Using his eye, Allen confirms what Road told him: she’s human. The Millennium Earl’s umbrella, which Road brought along, reminds her that she shouldn’t tell other people about all this. Road, however, doesn’t think it’ll affect the Earl’s plans and wanted to make things more interesting. Allen meanwhile uses all his strength to rip his arm free from wall that he’s nailed to. Since he’s still shocked that she’s human, Road goes over and hugs him to show him the warmth of her body. But it seems that she’s not quite the same as other humans, which she demonstrates by using Allen’s arm to attack herself. Road explains that her family members inherited the genes of the oldest Apostle of mankind, Noah, and that makes them supermen. Allen sees this firsthand in how Road’s face quickly heals itself after that hit. She then uses her powers to direct a hail of sharp-pointed candles at Allen, one of which pierces his left eye. Licking up his blood off of the candle and laughing at him, Road thinks it would be best if Allen and everyone died. She believes that God wants this world to end, that’s why Akuma were given to them and the Millennium Earl. Allen, however, believes that that’s not God and brings out the gun form of his arm.
Before Allen can do anything, the three Level 2 Akuma use their powers to take him down. Road then turns her attention to Miranda, who still tied to her clock, and sends the sharp candles in that direction. Allen manages to get in the way and protect Miranda with his own body, freeing her in the process. Unfortunately, he’s taken too much damage and falls over. Miranda rushes back over to him, in tears because she couldn’t do anything to help. As she holds him, the nearby clock activates, surrounding Miranda and Allen in a circle of light. Miranda recalls that she has no memories of being thanked ever in her life and had always been left behind. She thinks that the reason she’s useless is that even though she knows she can’t do something, she’ll try anyway. Miranda considers herself a fool and is surprised when she feels the existence of something from the clock: the Innocence. She and Allen become protected by a dome of clock faces and all their wounds are healed, making Allen realize that Miranda was indeed compatible. He uses his arm to punch outside of the dome, grab the lifeless Lenalee away from Road, and pull her back inside.
When Lenalee wakes up, she claims that she saw a dream of a long time ago, but she doesn’t remember anything more than that. Allen then explains to Miranda that they were saved by her Innocence, which sucked out the time that they got attacked and wounded. What makes Miranda cry is when both Allen and Lenalee thank her for what she did. But with the threat still outside the dome of clock faces, Lenalee and Allen bring out their own powers. Lenalee uses her Dark Boots to create a tornado attack that envelops the Akuma while Allen uses his gun arm to take one of them out. Together, the two Exorcists face off against Road and the remaining two Akuma.


There were some interesting edits this week from the manga material. Instead of showing Road stabbing Allen in the eye with a candle, they showed her sending a wave of candles and the eye piercing happens off screen. I guess the original manga act was too violent to show on TV. They also took out a reference to Satan when Allen was responding to Road talking about God wanting this world to end. I’m not sure what the reasoning behind that one was. Still, none of these changes were so major that they took away from enjoying the episode itself.
I had originally though that they would be able to handle this arc in three episodes, but they seem to be pushing it to four. Thinking about it now, that’s probably why they included several minutes of introduction and recap in the first half of the episode. Anyway, next week should be the conclusion to the arc.


  1. Road seems much less sinister since they’ve cut out her strange, sadistic behaviors. There’s no “I play dress up with catatonic exorcists, and then claw up my Akuma’s head” or “I stake people’s hands to their beloved clocks” or even “I’ll hug you, and then drive a stake through your eye.” It’s not the same~!

    Still, I love the fact that Allen’s wearing his initial outfit again. Next episode will be fun, as it has what I find to be a more memorable (and defining) moment of Allen’s.

  2. Wow, they haven’t censored the scene where Rhode licks off Allen’s blood but the writing on the wall is different from the original. In original, it is said “Fuck you, Exorcist!”. Well but I think it is a quite good episode though.

    No “Fuck You, Exorcist!”, no stabbing, No Rabi…..DAMMIT!
    Still, nice quality. 😛 Instead of making it a 30 minute show, I wish it was a 1 hour show.

    Bean Sprout
  4. haha, actually i was really looking forward to the “fuck you, exorcist!” cuz i knew they were gonna change it cuz its not appropriate for tv, but “i’ve got you innocence….hahaha” is just sooo…..uncool sounding, sounds really lame. plus i don’t like how rhode’s voice is all like really high pitched and girly girly counding. like i wouldn’t want a low voice, but at least make it sound a little more evil sounding, not so girly girly. yeah.

  5. Hmm, the English manga edited “F*** You Exorcist” to “Thank You Exorcist”. Not quite the same punch as the original, but oh well. :p At least now we get to see Miranda looking more human! I hate it when she’s wearing that hairnet. And is it just me or is the animation better for this episode than the last episode?

  6. wow just watched the raw, yea this episodes animation is by far the best out of the previous 10 episodes shown in my opinion, hope they continue this level of quality! I could even enjoy it more that way..

  7. Lavi is appearing at the end of the next episode; it’s been established since Shounen Jump Issue #43 (October issue). Since he doesn’t have any role in the conclusion of this arc, they won’t show him in the preview.

  8. Is it me or is road very hot! and i would like to stick those candles somewhere else 😉 I seem to be attracted to her since i saw her in the opening, very bleach yourichi ( i cant spell it) like tanned and all 😉

  9. If anyone here’s watched Claymore, doesn’t this Road girl look so much like Priscilla? It was bothering me the whole time, that she reminded me of someone, and I just thought of it. The hair is similar, and the eyes/drawing style of her. When priscilla first awakens, especially with the dark skin colour.


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