On a rainy night, Mariya is telling ghost stories, but only Yukari is scared. Kana happens to mention a story of a ghost in their dormitory, which just scares Yukari even more. As they’re talking, Kana realizes that it’s strange that only Mizuho’s room is on the North side of the dorm. Mariya reveals that the reason is simply because Mizuho’s grandfather’s will stipulated it, though they aren’t sure why. When he returns to his room, Mizuho is thinking about the will when a hand reaches out and touches his shoulder. A terrified Mizuho finds that it is only Mariya, who’s here to say that if Mizuho is scared, he can come over to her room.
In class the next day, Mizuho is thinking about why his grandfather assigned him that room and ends up asking Takako if she believes in ghosts. Though she pretends not to be, just the mention of ghosts causes Takako to be visibly shaken. That night, Yukari comes to Mizuho’s room because she wants to sleep together since she’s still scared from the previous night’s ghost stories. Mizuho consents, but immediately starts having regrets about potentially being found out as a guy. The two get into bed together and Yukari quickly falls asleep in the safety and comfort of Mizuho’s arms. The misunderstanding doesn’t occur till the next morning, when Mariya finds the two of them in bed together and starts screaming.
Fortunately things get cleared up with Mariya by the time they go to school. Kana finds Mariya and Mizuho together and brings news about Mizuho’s room, which was said to be forbidden. It seems that in the summer 22 years ago, the Elder had been using that same room, and this Elder had a close relationship with an underclassman who had a weak body. While in the hospital, the underclassman girl learned that the Elder would be graduating and getting married at the same time. Because she wanted to see the Elder one more time before then, the girl snuck out of the hospital. However, it was summer vacation and there was no one in the dormitory. The girl waited alone in that room for the Elder to return, but she never did and the girl died. From then on, that room was closed off.
All of this makes Mizuho wonder even more why his grandfather assigned him that room. It is when Kana is together with him in there later that the room starts shaking violently. When Mizuho wonders if it is poltergeist activity, Kana remembers that something like this happened before in the past. When the shaking finally stops, Kana explains that inside the closet is a charm made a by a priest to seal a ghost. But when she looks inside the closet, Kana realizes that the charm is torn up. Suddenly, it starts glowing and a mysterious girl appears floating in the air.
When the girl opens her eyes, she immediately recognizes Mizuho as the Elder Sister and tackles him, speaking at a mile a minute. Mizuho finally gets the girl to stop and introduce herself as Takashima Ichiko, which Kana recognizes as the same name of the girl who died 22 years ago. Ichiko eventually figures out that she’s dead and is a ghost now, though she mentions Mizuho closely resembles her Elder. After Kana returns to her room, Mizuho realizes that Ichiko has nowhere to stay. With no other choice, Mizuho once again shares his bed for the night, and Ichiko falls asleep snuggled up to him. As she prepares to sleep herself, Mizuho wonders what kind of person Ichiko’s Elder Sister was.
The next morning, Mariya finds Mizuho in bed with Ichiko. Once again, Mariya goes crazy.

This episode restores whatever faith I lost in this series after last week. I think Gotou Yuuko‘s voicing of hyperactive ghost Ichiko alone made it worthwhile to watch. At this rate, Ichiko may become my favorite character of this series. The eye-catch also got a big laugh out of me, as did Mariya’s reactions to finding Yukari and later Ichiko in Mizuho’s bed. Like I’ve said before, this series shines with humor much more than drama.
They spend a lot of time this episode asking why Mizuho’s grandfather had him assigned to that room, yet the question doesn’t seem that hard to answer given all the clues they drop. Since it was 22 years ago, it would make sense that Ichiko’s Elder Sister was actually Mizuho’s mother. That would explain why Ichiko thinks Mizuho and the previous Elder look so much alike, and it could be why that room was opened up again for Mizuho. Maybe Mizuho can pick up where his mother left off…his harem grows again.


  1. ………….wow mizi really is in 4 it now, lol if and when they find out the ” awful” secret i wonder wat wil happen, but then again it is refreshing 2 kno bout the past and reason y mizi was sent there

  2. “…his harem grows again. “

    Can you really add a ghost in a human harem? I’d really like to see how this ends up…
    It’s going to be funnier and weirder as this show progress. LOL…

  3. ….

    Say, one question – given Mariya’s extreme reaction to having girls in Mizuho’s bed, is she afraid he’s ‘sleeping’ with them in a carnal way, or more that it’s NOT HER sharing his bed and possibly his affections? Also, I thought that it was Mizuho’s GRANDMOTHER that willed everything. Although this begs the question – did Mizuho’s grandfather also crossdress? If so, is this why Mizuho can so naturally act the part of a girl, given that it’s in ‘his’ blood?

  4. Just got the fansub…

    All I got to say today is that tha ghost just added chaos to this episode. Now we have a pseudo-yuri ghost story anime, not to mention it really looks like strawberry panic-x-marimite.

    What the hell’s happening to this world??????


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