Plenty of stuff to chew on in the past couple of days about CODE GEASS:

  • The official GEASS site/BIGLOBE streaming site is offering previews of the new OP and the new ED. They don’t show the actual animation sequence – only images from past episodes – but you do get to hear the new songs. The clip of Jinn’s new song didn’t really appeal to me, though SunSet Swish’s song was pretty good – reminds me a lot of CHEMISTRY’s singing. Note: You must be using Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher to view the streaming video.
    If you’re not able to see it for technical reasons, someone has uploaded the ED one onto DivX’s Stage6.
  • MOON PHASE’s diary has a rumor from a certain television station saying that GEASS will air for two cours (each cours = one 13-week period), take two cours off, and then come back for two more cours. If you’re confused, this means that it would air the two seasons that it is currently going through (Fall 2006 and Winter 2007), take two seasons break (Spring 2007 and Summer 2007), then come back for two more seasons starting Fall 2007 for a total of four. That entry also points out that with the rumor of a new Gundam series to be directed by Mizushima Seiji (who also directed Fullmetal Alchemist), the question is if the two Sunrise series will be going up against each other.
  • For anyone curious, the image at right (notice the position of Lelouch’s hand…) is from HobbyJAPAN. Click the image for the full spread that includes Suzaku and the Lancelot too.

    1. It’s great to see that Code Geass is going to end up being that long. Obviously there is going to be a lot to look forward. I was kind of hoping it would be more than 24 episodes. I guess I got my wish. ^.^

    2. Hmm interesting.. I have actually kind of found myself wavering on the show lately, but it’s still a good watch.. hopefully the four cours are one gigantic story of Lelouche pwning those evil brits (and heck, let’s just throw some evil Americans in there too), and not just 4 seperate cycles of merchandise rotating.

      Crayotic Pizzahut
    3. If this is true, then I hope the “revolution” extends beyond Japan.

      My theory, assuming there are 2 split seasons for Code Geass, would terminate the war in Area 11 with Japan’s independence. However, despite winning in Japan, Lelouch still needs to bring the war to the home front, a.k.a. Britannia itself. So what better way is there than…

      …Getting captured.

      That’s my theory. Someone will track Lelouch down to Ashford Academy, thought it might be Viletta or the Britannian news reporter guy.

    4. I remember that image. I remarked how I hoped that shot would fit into the anime.

      “I demand hentai of Code GEASS.”

      You shouldn’t ask for that when you should just hope that the flow of fanservice remains steady.

    5. @Avisch: use Internet explorer to see it that was what i did (i know it sucks but is the only way.

      @tensai_otaku: This season is just 25 episodes dunno about the next one

      @Omni and the rest of the persons reading: there were some rumors as well on animesuki about this and the gundam thingy, i hope the new rumored OP/ED are as good as the current ones.

    6. I wonder if between the two season gap they’ll do some kind of time skip like two or three years. The girls can only get hotter, lelouch more badass, as suzaku more of a loser.

      Maybe the season will end with Lelouch being found out and needing to escape?

      I agree with Dreyakis, Lelouch get’s Japan’s freedom then he moves on to fighting Britania itself. But I don’t think Lelouch would get caught until later.

      The only problem is what if the Japanese decide they don’t need Zero after they get their independence?

    7. Mizushima Seiji? I hope they don’t make the series longer than 26 episodes. Full Metal Alchemist was too long in my opinion. Well, if they manage to do it without fillers..
      Whatever, Winter 2007, that’s a bit of time left 😉

    8. He’s grabbing all that juicy fat from Pizza Hut.

      2 seasons of CODE GEASS? I’m in! I’m speculating that the first half is Lulu’s rise to conqueror, and the second part about C.C.’s world.

    9. well the first season as the name said: Code Geass: Rebilion of Luluche, will be about Lulu and his rebalion. Second season is probably doing with CC and the true nature of Geass.. may be?

    10. Rasmiel and dojikyo: You want H? Here’s your H 😛

      Too bad the artworks kinda suck. What I demand in a hentai are quality drawings that resemble the original body proportions and facial characteristics. Like that one your put up. Viva la hentai! XD

    11. perverted… but it sure is attention-grabbing o.0…. Suzaku so does not fit into the pic at all… it’s so.. “off”…. Is HobbyJapan a Ecchi Magazine or something? o.0.

      I still don’t understand this Cour >…

    12. I don’t see anywhere on Moonphase’s notes suggesting a director change from Taniguchi to Mizushima. I only read it as saying “it’ll be clashing with the new Gundam series rumored to be directed by Mizushima blablabla”.

    13. Hmm…this might turn out like:

      -Gundam Seed (ending of this season leaves off open-endedly with the emperor finally defeated, country in chaos; Suzaku and Euphie rise up to the challenge of picking up the pieces and Lelouch and C.C. go into hiding for whatever reason. Next season, there are still peace talks going on, the Black Knights are under Euphie’s command, and a new character takes the stage to try to replace Lelouch as the main badass character (ala Shin) Something happens which requires the need for Lelouch and C.C. to come back -probably geass related- and blah, blah, blah) Probably won’t happen (why would they give us another Gundam Seed) though I like the prospect of Lelouch deciding not to take the throne after the Emperor is killed (and living with C.C. Me and my LxC ways…-ish shot-)

      -They manage to overthrow the empire or gain Japan’s independence. But then, once they do, they discover something pertaining to C.C. and the Geass and the second season focuses on Jupiter and C.C. This is one of the more plausible.

      -There are others, but I’m too lazy to type right now >.

    14. Augh! My smilie! Cut me off! Well, here’s the rest of my thoughts:

      These are the vibes I’m getting:

      -The second season will probably focus mostly upon C.C. and Geass along with Lelouch’s side of the deal because, with this pacing, I don’t think we’ll be able to see Lelouch fufill C.C.’s wish in time.
      -Also, the Emperor probably won’t be killed (defeated, maybe, but not killed; maybe he’ll flee to Jupiter after the end of season 1?) until the end of the second season. Because of his presence on Jupiter on one episode, I have a feeling that he has something to do with C.C. and the Geass.

    15. I remember that pic lol.^__^ I bet it wants kallenxlulu, shirleyxlulul, suzaxlulu want to fry their brains out..but I don’t have a problem with it..*ish a LuluxC.C. fan* but yay! more Code Geass!

    16. Omgosh, that picture totally caught me off-guard….well, I wouldn’t think Lulu would actually do it! But Go LuluXc.c!!! Yay! I totally agree, why the heck is Suzaku and Lance. even in the picture….totally RUINS it…well, watever, GOOD NEWS!!!

    17. All that blog says is that:
      Code Geass will air in two parts, 26episodes each(total, 52episodes)
      Equally with the second part, new gundam series will start. This new anime(gundam) will be directed by Mizushima Seiji and character design (to gundam anime) will be done by authors of manga “Loveless”. Also there are thoughts if these two anime (geass and gundam) will clash against each other and who will win the confrontation between these two….

      As for the image – its official sunrise artwork featured in HobbyJAPAN, so you can count it as canon XDD

    18. Why there should be 2 seasons break?
      I knew it on another website too & I’m thinking that’s great to has 50 episodes but why there leave it blank for 2 seasons? I hate hiatus!
      For the new gundam series, if the rumor really real then I will pay high hope for it. I love ‘LOVELESS’ mangaka’s art & it must be something different from Seed! XDXD but I don’t think there will be any confrontation between Gundam & Geass because I think they will be air on different time. plus I will watch both of it!
      Btw, I agree with Dreyakis. maybe the identity of Lelouch will expose in the end of first part. but is it Japan can get independence that fast? I don’t think so. & I don’t think he will get capture by others. C.C. will help him & what he posses? A brilliant brain & Geass.

    19. You know when you take out the “ge” in geass you get code “ass” >_>

      that’s offical artwork…wow! wasn’t expecting anything like that from sunrise… i’ll agree with most that suzaku image doesn’t fit with the picture’s theme. if they’re aiming for “fanservice” then make it completely so. In anycase I can’t help but wonder sunrise’s reason for publishing something like this….

      Am really liking the sound of the new opening and ending btw. will these songs premere with ep 12 of code geass?

    20. Is there a reason why Lulu is grabbing C.C.’s ass?
      Plus there’s a little too much detail at the ass area. Lelouch is probably thinking, “Oh yeah. You’re mah b*tch.”

      But seriously can anyone explain that picture? I realize that Japan’s restrictions are less lax there than in the US, but that’s a public magazine right?


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