Allen is returning to Black Order headquarters with Innocence in hand, but his mind dwells on questions about why it fused with Lala, why he was born with that hand, and why the Innocence chose him. As he gets off the train, he hears someone yelling about an Akuma, so he goes to investigate. Allen finds only a group of pissed off townspeople around the young boy who had been the source of the noise. They don’t believe the boy’s claims that the man standing beside him is an Akuma, but after the crowd disperses, a black star appears on the man’s head. Allen immediately brings out his arm and cuts off the Akuma’s skin, destroying the skeleton underneath. The boy Jean is incredibly impressed to have met an Exorcist and later reveals that his dad is a scientist for the Black Order. Jean also wants to become a scientist so that he can create a weapon that will instantly erase the Akuma. He starts asking questions about Allen’s arm and the Akuma, which causes Allen to remember a scene from his past. He ends up warning Jean not to poke his nose into this too much or else it’ll attract the Millennium Earl’s attention. Ignoring the advice, Jean gives Allen a ticking onion bomb and then runs off after it explodes in Allen’s face.
Upon getting back to headquarters, Allen finds everyone tired and no one to welcome him back. Even Lenalee only tells him to bring the Innocence to Hevlaska when he talks to her. Along with Komui, Allen goes to see Hevlaska and gives her the Innocence for safe-keeping until the next General returns. Komui explains that there are five Generals, including Allen’s teacher Cross, who can find the compatible person for the Innocence. As Hevlaska takes in the Innocence, she notes that it’s the 41st one they’ve recovered, but there are still more in the world. That night, Allen has a dream of when he was young and following someone. He had stumbled and fallen, but the man had urged him to keep walking. After waking up, Allen goes to the dining hall, but Lenalee keeps him from going inside. She sends him away, but he first asks about Jean’s scientist father, so she directs him to a Jake Russell. Allen tries to get the scientist to talk to go talk to his son, but Jake Russell is too focused on his work. Back in the dining room, the reason Lenalee was trying to keep Allen out was because everyone is preparing for a welcome back party for him. But now Lenalee learns that Allen has disappeared, and so she and Toma go out to look for him on the suspicion that he’s going to find Jean.
At that time, a boy named Leo is visiting Jean’s home. The two are old friends and Jean knows that Leo’s mother died recently. Right after Jean starts talking about the Akuma and drawing up a picture of the Millennium Earl, Leo says that there’s somewhere he wants to go together. Allen happens to run into the two just as they’re leaving the house, though he gets trapped under their large housemaid. Leo takes Jean to the graveyard where the two are met by Millennium Earl. Jean tries to get his friend to run away, but the Millennium Earl reveals that Leo has been dead since his mother’s funeral. Jean refuses to believe it, but Allen appears with his battle arm ready and confirms that Leo is now an Akuma. Although the Millennium Earl is about to greet Allen, he stops short because he notices something about the Exorcist. Allen goes straight for Leo, but Jean defends his friend, forcing Allen to stop just short. Jean continues to stay in denial all the way up to the point that Leo turns into an Akuma and points his guns at Jean. Leo starts firing, but Allen shields Jean by taking all the hits. Jean realizes that Allen is now infected with the virus from the Akuma’s bullets, as shown by the black stars that start to cover Allen’s face.
Allen knows that Leo used the Earl’s power to bring back his mother, who then became an Akuma. Even with a darkened face, he can see Leo’s suffering mother in the Akuma, and with the power of his Anti-Akuma arm, he can purify the virus inside of him. Allen explains that it’s a curse that he can see into the soul of an Akuma – a curse which he got from turning an important person into an Akuma. Lenalee and Toma arrive at the graveyard right as the Millennium Earl is realizing that Allen is the kid who turned his father into an Akuma.


Now that the series is past the first major arc that draws in/hooks the audience (including myself), we’re getting to see more about Allen’s past, including stuff about him turning his father into an Akuma. I’m not usually big on episodes with bratty kids, but this wasn’t that bad. Having gotten a chance recently to read some of the D.Gray-man manga, I see that they’re mixing and matching chapters (volume one Jean/Leo chapters and volume three Hevlaska stuff) with original material. They’re also involving Lenalee for some reason, which I’m hoping means that we’ll get to see her powers soon.
Next week, more on Allen’s past!


  1. This episode was before the mission to the “ghost of martel” in the manga. I think it was a bit sad that it was. Did they really had to hurry Allen to headquaters but they really managed to make Rinali real cute, way cuter then the manga^^(ghaaaaaaah, Rinali come to me!!!) xD

  2. yeah he´s becoming an akuma but he´s an exorcist so he should be able to do something about it^^. Why doesn´t he use his new arm, he´s up against the Earl!(he´s probably around level 100 or something xD)

  3. If it could be 26 or 39 or even 52 EP would be very nice.
    Where´s my AKUMU from yumetsukai when I need to use it!!!! 😆

  4. I would be quite surprised if this doesn’t turn into a long running anime like Bleach or Naruto considering it’s a shonen title. But then again I could be over generalizing and there’s the fact that the manga isn’t exactly fast when it comes to coughing out new chapters. :p

  5. Ehh, I knew they were gonna draw it out to two episodes. At least this means they’re approaching the next actual mission. This just means the next episode will be mostly flashbacks, if it decides to follow how the manga carried this chapter out.

  6. I don’t think it’s been announced yet how many eps this show will be yet, at least I couldn’t find it on the official website. I guess it’ll just keep going if the ratings are good. It’s never a good idea to speculate how long the anime will be by looking at the manga, since MOST anime series never cover their manga source to its entiety.

  7. Except this one isn’t in the same class as Bleach or Naruto. There’re plenty of Shounen shows on the air, but most of them can’t be compared to the big 3 – Naruto, Bleach, One Piece – in terms of popularity. All network execs care about are ratings. It doesn’t matter how good you think the show is. If it ain’t generating ratings and bringing in the cash, it’s not going to last long. The reason why Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece are long-running is because they’re consistently in the top 10 or so in ratings in Japan. One Piece and Naruto are usually in the 6.0-7.5 range, and Bleach around 5.0. This show gets around 2.0. So this by no means will turn into a long running series with 100+ eps. This just falls into the pool of the “other” shounen series like Kiba, Busou Renkin, Air Gear, Black Lagoon, Rave, Black Cat, Erementar Gerad, MAR, etc that usually go for between 26-52 eps.

  8. Why do people think Allen’s arm upgraded? He could always do that- his arm(being parasitic type) reacts in turn to Allen’s emotional state. Since the last eps caused Allen to get really angry and upset, his arm responded in kind. 🙂
    Though personally I’m big on the current state of the arm in the manga…

  9. I sound like a broken record but I want to see the Earl’s family gathering, the egg rage just got to me.
    Allen looked so cute when he was a child. I just started wondering how Mana got to find and adopt him though.

  10. Um…Namie? MAR is currently 82 episodes and showing no signs of stopping. Rave was popular but it ended up out lappipng its source material so it ended up having to end. Buso Renkin is over as is anyway so that of course won’t last long. Erementar Gerard is based on a monthly manga and those NEVER get more than 26-50. Black cat like Buso Renkin was over as is so they were able to contain the stories into 24 episodes. Series only go 100 or more when they’re popular AND still curently going AND are not montly. You are right don’t get me wrong, but i just saw a need for a bit of clarification.

    Bomber D Rufi
  11. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love d gray man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333333333333333333 X33333333333333333333333333333333333333


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