Negi is discussing the mysterious red object with Takamichi, Eva, and the school headmaster. They talk of it as something crystallized by the Soulshriek, which puts people under the control of someone other than themselves. Eva compares it to being possessed by evil spirits, and Negi is once again reminded of the Black Rose Baron and his own father. His partners are meanwhile discussing how Negi is proceeding with his investigation into the darkness on his own and how they want to help. Their jogging is interrupted when Ayaka runs up to them and asks about the training camp they went to with Negi the other day. Konoka admits that they did, but claims that it was a Chupacabra Research Society camp. When Ayaka presses them further for answers, the group ends up running away.
Elsewhere, Negi is looking around when a black rose suddenly flies in and pins Kamo to the ground by the tail. The Black Rose Baron appears again and this time Negi is ready with questions to ask. He wants to know who the Black Rose Baron is and about his wrist chain, but the Black Rose Baron refuses to answer his questions and then turns to leave. Negi squeezes in one last question about the Black Rose Baron being the Thousand Master Nagi Springfield, but his opponent simply disappears. As Negi despairs about the possibility of his father being possessed and not having his memories, Asuna, Konoka, and the rest of his partners who witnessed the entire scene come to support him.
The group sets off to investigate the darkness together, and Asuna fills Negi in on what Ayaka asked about earlier. Ku Fei suddenly jumps down in front of them and asks what they’re doing. She’s been sent by Ayaka to ask about the training camp, but Ku Fei says a bit too much, so Ayaka herself takes over. Negi apologizes to Ayaka for not inviting her to the camp, promising to invite her next time. Faced with Negi’s cuteness, Ayaka gives up and retreats, but Negi personally feels guilty about lying to her. But before he can dwell on this too long, his staff activates and Negi sees a dark blob swallow up Ayaka. Across school, Mana, Makie, and Natsumi also get taken.
Negi and all of his partners then get transported to a snowy Wales forest where they then find themselves facing a blue fairy and their four classmates. Negi attempt to activate all his partners’ cards at once, but the only ones that get good transformations are Kaede and the Narutaki twins with their cosplay cards. Unfortunately, Fuuka and Fumika get captured, so Kaede has to change into a giant frog to save them. When their classmates start attacking Negi, he is able to defend himself and quickly strikes at the fairy. Defeating the fairy produces a blue object and returns them to their original world, with Ayaka, Mana, Makie, and Natsumi having no memories of what happened. Afterwards, Negi goes off alone and listens to a video message from Nekane as he thinks about himself being the target of his enemies.

I get the feeling that perhaps each of Negi’s students who’s not on his team already is going to come under enemy control before this is all over. I don’t think they’re going to get around to having Negi gain the entire class as his partners, so I suspect this way allows them to feature everyone at least once. They didn’t stretch the second fairy story this time, which is good because it doesn’t seem to accomplish much other than allowing Negi to show off his new partners (Kaede and the twins in this episode). Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing since watching Kaede fight can be pretty entertaining. I originally wished that the plot would develop a little faster, but as I think about it, that’s mainly because the Black Rose Baron’s appearance this episode seemed to serve no purpose other than Negi getting to ask some questions that went unanswered. I’m also still not really buying into the fact that the Black Rose Baron may be Negi Springfield.
Oh yea, Shichimi’s “Ippen shinde miru” before the OP was hilarious…


  1. I’m not sure what on Wikipedia we’re supposed to notice. It’s pretty obvious it’s an alternate retelling. But it’s a frickin’ awesome alternate retelling. I can’t get enough of this show.

  2. ok for all you assholes who are too lazt to click the like here is what Wikipedia has to say about Negima!? This is a direct copy and paste:

    Ten-year-old Negi Springfield graduates from the Magic Academy in Great Britain at the top of his class of five including himself. With his graduation, he receives the assignment for his training to become a magister magi, to become a teacher at Mahora Academy in Japan.

    Furthermore, Evangeline has a long history with the Mahora Academy. About 15-years prior to Negi’s arrival at the academy, Evangeline was engaged in a battle with Negi’s father, the Thousand Master. After her defeat, the Thousand Master used a spell on Evangeline which imprisoned her within academy grounds. This curse can only be lifted once Evangeline sucks blood from a relation of the Thousand Master. Upon Negi’s arrival, he became a logical choice.

    After one year of the story, Negi is involved in the mystery of the Star Crystal. Two representatives from the Magic Academy arrive at Mahora with the news of the stolen Star Crystal. The Star Crystal holds a power that not even the Thousand Master could control. On the side, Asuna leads a group of her classmates in the Chupacabra Research Group.

    However despite the new look from the old series and manga this series has been getting a lot more flak from critics and fans alike than when the 1st series aired. Many complaints stem from the fact that most of the characters have been redesigned to look different than from the old anime series and the manga. Most of which center around Nodoka and her new hairdo that essentially looks almost totally different than from the manga and 1st anime. there has also been complaints about her so called “Cosplay Card” that gives her a pair of reading glasses. Also for the reason that Asuna no longer has her signature heterochromia (2 different colored eyes). Many people also are complaining about it because it has nothing to do with the original Manga story line what-so-ever. Many Professional critics have complained that despite that it’s a retelling of the story, the story-line itself seems to be totally incoherent and just plain not well thought out. There have even been calls for it’s cancellation altogether. And there are rumors that Akamatsu may just pull his license out of the series, effectively canceling the show.

  3. Jing are you fucking retarted? Wikipedia doesn’t post anything unless it has a “credible” source. And since wikipeida has this up then the possibility of Akamatsu pulling his license from the show is a high possibility!

  4. Lovin’ this show.

    BTW Don: Please specify what you are referring to, because I already knew everything wikipedia says and I still don’t understand why you are feeling elated about it.

  5. Don: I dont know who pissed you off, but dont come here and take it out on us! And it is indeed true, everyone can edit wikipedia. And the fourth sentence you quoted here “However despite the new look from the old series… etc” was not on the wiki 15 minutes ago. So i pressume its something you have added?

  6. I dont give a damn whatever you are saying. It wasnt there 20 minutes ago. And i have no idea what the heck it is you are trying to point out. And frankly, i dont think anyone else gives a damn. And stop chaning the wikis!

  7. Opinions, opinions…Where are the facts? And that’s terrible writing. Did you add it, Don? And how gullible are you to believe EVERYTHING Wiki says? A five-year-old could edit stuff on there.

    Anyway…Groups need to sub faster! LOL I want to watch these episodes now! 😛

  8. I actually thought this episode was really good. It’s clear that Don is the one editing the Wikipedia page. Wikipedia don’t like conjecture, which is what the info in the “overview” section is. Considering the overview section is supposed to give an overview of the plot, it’s weird that there’d be conjecture in there about the series’ future. Don has taken this too far, even I admit this series has saving graces after this episode!

  9. I havent watched the original show, nor read the manga. But i do enjoy this one 🙂 And for those who complain about the differences: ITS AN ALTERNATE RETELLING! OF COURSE ITS DIFFERENT! Now thats settled: Thanks for the update on episode 10 Omni 🙂

  10. Apparently Don is so stupid that he doesn’t realize wiki is all user submitted. It’s not an actual encyclopedia of anything. Anyone can edit Wiki References. So Don, here’s an idea, why don’t you go back outside to the home that you call a box, and continue to suck on a dog’s dick like you always do.

  11. Stoner i just read you’re link! “Anime Dude” (or hoever) is a reporter for Funimation Newsletter. And as far as i know Funimation would be the BEST source to get info anout Negima becasue they own the fuckin license to Negima here in America.

  12. The same question to you. How can you prove that he/she is? Do you know this person personally. There’s no information that this person has any affiliation whatsoever to Funimation or any place of credibility. And what kind of idiot would try to ruin their job by writing such garbage. Oh yeah, reporters SHOULD have proper writing skills.

  13. Don: this is getting really silly, if that animedude was a reporter he wouldn’t need to flood-edit wikipedia to add something. That animedude must be a seriously spoiled three-year-old brat on a tantrum. I wouldn’t dare to say it’s you but, odds are against you ;D

  14. FUNimation does NOT hold the license for Negima!?, they hold the License for Mahou Sensei Negima! If FUNimation did hold the license for it, they would’ve said so by now. And Anime Dude is NOT a reporter for the FUNimation Newsletter, because I can tell you right now that FUNimation does NOT have Reporters. Everything from their newsletter is made by 1 or a group of people that get their sources from FUNimation’s distributors and executives. FUNimation does not, and never will have a reporter. Also, if he did claim to be a Reporter for FUNimation, he can not only get in trouble, but into Legal Trouble with them as well for pretending to be a worker for them when they’re really not.

  15. I don’t see why we have to believe Anime dude, he said Akamatsu may just pull his license out of the series, effectively canceling the show.

    Akamatsu doesn’t have a license to the anime version. Only Shaft studio owns the license to Negima?!

  16. Look Don, if you want to spend all night, constantly adding this crap back to the article, just to win a debate in a comments thread on a blog posting, you do that. Waste your life away. I’m going to go outside and bask in the sunlight. Something that you haven’t done in years thanks to you just sitting inside all day and night masturbating to your Nodoka posters while constantly replaying an audio mix of all her dialogue from the first anime in your bedroom to assist in your efforts to get yourself off, you sick, stuck up, wapanese son of a bitch.

  17. They DON’T hold the license for it, because unlike Mahou Sensei Negima!, Negima!? is made by a DIFFERENT COMPANY. Therefore they would have to get in contact with the Company, as well as Kodonsha to get the license for it.

  18. DC! THEY HOLD AKAMTSU’S ANIME LICENSE. Akamatsu hold the lisence for ALL ANIME VERSIONS OF HIS CREATIONS. and thus he holds the licese for Negima!? as well. Since Funimation holds Akamatsu’s anime lisence for America THEY WILL DUB NEGIMA!? EVENTUALLY! DUMBASS!

  19. Don, you are quite, quite incorrect. It seems that by directing so much blood to your genitals due to Nodoka, you seem to have damaged your brain. Wikipedia article is now under protection by the way. Congratulations.

  20. Well, looks that Don/Hudson is it again. Eveyone, try to think this a natural thing to except from every Negima-review-episode. As last thing to Don/Hudson, take it easy and understand this is only a anime and if you want to see different adaption of Negima so make a call to Akamatsu. Maybe then you can be happy with yourself.

    About this episode, not so funny ,but still there some great laughs. Also the drama is starting to come up with this mysterious masked man.
    That is clearly a M16 rifle.

  21. 1. Akamatsu has all his calls screened
    2. a call to Japan would cost over $50.
    3. I doubt Akamatsu would even give the time of day to anyone.

    This “makeing a call” to Akamatsu is out of the question…..

  22. I tried to stay silent.
    Akamatsu-sensei don’t hold any anime license. What he hold is name of the series as well as characters. when anime company want to make anime from his manga, he’ll give permission to use his license in exchange for share from income.
    I’m thai so I don’t know about Funimation. but although they came from the same company or even the same mangaka their local seller can be different.
    In Thailand, their’re about 5 company that have Gundam series license.

  23. Akamatsu does not hold such a license. The only license he holds are to his characters, and anything trademarked to the manga. IF he did hold such a license, then he would have control over Negima!?, but he doesn’t. Same thing goes for Mahou Sensei Negima! as well. The only people that would hold an Anime License would be the company that made it themselves. Since FUNimation holds the licensing for Mahou Sensei Negima’s distribution in the United States, then they can’t distribute Negima!? without obtaining the License for it first. They can’t just distribute it just because it has the Negima name in it.

    Also, you just fucked up. Because your entire argument over the past few weeks has been that since Negima!? isn’t a part of Akamatsu’s work, and goes in a different direction, that it was a disgrace to Akamatsu. However, now you say that it IS Akamatsu’s work, because he has a license for it. Therefore you just threw out every argument you ever made right out the window. So now shut the fuck up, and get out of here, before I hunt you down and knock you the hell out.

  24. This is my first post but i just wana saay that im loving this series more ^^ but sadly no Pactio this time

    and the only reason i wana react bec of that fucking retard DON

    Ei DON you need some proper treatment (well you act like a kid so better grow up (if your a kid then grow up fast) you Fucking retard ( and another thing maybe your just fucking jealous to Negi having his own harem ^^) or maybe worst having fetish over Akamatsu (man your sick ^^)(and ohh piece of advise if you live believing everything you see in Wiki then go back to pre school and study more seriously

  25. @Don ..seriously, do you think any company would let a ‘creator’ to fuk up their ‘project’ anime by pulling out without some sort of back up protection(like a contract etc)?
    mayb you could do well to think of well thought arguments instead of going ard callin others retards

  26. Akamatsu = owns all Negima and Negima related material including animes.
    Shaft = Making Negima!? but Akamtsu has last say becasue HE OWNS ALL NEGIMA MATERIAL. If he wants to cancel HE WILL.

    If Akamtsu wants the show to end he has the right to do so.

  27. @Don …yea cancel the show..and still live in that cosy house of his with no worries whatsoever..this world is so ‘simple’ i guess..
    anyway he cant, and will not due to the lack of benefits and the problems that might arise.
    even if he can, not only the company that is currently working will be sueing him, the TV company is also going to sue him..he wont end up in jail..afterall it’s money they care about 😀

  28. Wrong. Akamatsu has absolutely no control over that. The only people that do is TV Tokyo. If the ratings are low, then TV Tokyo has the right to cancel the show, and replace it with a new product. They would let SHAFT now in advance that they plan on cancelling the show, giving them an opportunity to end it. Akamatsu holds no such license over the show. Even if he did, he can’t cancel the show at all. If he did, TV Tokyo, as well as the show’s sponsors would sue him for cancelling.

    Speaking of which, what’s the matter Don? Afraid to read my previous post? You’re only making yourself look more like an idiot every time you make a post.

  29. @DON yeah right whatever

    and ohhh just wana remind you yup that negima is owned by akamutsu but once that a company bought the rights to animate the story of the artist the company has also the rights to control it (and ohh another thing do you think Akamatsu will ruined their good partnership just bec of youe stupid and retard opinion ^^ ) only a retard and stupid like will do such a thing ^^ Akamatsu and Shaft are both professionals when it comes to this field

    so you stupid retard nothing to do but to play with your fellow stupid monkeys stay away and let the professionals do their work on ohh so you wana call your self a critic well
    study more and quit wiki will you ^^ it aint good for you small brain ^^

  30. @Don. Akamatsu knew about this retelling from the begining and he give permission for that. If he break the contact he’ll get into really big trobles.
    @wthis. I almost get into ABAC but I changed my mind. Starting Jan I’ll be in MUIC. I’ve lot of my hi-school friends in abac. which faculty r u in? I’m in Travel Industry.

  31. Don/Hudson(supposively Don)/Shinobu_Lover,

    Wikipedia is totally editable… Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source… I know since I had a friend who edit a Naruto section, saying Tenten meaning “chocolate”, even though it means “here and there” or “little by little” or something like that… If Ken really thought it was more of a sham, then he could of taken SHAFT out in a heartbeat… Since you haven’t known, Japan still ask for permission on big stuff…

    Now the question really is, why do you hate “Negima!?” so??? A Ken Akamatsu fan, your not really supportive, since HE was the one who gave the “ohkay” to make it… Heck I bet HE was the one who started this because of the bad slump of the first series… Art was magnificent, because it was different from the basic, regular, anime we have ever seen… Comedy is also great, also because its different… Not only that its different, every piece of reference is basically about Japan itself and its history… Old reference such as the Great Wave painting, The Ring, heck even Azumanga Daioh, they all are a part of great items from the past… Now, knowing you, I know your one of those people who would go to Japan for a trip, heck maybe even to live in… So don’t be dissing it…

    So, tell everybody, why do you hate “Negima!?” this much to even come here and try to influence people??? What is it that make you hate it so much??? Just because it doesn’t follow the manga??? Just because of the comedy??? Just because the art??? Or just because you hate everything???

  32. @Don
    “There have even been calls for it’s cancellation altogether. And there are rumors that Akamatsu may just pull his license out of the series, effectively canceling the show”; Just some joker who wrote this down.

    This episode was actually pretty good.

    @ Don again
    Are you gonna always post in a bloody complaint every time cause it gets really anoying.

    Every I see this blog is at war.

  33. lol… I just read the DC/Don battle about FUNamation…

    Last time I check this, Love Hina and Mao-chan was licensed by Geneon Entertainment… So your argument about they holding Ken’s license maybe false…

    Pani Poni Dash (SHAFT made Negima!?, so you better take note of this) is licensed by ADV Films… Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase (also by SHAFT) is licensed by FUNamation… So this Negima!? series could might as well go anywhere…

    Also, one more thing…

    Link is basically nothing, but thought it’s interesting to stick it in for some soul purpose of something…

  34. …….This blog thing is going on for too loong… Don… i understand that you believe your own things but what if we don’t believe you? why are you trying SO hard to make us believe you? This only shows that what you are telling us is a lie… we aren’t 3 year-olds….and i’m sure you aren’t one too, please use your brain next time.. i am sure you have one.

    BTW if yo are THAT eager to make us believe you.. just go called Akamatsu and and let him tell you, i mean….If you so eager for us to believe you of course.. if not, i suggest you give up now.

    BTW.. Wikipedia is not reliable but ANN, animenewsnetwork is always reliable… Stop living in a turtle shell Don and see the (Uneditable) ANN website!…… Don…….please.. for your own good.

    YAY my first post! XD—-> Negima!’s not my fav show but it’s still good :D.. i don’t see much resons for Akamatsu to ever “unlicense” it

  35. Goddammitt Shinobu’s Lover! I know you hate this show but Jesus Christ! You’re getting ridiculous here! There’s no reason for you to be going into someone else’s site in order to stop them from Blogging Negima!? or going into Wikipedia and make your own entry on the “overview”. That so has “Shinobu’s Lover” written all over it! Do yourself and everyone else a huge favor and just stop posting here.

    I know this anime series isn’t true to the original manga, nor will it ever be as good as it was. But the first anime was even WORSE! That anime was SUPPOSED to be like the manga but watered it down so badly with lack of fanservice, lack of Kyoto arc, lack of Kotaro and only 26 episodes, that it failed to live up to the manga. This at least has its own story and doesn’t need to rely on Akamatsu’s work, but rather is loosely based off it. IT’S A SPINOFF fer chrissakes! Just accept it or don’t watch it at all!

    Oh, and for the record, when a mangaka signs over the rights to his show over to a TV company, he GIVES THEM TOTAL CONTROL OF THE ANIME. Haven’t you watched the Excel Saga anime? The mangaka is basically giving them the rights to do whatever they want with his Excel Saga story (read the manga too, they’re totally different!). That’s also the reason why we get stupid filler episodes like 70+ episodes of Naruto Filler Hell! The manga author has NO CONTROL over what happens in the show. He merely acts as a consultant if anything at all.

    Oh and one more thing. LEARN TO FUCKING SPELL! It’ll at make you sound like less of a moron when you post!

  36. So asuna still dies in this story like the first one??????Or was that part created by the animators mind at that time????
    Anyway i don´t care because this show still rocks like HELL BABY!!! 😀

  37. ……….so…..
    Don doesn’t like fanservice!!
    Dude, don’t tell me u didn’t enjoy the Spring and Summer OVAs?!?

    @tensai_otaku: NOOOOO, u didn’t put a spoiler tag!!! I haven’t seen the first one…boohoo. *cries*

  38. Oh, another sidenote for the infamous ‘Don’ (aka. Annoying Little Prick, or maybe it stands for “Dissappoinment On Negima” or “Dickhead On Narcotics”. Take your pick :))
    I would like to make a referrence on Fruits Basket. During the making of the anime, the creator, Takaya Natsuki, didn’t like where the story was going and had many disputes with the director. So she ended up leaving the project, but the show continued anyway. The creator can have their say, but in the end the show has already belonged to the production company.

  39. Sheesh…. I come back from working late in my college classes and i find out a war has broken out in here. Grow up all of you!

    Don is right though. This show needs to be shut down.

    And i and hating this show even further. This makes the 4th episode in a row where Nodoka has been turned into her botched card. It’s begining to get on my nerves. And is that an MP3 player in Fei’s ear? SINCE WHEN THE HELL DID SHE GET INTO POP MUSIC!? And why did they make Setsuna do the funky chicken? Poor Chamo i pitty him for getting Tuxedo Make Rosed in the tail.

    This show is just so fucking retared. It’s make no since, the story line has NO plot, They’ve totally ignored the manga. Im getting sick of it! And it’s only getting worse.

  40. OMFG!! Go complain somewhere else you Pseudo-freak. May i suggest you vent your stupid anger on a piece of toilet paper.
    Stop coming back to read stuff that disses the crap out of your opinion.

  41. Why do people get so upset when animes dont follow the manga?
    The lord of the rings movies didn’t exactly follow the books, are you gonna say that they sucked?

    Negima is a good show, you don’t like? Quit watching it. Go read the manga or something.

  42. Until you can prove otherwise, everyone is assuming Don and hudson are the same person, because you are saying the same thing over and over. And when your hand-picked mod goes against you from your forums, you know you got issues.

    BTW, I see there is another Baka Rangers Skit. Can’t wait to see that….

  43. Looks like now as the group is expanding Asuna have more people she can gave out those Chupakabra’s T-shirt. ^_^ As everyone can see in this episode that Ayaka might start to want that shirt so that she could be near ger Negi-sensei LOL.

    And by the way, what is the first picture of the second row suppost to means? Motsu tried to cosplay as Aku from Samurai Jack or something?

  44. Jesus Christ! Don, Hudson, whoever you are you have a freaking problem that requires mental help right away! I could deal with the ranting at first even though it was every freaking week. Then you started to threaten Omni and other people which started to go to far. Now your going into Wikipedia and editing the information to suit your needs and prove your right. The only thing your proving is your a freaking moron! Oh and don’t let me forget about how you are going on the forum for Animazement 2007 and requesting that they don’t show Negima!? Yeah we all know its you, and you can impersonate yourself as whoever you want and we will still know who you are because you suck at impersonating! I have had it with you I’m sure Akamatsu would be ashamed of you too. Grow the hell up! Your making enemies with everyone and trust me if this keeps up you’re going to have problems in the future. Now leave this site alone, because no one cares about your Fing opinion anymore!!

  45. How do you know your IP is different to Don’s, Hudson? The only person here that can read IP’s on this blog are Omni. You saying your IP is different means nothing, unless you know it’s different because you use a proxy when you post as Don! Funny how you went from death threats and hack threatening to just editing Wikipedia though, rofl. Kudos.

  46. As one of those who protects the Negima wiki content from upstarts like you Don/Hudson/Shinobu Lover I can say it’s user editable.

    Also when mangakas sign the license contract with animation company they can’t complain as per the contract.

    Take a look at the beginning of Excel Saga

    Get some professional help will you? I’m beginning to suspect you’re a hikomori.

  47. And Hudson didn’t answer my question, since my question is for Don/Hudson/Shinobu_Lover…

    Reading your comments, it just seem you hate anything that goes against Nodoka… I know in your mind, you think its cute when she goes Botched… Don’t lie to yourself!!! Also, everybody is not fricken perfect… If a character dies, they dies (noting from first series where Asuna dies… If you think the first series is great, you’re an idiot for thinking the second one sucks…) Now, exactly why do you hate this anime so much?!? Answer now or I’ll march over to your place and take out my staple gun…

  48. Yep this is getting ridiculous.

    There was never a case where an anime was ever under the control of the author of the manga the said anime was based on. The manga-ka served no more than a consultant. In fact one of the most successful anime series that greatly deviated from its manga source was Marmalade Boy (produced by Toei Animation, authored by Wataru Yoshizumi), which spanned a staggering 76 episodes plus a movie, adding an extra arc with an additional set of characters completely absent from the manga (which was just 8 volumes). While manga-ka Wataru Yoshizumi had a few not so favorable comments about the extras, she let the animators have their way and was overall satisfied with the series.

    The only case of an anime series grinding to a halt after a dispute with the manga-ka was His and Her Circumstances/Kareshi Kanojo no Jijō (licensed by Gainax, authored by Masami Tsuda). Tsuda didn’t like where the anime was going and basically walked out on Gainax, who simply ran out of ideas hence ended the series prematurely (i.e. Gainax could have continued it on their own if they wanted to, but without Tsuda’s input, they decided it was just a waste of time, plus Director Hideaki Anno also left Gainax out in the cold).

  49. Don/Hudson, if your IP address is different from the other account, who cares? Maybe you’re wasting your time switching computers, or you’re using a proxy, like what “Hmm” said.

    What makes you think anyone’s going to listen to you? Some people, including me, are just going to get entertainment from watching you, a perfect example of a idiotic, flaming fanboy. You’re not accomplishing anything other than revealing your stupidity by this useless spam. If Nodoka looks different and Negima!? is diverting from the manga, just go away and pretend this isn’t happening. There is no need to continually post that the owner of the blog should stop blogging Negima!? The site owner isn’t going to worry about some anonymous fanboy that makes empty threats. Face it, right now you’re just showing everyone what an immature fanboy fool you are.

  50. Woah….first thing in the morning when i woke up and check this blog i see Don/Hudson/idiotic prick ranting and raving all over AGAIN…

    first off, don’t you have a life…and if you are so sure that Ken Akamatsu really wants to pull the plug on this season of negima, GET SOME CONCRETE PROOF you dickhead…and concrete proof as in press releases and NOT something some idiot wrote on wikipedia…and the part about Akamatsu owning everything that has got to do with negima is so totally untrue….go figure out yourself as to why…

    Secondly, about you not being don/Hudson and such…do you even know how easy it is to just change your IP…so stop saying you have different IP therefore you are different people…can’t you be a little more imaginative and think of better excuses plus if you do want to act as someone else, try to act more convincingly…

    And lastly, there is such a simple solution to all this and in your infinitely puny little brain you refuse to see it…if u do not like this retelling of negima!? SIMPLY DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW…and just disappear of this surface of this wonderful planet and take all your narrow minded bullshit along with you…not to mention leaving us with a much more peaceful experience here every week…

  51. How about let’s ignore all further comments from the prick and focus on the Anime.

    I think its funny that every one of Negi’s partners are now part of the chubacabra research group, if this keeps up it may end up everyone being in the group, but then we may run out of episodes if they have 1 pactio every few episodes

  52. I had expected that nine episodes would be enough for those who don’t like the show to have, well, stopped watching.

    I’m just waiting for the moment when Omni snaps and disables all comments.

  53. Hudson, 12/06/2006 2:23 p.m. (Page 1) – “I actually thought this episode was really good. It’s clear that Don is the one editing the Wikipedia page. Wikipedia don’t like conjecture, which is what the info in the “overview” section is. Considering the overview section is supposed to give an overview of the plot, it’s weird that there’d be conjecture in there about the series’ future. Don has taken this too far, even I admit this series has saving graces after this episode!”

    Hudson, 12/06/2006 8:34 p.m. (Page 4) – “Sheesh…. I come back from working late in my college classes and i find out a war has broken out in here. Grow up all of you!

    Don is right though. This show needs to be shut down.

    And i and hating this show even further. This makes the 4th episode in a row where Nodoka has been turned into her botched card. It’s begining to get on my nerves. And is that an MP3 player in Fei’s ear? SINCE WHEN THE HELL DID SHE GET INTO POP MUSIC!? And why did they make Setsuna do the funky chicken? Poor Chamo i pitty him for getting Tuxedo Make Rosed in the tail.

    This show is just so fucking retared. It’s make no since, the story line has NO plot, They’ve totally ignored the manga. Im getting sick of it! And it’s only getting worse.”

    :/ Something’s a bit iffy. Well, actually, the first post hardly has much to decide upon…Oh, and you’re telling us to grow up when you keep throwing such harsh words around with absolutely no constructive criticism? Hm…

  54. When he does it to a blog he could just very easily ignore, thats where the problem is. It is one thing to state an opinion. It is another to flame others for liking something you don’t like.

  55. I want to apologize to Omni personally. I apologize for rude comments I’ve posted, and I’m sorry this had to happen on your blog. But when I see a bastard like Shinobu’s Lover/Don/Hudson doing this stuff, and taking it too far, I can’t just sit back and do nothing. It’s really annoying, and I really do wish someone would kick his ass to make him stop. So sorry Omni for having this done to your blog, since I’m sure you’re probably annoyed already.

  56. Guys,

    ahem.. let me post something I submitted in another Negima!? Page:

    **This is a special announcement to Hudson or Don**

    CRACK IS WHACK and Just Say No To Drugs
    (because most if not all of your posts are just incessant rambling)

    Once again, this blog/message post is for intelligent people who want to talk about the Negima!? episode currently discussed.

    Every time you guys post something, it goes something like this:

    Also, saying F*ck and a$$holes to everyone here is something retarted people do. I’m sorry to have offended retarded people when being compared to them. (You Know Who You Are)

    I do believe you’ve already lost credibility with other people here. So, don’t waste your time and ours again by rambling incoherently, ok?

  57. Here i was waking up from from my sleep,walk up to my pc, wanting to read the summary of episode 10 of negima?! and to think there has been a blog war all this time…

    you guys should really grow up you know…i kinda feel sorry for Omni here to have you bloggers fight against each other. well anyway, when i heard shimichi said ‘ippen shinde miru’, it was hilarious.

    Oh and one last thing you guys plan to be at each other throats till the end of the series?
    I can’t imagine that but now it almost halfway of the series, there still a chance you guys
    might be out there at negima?!’s blog war.

  58. you know, most of us are like that. We look forward to omni’s posts about Negima!?….However, when the first reply is don, trying(and suceeding, btw) to take control of it, you will never get to see a normal blog, free from the flaming….Everyone would love to ignore him, but his attacks are getting more and more crazy….

  59. I’ve a few thoughts:
    1. Don/Hudson has a case of severe schizophrenia. Split personality, but same idiotic nature.
    2. They’re IDENTICAL twins in every idiotic way.
    3. Lovers. No further comments.



    That’s it from me.

  60. Gotta agree with jopchan121 on this one. I feel I should also apologize to Omni also but its getting harder and harder to just ignore him. I mean Omni he threatened to hack your site and he’s going around and editing sites. This goes beyond just voicing your opinion. I just want a normal blog too because as a Negima fan I want to talk about the show. However when I come online ready to read what others think I see Don, Hudson, whoever, one of the first people and he says the same thing EVERY WEEK! It just irritates me. We can’t even have a normal blog and no matter if we ignore him or not he won’t stop untill he gets his way. Just like a little kid. So I apologize. If only he would stop, please someone make him stop!

  61. First time posting, just a few things to say. Everyone knows Negima!? is an alternate storyline and no one cares about how it deviates from the original run. That’s pretty obvious. If you don’t like it, just do the world a favor and don’t watch it.

    @Don: Why don’t you start your own blogring to bash Negima!? Surely you will get more ‘positive feedbacks’ there, not like that anyone will agree with you here. Or even better, just forget that this run exists.

    @Others: Just a suggestion that we should all ignore Don’s posts from now on. If no one cares to reply to his whinning, he will go away (hopefully). That can do better to keep this place nice and quiet instead of starting a warzone.

  62. I was right to get my popcorn ready as I read through this hilarious fiasco, it just keeps getting funnier and funnier. Don/Hudson/Shinobu-lover/whatever has continued to amuse me to no end. Keep up the good entertainment, you pathetic excuse of a troll.

    DON/HUDSON/SHINOBU-LOVER ARE THE SAME PERSON (DESPITE WHAT “THEY” CLAIM) AND IS A BLOODY TROLL. IGNORE HIM. (That means don’t bother replying because I will ignore you too. )

    Kinny Riddle
  63. Wow, to think that idiot made it that far… I’m very impressed of his supreme idiocy. Can someone tell the company behing Guiness Book Of World Records to nominate reading Hudson/Don/Shinobu_Lover as “The Most Idiotic Flaming Fanboy” of 2006/2007?

    And as for Wikipedia, he sure got PAWNed real good. And he sure is getting PAWNed more by the people here who have exceeded their “patience limiter” and getting self-destruct. 😀

    Like the most popular line in DOTA….. OOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWNAGE!!! XD XD

    @Kinny Riddle
    “I was right to get my popcorn ready as I read through this hilarious fiasco, it just keeps getting funnier and funnier.”

    OMG LOL, I was going to say that, damn. 😀 *high five*

    Anyways, reading Hudson/Don/SL’s comments is just like I’m watching Family Guy, starring him as Peter Griffin. Popcorn, anyone? 😀

  64. @Hudson

    You are finally seeing a bit of light in the new negima!?…
    I am so proud of you.


    Please don’t ruin my birthday or I’ll hack you! I’ll use all that I know as a programmer and nuke all of your post here in animeblogger and all the others with your other aliases. I don’t care what Omni will say… sue me if he can… Believe me when I say that Filipinoes can hack and hack good! We were the ones who developed the love virus…

    Anyway the episode is still way out full of parody…
    I’ll be making a walpaper out of this one.

  65. To Don/Hudson/Shinobu’s_Lover/whoever the **** you are at the moment, NO ONE CARES WHAT’S ON THE ****IN’ WIKIPEDIA! Besides, we all know you did it. So, lay off!

    On to the episode review…

    THE GOOD: If nothing else, the fight scene was worth watching. I LOL’ed at the “suka” forms, though; Negi’d be a very bad gambler where we came from. It was also quite interesting to see what the Walking Club’s pactios were worth, and I’m quite glad at how short this arc was considering the length of the others.

    THE BAD: There seemed to be too many in-jokes and other things for my liking that detracted from the overall viewing eperience, but hopefully such in-jokes won’t bog the story down TOO much.

    THE OMGWTF?!?:

    -Our next contest on “American Idol”… MOTSU! (But really, what’s with his outfit? :/)

    -The split-screen style with Ayaka and Negi’s “Comely Comrades” during the confrontation made me think of FOX’s “24” because of the direction style. (The following happens between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM… XD;)

    -Makie practicing her gymnastics during the confrontation was a nice change of pace, considering how she’s been portrayed in the last few episodes…


    >> You didn’t hear anything.

    -OR IF NOT BY FIRE, MOTSU MUST DIE BY FIRING SQUAD! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… *coughyoudidn’thearthateithercough*

    -Anyone else nosebleed at this shot of Misa?

    -*makes a mental note to add Zazie to list of favorite characters in the Negima series due to her bizarre appearances in the story*

    -Er, what’s with Makie? She’s been acting odd ever since the end of the vampire arc!

    -LOL at Natsumi and Chizuru’s “rock paper scissors” game.

    -“Death Juice?” Where do you get that, I wonder?

    -Fumika Holmes at our service! XDDDD;;;

    – O.o Is it just me, or did Kaede turn into a frog?

    CONCLUSION: Awwww, no Pactio! Oh well, I guess it’s a good thing there was no Pactio this time around; otherwise things would be quite boring and predictable. Perhaps they’ll show the Pactio later on in the series? Anyway. the next episode’s Haruna-centric, so maybe SHAFT will do something the original manga hasn’t and actually show the young artist Frenching her teacher if they DO have her perform a Pactio. ^_^

    Animation: 8.9/10
    Storyline: 7.1/10
    Direction: 9.5/10
    Music: 10/10
    Comedy: 6/10, only because I didn’t get the jokes
    Performance: 10/10

    Overall score: 8.6/10

  66. You know…
    What’s weird is that all this war atmosphere is what’s appealing for me… For the past ten weeks I have been watching this progress. It really is annoying though.

    Hudson: So the first is an impostor? Want me to hack this blog to prove he’s a fraud?

    Omni: Sorry about the hack threat. I don’t usually hack for personal gain…
    Is there really just two of them? I really want Shoutacon Ayaka in this similar pose…

    LaGelure: Have you try posting in Your opinions will be better appreciated there considering your format of writing… I’m “djmaca” there.

    I’m suprised Vexx isn’t here….

    Hudson: So fanboy… What do you plan on doing? They won’t stop showing and blogging Negima!? unless you evolve into an influential rich fanboy overnight. The wikipedia plan got nuked.

    Keikun: OOOOOOOOOOOWWWNNNNNNNNNNNAGE!!!!! Gonna love that!

  67. @Moondoggiebuiscuit
    LOL, I like that one too. 😀

    And what Hudson/Don/SL’s flaming was more like MO-MO-MO-MO-MO-MO-MO-MO-MO-MO-MO-MOOOOOOONSTER KILL!! LOL 😀 *rolling on teh floor laughing*

    OOPS! I forgot….. don’t feed teh trollzzzzz… 😀

    I noticed your own views about Negima!?, and it was well-balanced with positives and negatives. I wish I can do something like that, but I’m not that good at reviewing (and I have to download all of teh eps y’know. sucks to have a dial-up connection). Keep it up, btw. 😀

  68. This is a nice and unusual arc and all, but does the star crystal really that important? At first, Negi wanted to become a magi just like his dad, but does the baron, fairies, and crystal have any connection to the Thousand Master?

  69. *sigh* If they’re still “following along” with Negima!?, I’m pretty sure they’re just in it for Nodoka/secretly like it *cough*

    Anyways, I really liked the Baka Rangers segment this episode xD Funny stuff. Even though it was getting repetive, I was actually disappointed there wasn’t a pactio this episode :o! I was so looking forward to Ayaka~ Oh well,SHE’LL HAVE HER DAY! It’ll be Haruna tomorrow~


  70. Hello. Sorry to interrupt, but news from Wikipedia regarding the next few episodes:

    Episode 11: “Oh, so a Baron is a Variety of Rose. I Thought It Was a Kind of Potato” by Haruna

    -Title hints at a possible Pactio since it’s connected to evil Tuxedo Mask, so c’mon! I WANNA SEE HARUNA FRENCH NEGI, DAMMIT.

    Episode 12: “Well, After All That Reasoning, It Came Down to a Single Feeling” by …

    -Unknown whose episode this is. Perhaps it’s Yue’s since it hints at philosophy in the first half of the episode title? Perhaps there’s a possible Pactio, too.

    Episode 13: “It’s More a Matter of Being in Master’s Way Than Being an Enemy” by Chachamaru

    -Ooh, robot Pactio, perhaps? Never knew Negi was technosexual, though. XDDD;;;

    Episode 14: “Scientific Theory is Something that can’t be a Match for Magic, to Say Plainly” by …

    -Perhaps this is going to focus on either Chao or Satomi? I REALLY hope it’s the latter, though, and not the former; after reading the original manga I’m not too keen on the little “circle begins anew” thing that’s popped up in different forums as of late.


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