Returning to the dorm one night, Negi, Asuna, Konoka, and Setsuna find the Black Rose Baron eating in their room. They try to capture him, but he escapes out of the window after leaving them with a message about hippopotamuses eating meat even though they’re thought to be herbivores. Asuna gets angry after she notices that the tablecloth the Black Rose Baron was using was actually one of the Chupacabra t-shirts. And so, at the next Chupacabra Research Society meeting, she makes clear to the group that she wants to defeat the Black Rose Baron. When Haruna later catches the group searching for him, Konoka gets rid of her by convincing her that Sammo Hung is giving out autographs in the gymnasium. While all this is going on, Eva is meanwhile meeting with Takamichi about the Black Rose Baron, whom she now knows the true identity of, and his connection to the Star Crystal.
That evening, Negi’s group is back at the dorm, tired after an unsuccessful search. When Fuuka and Fumika run out of snacks to eat, Nodoka offers to go get them some from Haruna’s stash. Negi goes with her and uses his magic to save her when she trips and almost falls. Unbeknownst to him, Haruna and Yue saw everything through peepholes from next door and now know that he’s a mage. The next day, the two of them follow Nodoka and the Chupacabra group as Asuna sets up a trap for the Black Rose Baron using photos of Mt. Fuji and geishas as bait for the foreigner. Someone does indeed appear to take the bait, but it turns out to be just Zazie. Nodoka then goes privately with Negi to the church where she asks him to activate the contract with her. Hiding nearby are Haruna and Yue, who confronted Nodoka about Negi being a mage last night and are behind all this after having learned about the partner stuff from her.
The two girls are so impressed by the transformation that they clap, but this reveals that they’re there. It seems that they made a deal with Nodoka that if they saw her magic, they’d keep Negi’s secret. Seeing that the two girls know everything, Kamo thinks that they should also enact provisional contracts with Negi. Haruna is surprised to learn that it requires a kiss, but she doesn’t think too much of it and goes through with it. When it gets to Yue’s turn however, the group finds that she’s disappeared, and before they can go look for her, Shichimi and Motsu appear. Kamo inadvertently blurts out what happened, causing Shichimi and Motsu to disappear with wicked smiles on their faces. Yue is meanwhile running through the hall of the school thinking that a kiss with Negi is impossible. Suddenly, the Black Rose Baron appears in front of her and shocks her by asking for a kiss.

Given how much Yue and Haruna are in the manga, I would have thought that they would have gotten their contracts earlier – at least before the Narutaki twins. Anyway, there was a point during this episode that I thought Negi might contract with both girls at the same time, but that turned out not to be the case. If I had to guess, I’d say that this would be resolved just like it’s been done for the past however-many-episodes: Negi needs to get Yue to kiss him and form a provisional contract so that he can convince Shichimi and Motsu that she’s his partner. The catch here is that Yue is too embarrassed to kiss him, so Negi and company will have to chase her down and convince her to do it somehow. The wild card seems to be the Black Rose Baron, but it’s still unclear what his objective in all this is. Fittingly, the title of next week’s episode is by Yue.



    We have asked, we have told, and we have denaded that you STOP BLOGGING THIS FUCKING GOD DAMN SHOW! But i guess with an intelligance of a 3 day old piece of shit in the toliet you too fucking stupid to get it through your head THAT WE DON’T FUCKING LIKE THIS SHOW! STOP BLOGGING IT DMANIT!!!!!


  2. Can’t you just stop looking at this blog or something? Wouldn’t that be easier? Instead you’re wasting you’re time posting here because obviously he doesn’t care about your opinion especially when you curse at him a few times every sentence.

  3. to don, I must ask: “who’s we, white man?”[don’t waste time answering that]

    to the show, I ask: just what IS that that asuna caught?
    wonder how long untill yue gets pactio’d. seems like most everyone is getting that at some point in this…. I’m almost picturing a final battle with EVERYONE pactio’d or something. XD

  4. This is why you haven’t seen Omni post a response. Because he is ignoring Don/Hudson/whatever. I think it is time for a new tactic…….

    Auto-ignore him, and just talk about Negima. That way, he’ll go away…..

  5. Don? Who’s Don?? I usually tend to ignore those who scream with curse words and bash everyone, so anyone wish to fill me in?

    Looks like Haruna now makes a pactio with Negi. I haven’t been keeping up with this series as of late, but I’ll be checking out the more recent episodes soon once my final exams are over.

  6. Don, just shut the hell up. The only person that has wined and cried about this show is you. Nobody cares for what you have to say, so just shut the hell up, and let us enjoy this.

    Anyway, I thought the episode was pretty funny. Kinda started off slow for me, but then picked up later on, and will continue into the next episode, which is a Yue ep. Though I guess the whole mystery right now is revolving around the Baron.

  7. Don, honey

    1. Chill pill
    2. No more sugar for your tea/coke/ anything else you put in your mouth
    3. It’s his site, he can do whatever he wants regards what any 6 year olds with swearing problems may think

  8. this is my first time checking blog comment on this site, and Just one thing to do with this kind of shit(Don/Hudson/whoever): Ignore Them

    back on the topic, what will yue get for her contract? I’m kinda curiuos ^^

  9. I hate the show which why even the more reason i need someone to be blogging it. If u hate it u dont have to read the blogs. I still read the blogs because i’d rather spend 3 minutes reading it than sitting through 20 minutes of painful suffering. And who know’s they might turn itself around. I had hopes that this series would be better than the last negima. This version accomplished that….. except that it only met me half way so im still sorta disappointed

  10. How about setting up the “Comments” section to be on an “approval-basis”? For example, no comments ever get posted unless Omni approves it?

    Although I understand that it will make it more labor-intensive for Omni. 🙁

    Back to the anime, will it be better for me to watch the old Negima series first? Or is it okay to start directly with this series?

  11. Don, Here in America we have the freedom of choice. Omni chooses to blog this show and you have the choice to either read it or not!
    Anywho, all the girls seem to want to kiss Negima all the time! LOL! So funny!

    J. Parker
  12. Ooh, looks and sounds like a good episode. Can’t wait to watch it (even though I’ll probably make out about 10 words and phrases throughout the entire episode XD).

    Haha…Don has no life! Of course he’ll come here to bash the show, it’s the only thing that seems to make his life worthwhile, no?

  13. did you know ” Chupacabra ” is a creature from my country??? BRAZIL, PORTO RICO , and TEXAS!!!more on latin america!!
    in english it means a ” goat sucker “, ” someone that sucks a goat ” 😀
    FUNNY SHIT HUH!!!but its a total lame excuse from wikipedia:
    “Some cryptozoologists speculate that chupacabras are alien creatures. Chupacabras are widely described as otherworldly, and, according to one witness report, NASA may be involved with this particular alien’s residency on earth. The witness reported that NASA passed through an area in Latin America, with a trailer that was thought to contain an incarcerated creature.[citation needed] There have also been UFOs seen where chupacabras have been at the same time on occasion. Others speculate that the creature is an escaped pet of alien visitors that wandered off while its master was visiting Earth. The Chupacabra does have a slight resemblance to the Greys, which could mean that they are somehow related. ” some people think this is just an urban legend 😀 ( aliens are cool man!! but they do have a horrible taste!! )

  14. Reekon: It doesnt matter what series you watch, because this anime is an alternate retelling of the original. I havent seen the first by i have heard that just ignore it and watch this instead.
    Ive just watched episode 8, and personally i find it mega wierd 😛 What the heck is new york doing in the basement of a library? lol But i like its wierdness.

  15. C’mon everyone. Let’s at least try to ignore those offensive posts. Think of it as a blank spot.

    Anyway, what’s with blushing Yue in those images? Is this where her feelings for Negi come up? Hm…

  16. #
    Don at 12:19 pm on December 13th, 2006


    We have asked, we have told, and we have denaded that you STOP BLOGGING THIS FUCKING GOD DAMN SHOW! But i guess with an intelligance of a 3 day old piece of shit in the toliet you too fucking stupid to get it through your head THAT WE DON’T FUCKING LIKE THIS SHOW! STOP BLOGGING IT DMANIT!!!!!


    ……….Hahahahha.:jajajaja..Jejejejee..Kukukuku?..Oh Man..One Question..Are You An Otaku??…I guy/girl/alien who only see anime?…Only an Otaku Say what you wrote…
    Note: Man.:sorry for the bad level is -1…. -_-
    ……….Hahahahha.:jajajaja..Jejejejee..Kukukuku?..Che Chabon una pregunta, Sos Un Otaku? Sos un Chico/Chica/Alien que solo ve anime?…Solo un Otaku Dice lo que escribiste..

  17. yo don! the fk is wrong WITH YOU! If you don’t like this BLOG, THEN DON’T BOTHER READING THIS YOU GOD DAMN MOTHER FUCKER!

    By the way~ I can’t wait to see the next episode =] *hugs* THANK FOR BLOGGING ON Negima?! =]

  18. if any1 that hates this show don’t look at it. make ur own blog site.

    it’s omni’s decision if he wants to continue to blog this or not.

    can’t wait for yue pactio hehe XD. btw love evageline on the kimono dress.

  19. @All except Don: the only solution, the one we can do right now, to get rid of trolls is to ignore them. Don’t give up ignoring them, no matter how much they piss you off with their stupidity. God, the trollers are the next bad things to fanboys of certain game consoles.

    I have about five episodes in my computer right now, waiting for me to watch them. Should I or should I not watch them and try to catch up on the series?

    And I’m not asking the above question to Don/Hudson/or other alias that this guy/girl has since I know what this…person is going to say.

  20. I don’t follow this series, to be honest, harem shows are not my thing in general. But you know, for a harem show, this actually looks pretty good since it doesn’t have a ridiculous amount of fan service and the art is pretty nice. I really don’t want to reply but I can’t help myself anymore. X_X

    I think Omni is showing great restraint not blocking Don, frankly I am quite surprised, especially when I think Omni has every reasons in the world to block Don from making comments period.

    Don: For someone who hates this show, you certainly stalk this page a lot. You always seem to be the first one to comment and everything. (And as for your reply from last week… if you think Wiki is THAT accurate, please try citing Wiki in an univeristy paper.)

  21. uh… omni… don’t mind this don retard guy. the guy’s obviously an inconsiderate jerk and needs to learn courtesy. i don’t get where the heck that hostile message came from. if ya don’t like the show then don’t look at the blog. o man what an idiot.
    but thanks for all the hard work omni, with this show and all the others. i don’t even know what negima is but the fact that someone wrote that just pisses me off.

  22. Awww, Im excited to watch this XD.

    Oh well anyway, that guy Don whatever. Lets just ignore him. He has no life. And Im probably sure hes going to say something to me because Im saying he has no life.

  23. @Rexter: tnx for the reply. i’m now getting the episodes and will hopefully get up to speed soon. the craziness and the ecchi-ness of the screenshots from all these episodes are too much for me to stay a non-viewer. 😛

  24. HEY don why don´t you go out to HUNT DOWN a chupacabra, that I really think you´d be more LUCK then here on this blog!!
    If you wanna be more creative and aggressive with this anime complain , I really think here is the wrong place man!!
    Why don´t you strike the homepage of the anime or hunt down the creators of this new serie as terro………. as an extreme act of repression!! 😀 but OMNI is not a very nice target or the guys that write the reviews!!they don´t have “INFLUENCE” if you know what I mean!! send emails and lots of emails to the webmaster´s homepage of the anime or I don´t know be more CREATIVE man!! but please don´t go exploding stuff based on my hints here OK!!
    I HATE TERROR….. and the ones that like it!! so be peacefully creative on your repressions
    as OTAKU brothers here we all have something in comom “WE ALL LOVE ANIMES MAN” so….somoke some cigar, smell some shit( 😀 ) , and BE COOL BRO!!!

  25. Don’s telling the blogger to stop blogging a show he doesn’t like. What an idiot.

    Now for the $6000 Maloof (owner of the Sacramento Kings basketball team) question: Where’s a serious blog for the Black Lagoon anime series?

  26. Lol “We?” more like “I.” It makes me wonder. Sure, there are other people that hate it out there but I’m pretty sure they just stay away from it now. You waste too much time and effort. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean Omni has to listen to you. I do feel sorry for Omni to have to deal with these comments and I apologize I’ve contributed to it as well. It’s hard to keep my mouth shut when a person is THAT rude. Gomen ._.;

    Nyarr, anyways, t’was an entertaining episode. For some reason, I couldn’t stop rewinding to the part where BRB(heh) steps on Motsu xD His groan is funny~ And I just noticed how pretty Nodoka’s hair is in this series D: Boy, I’m slow 😡 Haruna and Yue are peeping toms >_>;

    I’m glad Satsuki got some screen time in this episode. She’s soooo much cuter in this series *o* Zazie got some screen time too 😀 The pactio activation scene with Nodoka was pretty awesome too~ And Haruna was all into that ;D I’d tap that >.>

    Next episode seems to be worth watching :]

  27. man you´ve said EVERYTHING i needed to hear Black Lagoon is one of the BEST series madhouse has done and has ALOT of real chalenge problems that even real persons now days deals with!!!like organized crime ” CARTEL” , resistence( like terrorism ) bad choices and wrong places on life and etc….etc….!!
    This is one of the BEST animes on animation , character design, seyiuus, story ( that focus various aspects of life and problems ), violence is a plus here to impress with the animation quality, and a lot more….that makes this anime THE BEST anime madhouse has done until now!!!
    nice question ” Tyrenol ” how can you not blog this anime OMNI, do you hate that much violent animes, if so: do you judge an anime for it´s violence?????not the story or character interaction!!! I know most of you guys here LOVE animes with relationships and romance….but if DEATH NOTE AND D.GRAY-MAN are here why not BLACK LAGOON????

  28. Lol. Don said we.

    That’s all I’ve got against anything he said. You could blog the tale of a dolphin being eaten alive by killer bees, wouldn’t matter to me. To most of us, probably.

    I mean…it’d be hella weird, but I wouldn’t really care.

  29. Ok change of preferences…
    Haruna is sooo hot this episode.

    Anyway, Don has cum… er, come around again to make trouble. The loli-pedo-fiend has managed to enter the site bypassing the virus I hacked into thru Maestro’s phone no. which deletes any post with Don as “name” Lucky, perverted, shut-in, otaku bastard if you ask me. Of course the virus might have a few bugs and isn’t working… which is 95 percent impossible ‘coz I’m a genius….
    I wonder how….

    To Tensai_Otaku:
    Oh yeah, Black Lagoon’s manga scans are in‘s manga section so check it out if you want to. i don’t know if it has an anime though… does it? It’s too bloody if you ask me…

    If you are experiencing trouble posting it might be the virus… I’ll take it off as soon as December 16 or until I forge an anti-virus.

    To the Moderators:
    Sorry if I had to hack you. Don’s getting annoying, really. As compensation I have created an anti-virus that upgrades itself… which is still in debugging stage…

  30. In general guys, this has nothing to do with the show. But may I make a suggestion in regards to the language that is being posted on the site. It is completely up to all the people posting on here what they like or dislike. However, there is absolutely no need to get abusive on this site. That is utterly uncalled for, and suffice it to say, anyone who has to resort to four letter words, Bad grammar, and just vulgarly insulting someone for choosing to do this site completely on their own free time is just uncool. You know who I am referring to. WIth that being said: This was a fun episode. Oh, and another complete non sequiture: I would be willing to blog NANA if people don’t mind waiting a bit. I have a pretty demanding job so I can’t guarantee that they will be out super fast, but if no one minds a bit of delay please post on here.

  31. Black Rose Baron = Tuxedo Mask wannabe.

    This is yet another disapointing episode. No matter what Shaft does they keep fucking up Negima more and more. And what the hell is up with Asuna’s obsestion with the Chubacabra anyway? The Cubacabra (if real) is supposed to live in Mexico and in the Southern US. NOT JAPAN.

    And now they take Yue and Haruna’s Pactio’s out of order. Damn you Shaft! Many people fucking hate this show, WHY WILL YOU NOT STOP!!!???

    And although Asuna was already a bit of an air-head already, Shaft is making her stupider than ever!

    There was one nice highlight of this episode:

    But this was the ONLY thing.

  32. All I can say is, Haruna FTW! About time we got to her provisional contract. God the VA for her is right on. It couldn’t be better and now with Haruna in tow this series will get more interesting. Gotta love her mischievous expressions.

  33. For some reason i have this strange idea that the black baron is actually in mahora to hunt for a chupacabra fairy that stole the star crystal simply just because its shiny. And if anyone has a death note i support the notion of using it to get rid of don the unwanted troll sicko.

  34. i must express my suprise at no one catching don spelling “reatrded” as “retarted”.

    but seriously don, you need to get laid. hudson would probabyl be willing to help out with that.

  35. @Hudson/Don/Shinobu’s Lover

    Everyone knows you don’t like the show, but there’s no point in saying “Everyone” hates it, when clearly, you’re the only one that does. Everyone knows you’re all the same person, so stop hiding it already and grow up. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Like I said before, you don’t speak for all of us, and you sure as hell don’t speak for every Negima fan here in the U.S., so just shut up already.

  36. @Hudson: “Damn you Shaft! Many people fucking hate this show, WHY WILL YOU NOT STOP!!!???”
    If they would only send shows, no significant number of people hate, they could completely shut down television. They do not send shows because nobody hates them, but because there are people that like them. The others don’t have to watch them. It is that simple.

    I don’t think Omni should spend effort into exclude one or two spammers. In fact i find them funny. 3 useless posts and 10-20 Posts complaining about the useless posts in fact don’t make the blog unreadable.
    Btw. Doc was the first one to post here. To do this he must have been watching this blog for some hours, hitting reload every 2 minutes ^-^’

    I just hope they will license Negima!? for the following reasons:
    1. Because i would like to see it
    2. Because i would like to see doc and hudson to cringe in pain about it.

  37. STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Man hudson and Don just get lost! If you dont like it jus go to some other blogging site like … er anyway just stop cause you guys are not very popular here.

  38. I have syphillus. I got it whilst making a whore of some dying cow.

    And I love “Negima?!” It’s actually pretty good once I shut the hell up and watch it.

    I apologise for being such a fucking dick =]. I hate being Don, I am such a loser; I mean, what a “retarted” name.

    Yes “retarted” in the sense that I don’t know how to really spell retarded. Slightly digressing from my self abuse, I’d just like everyone to know that I suck wonderfully hairy balls. ^___^

    With warm regards of self-detest,


  39. LOL. You sure do my wonderfully anal friend. I concur with you whole heartedly. I’m glad that your thoughts of yourself are finally mutual with those of the general community.

    Digressing also, ‘Negima?!’ needs to show the girls’ powers more often, rather than being an explicitly once off display of damn awesome *CoughSetsuNa_cough.*

    I heart Baka Pink

    _and Omni. Keep it up, we’re behind you all the way (the non-retards).

    Allie =)
  40. Man, Don’s rants just keep getting better, don’t they? What threats is he going to come up with next week? Stay tuned to this blog. I know I would.

    I don’t think Omni’s pissed at all one little bit, I personally think he’s rolling on the floor laughing till he gets a stomach cramp from all these hilarious stupidity. I’m still giggling as I type this.

    Remember, trolls are predictable. Once you see through his patterns, it’s actually quite funny to watch them make fools of themselves. Omni’s probably enjoying this, and I certainly am, too.

    Kinny Riddle
  41. Oh. Do you have any proof, Don/Hudson? I was gonna ignore you, but accusing someone when you don’t have any proof whatsoever is dumb. For all you know, it could be me(Which it isn’t, but still…)

  42. Why would I want to impersonate a loser with no life? You seriously need to shut the hell up. Everyone here is tired of you already, and they don’t want you here. So just shut up, and get the hell out, and don’t let the door hit you on the a** on the way out.

  43. This series continues to entertain me. Despite the fact that I cannot understand Japanese, I watch the broadcast/raws anyways, so I’m always following up on your blog for some context. Good blog, 5 stars, would read again.

    lol, poor Zazie. Though if one of my traps turned up a Zazie, it would be fine too.

  44. *reading over Negima!? 10 blog* Whoa, I actually got responses for my opinions last time. O.o

    To Moondoggiebiscuit: Animesuki? I know about that place. Perhaps I will sign up for those forums, considering they’re a pretty cool bunch over there.

    To Keikun: Thank you for the compliment, my friend, though to be truthful I always watch the anime on my mom’s computer since my dad’s computer has dial-up too… >>

    All right. All responses aside…

    THE GOOD: What I find most interesting about this episode is that SHAFT, in my opinion, pulled this episode off successfully, elegantly balancing humor and wit with plot and suspense. As usual, the animation is of high quality, and the way they told the story this time…wow. No crazy jokes I don’t understand, but actual plot mixed with common humor. Kudos to SHAFT for such a good job!

    THE BAD: The only thing I find bad about this episode is how it ends on a cliffhanger. I’m not one that is too thrilled about cliffhangers as more they are “OMG WHY DID YOU STOP THERE!?!?!” Sigh…I hate cliffhangers so much.


    -LOL at Asuna when she discovers Tuxedo-Mask-wannabe used her Chapucabra shirt as a tablecloth (and for successfully pulling off the tablecloth pull.)

    -Okay, you all tell me this: after seeing meganekko Nodoka in winter attire, how big was your Nodokagasm? XD;

    -Nodogi fans must be howling at how Negi goes with Nodoka to get snacks from Haruna’s room (methinks SHAFT is run by Negi/Nodoka fanboys too. 😀 )

    -The fact Yue and Haruna discover Negi’s secret when he uses magic to keep Nodoka from falling seems to be reminiscent of the infamous “stair fall” incident in the original manga, whereas in that case Asuna finds out about his magic.

    -LOL at Asuna’s trap for the Baron dude (though given how Zazie enters the trap a la “demon,” it make s me wonder if she is a demon in the manga. :/)

    -Er, Setsuna’s drawings were used in the stained glass windows? All I can say is “okay…” at this moment. >>

    -I’m glad SHAFT kept true to Yue and Haruna’s characters about the Pactio system, with Haruna having no problems while Yue remains reluctant to do so.

    -The Black Rose Baron wants to kiss Yue? Er…wow. Maybe it’s a straight-pedo Michael Jackson in disguise! XDDDD;;;

    CONCLUSION: Like I mentioned earlier, this particular episode does end in a cliffhanger. Though I am glad they kept Yue’s reluctance the same as it was in the manga, I’m disturbed at the fact that they use it at this particular time because not only is she harming herself in the manner, but she’s also putting Negi at serious risk for “ermination” because it seems to be the case that in SHAFT’s version of the story it is absolutely integral for Negi to Pactio with the girls who find out about his magic to complete his mission. I like Yue, I really do; she’s one of my favorite characters in the manga. But no amount of reluctance should make you put your teacher in the line of fire just because you’re afraid to do so. This being said, it remains little wonder Yue’s popularity dropped to 10th in the most recent popularity poll.

    The next episode is about Yue, so I should hope that SHAFT finds some way to cleanly resolve this issue about her Pactio, otherwise Negi’s going to get himself deported and turned into an ermine. Though I wouldn’t mind seeing a little something a la “Prison Break” if that DOES turn out to be the case. XDDD;;; Or, if they DO send someone to keep an eye on Negi instead after the Yue incident, maybe Mei and Takane will make an appearance in the story?!?! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    …okay, enough with possible theories. But really, I just want this to end well for everyone.

    Animation: 9.3/10
    Storyline: 9.1/10
    Direction: 9.5/10
    Music: 10/10
    Comedy: 9.2/10, only because I didn’t get the jokes
    Performance: 10/10

    Overall score: 9.5/10

  45. Er, crap…

    Please disregard the “only because I didn’t get the jokes” part in my previous post. I copied and pasted from my previous post in Negima!? 10 to save time, and forgot to delete that… ^^;;

  46. Sorry for the triple post, just HAD to add something more…

    To moondoggiebisuit: Normally I’d disagree with you and say Nodoka looks the hottest in the seires, but I agree that this episode DOES make Haruna soooo sexy. 🙂

    And also, the ending skit features Akira, Misora, Yuna, Ako, and that large fish swimming in the tank. (first seen in episode 7.) Anyone know what was going on there?

  47. Virus Update:
    I disabled it. Apparently it is designed to delete posts with “DON”, not “Don”, as a name. Oh well…

    And LaGelure posted another huge review, which I shall use to present to other people in Animesuki… they will really like this one…

    Oh yeah… Forgot to tell everyone that if anyone knows who writes at wiki for the article of Negima!? pls tell me who it is for I want to ask him a favor….

  48. I love Negima! Please continue to blog about this show. *thumbs up!*

    Don> Just because you hate this show, it does not mean the rest of us have to share the same thought as you. If you really hate this anime entry, you can always have the option of NOT reading it.

  49. Omni,

    while I support your choice to not censor any of your comments, I visit your site mostly because of the summary and your thoughts on each episode. It gets extremely irritating when the first vistor comment underneath your post is some inexplicable swearing and insulting. I come here right after I finish the episode, and visitor comments like that really subtract from the post-episode high.

  50. I agree completely with Eleutheria.
    Negima?! coverage is the reason I discovered your blog. And I have grown to enjoy your writing style and the other shows and topics you post. But there is a certain negative air in the comments of Negima, which can be quite off-putting. Is there nothing you can do for the more sensible fans of your blog?

  51. You guys do have to realise that Omni is as busy as a rodent on wheels, before you ask something like that from him (or imply your want if you need to get specific). I can guaruntee that this Don person will soon *poof!* and we shall hear no more so it’s really a matter of giving Omni support and trying to get back to what’s really important (Negima?!).

    Btw, just curious. Is the manga really different from all these pactio cards and stuff? If not then how could the “first” series have gotten it so very wrong?>

    AlliE =]
  52. turning to the dorm one night, Negi, Asuna, Konoka, and Setsuna find the Black Rose Baron eating in their room. They try to capture him, but he escapes out of the window after leaving them with a message about hippopotamuses eating meat even though they’re thought to be herbivores. Asuna gets angr

  53. AlliE =] at 7:16 pm on December 20th, 2006

    You guys do have to realise that Omni is as busy as a rodent on wheels, before you ask something like that from him (or imply your want if you need to get specific). I can guaruntee that this Don person will soon *poof!* and we shall hear no more so it’s really a matter of giving Omni support and trying to get back to what’s really important (Negima?!).

    Btw, just curious. Is the manga really different

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