Alright, since there have been some complaints, here is a brief explanation of my beginning-of-season methodology:
I take the shotgun approach, which means that I will try to watch and put up initial impressions of as many series as I can. Some of you may ask, well why don’t you write up do a full write-up for Series X? The answer is that it’s very hard to tell what will be good and what won’t be without watching an episode and seeing what others have to say about it. That’s why I try to do as much as I can early on, so that I don’t miss something good. The shows I write full entries for during the first week are either shows that I can summarize quickly or shows that I know for sure will be popular. As for what I will continue to follow through the rest of the season, I take into consideration 1) what series fit my schedule 2) what series I enjoyed and 3) what series seem the most popular – in that order of importance. That’s why comments are so crucial, because I use them as one of the gauges of popularity, and I keep track throughout a season.


  1. Gil
    Yea Omni, just do the shows that you like.

    he’s right, just do the ones you want to do man.

    Absolutely not, he should only do the shows that I like.
    I’ll make a big list.

    Oh yeah, and that goes for the rest of teh internets too.

  2. What ever happened to the other people that were helping you blog? I remember you assigning particular series to them, but in the end you did them all.

    I don’t really care about long summaries. I hope you get all of the good ones, and just have pictures and a few dot points, and also your thoughts on the episode. Without realising it, i’ve been using this blog a lot to check on what’s good and what’s not, release dates etc…

    Thanks a lot for your hard work.

    Oh: I can’t really give you a comment earlier on or later because i tend to wait until the animes are in their 20’s before i start watching ;P

  3. My advice to those selfish people, have a search around and there should be other blogs/website that write summary for different series.


    Omni, blog what you like and want, we’re behind you all the way.

  4. I don’t see why you need to blog because it’s popular… because it gets comments. Does that mean you’ll just stop blogging something because you don’t get comments, regardless of its quality? I think you should just blog whatever the hell you want, and to heck with pandering to the comments. It’s just the internets.

    Unless you’re in it for the comments only of course… in which case it’s your choice and I’ll just hang around and selfishly look at screencaps.

  5. and calling it “my impressions”, without even a word of said impressions…
    You’re wrong. I always leave a few thoughts on the episode. But maybe you’d like to try doing this. I’m getting tired of your constant bitching Karnot. This is like the third or fourth entry you’ve hijacked. If you don’t like it, then don’t come.

  6. If what you want is to follow the crowd’s calls and complaints, by all means. I wouldn’t recommend it, personally.

    If you have some other idea of what you want to do, then do that instead. You’ll save yourself a lot of grimace.

    There’s always the D-I-Y (do it yourself) retort for anyone who complains… I think.

  7. Whatever happens to blogging because you like the show instead of because you get comments? If you don’t intend on writing anything more than one or two lines then don’t blog the show. That’ll save you some people complaining.

    ps. I’m still waiting for summary for Tokimeki

  8. Whatever happens to blogging because you like the show instead of because you get comments?
    I do blog things because I like the show. Almost every entry I’ve done full write-ups for this week are shows I’ve really enjoyed. Everything else consists of shows I had certain things I wanted to say about or shows that fall on days where there is no clear favorite, such as Sundays and Mondays. I’d happy to follow any of the given shows on those days, but I need something to help me decide. Comments are a good way of allowing you the reader to tell me what you think. I’m not going by the number of comments, but rather by how excited people are and how much potential they see in a series. That’s what gives that extra little bit that tips the scale in favor of one show or another.

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