Allen breaks free of the Akuma’s grasp, but proceeds to get hit through several buildings and buried in rubble. Kanda meanwhile is telling Guzol and Lala about the Akuma, and how he wants to get the Innocence from them before the Akuma can. Guzol then takes off his hat and reveals his face, claiming himself to be a doll. Kanda wants to take Guzol’s heart now, but Lala gets in the way and suggests that they hide instead. When Kanda asks who she is, Guzol answers that Lala is an abandoned child. Kanda then gets a transmission from Toma informing him about the battle. Toma is actually very close to the Akuma, who is currently destroying Timcanpy. However, while Kanda is communicating with Toma, Guzol and Lala escape.
It’s at this point that Toma rejoins Kanda and brings the crumbled remains of Timcanpy. Fortunately, the golem reforms itself and provides data on the Akuma that they’re up against, including information about his copy ability and how its left and right are reversed. Kanda and Toma soon encounter Allen, but it’s immediately apparent that this isn’t the real Allen, so Kanda attacks him. A large claw suddenly appears and protects this Allen – the claw belonging to real Allen. He explains that his eye can tell that this person isn’t an Akuma. Allen then sees a tear on the fake Allen’s face, and rips it off to reveal Toma underneath. But if the real Toma is there, that means the Toma standing beside Kanda is actually the Akuma. They realize too late and Kanda gets pinned against the wall by their enemy.
It seems that the Akuma switched places with Toma back when it tried to destroy Timcanpy. And now, using a copy of Allen’s arm, the Akuma slashes at Kanda. A wounded Kanda refuses to die before finding that person, so the Akuma tries to beat him to death. In response, a furious Allen throws the Akuma against the wall, and then uses his arm to send it flying through several more walls. The Akuma is still alive, but now it finds Allen gone, along with Kanda and Toma’s bodies. Somewhere else in the city, Lala is asking Guzol why he called himself the doll. He answers that he doesn’t want her broken by strangers, and then starts coughing up blood, making Lala realize that he’s running out of time. She starts to sing for him, and the song reaches Allen, Kanda, and Toma.
When Allen finds a hidden path underground, he follows it down all the way to Guzol and Lala. Guzol explains that Mater had been called a land abandoned by God, and the people had lived in despair and suffering. To forget that, they created a doll that could sing. And so, even if the town is ruined and the people disappear, the doll will keep moving – that is the Ghost of Mater. Allen realizes now that Lala is that doll, that Ghost of Mater.


Just flipping through the manga, I noticed that they changed Guzol’s face for this episode. It’s supposed to be rather deformed, but this anime version is reminds me more of No Face from Spirited Away. But like I said last week, the overall outfit still reminds me of Black Mage. As for Lala, it seemed pretty obvious that she was the doll as soon as Guzol tried to say that he was the doll and explained the past. I’m not sure why they had to repeat Guzol’s lines at the end again, but it’s probably just for emphasis. At least it sounded a lot better the second time around with Lala’s singing in the background.
Next week should probably end this arc, and somehow I doubt both Lala and Guzol are going to survive this.


  1. hoho! the animators are so smart! to prevent the anime from catching up with the manga too quickly (like Naruto, Bleach and OP have), they start with recaps! good idea!

    so far not many animes have recaps at the beginning, but i sure dun mind them… if they can keep the evil fillers away!

  2. ohhhh this is getting good! I’m quite happy with how this anime is progressing. The animation is extremely good and its staying true to the manga so far…although it would have been cool to have Guzol’s face deformed like in the manga.


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