It was eight years ago in the year 2009 a.t.b. that Lelouch went to see his father, the emperor of Britannia, after his mother’s death. His father doesn’t want to waste time on him, but Lelouch persisted, asking why the emperor didn’t protect his mother. When the emperor told him that it wasn’t for the weak, Lelouch had decided that he didn’t need the right to succeed the throne because he’s had enough of all this conflict and strife. In response, his father said that Lelouch was dead from when he was born and that it was he, the emperor, who had given Lelouch clothes, a home, food, and life. Towering over a now fearful Lelouch, his father had declared that Lelouch had no rights and sent him and Nanaly to Japan.
Back in the present, while Lloyd is explaining the seventh generation Knightmares to Cornelia, Suzaku is doing his homework under Cecil’s watch. In talking about school, Suzaku mentions meeting an old friend by coincidence, so Cecil tells him to treasure that person. She believes that their reunion wasn’t coincidence, but rather hitsuzen (a foreordained event/inevitable). Over at school, Kallen and Shirley are doing student council work when Shirley suddenly asks about Kallen keeping a secret. Kallen assumes the worst and pulls out her knife, but it turns out that Shirley is merely accusing her of going out with Lelouch. She tries to explain that Shirley’s got it wrong, but Shirley keeps jumping to conclusions, so Kallen has to tell her to stop her imagination from running wild. At that time, their president Millay is over in the principal’s office talking to her mother over the phone about an omiai (marriage interview).
Meanwhile, Cornelia has led a Britannia force to surround the Saitama Ghetto in preparation for an operation against the terrorists there. The TV news specifically reports that the attack is set to start in two hours because Cornelia wants to create the same circumstances that were in Shinjuku in order to lure Zero out. At home, Lelouch is well aware of the situation and is packing to go out since he feels that Cornelia is purposefully extending him an invitation. When C.C. wonders whether destroying Britannia or finding his mother’s killers is more important to him, Lelouch answers that they’re the same. He feels that the Britannia royalty are being made to fight by his father for the next emperor’s seat. C.C. points out that this does make Britannia strong since the person who remains will be the best person suited to be emperor.
Lelouch agrees, but also says that the weak lose everything in this type of Britannia world. Since C.C. thinks that that’s survival of the fittest, Lelouch mentions Nanaly and how he won’t give up on her just because she’s weak. Before Lelouch can finish his sentence, he notices that C.C. is pointing a gun at him. She claims that it’d be troublesome if he died before fulfilling his contract with her, but she’s not ready to kill him – she’ll only shoot his foot. He figures out that if he’s dead, she can’t use the GEASS, so he pulls out his own gun. C.C. thinks that he’s going to shoot her, but Lelouch instead points it at his own head. He explains that he was dead for a long time until he met her: he lived a life of not doing anything – a life of only living – which he considers the same as a slow death. As Lelouch prepares to fire on himself, C.C. tells him to wait and lowers her gun.
Cornelia eventually starts her annihilation operation in the Saitama Ghetto by having her soldiers slaughter civilians for harboring terrorists. Lelouch, who has made his way onto the battlefield disguised as a soldier, gets approached and questioned by a Sutherland, so he lures the pilot out by pretending to have confiscated something from the terrorists and then uses his GEASS power to take the mecha. From inside the Sutherland, Lelouch contacts the local rebels as Zero and gets them to carry out his plans. With his micromanagement, they score multiple hits and even take out a bridge with several Britannia units on it. Knowing that this is the same as how things happened in Shinjuku, Cornelia orders all her units to retreat, but she’s not done yet.
Back at school, Shirley is admitting to Suzaku that she didn’t start out liking Lelouch because of how insincere he seemed. But during her first year of high school, she witnessed a car accident that was the fault of the driver in the back. That driver was causing trouble for the couple he hit, and since no was helping out, Lelouch had nonchalantly gotten the man towed. He had kept the uninterested look on his face, which caused Shirley to wonder what he was thinking about. As she wanted to learn more about him, she started to like him. Suzaku takes it upon himself to call Lelouch’s phone so that Shirley can find out directly how Lelouch feels about her, but when she realizes what he’s doing, she takes the phone out of his hands and slams it down. Their ensuing struggle causes them both to fall down, with him landing on top of her.
On the battlefield, Lelouch sees that Cornelia’s troops are in retreat, so he believes that she’s lost. Cornelia, on the other hand, believes that she’s won and sends out her knight Gilford in her own Knightmare Frame. Lelouch tries to lay a trap by having one of the rebels in a Sutherland pretend to be a Britannia unit, but Cornelia orders its destruction. Gilford and his two Knightmare guards skewer the lone Sutherland, so Lelouch attempts an ambush next. He soon realizes that Cornelia is encircling with her units, so he orders the rebels to retreat. But when Lelouch tries to give out more commands, he gets no response. The rebels have become scared of Cornelia’s bodyguard forces and are giving themselves up, but she orders them all killed. Lelouch soon loses all his units and is able to see how easily Cornelia suppressed them.
To make matters worse for Lelouch, Cornelia orders all her Nightmare pilots to open their hatches and show their faces as Gilford does an inspection. Lelouch doesn’t have his Zero mask and he can’t use his GEASS power without directly seeing the enemy, leaving him with very little in terms of options. Much to his shock, however, Zero suddenly appears right as Gilford is about to inspect him. With all the attention turned away, Lelouch is able to make his escape on foot as Zero jumps off some ruins and disappears, never having uttered a single word. It is in the sewers that Lelouch comes face to face with this Zero, so he questions why Zero saved him. C.C. reveals that it was her behind the mask and reiterates that his dying would be troublesome. Lelouch claims that he wouldn’t have lost if the conditions had been equal, but she just calls him a poor loser. He vows to arrange it so that his army, people, and country won’t lose to Britannia.


If you don’t count the Zero mask being stolen by the cat last episode, this is the first time Lelouch has been really outplayed. I think that part of the appeal of his character is that although he thinks quickly and has moments of genius, Lelouch is still fallible. He underestimated Cornelia, who was prepared for a repeat of Shinjuku and acted accordingly. Part of it isn’t his fault because the rebels he was trying to control fell apart, but that still leaves the fact that he almost got completely screwed. Only C.C. showing up in the nick of time saved his ass.
On the topic of C.C., she’s growing more and more interesting. Her conversation with Lelouch in the middle of the episode shows that on several levels, she agrees with the Britannia Emperor about progress coming from fighting and competition. Her own motivations still seem to be a bit of a mystery, as was who she was talking to when she seemed to decide to go save Lelouch. That same scene had her departing from her normal playful voice and taking on a rather serious one, which I’m sure we’ll get to hear more of in the future.
I’m not entirely sure what the point of the whole SuzakuXShirley scene was. Unless Euphemia dies (which I will admit is very possible), I just don’t see them as that plausible a couple. I think Shirley’s more likely to end up alone than with Suzaku (or Lelouch). Maybe they just wanted to complicate the relationship web a little.
The preview for next week seems to show Millay and Nina being held hostage by the guys from the Japan Liberation Front. Maybe they’d like to join up with Lelouch. They certainly seem more organized than the normal rebels Lelouch has been dealing with so far.
And finally, CHEESE-kun says that Pizza Hut supports the Rebellion! I wonder if they actually have a Pizza Hut consultant or if they’re just making this stuff up…

Edit: …I see that the doujin artists are already getting on this… (Link is extremely NSFW)


  1. Well maybe lelouch will be a little less confident, which is a good thing make sure he plans things out better.
    Looks interesting with the whole gun to the head thing.
    With CC in zero costume and saving his ass it seems like she’ll really help him out throughout the story, from ep 5(subs only there) it seemed kinda who knows what she’ll do. Though here hair looks horrible in that shot. What they need to do is have a couple strands of hair that norm looks good.

    woot 1st 2 post

  2. The reason why Lulu failed:

    Organisation vs Parttimers
    Loyal subordinate vs Sissy Rebels

    He misjudged and paid the price when he almost fell into Cornelia’s hands if C.C. did’t bail him out.

  3. So agree with Airas. Code Geass is the next best thing right now. Death note’s got no action, I bored out halfway through the first and had been skimming through the others and now I’ve just completely stopped a episode 6.

  4. Well the action isnt’t physical its physcological thriller, you can’t be a simpleton to appreciate it. But yeah i wish there was more hype the forum i norm post on theres practically no talk about it.

  5. hmm CC was talking to herself…
    And her expression change in the last sentence too while she was saying “I know, who do you think I am?”
    Is this suppose to suggest that she has 2 people inside her?
    .. lol CC (C2) and may be we will have C1. Anyway I don’t think its likely, I talked to myself sometimes.

    Anyway this episode rocks!!, can’t get enough of CC. She just save Luluch’s ass.. kinda surprise that Luluch said that he was living a dead life before meeting CC, and treathen to kill himself. That’s not what he said in Ep5!!! he said he was going to fight Britania anyway even without the power from CC. well, just a minor point.

  6. Hmm, Suzaku and Lelouch meeting again was an “inevitable event” huh? Sounds an aweful lot like CLAMP to me. But then again, I don’t think they’re involved with the script part of the anime so maybe it’s just coincidence that that theme popped up.

  7. We got a quick scene at in CC’s bed time in this episode. Which makes me VERY curious.

    “Is Lelouche really sleepping on the FLOOR?”

    There are several observation I made from that scene…
    1. He was sitting on the bed while CC was sleeping right behind him.
    2. The blanket was pushed towards the lower end of the bed, suggesting someone just got up.
    3. There is no futon on the floor..
    4. There is ANOTHER pillow on the bed located on the side he is sitting on. (unless CC wasnt using a pillow, which one mean there is only one pillow on his side).


  8. Hi this is my first post so I’m gonna be long winded.

    I’m all for Lelouch x CC. When I first heard CC talk to Lelouch I was like whoa… definitely not your average anime girl. I mean not only is CC a babe but she’s got attitude to go with it. I mean she’s like the only person who really seems to complement Lelouch’s character. Still I’m very curious about the power she gave him and who she is, maybe what she is, is a better question?

    Nice episode except for Lelouch got his ass kicked by Cornelia. Wonder how he would have done with those resistance members in military uniforms like that Toudou guy?
    I hope the series doesn’t end up with something sappy like in Gundam Seed where Kira Yamato finds out that fighting, killing, and war are horrible things and we need to stop. I mean I hope Lelouch crushes Britania or atleast the royal family. I mean sure that may lead to chaos but its an anime.

    By the way is Suzaku on crack or something, he wants to change Britania from the inside out? Did he see Cornelia and I know he saw the king’s speech. I really hope he ends up fighting with Lelouch instead of against him.

    I don’t think Cornelia will be much of a threat later, I’m more interested in the blond haired royal who stood across from Lelouch in the opening credits with the sunset at his back. I wonder if he’s the prince that Clovis mentioned in the beginning, the guy who might know who killed Lelouch’s mom. I wonder how Euphy would react to finding out if her sister planned Lelouch’s family’s assasination?

    Too much of Euphy and Suzaku’s goody too shoes act is making me nauseous I really like characters like Lelouch or Yagami Raito(aka Light) from Death Note. Maybe I just like the mastermind anti-hero types.

    White Star
  9. @Cam
    Lelouche can be the seventeenth prince in order of birth but the first son of the second concubine, which could place him second in the succession line (thinking that the first concubine only had one child)

  10. to Quina,
    Lelouch might have slept on the sofa as well…the fact that he was sitting on the bed doesn’t say anything, as for the blanket part CC might have pulled it over her side, and finally it seems the pillow is long enough for 2 persons.

  11. I agree that the emperor is even more fucked up than seen in the previous.

    Of course it was no suprise that Cornelia would hand Lelouch his ass when Clovis and company were a bunch of amateurs compared to her.

  12. hey Lelouch at the beginning was funning, when his father stepped up to him he squeeled and fell back. Poor Shirley… I’m curious to find out how Cornelia and Euphemia will react when they find out that Zero is none other than their Brother!!

  13. >>he wants to change Britania from the inside out?

    Errr, do you know Roy Mustang from FullMetal Alchemist? It’s the same kind of idea. A bit more difficult for Suzaku but it is a noble goal in japanese anime.
    And I love Suzaku and his goody too shoes act. At least he can kick ass XD

  14. this successor thing is confusing, if he’s 2nd in line for the throne, what about his other brothers and sisters, and I’m assuming his sisters can inherit the throne too. And also isn’t Nanaly also a Princess.

  15. i’m rooting for a CC/Lelouch pairing ^^; but the whole suzaku/shirley scene disturbed me quite a bit. guess im more of a Suzaku/Euphemia pair.

    as for the throne issue, i think taht its most like that lelouch was the 17th heir.

  16. Woah, I can’t believe than Lelou-kun is the son of the Emperor…
    I think that Suzaku, Shirley, Euphemia-jou-sama and of course Lelouch will have a more important role in the show. ‘Cause in the opening, there are shots of them in a very interesting way.
    BTW, I hope that nothing happens to Millais-sama!! Wait a sec, omiai?? NOOO!!!

  17. romantic? far from it…
    Lelouch shall be alone for the rest of his life, taking care of Nanaly, and Suzaku will have the pleasure of enjoying a harem life!
    well thats how i see it…

  18. I wonder if Suzaku will let it slip to Euphemia that she has a brother named Lelouch?? I mean Suzaku knows That Lelouch is a prince of Britania. its only a matter of time before he let it slips in front of her.

  19. Just to stick in my two cents, Lelouch/CC is an awful romantic pairing.

    Lol yeah, considering that both are pretty damn arrogant, I could foresee their relationship collapsing into dust in a very short time.

    THAT’S WHY LELOUCHExSHIRLEY IS BETTER! Suzaku can go to hell in terms of harem life for all I care. His kind of characters almost always lose in H games, and I’m leaned to believe the same bishounen law will apply in Code GEASS. And you know what? Lelouche will become very caring by the end!

  20. that’s not the CLAMP (nor sunrise) style to kill the main char at the end, Lulu will NOT die at the end. I can safely say that…

    He is too good to die like Kira.. screaming like a pig

    At the very end, Suzaku will end up joining Lulu in one way or another…because this story won’t be ALL about destroying Britania, they will share the same goal later on.

    Lelouche x Shirley definitely will NOT work, Shirley don’t even know who Lelouche is. Besides in Lelouche’s eye she is literally nothing. I am surprise he even remember her name!

    Kalen is doing better somewhat; she is getting closer to know him, but well… she has a LONGGG way to go for any romance from Lulu….

    Lulu might becomes kinda caring towards the end, although he already is towards his sister. But trust me…if its other person than his sis, its gonna be CC. We will have a lot more drama coming up on her side. Those ancient race, her true wish..etc.

  21. lol, these comments are soooo interesting!!!
    But for me, I’m going for either C.C.XLulu or SuzakuXLulu
    and really….I don’t really get it but, in other places it was said that Lulu and Nanaly were sent to Japan as bargaining chips, but as I see it…they are living pretty well…and also, what is Rival and Shirley to Lelouch, cuz back in one of the episode, that he might get seperated from them if he gets caught or something….and that he doesn’t want them harmed….
    And yea, I do wish Suzaku joins Lelouch in the battle and not be an idiot and goes up against his friend from way back…-_-

  22. Lelouch’s past isnt really that sad… it’s his past that makes him strong
    compare it with Uchiha Sasuke (sorry if u hate Naruto), both of them feed on hatred to spur them on…
    Great Success!

  23. I think Emperor was just leaving Lulouche in Japan because he reject the right to throne by saying it straight at his face. He said that Lulouche is as good as dead already.

    and Rival and Shirley, just some classmate to him. That’s a step better than just a pawn terrorist I guess

  24. I’m confused. Can someone help me? Is eating Dominoe’s while watching Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion a bad thing? It seems that I should be eating Pizza Hut instead.

    About romantic pairings: It is still too early to decide on anything substantial since the plot is just beginning to build. Wait until the pace in the story quickens and let the characters become more developed.

    Thx again for the summary. Without you I would have to wait for the fansubs in order to understand what was going on at the end of each ep.

  25. About succession
    Blonde guy in opening (cant remember his name) – 1st
    Cornelia – 2nd
    Clovis – was 3rd
    Lelouch is 17th in line for the throne.
    He is the 11th prince (Girls can inheret)
    Cornelia i believe is second in line for the throne after her older brother.
    Euphemia is younger than Lulu by a year so she’s about 18th, Nanaly’s about 19th.
    Interesting to note Clovis was 7 years older than Lulu, which means Daddy had 15 kids in 7 years. 😛 Plus Euphemia and Nanaly were born in the next two years.

    Lelouch is NOT SECOND IN LINE!!! People just misheard or something.

  26. Well, I don’t think Lelouch has that many siblings. Thrones don’t just pass from parent to child. They also determine who gets the throne by age. Most of those people in line for the throne before Lelouch are Lelouch’s aunts, uncles, and cousins who are older than he and his siblings.

  27. Oh my gosh, I just noticed after watching it. Is Millay going to be set up with one of Lelouch relatives or himself? Because she said to her mother on the phone about the Ashford family, and that’s Lelouch’s family back then! So I’m just wondering, if Millay will find out Lelouch’s identity!


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