Allen is finishing up his morning workout one day when he hears a crashing sound coming from outside his room. He encounters Lenalee carrying coffee on the walkway, and she suggests that the science group is experimenting on something. Allen is ready to go to the cafeteria, but Lenalee stops him once again and gets him instead to help her carry coffee to her brother and company. At that time, Komui is appearing in front of a tired science group with a giant robot that he claims will make everyone’s work easier. They are all impressed by the supposed 50% reduction in work, but Komui insists on them naming it first. Despite this, he doesn’t like their suggestions and personally wants to call it Komurin II. The reason the name has the II is because Kanda destroyed the first one before Komui could debut it.
In any case, after they decide on that name, Lenalee and Allen come by with the coffee. Surprisingly, Komurin II takes Komui’s coffee and drinks it, even though Komui himself doesn’t think that his robot can drink. This coffee has an odd effect on the robot, which suddenly starts to short out and then announces that it’s there to make Exorcists stronger. To everyone’s horror, Komurin II focuses on Lenalee and declares that it’s going to do a surgery to make her macho. When Komui tries to get someone to stop the robot, Reever grabs a weapon and prepares to fire. However, Komui also doesn’t want his creation to be destroyed, making him desperate for better solution. He remembers that Allen is also here, so he tells the robot that Allen’s anti-Akuma weapon is damaged and orders it to repair the arm.
Hearing this, Komurin II decides to change priorities and put Allen’s repair at the top of his list. And so, after putting Lenalee to sleep and laying her on the ground, the robot goes after Allen. With Allen on the run, the science group comes up with strategies to stop the robot, but none of them work. In the end, they rely on a large cannon that’s attached to a floating platform, but Komui once again spoils their plans. The ensuing struggle sets off the gun firing in all directions, though that doesn’t accomplish anything other than cause plenty of damage to the tower. After the platform stops spinning and the gun stops firing, Komurin II grabs Allen by the leg and pulls him towards its operating room where mechanical Komuis are waiting. Having no other choice, Allen activates his arm’s second form.
Unfortunately, Komui uses a blow dart to drug Allen and stop him from destroying the robot. Allen’s weakened cries are heard by Lenalee, who is just now waking up from being knocked out earlier. Seeing Allen get pulled into the operating room, she activates her Innocence. Lenalee then proceeds to pound the robot with her legs, knocking out its eye and smashing it into the ground. She finds a fully bandaged Allen inside, but he’s ok. The members of the science group start kicking the broken machine out of anger, so Komui tries to defend it, saying that it was the coffee at fault, not the robot. He wants them to hate the crime, not the person, and to hate the coffee, not Komurin. A calm Lenalee simply asks her brother to reconsider, and then kicks him and the robot to the bottom of the tower.
In the aftermath, Allen finally gets the welcome party that everyone had been planning. Their welcome reminds Allen of how Mana once said the same thing to him, and it makes him quite happy. Meanwhile, a dark skinned man is eating an egg and finding it not sweet. After he takes out his anger on a servant and walks out, one of the girls at the table asks the Millennium Earl to explain why he invited them to eat. She wonders if it’s possibly because they’re starting soon.


I had been wondering if they had forgotten about the welcome party, but apparently they hadn’t. This week seems like a bit of comedic relief after everything that’s happened so far, but it also sets up a transition into the next arc with the introduction of the Noah family. It was great to hear Shimizu Ai‘s voice for Road Kamelot since this is the only show I’m watching this season that she’s in (and I really like the roles she voices). As for the robot story, I think that the science group should have made it a priority to knock out Komui before going after Komurin II. That would have saved them a lot of trouble, though this way did mean that Lenalee got to show off her legs again.
Next week, a new arc!


  1. Wow, from the screen caps it looks like things went almost exactly according to the manga! (I even recognize some of the same frames from the manga). Miranda shows up next, hehe, can’t wait!

  2. D.Gray-man has quite a few pretty good voice actors in secondary roles. Now even Ai Shimizu!
    This episode looks amusing. My enjoyment of this series is growing with every episode, that’s a very good sign!

  3. Haha, I’ve been waiting for this. xD Although for some reason, I still like the manga version better. They added a lot of stuff, but they took out the Allen x Linali scene at the end? D:

    Anyway, can’t wait for Miranda and Rhode~! I get a feeling there’s going to be quite a lot of censoring. :/

  4. Rhode is somehow twisted.(she will be in Miranda arc, so one more week till her)
    I hope they won’t censor too heavy, cause d.gray is quite bloody manga.
    Tikki(sits next to her in this episode) is cool too ))

    sorry for my bad english -_-


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