What the Recap Covered:
-How Lelouch’s mother was killed, how he met Suzaku, and how Britannia invaded Japan.
-How Lelouch met C.C. and Suzaku again after he grew up.
-How C.C. got shot in the head protecting Lelouch, how he got the GEASS through the contract with her, and how she showed up again.
-The restrictions on the GEASS.
-Clovis and how he died.
-Cornelia and how she outplayed Lelouch.
-The appearance of the white Knightmare – the Lancelot.
-The Emperor of Britannia and his speech.
-Lelouch and his speech after he established his Black Knights.
-After the hotel hijacking incident, the world’s attention focused on the Zero and the Order of the Black Knights. The reactions ranged from repulsion to fear to adoration to fright to derision to delight. They had become heroes to the ghettos and villains to the Britannia settlements. Lelouch thinks that this is ok because they don’t need support from everyone. However, they still don’t have enough to drag out the Emperor.
-Nanaly feels that their reunion with Suzaku makes things like they used to be in the past. Lelouch tells her that he understands, but privately thinks that for the sake of that, he will destroy the world.


Watch the Preview! Mirror 1 Mirror 2 (4.69MB, XviD)

-The episode was pretty much a full recap, with only a few new shots. While there really weren’t any new scenes added in, Lelouch did voice over the entire thing.
-The end featured a cell phone promotion/contest for merchandise such as the OP single and a Lelouch figure.
-Because the only really interesting thing in this episode is the preview, I included extra caps and uploaded it for people who don’t want to download the full episode. Next week looks like we’re going to see lots of Kallen and her home situation, along with kitty Millay.


  1. Looks like next week focuses on Karen/Kallen a bit. For some reason I’m not annoyed about this recap. I wonder who’s room the vandalized…..Or is the maid Japanese (well her name is Sayako).

  2. I still hope Lelouch will change his way of thinking one day. Destroying the world just because he wants to protect it? Destruction is the path to the dark side….I just hope Lelouch will focus on creating a more peaceful world where no one will suffer like he did instead of just wanting to destroy the whole of Britannia. Right now it seems like he’s trying to take revenge rather than starting a rebellion. I like Lelouch and I hope he won’t end up being another Light (Death Note).

  3. …I rewatch the previous eps…and I believe Millay is blood related to Lulu and Nanaly and something really distrubing was right before Clovis’ funeral broadcast, the Emperor was like “I just talk to Clovis and proceed to the plan” or something along that lines – so was he talking to the dead Clovis? If so, would that make the Emperor know who Zero really is?

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Is it just me or the picture with Kallen and her brother had her mom’s face blotted out? Would her mom be that maid who is an Eleven?
    Show Spoiler ▼

  4. I don’t understand why don’t lulu just geass Yuphie to take him to his father. And just geass his father to give him the thone and kill himself..

    Britania without his father aren’t really Britania anymore, he can just build his world the way he wants.

    Ofcourse this is anime, and to win that way is not fun

  5. One it wouldn’t be fun. Two, neither Lulu nor his alter ego, Zero, are probably allowed anywhere near the king. Three, outside of Cornelia, probably none of the royal family cares about whether Euphemism lives or dies.

  6. From my guess; the next episode will be about Kallen and her brother.
    The maid is totally her brother’s lover. She is also Japanese thus are being hate by many Britania.

    Shirley probably try to confess too; but of course she can’t!

    In the preview; lulu also said he had gained Cronalia’s weakness; Euphie. So he problably geass something to her by last episode.

    Can’t make any good guesses about Miley the neko yet, hmmm

  7. i don’t know why this version appears? – -*

    it can make someone who hadn’t seen any episodes before now understand about storyline… but i think this episode is created for promote new soundtrack = =”

    i don’t mind about it, may be it can make me more clear ^^


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