One morning, a woman opens the newspaper and sees that it again lists the date as October 28th. This woman, whose name is Miranda, seems to know everything that is going to happen this day and recalls that this is the thirtieth time that she’s been through it. Over at the Black Order, Komui tells Allen and Lenalee about a town where the same day seems to be repeating over and over again. They suspect that there’s Innocence here, and think that Exorcists who carry Innocence can get inside the town. The problem is that if time really is repeating, then they might not be able to get out once they go in. On the boat ride out of the Black Order base, Allen and Lenalee talk about how he’s adjusting to working and living here. Lenalee reveals that she didn’t get accustomed to this place very easily since she was alone until her brother came.
Arriving outside the town, the two Exorcists encounter Toma, who cannot enter the town. Allen, and Lenalee, however, have no problems phasing through the invisible barrier. It is on this same day that Miranda is once again finding out that the date is again October 28th. This is the thirty-first time she’s been through it now. Everything seems be once again happening in the same way up until the point where Miranda enters an alley and gets caught by a Level 2 Akuma. It asks her where the Innocence is, but a frightened Miranda doesn’t respond. Fortunately, Allen arrives and saves her. As Allen is fighting the Akuma, Miranda realizes that things aren’t occurring like they are supposed to, meaning that she’s escaped from “today.” She runs away happily, but then gets drenched in mud – just like she’s supposed to be.
Having lost sight of the woman he was saving, Allen meets up with Lenalee and draws a rough sketch of Miranda for her. During this time, Lenalee had tried to leave town, but found herself right back inside when she tried to pass through the invisible barrier. She concludes that this means that they can’t leave this town until they solve the mystery of the Innocence. From behind Lenalee, Miranda appears after having heard the word Innocence, and Allen immediately recognizes her. After she learns that they are Exorcists, she introduces herself as Miranda Lotto and expresses how happy she is to find someone else who can notice the abnormality. However, Allen’s left eye soon notices that there’s something strange with the people sitting near them inside this store. Bringing out his arm, Allen explains that Miranda must have come into contact with the Innocence for her to be different from everyone else.
Both Allen and Lenalee activate their anti-Akuma weapons and start fighting the group of Level 2 Akuma who appeared from the nearby people. After he instructs Lenalee to take Miranda away, Allen proceeds to fight all the Akuma at once. At that time, Toma is noticing a girl using an umbrella to enter the town from the outside. This girl is Road Kamelot, and she was using the Millennium Earl’s umbrella. The battle meanwhile isn’t going so well for Allen, but suddenly all his enemies suddenly stop because of a message from Road reminding them to go retrieve the Innocence instead. They leave Allen and join up with Road, who scolds then for disregarding her and playing without permission. Still, she happily thinks about Allen being cursed and licks her lips.


They seem to have adjusted the repeating date from the manga, which had October 9th. I guess they used today’s date (November 28th) and subtracted a month to get October 28th, with that month being comprised of the 30 days that Miranda repeated. There’s a bunch of other minor stuff they changed, like the order of how things happened, but nothing really big. I just hope that Lenalee talking briefly about getting accustomed to the Black Order doesn’t mean that they’re going to cut that part about her past out later this arc.
As a final note, Miranda’s eyes really creep me out…


  1. Uhhh nice, finally Miranda is here, I like her quite a lot especially her pesimistc “doom and gloom” expressions hahahaha. And hey is it me or is Toma having more to do in the anime dan in the manga.

  2. @ Sasha

    Road’s skin color is right. If you read the manga, you’ll find out that

    Show Spoiler ▼


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