OP Sequence:

OP: 「1000%SPARKING!」 by佐藤利奈, 神田朱未, 野中藍, 小林ゆう (Satou Rina, Kanda Akemi, Nonaka Aoi, Kobayashi Yuu)
Watch the OP! Mirror 1 Mirror 2 (29MB, XviD)

Done with preying on Nodoka, Evangeline drops her, forcing Negi to catch the girl with his magic. Nodoka wakes up long enough to see Negi using magic before she faints again. Evangeline fires her magic at him, but Negi is able to block it and redirect it back at her. The vampire is caught off guard and Chachamaru has to fly up and protect her. Realizing Negi’s power, Evangeline decides to retreat for now. The other students, having heard the commotion, come running out and see Konoka and Nodoka’s bodies. Fortunately, both of them are ok and their bite wounds even disappear, thanks to the hidden Takamichi. After the girls go back into the dorm, Asuna arrives and confronts Negi about his magic. In response, Negi tries to erase her memory, but the spell appears to fail. Negi has no choice but to tell her about his training to be a mage, and Kamo adds on that Negi needs to find a partner candidate before he can advance. For this, he can form provisional contracts, which Kamo reveals are done through a kiss. Although both Negi and Asuna get embarrassed about this and think that it can’t happen between them, Kamo feels that they should get along better since they’ll be living together. Asuna, of course, hadn’t heard of the living arrangement yet and can’t believe it.
In her cabin in the woods, Evangeline transforms back to her normal young self. Takamichi pays her a visit and warns her of punishment if she does this again, but Evangeline doesn’t care. She remembers that 15 years ago, she had been defeated by the Thousand Master and had been confined to this school by a magical barrier. Her goal now is to get the Thousand Master’s son’s blood. When Takamichi opposes that, Evangeline lashes out at his freedom compared to her fate of this eternal living hell. The next day, Asuna wakes up to find Negi in her bed. She’s about to wake him up in anger but she changes her mind after hearing him mutter onee-chan (a reference to his cousin Nekane) and after seeing his peaceful sleeping face. In school, the discussion continues about the Dracula and the disappearing bite marks. When Negi comes into class with a large bump on his head, courtesy of Asuna, class representative Ayaka is so concerned about him that Chisame starts thinking of her as a shoutacon. As he takes attendance, Negi notices that Chachamaru and Evangeline are absent again.
After class, Negi is walking down a hall when he sees his student Hakase Satomi pushing a cart with a damaged Chachamaru inside, accompanied by Evangeline. Since this is his first time meeting them, Negi introduces himself and then asks if something happened. He’s surprised when Satomi tells him that Chachamaru broke down since he didn’t know she was a robot. After the girls rush off, Negi remembers that it was Chachamaru who protected the vampire from the previous night, meaning that Evangeline is that vampire. Takamichi appears behind Negi and confirms this, explaining that Evangeline had been bitten by a vampire at the age of 10. She became a vampire herself, but was cursed to have a child’s appearance for her eternal life. The effects of the full moon had allowed her to look like an adult temporarily. Negi figures out that Takamichi one was the one who healed Nodoka and the others, and Takamichi says that no matter the reason, hurting others is unforgivable – that’s a crime. He tells Negi about how Evangeline can’t go outside of the school because of the Thousand Master and how the link that Eva and Chachamaru share is that neither of them can ever become adults. Evangeline is after Negi’s blood because it will allow her to escape from this eternal prison to world of freedom.
That night, an adult Evangeline visits the student dorms again.

ED Sequence:

ED: 「星空レター」 (Hoshizora Letter) by 神田朱未 (Kanda Akemi)
Watch the ED! Mirror 1 Mirror 2 (22.2MB, XviD)
Well that was quite an unconventional OP. It features Negi, Asuna, Konoka, and Setsuna saying character quotes, and they didn’t start singing until the last part of the song. Then there were all the tables stacked like buildings in 3D and the running around in the animation sequence. All in all, I really liked it, especially considering how I wasn’t a fan of Happy Material from the first series. The ED is a slower song by Asuna’s voice actress Kanda Akemi that I like even more than the OP, at least music-wise. Never mind – after listening to the OP a few more times, I prefer the OP.

They kept my expectations for the second episode. I’m extremely pleased with where this series is going, and I really want to see more. This week explains Evangeline’s background and motivations, which paints her as the kind of character you sympathize with instead of hate. And I’m sure Negi will likely feel the same way. Actually, the one small gripe I have is that they made Negi fairly powerful since he was able to drive Eva off so easily. Still, I don’t expect the conclusion to this arc to be that drastically different from the manga since they’ve kept most of the basic storyline intact up to this point.
Given the opposite reactions to this series, I think it bears repeating that I’m fully enjoying this action-oriented version. The production quality for this episode was just as good as the first episode, and the OP was quite impressive in style, as is this series so far in general. It’s just a shame all the regular airings are in 4:3 resolution instead of 16:9 BS Japan version that doesn’t air until Friday. I can only wonder what this series is going to do after the Evangeline arc ends. Perhaps straight to Kyoto or maybe something anime original…


  1. I am extremle p***** off by this series. I love the manga, I like the first series, but that new stlye is REALLY not my taste.
    However I’ll follow the blogging of it, maybe it’ll become better in later episodes.

  2. ohh so it was 1000% sparkling, i guess i order the single XD, just now, noticed evangeline’s eyes, I love the way they did it “blue and yellowish”
    come on the style is way better than the old one =/ maybe you like it after a few episodes yes :3

  3. I’ve read the original manga, thought the first series was a trainwreck with a few bright exceptions (voicework, ep19). I am really *liking* this interpretation of the series so far. For those naysayers, Ken Akumatsu gives his thumbs up as well — and he is *not* one to just smile and wave if he doesn’t like something (he was unhappy with the lack of conclusion in Love Hina and he made enough noise to get the team for the first Negima canned though it was too late to save the series).

    heh… Chach cheesecake in ep 2. Director Shinbo is really keen on getting eyes and facial expressions to convey the mood.

  4. Awesomeness. I really enjoyed the first episode, and even without all the fanservice from the manga, it did manage to get me two of three laughs. Plus, the animation is great, and I’m really diggin’ that OP. Especially the part that’s sung, Asuna running and all.


  5. HUDSON! SERIOUSLY, JUST STOP! You may not like it, but face the facts, it’s a great anime so far with the animation. If you don’t like it, then just stop reading. But seriously, stop trying to get Omni to stop blogging this. If he wants to keep blogging it, then let him. But you really need to stop with this already.

  6. I’m liking this retelling a lot. I agree that it seems to be a sort of love-it-or-hate-it thing, depending on how one views Shinbo’s works (personally I loved Pani Poni Dash), as well as which aspect of the manga one likes best.

    I see it as a complement to the manga, rather than a panel-to-screen animated replacement. The pacing seems to be a bit quick for non-manga readers, though.

  7. When you compare the OP pictures to the rest of episode, it feels like it’s taken from a totally different series since dark colors are definitely not fitting Negima?! – but it’s just so stylish that I can’t help but love it.

    The episode was just as awesome as last week’s, I can’t wait till the story develops further. Seeing the Kyoto arc done as well as the current events would be wonderful.

  8. this series’ direction is really good and definitely much better than the last one. If it keeps this pace then it’s all good. I just hope the quality doesn’t drop in later episodes.

  9. Personally, I like this version. Sure, it’s not the same as the manga, but I think that’s why the last version failed. Unless they plan on making it the next epic series, it’s impossible cram all the story into a 24 episode series and still cover all the best elements.

    Sure I noticed some inconsistancies with some of the characters, I feel Nodoka’s character might be too different to the point it changes the nature of her relationship to Negi, but change is sometimes good.

  10. Jeez, Hudson, why don’t you go cool your head off and let Omni blog this as HE wishes, as it is puts in motion HIS blog, HIS free time, HIS tastes, HIS monies and HIS efforts?

    I HAVE read the manga (and I’m up to date with the latest raws, thank you), I’m not really thrilled by how GANSIS drew the characters (although I’m really impressed by the animation – which can put to shame certain self-appointed, big-production ‘blockbusters’ that I won’t cite here) and I’m frowning at how they tweaked the storyline around but, for heavens’ sakes, you don’t see me blowing a thousand veins, snatching a shotgun from a nearby rack and going on a freaking holy crusade on the streets like a fanatic of sorts. I live up with it.

    Don’t like? Don’t watch. Simple as that. And it doesn’t cost you anything. At least do it for Omni who invests his time, strength and passion in blogging series and episodes which we would often be unaware of had it not been for him.

    @Qin: I think IP ban is available but that’s only up to Omni and how long his patience and his tolerance can hold up.

    Sorry for fanning the flames instead of quenching them, Omni. Delete this if you want. My apologies again.

  11. If anyone’s complaining about this seris and trying to compare it to Negima, I would suggest not doing so. Instead, I would rather compare it along the way of Mai-Hime manga and its anime counterpart. Its just the same characters in a parallel universe, so things will likely be different.

    v_v Doesn’t appear to be a lot of Setsuna in this episode which makes me sad. ^_^ …but more Nodoka and Asuna would do just fine though! Top 3 girls in the manga; though Chiu is certainly getting close to knocking out Asuna. …still, more Setsuna would be nice.

    Thanks for blogging this Omni. Much appreciated. ^_^ Looks like this upcoming episode will be great to watch!

  12. Well the OP only lists four singers, and those four are the voice actresses for Asuna, Negi, Konoka, and Setsuna. I’m pretty sure it’s Asuna who says the first quote in the OP, and that the order of quotes is: Asuna, Negi, Konoka, Setsuna, Negi, Asuna, Setsuna, and Konoka.









    もっとSPARKING NOW!強く、タフなハート


    SPARKING NOW! 高くかざし出そう


    Those are the lines/lyrics of the OP, taken from http://zatopecc.blog58.fc2.com/blog-entry-89.html because I was too lazy to to transcibe it myself.

  13. If you are fighting for this anime……It´s because It must be really GOOD on the manga form!!!But I am an otaku ” Subette no anime no koibitou ” And I don´t like mangas(paper shit for me to clean my ass after a shitting 😀 ) And I think this anime goes above the first version of negima like a BIGFOOT smashing a bike!!This anime is WAY better than the last one, And the caracter design from PANI PONI here was a very nice choice.
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 like the guns´n roses ” JUST LIVE AND LET DIE!!!! “

  14. Hudson, hating doesn’t mean you go spamming comments here saying “OH MY GAWD I HATE IT DON’T BLOG IT OHHH”, neither this negima or the old one followed the manga to the top. ALSO, I find this more manga related in THEIR way, even if they edited some parts doesn’t mean it’s no good. we already know you hate it, just stop being pathetic already for the love of god.

    *calms down*

    ah yes those buckets had someone imprinted on them! (i think it was yue.. couldn’t recognize) XD

  15. Hudson… If you hate it so much, why do you keep checking back?

    The action sequences look great this ep and the from the few screencaps you have of the OP, it looks remiscient of the Pani Poni Dash! OP. They were always abstract, in a fun way. 😉

    I hope they do the Kyoto arc, and do a better job than Xebec did. =D

  16. I actually like this series a lot more than the first one What pissed me off about the first season was that it was more about the school comedy act than the magic. Yea they had a few instances where it was more magic, but only three major parts (beginning, Kyoto arc, and the ending). I love how this is more of an action based, similar to the later part of the manga.

  17. I’m really mixed on this. The animation has both good and bad parts that I like about it, but the pacing of the first episode is still leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. Also, how they introduced each girl in his class at the end of the first episode, just made me confused even though I had already seen the first series and knew who they were. They shouldn’t have been in such a hurry to put every character upfront to the viewer and spread them out over 5 or so episodes.

    This won’t be a top anime for me, but it won’t be something I’ll not keep an eye on either.

  18. I’m starting to get a feel for the type of people who hate it versus the type who like it in scanning the various forums. My assessment of the haters isn’t terribly flattering at this point. All I can say is if you’re going to discuss something, use complete sentences, fewer “all-caps”, and show some minor understanding of literary comparison and art, eh?

    It isn’t the Negima manga…. its more like Negima Alternative and it *may* actually turn out better than the original (Futakoi vs Fut Alt?). Give it a few episodes to see how any romance threads are handled.

  19. While I agree with the poster, the example used was a bad one.

    Futakoi and Futakoi Alternative are both original. They were both based off by characters procured from Dengeki G.
    Two companies squared off in their bid to use them better.

    That’s why the other names of them are
    Futakoi Fall
    Futakoi Spring.

    But yeah, I agree with ya. Just a bad example.

  20. Agreed, bad example. A better example might be … you’re visiting a village and hear the tales of Robin Hood told at the Inn. You think they are really cool and retell them when you get back to your home village. But… you rearrange things a bit, emphasize the stuff you like better, and tell it in your style. Its still the same story with major plot points and events… just a re-interpretation.

  21. I doubt that even the major plot points will be the same.
    I wholly think this is something totally different.

    If it was just a minor alteration, you wouldn’t need the new manga.

  22. Come ON, people. Give this version a chance. I mean, the quality is great, too.
    What’s so bad about it? I don’t get it…
    Besides the engrish in the beginning…
    ‘Vampire girl met legendary man somewhere in west’…LoL.

  23. I love Hudson, he really makes me laugh xD

    But yeah, I’m really interested where this anime’ll go. Ken Akamatsu even approved of this retelling, so..IN YOUR FACE HATERS. At least support anything Negima related, seriously.


    I point and laugh at those who continue to waste their time with it if they’re hoping for it to follow the manga. It will at some points, but not by much. Some people fail at reading D:

  24. @Hudson.
    I’m also not a big fan of this ‘new version’ although I have to agree, that the animation is pretty good (well, no match against Kanon :D)
    So please stop spamming here. It’s not nice for us, it’s ESPECIALLY not nice for Omni and it’s not nice for this blog! Thank you.
    Everyone has his/her taste. Omni blogs what he likes and not what we like.

  25. I personally won’t like if manga and anime would have the same storyline, characters and etc. I want to have each different so that I could actually have many choices. I’m making my own season/ova on my head. If everything was the same, argh that ruined my entertainment.

  26. I’m kinda gonna go against everyone else, and say that I did not enjoy the 1st and 2nd episode of *this* Negima that much. As horrible as the first season was, I had waaaay more fun with that season than this new one. Sure, it’s got a totally new story, and the animation has been “boosted”. But personally, I find:

    Way too lacking. Especially when there are long-winded conversations, the music just disappears sometime. And when they DO come on, they just felt out of place most of the time.

    If this is what people call “good” or “great” animation, then I’d rather have season 1. Of course, I can’t really complain about the colors (it seems like it’s meant to have a darker story anyway), but even the characters look horrible. It’s like the animators had filtered half of the frames with the Sumi-E filter in Photoshop. Now, I wouldn’t have minded as much if it’s done consistently, but the other half of the frames look so normal, that the thick-lined frames just feel…. well, it really spoils a lot. They might as well’ve put every frame through the sobel filter and make it look the same.

    Think the action looks great, with all those special effects? I think so too. But it just doesn’t click with the rest of the picture. It’s like… “Hmm… let’s cover up the ugly stuff with stock animations of flares/particles/explosions, and alphablend it on every action frame”. Oh, and the choice of using sliding panes… reminds me too much of Pani Poni Dash. Also, just because it’s kinda fresh doesn’t make it look good. If anything, I was thoroughly annoyed by the whole thing. Another one of my rant would be the choice of camera shots and angles. Eg, when Takamichi was talking to Negima. Really, if I wanna see a lamp, I’ll just go buy one and stare at it. It’s like, the new negima’s camera’s focus point is often at the far left/right, instead of the middle. Oh, and don’t forget topdown shots as well.

    IMHO, the characters are really stiff in this show. And I mean, REALLY stiff. Kinda feels like the cast of Amaenaideyo Katsu acting in episode 13. The seiyuus were absolutely fantastic, but the dialogues just doesn’t flow very well, and I think the scripted doesn’t quite permit too much emotions for the characters.

    Story and Pacing:
    Interesting stuff, with Eva and Nagi. But then, they decided to let Takamichi do all the talking. Honestly, I felt more shivers during the flashback in the first season, with the “Blackmagic” theme playing in the background. That was just amazing. But for the new Negima… again, the background music was weak, the whole “revelation” from takamichi was boring, and to make things worse, i had to look at other school kids going about their curriculum activities while hearing Takamichi talking in the background.

    So what do I think? Sure the quality is good. They’ve certainly spent lots of time outlining the characters, casting shadows around, and there’re loads of stock special effects to go around. And they’re being innovative too, what with the artistic camera angles and the comic-book-strip panels. And when Negi’s sister (what’s her name again? This gal) shifted her head, the effort they put into deforming it was just amazing. High quality, eh?

    Oh yeah, and before I forget, this new Negima reminds me of the remake of Ah My Goddess! Especially with the thick outlines. Btw, I could never get myself to watch past episode 3 of that. Wonder how many episodes of Negima?! I’ll be able to force down my eyes before I have to take a break.

    Oh well, that’s just my 2 cents. Almost everything about this new Negima is just ticking me off, and I’m not even a negima lover. I’m no Hudsonarian, so I ain’t gonna curse the show, but Negima?! is simply not my cuppa tea…for now.

  27. Negima series one was not good enough compared to the manga. At least I can say that this series has kept the basic story so far.

    I bet anyone that Kotaro(sp) will be in this series.

  28. Joshie Josh: That’s not Negi’s sister. It’s Anya. The one he calls “Onee-chan” is Nekane, which is the blonde girl >_>

    And seriously, anyone who says Season 1 had better animation/character design than this… Didn’t read the manga/doesn’t know what animation really means. Chisame has GREEN HAIR in S1, Takahata looked like some old geezer, and so on.

    Not to mention Show Spoiler ▼

    Ahem : |

  29. I was no big fan of the first anime since the story was a complete reck from the manga source but simply accepted it as it was and enjoyed watching it. Honestly I had mixed feelings when I found out they were going to redo the series and only wished they would folow the manga closely (the manga is so far enough ahead to give ample material for countless episodes to be drawn up). Unfortunatly this series will not live up to the manga even though they are following so far the major points in the manga, but in that lays the problem. They are telling the story way to fast… we have no character development no real background, no way to get attached to the characters like we could in the manga, hell they did a better job in the first anime rendition of the manga with character developement (well at least for the first few eps until the story just went its own way). If you sit back and simply analyze the characters we’ve seen so far in this series can you honestly say that any of them are living up to their manga counterparts personalities? They have seriouesly remodeled some of the important characters and it doesn’t sit well with me. Take it its way to early at ep2 to say this but put it blountly theres way to much action and not enough depth, the characters are comming off as 2 dimentional carbon copy cut outs with basic emotions and no vigor to their actions. I’ve also been getting the feeling that the series is comming off as to childish, like their target audience is a group of 5 year olds… it just feels out of place and weird.

    I will simply take this anime as I did the first rendition and chawk it up to someones interpratation of a great manga series and enjoy it (As long as they don’t bucher the series/characters to death I wont gripe about it). I do however hope that some one will eventually pick up the series and do it according to the manga… if a company can do 200+ eps of Naruto (100+ filler eps.. UGGHH!!!), some one can do 200+ eps with the Negima series according to the manga ^^.

  30. @Neco

    That’s because IT IS targetted towards a young audience. If you’ve been keeping up with this new version of the anime, then you would already know that they’re NOT going to stay true to the manga, and that they’re target audience is to a younger audience. Hence why the time slot of this show is at 5:30 pm in Japan, and not late night like the first season.

    Another thing I want to mention is that I think the main reason why everyone isn’t liking the new series so far, is because it’s not staying true to the manga. Like I said before, if you’ve been keeping up with how this anime was going to be, then you would’ve known months ago that this new series wasn’t going to follow the manga. Same with the people complaining about the character designs, they want the characters to look just like they do in the manga, and just don’t want to give this new anime a chance since they don’t.

    So seriously guys, you might as well give this a chance, because it’s either this or nothing. And if you just want to be ignorant (like Hudson), then don’t even bother posting, because you’re going to make yourself look like an idiot.

  31. This was so good. Electrocution, animation, thick lines on characters, chachamaru in a basket… Only gripe about it was that Negi’s spell didn’t blow Asuna’s clothes off.

    Pani Poni references were amazing. Maho!

  32. Hey Hudson, word of advice, saying that a show is a piece of shit makes you look like a dumbass, sorry for the language, but yeah.

    I mean, I HATED Suzumiya Haruhi, but I didn’t go around on every forum or anime blog going, “THIS SHOW IS A PIECE OF SHIT!” over and over. Sure, I complained and argued, but not in the matter that you’re doing. And I eventually stopped after a short while. Using profanity over and over again won’t make anybody stop, it just makes people point and laugh at you.

    I can understand your anger, but really, be mature about it. Have you even acknowledged the fact that it’s a retelling of the original Negima! and isn’t following the manga? If you have, why are you still watching or even looking at it? Just stay away from it for awhile man. That’s what I did. And then eventually once it’s over, you can go and make fun of it like everyone always does.

  33. Blue-Kun:
    Got me there on her name. 😛

    Anyway, regarding the character designs of the new negima, I’ve got nothing against. I’ve never minded changing characters designs, etc. Also, I’m not a diehard Negima fan, so I’m not going to praise/criticise the new/old Negima’s characters. I’m merely comparing them as they are. However, I find the art style of the first season easier on the eyes than this new one. Like i said, it’s impressive how they’ve gone all out to really render the shadows this time round, giving the series a darker feel (unlike the first season, there were hardly any shadows, except occasionally on characters’ faces). But as good as all that, the thick outlines just spoil it. Stylish? Yes (esp during the flashback when Eva was dueling Nagi). Looks good when animated? No (Omg, Takamichi! Where’s his pupils, his eyes?!). And while the characters were less detailed in the first season, I find them livelier than what I’ve seen so far in Negima?!. Also, just because the new negima’s got detailed eye pupils for the characters doesn’t automatically make them beautiful. It merely shows that they’re paying more attention to detail, and that’s about it.

    And the animation IS definitely better than Negima season 1. Anyone who says it isn’t IS being bias. There are definitely more frames between shots, allowing for really smooth movements. Also, they’ve gone all the way out to throw in cg special effects and several , which the first season lacked. But I wouldn’t call it high quality either. In fact, I prefer the animation in Season 1. It wasn’t amazing (in fact, it was kinda lacking), but it wasn’t a pain to watch either (just one of the heaps of example: eps 26!! Water effect!! imho, that’s still better than anything (not involving alphablended-wavvy particles, or cg generated shockwave) I’ve seen so far in Negima?!). FMP TSR pulled it off really well with their cg plasma effect, but by this time round, it’s just looking too generic and out of place.

    Finally, the part where Show Spoiler ▼

    in season 1 was extremely well done. Like I said, I’m NOT a negima diehard fan, so I’m merely judging the series by its own merits. And I say that eps 23-24 of Negima season 1 was one of the better parts of the series. The bg music alone drove me to buy the OST. Compared to fighting contests, time travel, and mars fanatics, I thought it was really good. The OP theme for that episode (the one that started with a flute solo) was just, hands-down amazing. Also, Negima season 1 was a great story teller. It didn’t have to rely on narrations or long winded talks.

    So, sure Negima?! is turning out to be a really well-toned series. But I’m still prefering the first season. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna hate Negima?! indefinitely. In fact, I plan to continue watching Negima?! unless it makes my eyes bleed (which Ah My Goddess TV almost did). Heck, I might just end up liking it as well, which by that time, I’d prolly come back ‘orz’ing to all the Negima?! lovers… oh wait, I’ve just said orz! And again! So there you have it, 2 ‘orz’ from me already (that makes it 3 now) 😛

  34. I just want to throw out there the idea that if you are going to compare S1 to S2 in terms of character development, plot, and others things like that you really should only use the first two episodes of Series 1 to be fair.

    For example JoshieJosh, its not really fair to point to the emotions you felt during eps 23-24 and say that this series doesn’t compare when its only on its second episode.

    Having just gone back and skimmed through episode 1 & 2 of the first season objectively (I didn’t necessarily dislike the first series, I just thought it could have been a lot better), I can’t honestly say that there was more character development or plot development in the first series then has happened so far in the second. In fact I would say there has been more character development so far in Negima!? Anyone is perfectly free to dislike the new series as everyone has their own personal preferences and that’s fine. I just wanted to say that it’s unfair to compare the first 2 episodes of a new series to a full 26 episodes of a pervious series when it comes to things that need to be developed over time (like plot and characters). Although in the things that can be compared now such as animation and action, Negima!? is winning hands down when compared to last year’s series 😛

  35. Keep going, this is good!

    I know people are going to be pissed off at the change in animation style from Ken A’s, but if they didn’t, then people might confuse it with the first series, which had a less than nice ending.

    Besides, it’s all about the story, isn’t it?

  36. Okay I can’t believe all the commotion that this series has caused. Its a love or hate it relationship, some like it some don’t, and its fine to voice your opinion. However, its not needed to swear and act like an idiot. I love Negima, I keep up with the raws, I watched the first series, and I see where people are coming from but just don’t go to far. Anyways I won’t say anything else on that, because Jin already said everything I was going to say 😀 So actually talking about the series now, I love this series with each episode. The opening is awesome and I love it. I loved Happy Material and all but the opening that went with it was weird I mean since when does Evangeline smile like that. This fits the series better but still not perfectly. Well can’t win em all. Well I just hope the animation stays the same or gets better, just not worse. If they can do the Kyoto arc with this quality I would be very happy. 😀 Well all thats missing is some Setsuna sword action!

  37. about hudson..just ignore him as though he never post any comments.just close ur eyes on his comments..:P

    as for the anime..unique OP style and great music!!thank omni for blogging it. the animation is really good. i dont care much if the plot differ a bit from the original manga or first series as long as they can put it all together to create good storyline. many anime is like that, right guys?about OP i think it’s evangeline that says the first line not asuna.then again, i’m not quite sure.

  38. I have never seen an OP like this show where they would talk during the OP. Normally there would be singing but they decided to have their OP different than others. Well it looks like its time for me to rate this show on animenewsnetwork.com and I will give it a nice rating since I think that this show is better than Kanon.

  39. Well, I never thought I would say this, but I like the previous version of Negima better, I am even buying the DVD released by Funi. I am still trying be open minded, but I don’t think If this version gets licensed, that I will buy it.

  40. I will have to agree with Hudson


  41. for people who don’t like this season. just stop watching it. but don’t come here and scream like idiots. they can’t follow manga storyline because first season already took it. the differt design doesn’t mean they don’t respect akamatsu-sensei. he was really pissed at the first season(you should read his diary at ailove) i don’t know his respond about the second season yet. but from what i heard, this time, he take more part in production.

    for me? i don’t really used to new design either, but i’ll still watch it. this is only second episode.
    p.e. sorry for bad english, it’s not my native language.

  42. Well.. my sweeping generalization seems to be holding up for the most part.

    All caps.. no discussion…. just vitriol. Ya’ll come back when you actually want to discuss what was clearly labeled an alternative take on the Negima story — that has gotten *thumbs up approval* from Ken Akumatsu: not a guy who historically rubberstamps stuff he doesn’t like.

  43. @Toujouten

    Akamatsu has posted on his blog about the new series, and he loves it. He’s very well pleased with the animation, and likes the darker feel to the series. So if Akamatsu is pleased, then obviously SHAFT and Gansis are doing something right.

  44. They’re totally teasing us with the OP, I mean, I want more singing lol It was getting catchy man! I’m listening to it over and over right now xD

    Oh~ can’t wait for the single to be released :>

    Yeah, Akamatsu-sensei DID in fact approve of this, so…IN YOUR FACE HATERS! xD

    I’m going to say this series’ll have a lot more action and I’m actually loving forward to seeing all of it. With the little flashbacks with Eva and Nagi, the action in this show is pretty *o* Sure, there’ve been better, but it’s pretty much up there as well.

    I’d like to see Kotarou later on >:D

  45. Aww, I was hoping you would have a screen shot where Setsuna is sitting by the resting Konoka while making her vows to not have a repeat of that night. Interesting story twist there. So, does this mean that Setsuna is not from the Shinmeiryuu or is her family the leaders of Shinmeiryuu? Also, I wonder about her heritage now. Is she still part demon? Oh well, I can’t help but wonder how the events will turn out. Thanks for blogging this. Sadly, I prefer this over the other. The animation, drama, and no fan service inside this anime. It focuses on one of my favorite characters, Evangeline obviously! I do have a question concerning Takamichi, is he able to use magic in this series? He did take away those bite marks. I hope they answer my questions as the story progresses. I have a lot more and with each episode more surfaces. Do you know how many episodes are supposed to create this series? I hope they go over the tournament and include Kotaro along. I suppose I will have to patiently wait for next week.

    A fan of Konoka and Setsuna coupling
  46. To the Haters: (aka Hudson,Joseph..etc)

    If you don’t like it, please keep it to yourself. I believe it being the 2nd episode, this comment section would be about the story and NOT about whether you love it or hate it. Post in another area.. First Impressions perhaps..

    Or better, if you have that much free time, make your own blog and whine and B*TCH there..

  47. ppl have a right to express their dislike over a series.
    cant have everything be so one sided
    while Hudsons is not fleshed out. there have been 4? others who did
    make a comment as to why they dislike it

  48. ~To Hudson and Joseph
    Heh.. First I agree with all the people about the misbehavoir of the “Negima!? Haters” like hudson and joseph, just keep it for yourself. This may sound a little bit weird, but if you spam, do something for it! Don’t be lazy to copy and paste, if you really hate it you would work hard for your own spam! Guys like you dissapoint me. >.>

    ~Ok now about Negima!?
    The style looks more like the manga then before. Don’t know how becouse it isn’t Ken’s drawing anymore. I think the style improved compared to the Mahou Sensei Negima. I hope the series get subbed very soon ^_^ The intro is VERY cool.. Really perfect work! I watched it for about 57 times.. XD?

    btw, my English may be incorrect, sorry for that ^_~

    I look forward for many more eposodes of Negima!?

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