or Tokimeki Memorial coming very soon.

Edit: Well I got two of the three. If I had gotten home six hours earlier like I had planned, then I probably would have been able to write up Tokimeki and Pumpkin Scissors. Unfortunately, it’s now 4AM and I’m dead tired, so that’s not going to happen. And given that this week is all new shows, it’s looks unlikely that I’ll ever get a chance to cover Pumpkin Scissors unless Lovely Idol and Tokimeki both are complete crap in their second episodes and I decide to pick PS up.

2nd Edit: Ok I lied. I decided to watch Pumpkin Scissors and liked it enough to post some pics. Remember, if you want me to blog a certain series, leave a comment under that first episode entry so that I don’t assume that people have no interest in whatever show because it’s got few or no comments. And now I really am going to bed b/c it’s 5AM…and I have to get up in 3 hours…


  1. my review:

    Tokimeki Memorial – I was impressed by this one actually a pretty good harem anime with a nice sense of humor.The main seyiuu caracter is the same from tamaki from ouran host club.

    Pumpkin Scissors – Very nice action anime from gonzo + geneon.It looks a little like the world from HAGANE.And the amin caracter is a mezurashi fushigi one!!! 😀

    Lovely Idol – typical cliche based like Angel lemon or the same style.But i´ll give it a try as usual as I do when i don´t like something, I try to whatch it for the 6th episode and after that i conclude what to do about – watch it or not!! 😉

    As the season continues my expectations too are going very high!!!
    STAY TOON FOR MORE!!!! Secret agent “TENSAI OTAKU” 😆 -> CLANK!!

  2. Don’t push yourself. No one’s getting younger everyday.

    It’s not like no one else is doing first episode impressions. Of course, faithful on-the-schedule continuity is something else….


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