OP Sequence

OP: 「Love Power」 by Aice5
Watch the OP! Mirror 1 Mirror 2 (13.4MB, XviD)

As some girls are walking to school, they see a new, beautiful figure approaching, who is followed closely by friend Mikado Mariya. The new girl, Mizuho, remembers that it all started back in May. Mizuho is actually a guy and had learned that his grandfather’s last will wanted him to enroll in the Seiou Girl’s Academy. He had objected since he was male and this was a girl’s school, but Mariya had pulled out her makeup kit and used it to make him indistinguishable from a real girl. This disguise now has the headmaster commenting on how Mizuho is just like his mother, who had also come to this school. The only two teachers who know that Mizuho’s secret are this headmaster and Kajiura-sensei. The latter introduces Mizuho to his new classmates, and Mizuho becomes unnerved by the all the girls’ stares because he thinks he’ll soon get exposed. Actually, all of them find him very pretty, and rumors quickly spread throughout the school about the new girl. Even student council president Itsukushima Takako notices the commotion and hears about Mariya being Mizuho’s childhood friend.
Mizuho meanwhile gets surrounded by girls as they try to learn more about him. He excuses himself becomes he really needs to use the restroom, but when he gets there, he can’t make himself go in despite affirming to himself that he’s a girl. In the end, he decides to endure it until he gets to the dorm. After school, he’s running to meet Mariya when Mizuho stops because he catches sight of another beautiful girl. This dark-haired girl says a simple gokigenyou as she passes him, leaving Mizuho speechless. When he finally meets up with Mariya and arrives at his new dorm, the first thing Mizuho does is ask where the restroom is. After Mizuho rushes in and relieves himself, Mariya immediately checks the bathroom and sees that he left the toilet seat up. She smacks him because his actions could give away the fact that he’s not a girl, though their ensuing tussle is interrupted by the arrival of Kamioka Yukari. She’s very excited to meet Mizuho, but Mariya breaks up the meeting because Mizuho still has luggage to sort through.
As he goes up to his room, Mizuho encounters another girl trying to carry a tea set up the stairs. Mizuho helps this girl out, and learns that she’s Suouin Kana. Since Kana was bringing the tea to the new student’s room, the two are actually headed to the same place. Mizuho finds out that his new room is completely pink, and also that that the lowerclassmen here serve the upperclassmen. Yukari helps Mariya, and Kana is now going to be taking care of Mizuho. Kana has always wanted an onee-sama like Yukari had, and Mizuho can’t say no to her. Later that night, Mizuho is wondering why his grandfather left such a will when Mariya comes by to visit again. Mariya catches Mizuho staring at her chest, so Mariya takes off her shirt to reveal her lingerie. Actually, Mariya is here to hold a welcome pajama party for Mizuho, and Kana and Yukari join them. Since Mizuho is in normal clothes, Mariya rips them off and gives him some pajamas. Yukari and Kana end up jumping on and rubbing themselves against Mizuho as Mariya watches on. Mizuho can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen from now on.

ED Sequence

ED: 「Beautiful Day」 by 榊原ゆい (Sakakibara Yui)
Watch the ED! Mirror 1 Mirror 2 (33MB, XviD)
While I don’t really care for the opening song, the ending was rather catchy. And in fact, the ED animation was pretty cute with the super-deformed versions of the characters.

This first episode left me with a smile on my face. I can’t really say that the story or animation is superb, but it’s just that I had a lot of fun watching this. They didn’t cover much more than introducing the characters here, but you can tell immediately what type of show this is likely going to be. I mean come on, the episode opens with Horie Yui moaning. The word pseudo-yuri comes to mind. It’s pseudo only because Mizuho is a guy, but for all intents and purposes, he looks like a girl. And I’m sure that as the story goes on, most of the cast will learn about it/figure it out. They need Ouran-style light bulbs for those times.
I’m not expecting much from this series, so if the rest of the show is like this first episode, I probably still enjoy it. And if by chance the story actually becomes good, then it’ll be a pleasant surprise.


  1. I just watched this and strawberry panic came to my mind.
    It was funny and the story seems interesting too, the desings were ok.
    i’m going to follow this series, i’m curious about what’s gonna happen.

  2. Awww I though it wasnt Yuri >.> Hum wait? OH YAH ITS TRUE its the guy who deguised to be a girl -_- well anyway it looks like Strawberry Panic! I’ll give a shot though. Never judge animes! XD

  3. I’m just going to say he’s a girl through out the series that way i’ll be happy and lie to myself and say it is yuri/shoujo-ai lol!!! Look what strawberry panic has done to me!!!

  4. i just watched the raw and i think this anime would give some impression on me. the beginng started out great made me smile through the whole episode and i find the main chars personality a lot like the one in kashimashi. well i need more of this series to give more opinions about it

  5. hehe this one is sure a funny series!
    at first look i thought she was a girl but NOT!
    well she’s cute and all but a GUY?! well that’s different!
    i guess better watch this what would happen!
    pls blog this series! and good luck!

  6. Lol…talking about big gigantic chins, the chibis in the ending are full of them.
    Wow, this series looks hilarious. Ahh…the ‘magical quality’ of Yuri is (possibly) reborn.

  7. I don’t know how guy can survive in an all girl school with out give himself away. I saw couple funny moment and I am not sure I am going to fall this yet. I watch few more see how it goes.

  8. MAN I´d never hold myself in a situation like that.
    Every dam cute girl would be sleeping in my bedroom every night(in a shufflucking style 😉 did you liked that new expression ).
    And that they would never doubt anything i´d say something like this:
    ” I am using a dildo baby…can you feel it” 😆 😆 I know I am a BAD BOY!!!

  9. For the rest of the reviews I have:
    *Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (TV Tokyo) – Funny very funny this anime is not like gash bell so keep in mind that the story is ridiculous( a hitman with a baby design,face, teaching the next MAFIA BOSS sucessor) and extremly violent ^_^ = 8
    *Ryusei no Rockman (TV Tokyo) – I haven´t watched this one
    *Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi (TBS) – Very nice animation and the story is very FUSHIGI(as would say that chick from matantei loki ragnarok ” FUSHIGI MISTERY!!” ^_^ also caracter design is nice and I LOVE HORROR animes so = 9
    *Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori (UHF, 26 ep) – The same from above + jigoku shoujo = +9
    *Shijou Saikyo no Deshi Kenichi (TV Tokyo) – this anime is like hajime no ippo and at the same time not.The animation is really nice and it promisses to be the tenjou tenge of shounen action so stay toon for even more = 9
    *Otome wa boku ni koi shiteru (UHF, 12 ep) – typical random curiosity fashionable anime so it has romance, porn(just kidding but like dante in devil my cry 3 would be saying ” WHO KNOWS EVEN I DON´T KNOW IT MYSELF”),usual drag queen actions, yuri aDICKted – ^_^ = 9
    Well that´s it so take a vacation, drop the job, break up with your girlfriend and stop paying for the pirated cabe TV…because this season is rocking baby!!!!!!!
    And NEVER but NEVER forget that you are not paying anything to watch this wonderfull shows….so STOP COMPLAIN OK…and have fun!!!MOEROOOOO WATASHI NO OTAKU NO KOKORO!!!! 😀

  10. Okay, that completes my round-up: Galaxy Angel 2, Negima!?, Budou Renken(sp), Shichi Renge, and this trap.

    A show like this didn’t even last too long on Fox (because the guy was too ugly to pull this off). What WILL happen?

  11. Strawberry Panic and general yuri logic should tell you that the girls in a all-female, traditional, catholic school in Japan, especially one that have a on campus dorm for its students, feel no moral and emotional hesitation toward girlxgirl luv…Okunami-san

  12. Indeed, looks similar to Strawberry Panic!, too bad he has to disguise as a *she* =( else this would be another yuri anime ^^. The animation/plot seems promising, can’t wait for fansub group(s) to take this as their project ^__^. ahhh a warm anime season have just started, no need to get so cold during my winter! weeee~~~

  13. Aiya~ You guys have bad eyes. It’s the same studio that did Da Capo Second Season. I definately don’t see how it looks like Strawberry Panic; it might seem similar to the yuri vibes.. but it might end up feeling like DCSS more.

    I’m also surprised no one has commented on how the 2nd to last girl – in that string of girls asking Mizuho where s(he) lives – sounds TOO MUCH LIKE ASAHINA’S VA!

  14. Ahh the irony of it all. First Strawberry Panic has a final confession between two girls in a cathedral (isn’t the offical stance of the Catholic church a little disapproving of such acts 🙂 Now this, a girls’school where they throw lingerie parties and snuggle up against some very shapely albeit fake breasts. This one should be good for a few laughs. And here I was wondering how I would survive now that Ouran and Strawberry Panic have ended. LOL!


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