One night, as C.C. is taking a swim at the school pool, Lelouch is checking out possible recruits for his Black Knights. He comes across the membership applicant file of Diethard Ried, a Britannian. C.C. and Lelouch talk about how the Elevens support the Black Knights because they hate Britannia and they can’t directly approve of terrorist ways. He thinks that everyone loves an ally of justice, though C.C. teasingly comments that he doesn’t have the look of an ally of justice. Meanwhile, Diethard is explaining to Villetta and Jeremiah that he got demoted too after what happened. They want his help in investigating a boy from the Ashford Academy who they believe to be cooperating with Zero. During this time, they’ll be off on a military operation to the Narita Mountains where the Japan Liberation Front is rumored to be headquartered. Zero is also moving forward his plans and presents his men with an army of Japanese-remodeled Glasgows. They also now have the Crimson Lotus Mark II, which Zero gives Kallen the keys for because she’s the ace pilot and also their trump card who has a reason to fight. After Ougi brings him some news from their Britannian applicant, Zero decides that they’re going hiking this weekend at the Narita Mountains.
When the time comes, Zero pays a visit to Japan Liberation Front outpost on the mountains and uses his GEASS power to convince the guards to ignore everything unusual that’s about to happen. He then signals the Black Knights to move their equipment up the mountain. As he’s waiting for them, Lelouch notices that C.C. has appeared outside the building. She reiterates that she’ll protect him and then changes the subject to why he stayed Lelouch even though the name of his house was changed to Lamperouge. When he responds by commenting on how C.C. isn’t a human name, she turns to him and explains that snow is white because it has forgotten its own color. At the base of the mountain, Cornelia’s forces have gathered and are preparing to attack. Euphemia is also here and is learning that the Lancelot is too. Zero eventually meets up with his men, but when they see the extent of Cornelia’s forces completely surrounding the mountain, they get uneasy. It doesn’t help the situation any when Zero calmly says that they need a miracle to win. Tamaki is about to go for his gun, but Zero pulls out a pistol first. However, he then stops pointing it at Tamaki and explains that all the paths of retreat have already been cut off. If any of them think that they can win without him, they’re free to shoot him. Zero makes it clear to them that they have only two choices after having joined the Black Knights: to live with him or to die with him.
The battle soon begins between Cornelia’s forces and the Japan Liberation Front. With Toudou away and still making his way back, the Liberation Front has a hard time dealing with Cornelia or her elite units, allowing Andres Darlton and his force to reach the Liberation Front’s headquarters. Having regained the allegiance of his Black Knights, Zero sets his plan in motion – the Black Knights are to launch a surprise attack from the summit of the mountain. Their objective is Cornelia, and on Zero’s mark, they are to descend to the third point with the Crimson Lotus clearing the way. Zero then has Kallen plunge a device into the mountain and use a radiant surge mechanism to heat up a water vein inside the mountain. This causes an eruption and a subsequent landslide that takes out both Japan Liberation Front forces and Darlton’s forces. Zero uses this opportunity to attack, but the first major opponent he faces is Jeremiah, who is desperate to redeem himself. With no time to deal with the Purist, Zero has Kallen come in to finish things. Excited to be able to fight the Britannia forces on equal footing, Kallen uses the Crimson Lotus’ speed and almost lands a hit. Jeremiah notices that Crimson Lotus’ right arm is special, so he tries to time his dodge just right, but Kallen surprises him by extending that arm. Grabbing onto the Sutherland’s head, she activates the radiant surge mechanism and starts frying the Knightmare from the inside. With Zero so close by, Jeremiah refuses to escape, and when the ejection seat system of his Sutherland finally auto-activates, he’s taken a lot of physical damage. Surrounded by the flames of the exploding Sutherland, a newly confident Kallen declares that she can’t lose with the Crimson Lotus Mark II. While Villetta is shocked to see Jeremiah defeated, Lelouch is ready to check his enemy’s base – Cornelia.


Lots of Knightmare action this week, with the introduction of Lelouch’s Knightmare (which sure is ugly) and the Crimson Lotus Mark II (the claw part reminds me of a Gogg). That cockpit on the latter Knightmare is quite interesting in how it makes Kallen seem to be riding a motorcycle instead of sitting in a seat.
For the record, I don’t believe Jeremiah is dead. This being a Sunrise series, I’m going to stick with the Mai-Otome/HiME Principle and say that there has to be a body for someone to be guaranteed dead. I may be wrong since he did suffer so much damage before that ejection seat kicked in, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough.
The preview for next week happens to be particularly juicy and ripe for discussion. For starters, it shows what appears to be Toudou’s Knightmare, which kind of resembles a cricket with those things on its head. The OP suggests that Toudou joins Zero/Lelouch, and this may be the place where that happens. I also wonder if this will finally be the end of Cornelia, and if it is, how it will affect Euphemia.
But the big surprise of the preview is this and this. It would seem that Suzaku is getting a GEASS power courtesy of C.C, especially comparing this from episode 01 to this shot from this episode’s preview. Maybe GEASS really is the new SEED mode…

Next week is episode 11, but there will be no episode the week after that. This means CODE GEASS will return with episode 12 on January 4th, 2007.


  1. >>Does this and this mean what I think they mean?

    Yup, looks like Suzaku gets Geass. What the Crimson Lotus do to Jeremiah; did it parboil him? And WTH, the Black Knights have an application process?

    Karen’s pilot position is pure fanservice, but Millay has the best legs 😀

  2. Nooooo…..Suzaku gets Geass is like….bad. Really bad. Now my hopes of Lelouch and Suzaku joining forces are gone…not completely but the probability are much lower now. Now will Suzaku use that power…..

  3. Lulu already unseated Kira Yamato as the new King in New Type’s top 10 guys list. So now they are trying to help Karren surpass Lacus… Let’s see, if it ends up being Lulu X Karren, his brains and her brawn… their kid would end up like… Shin! (Seed Destiny) j/k

    And as Omni put it, Lulu’s choice of Knightmareframe is crappy. I know the Crimson Lotus has to stand out, but most knightmareframes in this series look rather disappointing.

    This is my 2nd most anticipated show this season, behind Otome wa Boku.

  4. Isn’t Lelouch the main character??? Aren’t main characters suppose to be unique?? I don’t agree with Suzaku getting Geass. Plus it seems like CC is betraying Lelouch. though she never seemed on his side anyways.

  5. Wow, next week C.C.’s motives get more complicated.
    Lelouch’s Knightmare reminds me of Nimrod who built the tower of Bable (he is said to have killed a king and the taken king’s horn as his crown).

    If Suzaku gets GEASS….that will be very wierd. The fact that Lelouch uses it makes him unique and mysterious, GEASS on Suzaku doesn’t make much sense to people. Perhaps GEASS will give him a power that is meant more for war/battle, not infiltration/distraction like Lelouch’s GEASS.

    I wonder what Lelouch and C.C. are talking about near the pool. 😉

  6. If Suzuka gets GEASS like Lulu, the entire world will consist of nothing but goodie-two-shoes :-P. I’m 100% certain that Suzuka’s GEASS will be mecha related. CC is helping the other side to maintain the ‘balance’ of the battlefield so the show can go on for longer. She is the agent of the ULTIMATE EVIL in any Sunrise show – she works for BANDAI!! War is perpetuated in their quest to sell more models!!!

  7. Giving Suzaku the Geass power also is lame. It’s unnecessarily complicates the plot. It overpowers Suzaku (even though he seems like he is the type that would never use it). I do not like this twist at all. Did they already run out of ideas for the plot? What other reason could there be for this? I can say 100% that I will despise C.C. if she gives him the Geass. Damn traitor. Lelouch should blow her brains out if he finds out about her treachery.

    Does anyone else think that Jeremiah was probably disfigured by that attack Kallen used?

  8. this is incoherent . why would C.C give Geass to Suzaku when all along she said that Lelouch was the one who’d help her ? knowing that Suzaku is Lelouch’s ennemy , does that mean she gave up on him and will try to achieve her goal using Susaku ?

  9. Gah, now Suzaku will get more hacks? As if he didn’t already have the nicest toy.
    Actually, if Suzaku’s and Lelouch’s goals suddenly coincide, I’ll know they’re just a copypasta of the Athrun/Kira dynamic (not that it’s not already halfway there).

  10. if geass = SEED,
    kallen will be having it soon

    hopeful next ep will this question:
    1. which is stronger? Lancelot or “Crimson lotus”
    2. will there be “Crimson lotus” prototype? this is 2nd ver. right?
    3. most importantly, when will pizza hut be back?

  11. There was a lot a interesting stuff this episode, like Lelouch telling C.C. that “C.C.” isn’t a human name. I think he probably realizes by now C.C. isn’t human which all hints have been pointing to. I think Jeremiah is dead based on the way his head seemed to snap. From next episode’s preview, I wonder if Suzaku is going to get a geass or something else. Because of C.C. unwillingness to shoot Lelouch, I thought she could only give the geass to someone once, otherwise she would have shot Lulu and found someone else.

  12. Nevermind what I said about the geass before. Episode titles for 13 + 14:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Looks like things are going to continue to speed up 😀

  13. =/ suzaku getting geass…iono, i don’t like it much…its just another one of those best friend fights all over again. assuming that suzaku will probably be the only one in the end that will be able to defeat lelouch, it just makes me think that the writers aren’t creative enough to think of a better way that lelouch to be defeated.

    but i’m still hoping for a lot of kallen and lelouch for the episodes to come 🙂

  14. 2nd row, left column…that is by far the most sensual picture I’ve seen of C^2. Must be the damp, wet hair after a swim in the pool. SIGH…

    And yes, Milay is another hottie. LEGZ!

    Euphemia resembles Lacus a little *TOO* much…


  15. WTF?!? Suzaku will have the GEass power too?? That’s way too strange….but well, if C.C picked him, there must be a reason…..
    Btw, I wonder when we’ll be able to see more of Millais using her power as Student Council Presindet? :3

  16. What’s more suprising to me is that there’s already 39 comments even BEFORE the summary is up =P

    Also, it COULD be possible that C.C isn’t the only one of her ‘kind’, hence Suzaku could have receive the GEASS from someone else…

    Oh well.


    CC is beyond words hot!
    “Do you know why snow is white?..
    Its because it has forgotten its color!”
    That is suppose to refer to herself and her name! It is even getting MORE interesting!!

    Next episode!!! CC gives something to Susaku!?
    Anyway that is doubtful though; I think its more like CC communicate with Susaku using her power to come help Lulu?
    Or may be she is giving him ‘something else’?

    The way she is giving him power is not the same too. Last time CC touched Lulu and they both dive him into his mind. This time seems like the mask on her forehead shines instead. I think its more like she is using her power ‘on him’ not giving some power ‘to him’…… if you rearrange the screenshot on next episode; it can also go like this.
    – Lulu get to Conalia and everything and almost defeat her.
    – Euphie contact Susaku for help; and he immediately come over and kick Guren’s ass… and almost got zero too.
    – CC helps Lulu out again using her ‘power’.

    Another theory might be that the power that CC gives to a person might be unique to everyone. That’s why she asked Lulu what is “geass” when he mentioned it in ep5.


  18. hmm well.. until the full summary is out. I can summarize the episode briefly for you guys.

    – CC went to swim with Lulu. He was researching on how to increase Black Knight strength using support from others. He found out about the reporter and that he is a britania etc. CC comment that the face Lulu is making is not of the ‘hero of justice’ at all lol.

    – Scene cut to ‘Black Knight”s base. The member are getting excited about all the new Knightmare. Zero then gave Guren to Karen saying that it would better if she use it rather than him. Because he is the commander, no reason for him to fight. Also Karen has a reason to fight.

    – Cut to Nataly; got up from her bed telling the maid that she need to prepare food for lulu since he gone off the vacation for 3 days. Maid comment whether he is going out with a gf. Nataly said probably.

    – Cut to the mountain. Zero geass the guard. and let his team get pass to the top of the mountain and set up trap for Conalia. Conalia was heading to the same mountain to crash a hidden 11’s military base there. Euphie is with her. Zero notice CC standing just outside the guard station, so he went out to see her

    – Cut to Nina and school president. They were discussing about Euphie. Nina wants to see her. (she would like to thanks Euphie is what she said -_-). The president said it might not be possible for her current status now…

    – Cut to CC and lulu; CC said that she is here to protect Lulu and ask why he actaully name himself Luluech (remember, that’s his fake name) It sounds too similar to his real name, which means he can’t cut away from the past. Lulu also comment back that “CC” is an overkill, its not even sound like a human’s name. CC answered lulu with a question whether if he know why the snow is white. She answered herself that because it has forgoten its own color.

    – Cut to Conalia. Euphie notice that Susaku’s unit is pretty much left out of the field. Conalia began the attack. The 11’s army notice it and amazed by the army’s size Conalia is sending.

    – Cut to zero. They began to argue Zero that its impossible to win and its impossible to be a leader. Zero said back to them, if they don’t believe that he can bring them to victory then just shoot him right here. The only things matter to the Black Knight is whether he will live or die.

    – Cut to 11’s base. They are losing, and they know that Todou wouldn’t make it in time.

    – Cut to Euphie. The soidier explain stuffs to Euphie about the position of every army. The combat then starts. Conalia then go all out and lead the army killing the enemy.

    – Cut to the black knight. Everyone accept Zero as their leader.

    – Cut to some researcher around the foot of the mountain. They were conplaining about why would they have to work here. If they were caught by the army and the research data is leaked, it would be a big trouble. One of them commented that its not their choice, its commander’s Batt’s decision.

    – Cut to others etc etc… doesn’t say any thing important.

    – Zero order the start of his operation when 11’s base is about to be finished. He ordered Guren (Karen) to shoot a vaporize bomb into the underground. It causes land slide from the top of the mountain sliding over the Alex’s army. (One of the Cornalia’s division).

    – Zero and his follower attack down the mountain and head for Conalia’s main army. Jelemia notice Zero which anger him and make him charge towards him. (He was called Orrange by Zero). Guren got in his way and defeat him with her vibrating palm.

    Above are just brief summary of everything. The full thing done by the site would be much better!! I must apologize if I gets something inaccurate.

  19. ewwww if suzaku gets geass then that doesnt make the show that interesting that much to me anymore (probably) . but since it’s goin to end in 2 more episodes might as well watch the whole thing. sigh

  20. I kind of pity Jeremiah if he dies. He seemed a jerk at the beginning, but I can’t help feeling bad for him for all he’s going through, especially losing like that at the hands of the CSII 🙁

    I don’t think it’ll end in 13 episodes… there’s way too much to cover so far, so I believe it’ll span 24 eps.

  21. Suzaku w/ normal Geass = wtfhax

    I hope that if he gets one, it’s of a different sort, ’cause otherwise it’s kinda lame that he’s infringing on Lelouch’s niche when he’s already better in just about every other way.

    Also, I hope Jeremiah isn’t dead, ’cause I thought he’s fairly entertaining as an ineffectual villain, plus him and Villeta are kinda cute together. ;X (They’re also the driving force investigating Zero’s identity, which is going to come up eventually for dramatic purposes)

  22. Lulu and Karen just have too much going for them. Mech found that can conveniently cause landslides, check. Mountain-side battle, check. Most of the enemy placed where landslide can occur, check.

    As mentioned by someone else, this show just reeks of death note (yagami=lelouch). I unfortunately don’t like these types of characters, so i’m rooting for the Cornelia and the Empire.

  23. I’d postulate something different for C.C. using a ‘geass’ like effect on Suzaku.

    C.C.’s primary role is to protect Lelouch. At all costs. That would make her more inclined to control/remove/manipulate those who potentially could cause Lelouch harm. Referring back to C.C.’s comment why Lelouch didn’t change his first name, (a hideous mistake in my opinion, since how many True Blood Britannians are named Lelouch and bear similarity to Clovis’s painting?) Lelouch’s first name could be potentially disastrous if Suzaku mentions to Euphemia that he has a best friend named Lelouch. (I stated this hypothesis earlier back in like episode 4ish.) And Suzaku already mentioned to Cecil that he has a ‘best friend’ at school. A little digging into the matter could easily pop up Lelouch’s name and picture.

    Why is Lelouch brilliant at chess and war but behaves like a slouch in class? Because behaving like a slouch hides him in a crowd. The truly outstanding students with incredible accomplishments would always be in the public eye, accepting awards and interviews. However, Lelouch wants to maintain his incognito, hiding Nunnaly and his identities and location. Suzaku’s knowledge of Lelouch’s existence completely blows his obscurity out of the water.

    Therefore, my theory is that C.C. is trying to block Suzaku from announcing Lelouch’s identity. How she will do that is beyond me, since she obviously can’t use the geass herself. In episode 7, Lelouch already claims that C.C. is unable to use the geass herself.

    Then again, even IF Suzaku gets the geass, then another one of my theories would gain weight. I always considered that Lelouch is too dominatingly powerful if he were the only geass. Having multiple geass(es) would balance the field.

    I predict that the Britannian Emperor also has a geass.

  24. @soriel

    Although I agree with you about Lelouch being similar to Yagami, I have to ask why do you believe that Cornelia and the Empire are correct? Yagami doesn’t hesitate to kill anyone that gets in his way where Lelouch is protecting the people from injustice. Do you feel that the Empire is right dictate everyone while Lelouch is trying to liberate them?

  25. @DaRkClOuDzzz

    lulu’s using that topic as an excuse for his doing… he just wants to become the next Britannian King… will he liberate Elevens…? If he’s so Yagami-like, maybe not 😛

    Yagami Iori
  26. I like to point out that Suzaku may receive some kind of power from C.C but will not be the same as Lulu- though not sure how different but… if you look closely to the bright red forehead tatoo of C.C when she is supposively doing the contract with Suzaku- it is like the male symbol…rewind- C.C’s tatoo when she was doing the contract with Lulu…it is a pointed bird.

  27. Suzaku getting Geass is way too lame. I’m just hoping that C.C. is only communicating with him. But if Suzaku, being already over-powered, naive and all, really gets Geass. I’ll probably think about dropping this show. Suzaku is already good enough with his white helmet.

  28. nice one Bakanekokun, I notice now that the symbol is different!
    She is doing something else other than geass contract for sure!

    Unless ofcourse geass’s contract happen to be different for everyone.

  29. i dont think c.c would give suzaku the power that she gave lulu, it would so ruined the story. And c.c said she was there to protect him not to give some other guy the power, and plus lulu and c.c. are ally because c.c. need lulu to accomplish what she wanted to accomplish in the beginning. giving suzaku the power wouldnt that just ruined c.c. and lulu pack?

  30. Jeremiah dead??? I think it’s still to early for that, at least I hope he makes it to the end episode.

    Also, I wonder why Susaku obtains Geass also. It’s probably to screw the plot around even more–and it works with me, can’t wait for the next episode 🙂

  31. I also belive that IF Suzaku obtains the geass power it will give him different abilites than luluch. As we’ve seen in past episodes Suzaku is more physical fit than Luluch, however luluch is smarter than Suzaku. Maybe the geass powere depends on what your streanths are.

  32. wtf, suzaku, kira yamato clone gettign geass, fuck that shit, I’m not watchign this crap anymore, I had hope for this show too. . .I mean the damn title is LELOUCH OF THE REBELLION!

    Not Lelouch starts a rebellion sponsored by pizza hut then gets upstages by mr goody two shoes kira yamato clone!

    I dont understand how ppl think lulu is the “Bad” guy. . HE wasnt the one that massacred the elevens in ep 1. . . or goes and conquers contries, this guy lost his mother and has a gimp/blind sister hes trying to look after AND running from the empire (since he has to change his name) while Suzaku, FUCKING JOINS the same empire that kille dhis familly, imprisons him, and make sthem fight for them. AND suzaku think he can “Change britania from the inside” by being on the side that murdered his people. how does he expect people to follow him? Oh right, sunrise is going to give him a geass power too, to make up for his poor charactersation, and then add a lacus clone to help him along, this was a good show, I mean one person forming a resistance to go against an evil empire that rules the world, etc is pretty cool. So what if it is straight forward, at least it isnt as pretentious as the GS series, which this is turning into a clone of expecially seed/destiny. Oh well, I had hope for this show too, guess I’ll stop watchin this and go back to black lagoon, at least THEY dont reuse the same shit over again wiht each series they make.
    Fuck sunrise.

    jackson burger
  33. Ok guys I’m sorry for spoilers and to disappoint you…but it’s almost 100% certain Jeremiah died. I saw the episode, and while his Knightmare was being fried Jeremiah said the last few words. 1 second before the knightmare’s head was blown of, we heard a *bleep* like in a hostpital when a heart stops running, and in the episode Jeremiah fainted with no emotion on his face. The sad music that plays after it may hint it also. All I can say so far: R.I.P Jeremiah

  34. I like the idea of the symbol on C.C.’s forehead as an indicator of the power that she is giving. The hawklike symbol matches well with Lulu’s character, standing back and watching until he sees an opening, then striking swiftly and leaving. If the symbol on her forehead in the preview is like the male symbol, it would seem to match with suzuka’s more braun than brains. So I guess the chest match continues.

  35. Thats an interesting piece of infomation you have there obethx…

    Also, it would be funny to see the reaction of people who gave up this show because they ASSUME that Suzaku would have the geass power, when it turns out next week that it isn’t the case… wouldn’t it be REALLY funny? =)

  36. Well i think they can pull out x in here…kinda… there were spoilers about darkness in suzaku past… so what if?
    Theres another C.C (its kinda possible, or maybe our original C.C has two personalities, each being on different side in this battle with different character), so, Kallen n Suzaku’s battle(we know its gonna happen), she gets kinda in dangerous situation, then c.c’s Other personality/OtherCC givers or tries to give geass power to suzaku… then suzaku pulls out Fuuma(X)- that is, this contact and etc changes his personality 180 degrees…also giving him something like seed mode from gsd…then its can be that he pwns Kallen(being evil and ruthless…(lol, kira-clone being evil…) pretty bad and Lulu pulls out kinda retreat plan(we know he has it always.). Noone in Britannia army notices Suzaku’s change(except Cecil/Lyoid, who can have some thoughts about his actions)so in ep 13 or 14 he tries to either kill/do something to Lulu’s sister or something like that, and here it is… Geass vs Geass , ie Lulu’s geass power vs Suzaku’s…(my thinking is that either during this showdown, something happens to Nunally…nevermind, suzaku’s fault or other persons fault. I am thinking about two possibilities in this theory:
    A)Villeta finding out who “zero” really is and going on revenge for orange-kun :.

  37. or B) Suzaku killing Nunally (we know ITS NOT Gonna happen this way)…

    or either the next episode is where suzaku begins to question his allegaiance to britannia as C.C “makes him remembers” something…and the Other geass is that misterious new girl character(its either will be deathnote stuff with Misa-lika character or someone entirely different)

  38. i agree, Sasuka gettin geass would just be stupid. and here i thought the series was about mind over matter, Lelouch having mental power/smart and sasuka having his overpowering knightframe/stupidity!

  39. What about Suzaku gets offered by C.C. a power of geass, but Suzaku turns her down?
    From what we have been shown of Suzaku’s personality in the past episodes, this could happen.

    @quina. I think so too about Lulu’s father having the geass power. and the new girl might probably be who C.C. has been talking to in the past eps.
    My theory is that if Lulu’s father does have geass, then the following could be right:
    1. Clovis and company got the emperor’s geass girl’s dna sample and cloned a copy or five (so C.C. aint the emperor’s geass girl).
    2. C.C.’s first sentence was something like ‘found you’ to Lulu, so emperor’s geass girl does exist, saw the confrontation of father and lulu and became a Lulu supporter. Thereby getting someone to ‘get’ her dna.
    3. the picture of C.C. with a Mark II British WWI tank and bi-planes is a picture of emperor’s geass girl—the picture was a fadded old black and white(brownish already), no colors. then C.C. could just be 10 eps or 9 eps old, and not decades (hundreds of years?) old.

    All of this is hurting my head, but i cant get out the image from a Clamp manga of a ‘princess’ held underground of the Japan Parliment/Diet Center, as japan’s center of power, i think its from X. It’s just too Clamp…y.

    But i know that the story is not Clamp’s, thankfully, so…i’ll just wait until they show us some answers to our questions…one week at a time…..

    not posting anymore, at least until the next ep comes out. head hurt.

  40. Why does everyone (almost everyone) hate Suzaku?? Just because he has a sense of the right kind of justice that we accept?? It would be wicked if he had Geass. Lulu has Geass, Order and lots of supporters. Suzaku only depends on his rightousness and Lancelot. It would be nice if he has power to change Britannia from the inside. Then he would use it without producing casualties. Suzaku is a main character whether people like it or not and He WILL have geass. Let him do his thing..

    Alpha A. (Suzaku fan)

    Alpha Assassin
  41. The “sense of the right kind of justice that we accept” is nothing but idealistic aspirations. With that kind of thinking he will be eaten up and taken advantage of. Sure, what he preaches looks good on paper but nothing will come of it.

  42. Damn it! Now Suzaku will have Geass too… damn you SUNRISE!

    We already know how Lelouch use his power, but now Suzaku, how can he use his Geass power in his behalf and Britanian. Only one word came to my mind right now… SUNRISE!!

    Syaoran Li
  43. i have been wondering something ever since episode 5 is when lelouch had a girl make a mark on the wall during a certain time with his geass right?? so it made me wounder if the same can go for just using a certain word since you can only use the geass on a person once?? can someone answer this question for me.
    about suzaku getting geass it might just be to show the other power that the geass holds as we can see lelouch just uses the mental power of it we still don’t know if there is any physical power of it and suzaku will most likely show the psysical part of it.

  44. I reserve judgement about Suzaku getting Geass until a)he gets it b)it is revealed c)I see where they go with it.

    On a lighter note, I agree that Karen’s new piloting position is pure fanservice and I have no problem with it.

  45. Here’s what I think, if Suzaku gets a Geass . The Geass is is different from person to person. Developing a persons maxium potential.

    For Lelouch it’s manipulation as we’ve seen he is a master chess player.

    For Suzaku it’s probably related to his piloting skills.

    Remember Lelouch in the cat chase called him a jock.

  46. i though i add something for the people who believe that cc would betray lelouch i must say after re-watching ep.3 i found out that the project that cc was a part of was moved to the place that is being attack, so the cc person we see is most likely not the cc that is with lelouch if suzaku is receiving geass it would be from a different cc; for those of you who believe cc will be betraying lelouch i highly doubt that will happen.

  47. I think that CC is giving he powers to Suzaku because LuLu didn’t turn out how she wanted(not listening to her and all). I also think she wants someone who’s goals are weaker and could help her get what she wants. But wouldn’t the Geass turn Suzaku eviler{sp}? Like LuLu seem to be more down in those emotions, or was it becasue he didn’t obtain his ‘push’ to start his revenge. But Suza seems to be a bad Geass carrier, but I still love him 100%.
    Ps. LuLu Knight seems crappy as hell.

    Like MJ-chan

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