On the way back from Narita aboard a train, Lelouch questions if C.C. is his enemy or ally since he now knows that Mao has a GEASS power that allows him to read minds. C.C. reveals that Mao’s power has a range of 500 meters and she contracted with him eleven years ago. She thinks that his objective is only her, but Lelouch is worried because Mao knows he is Zero. Since Lelouch wants to know more about it, C.C. explains that Mao’s GEASS doesn’t have the eye contact limitation that his has. The problem with Mao’s power is that he can’t turn it off, so he can always hear the minds of the people around him whether he wants to or not. This is actually why Mao wears earphones that repeat C.C.’s voice over and over. Lelouch is now afraid that Mao might go after his biggest weak point: Nunnally. C.C. recognizes how important protecting Nunnally is to Lelouch, but she thinks that searching the city for Mao with the Black Knights is a waste of time. Instead, she suggests that he should use her as a decoy since she’s Mao’s goal. Lelouch cuts her off before she can finish speaking and asks her if he’d become like that if he continued using the GEASS power or if becoming like that was the result of not fulfilling the contract with her. C.C. admits that using the GEASS increases its power, and so a person could be swallowed up by their own power. Lelouch then gets angry that she knew that yet still proposed contracts with him and Mao. He calls her cruel because of how she didn’t clean up after herself once she abandoned Mao since he wasn’t able to fulfill their contract. Lelouch thinks that she should have taken away Mao’s powers or his life and blames her for what happened to Shirley. In response, C.C. decides to move to the place next door that’s currently being used for the school council and the cultural department.

Meanwhile, Suzaku learns from Cecile that he’s obligated to get a medical check-up as a Knightmare pilot. He agrees to get one after school tomorrow, and then inquires if there’s a way he can meet Euphemia. Lloyd doesn’t think that it’s possible for Suzaku, but Cecile points out that a person with the position of Earl could. It is here that Suzaku is shocked to find out that Lloyd is actually an Earl. The next day, Lelouch asks Milly to make the clubhouse off limits for a few days because of C.C. Milly reveals that she’s got another marriage interview coming up and asks him what she should do. Before Lelouch can really answer, Shirley comes running up and recognizes Lelouch from last time, but doesn’t know who he is. After Shirley’s friends call her away, Lelouch explains to a confused Milly that he and Shirley are having a fight, and she assumes that they’re pretending to be strangers. Later that night, Shirley finds her diary missing, not knowing that Lelouch actually has it and is burning it. During all this, C.C. is out in the city looking for Mao, as are Zero’s Black Knights. Not with the other Knights is Kaname, who has taken in Villetta. He still remembers how she had muttered about Zero when he rescued her, but when she wakes up and he tries to question her, he finds out that she’s forgotten all her memories. Villetta accidentally exposes herself and then covers herself back up, but she’s glad that a good person – Kaname – found her. At the clubhouse, Lelouch runs into C.C. and then gets a phone call from Mao, but Mao wants to speak with C.C. She takes the call and then informs Lelouch that she’s parting with him because she’ll be starting over with Mao. When Lelouch asks if she’s betraying him, C.C. says that she didn’t intend to be partners with him – they were only accomplices. He tries to stop her by using his GEASS power, but it doesn’t have an effect on her. As she leaves, she promises that she has no intention of talking about him with Mao and that Mao would not appear in front of him ever again.

At the hospital, the doctor has good test results, but asks Suzaku if he unconsciously compares himself with his father and notes that Kururugi Genbu was a great prime minister of Japan. By this time, C.C. has arrived at an amusement part and is greeted by Mao riding a carousel. She sees that he’s still a kid and tries to tell him something, but he’s still caught up with how C.C. supposedly loves him, and displays the recording that playing on his headphones as proof. She yells for him to stop and remembers how she had taken care of him when he was young. The voices were too much for him, so she had calmed him down with her voice and promised to be always by him. However, as Mao approaches her now, C.C. pulls out a gun on him. A gunshot rings out, but it’s not from C.C.’s gun – Mao actually drew his gun and shot her in the arm before she could do anything. What’s more, he interprets her not shooting him as a sign that she likes him. C.C. denies it and declares that she only used him, but Mao doesn’t believe it and starts shooting her repeatedly in her arms and legs. He then rambles about how he built a white house in Australia, and that C.C. is too big to take on an airplane there. That’s why he’s going to make her compact, which he plans to do so with a chainsaw. As he approaches her again, C.C. wonders if this is punishment, but Mao calls it gratitude. It is at this point that Lelouch appears on the video screen nearby. He had learned that they were at Clovis Land from the phone recording from earlier and is now broadcasting from Tokyo Tower – out of Mao’s mind-reading range. Playing his trump card, Lelouch raises the subject of C.C.’s name and reveals that he knows her real one. Mao can’t believe that she revealed it to Lelouch yet she never told him, and he’s made even angrier when Lelouch asserts that C.C. belongs to him. Lelouch keeps going, saying that he’s obtained all of C.C., including the parts that Mao hasn’t seen. As Mao starts to destroy the television screens, Lelouch declares that Mao has lost.

However, Mao then starts to hear voices approaching. These are the thoughts of the police who soon surround Mao completely. With them is Lelouch, who is also dressed as a policeman, and he rescues C.C. Mao can’t believe that Lelouch is here since he was just on the screen at Tokyo Tower, but it turns out that that was just a recording. In fact, Lelouch had anticipated all of Mao’s answers and had pretended to be conversing with him. Mao claims that he still has a way to defeat Lelouch, but Lelouch isn’t about to let anything go to chance. He has put the police squad under the control of his GEASS, and they now execute Mao in a hail of gunfire. In the aftermath, C.C. explains that Mao was only a six-year-old orphan when she formed a contract with him. At the time, he didn’t know how to read or write, didn’t know his parent’s love, and didn’t know good or evil. The GEASS power that she gave Mao kept other people away from him, and that’s why she was Mao’s friend and lover – she was everything to him. Having been brought to the roof of a building by a police helicopter, Lelouch now tells C.C. that he doesn’t want to be defeated by the GEASS. Lelouch vows to control and master this power and declares that he will change the world. He will collectively grant her wish and his – he will fulfill the contract that Mao was not able to. Hearing all this, C.C. wonders if Lelouch is comforting her, pitying her, or feeling an attachment to her. Not answering, Lelouch suggests that they form a contract, but this time from him to her. Stretching out her hand, C.C. agrees to bind this contract, and the two shake on it.


As usual, there a lot of stuff to talk about. I would say that the big surprise this episode was seeing Villetta’s breasts, but taken in context of Kallen’s shower scene and Nina’s masturbation scene, that’s not that big of a deal. If nothing else though, it once again shows how much they’re pushing the limits. I still think that we might see a sex scene before this is all over. Focusing more on Villetta herself, it would seem at first that they took the easy way out by giving her amnesia. Still, I’m curious to see where they go with it, and there definitely seems to be grounds for a KanameXVilletta relationship now.
However, that was only a minor part, and most of the episode was about Lelouch, C.C., and Mao. In a way, I do hold C.C. responsible for how Mao developed into a crazy nut job, though it’s arguable whether she gave him a better life than he might have had as an orphan on the streets. That probably wasn’t her intention though, and she’s still got a job to accomplish that Lelouch has taken on. Actually, when they contracted again at the end of the episode, I thought Lelouch and C.C. would do something more than just a handshake – like a kiss or something – but that didn’t happen.
As for Shirley, they more or less seem to have wrapped up her involvement completely, and she seems destined to become a background character again. It’s still frustrating to see such an end to her part of the story, though I’m keeping a little hope that this isn’t the end. Maybe they were just trying to conclude things, but it seemed slightly odd that they would go to the lengths to show Lelouch burning Shirley’s diary. In any case, next week seems to be about Nunnally and there seems to be a chance that Mao isn’t actually dead. Perhaps that’s his sleeve in the corner there.


  1. That isn’t hentai, that is just smut… Hentai is something that the producers add to arouse people in what they are watching… It usually involves something more then breasts. Smut is just pornography added in because the situation called for it… That is well smut, he needed to fix her wounds meaning he had to take of her clothes… See the logic?

  2. that’s what i’m talking about!! bring em in and take them out!!! and a side of nip’S dont hurt either!! but i have doubts about that whole fifty episode thang, where will this story go???

    brooklyn otaku
  3. ok, now I have a few questions:

    first, what is an Earl? ❓
    second, is it the beginning of an Ougi X Viletta couple?
    third, I do have heard the name Clovis during the chat between Mao and C.C (after he shot her several time)
    and finally, look likes there is someone tracking down Lelouch/C.C from that pictures, is it Viletta ?

    oh and why did I saw the amnesia coming from far away? >_>

  4. Mao with chainsaw: O_O
    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. dang… who exactly is c.c.?! her character is definitely shrouded in mystery. VERY interesting and fun. she has to be one of my favorite female characters. hopefully, we’ll see more in-depth character development in her part. nice~

  6. Well C.C. appeared in the first scenes of the first episode looking the same age she does now and based on the scenes in her memory, she’s reaaallly old. Also, does anyone able what Nunally says to Lulu about “Schneizel-nii-sama?” I didn’t catch it.

  7. Code Geass is rules!! Villetta having amnesia was something I did not expect. I gotta praise Sunrise for making the story interesting so far and CLAMP for the character designs (rather than the mai-hime type). Hopefully there would be a second season as good as season 1 is at the moment.

  8. @flou, question:
    IS that part where C.C beats up some guy about where he was hitting on her & she wanted to be left alone, but he continued messing with her so she resorted to violence? I didn’t get it too well, my raw was pretty crappy on the audio department… T_T

  9. @Deadlyrain
    She’s looking for Mao’s location and shaking down some guys who thought she was with the police or looking for Refrain. She doesn’t get a good answer out of them though.

  10. I like the character designs, too. They really know how to draw an attractive-looking female form. My only problem is that they aren’t exactly the most orignal character designs. I mean, we’ve already had Orihime Inoue for the majority of the series, and now, looking at pic #15, we’ve got Urd-sama, too?

    Still, I’m having a blast with this show, as they have managed to keep it pretty original in the face of all the other unoriginality (amnesia, character designs, and that Sunrise staple, the short-term adversary). Besides, Urd + tits = WIN no matter how you look at it. Now if we can just get a more unobstructed look at C.C.’s sweet ass…

  11. I forsee Shirley is going to be an important characther in the future…. well, so much for fanservice, but full frontal pwns them all 😀
    Also, I forsee Ougi having an orgy.. lol
    Anyways, who is that girl in the preview?

    Jk im not that crazy about it ,but its good that she has amnesia opens up a new sub story, potentially solves a few problems, and brings that tanned goddess more into the story line.

    Its a fact every good anime should always have a tanned goddess no matter what.

    and yeah amnesia isn’t exactly a fresh idea, a brain transplant, now that hasn’t been done much *sarcasm*

  13. …and then…then…there is this huge whale/dragon that flies out of nowhere to own everything…

    …but the dragon can’t step over fish you see…since it’s on fire…so the final battle just happens to take place beside a fish market…and the dragon turns out to really be no threat at all…

  14. @Xtrike
    You’ve got to be kidding me. This is definately NOT the first time you see naked chick in Code Geass.

    And as for the episode…
    CC continues to rise on my list of cool characters. I wouldn’t mind getting a whole show about her.

  15. Damn. They killed off Mao already? I liked his psychotic personality and his character design.

    But wait, this is Code Geass…so characters don’t die that easily, even though they appear to be mortally wounded.

  16. @Yyi, look at the second preview pic, there is a guy in bandages, & besides Orange-kun, Mao is the only one extremely crazy about Zero… I’m guessing that is Mao himself, considering he has geass & also Lelouch got hurt in that previous battle yet in the previous battle his wounds are gone, so I’m guessing having geass also stimulates your body’s healing rate.

  17. Haha, this show sure knows how to fulfill my desires. It’s just too bad Shirley wasn’t the model here. CLAMP needs to do artwork for hentai games. XD

    I can’t believe Mao got owned by Lelouche’s mind trick. But it was rather realistic and good. I don’t think I’d be able to stay sane either if some guy comes up to me and says he knows absolutely EVERYTHING about the girl I love and that she belongs to him. I would definitely have gone Jason on him too. 😉

  18. Did CC like kids back then?… Now she moved on to LuLu ^^;. Was Mao friend and lover which I highly doubt!. I doubt Mao is alive though I’m thinking it could be the 2nd prince shiziel (cant spell), the princess of the liberation front or Rakshata the scientist that that made Guren MKII that the sleeve in the preview belong to.
    @flou that is true we don’t know where the letter ended up. Could be a way for shirley to regain her memory and feelings to Lu Lu.

  19. Hmm….I’m wondering if Milly would end up liking Lulu….it’s not likely…but hey….background characters like her do get some more action….lol, and yeah, I don’t think Mao died…

  20. Geass Haiku

    Geass Foreboding and Questions
    Milly likes Arthur around the Council,
    Milly likes Lelouch around the Council.
    Suzaku gets scratched and beaten up by Arthur,
    Suzaku gets minor injuries and beaten by Zero.
    Suzaku runs after BlackCatWithZeroMask,
    Suzaku catches BlackCatWithOutZeroMask,
    afterwards Suzaku helps build BlackCat’s (play)house.
    Suzaku runs after Zero,
    If Suzaku catches Zero without the mask,
    will Suzaku help build Zero’s (dream/promised)world?

    Rivalz is the best friend of Lelouch.
    Suzaku is an old friend of Lelouch.
    Will Suzaku be a ‘rival’ of Lelouch?
    Will Rivalz always be a background character?

    If Nina meets Euphemia, how long will it take Cornelia to kill Nina?

    Was it funny, how Kallen’s mecha squeezed (Orange-kun)Jeremiah’s Knightmare?

    Seriously…What is Clovis’, Cornelia’s , and Euphemia’s big brother’s name? You know, they guy with a serious Class.Otaku.Mecha hobby…Lancelot’s Class.Otaku.Mecha.Mad.Scientist Lloyd’s boss…?

    Geass Weakness, are these correct?
    Lelouch -> Nunally
    Cornelia -> Euphemia
    Lloyd -> Lancelot
    Milly -> Shirley’s big pair
    Suzaku -> Arthur
    Villetta ->Orangg…Jeremiah
    Nina -> Euphemia
    Rivalz -> motorcycle
    Nunally -> wheelchair
    …oh, and
    C.C. -> C.K.(Cheese-kun)

    …um…why is Cheese-kun not available here locally? Seriously, why???

  21. something interesting… or maybe only to me.
    so if that is mao’s sleeve at the corner of the screen… the two figures walking that mao seems to be looking at is c.c. and lelouch right? cuz c.c. is in disguise as a stewardess… so i guess the mao arc doesn’t end. mao seems like a character. and even if c.c.’s still one of my favorite characters… a lot is still left untold about mao and her relationship, about how he become a total psychotic being, and about c.c. herself. c.c. is still shown as a somewhat cold and brutal character…. which i sorta like and dislike. but yes… interesting machinations…

  22. “hmmmm so now there is smut in Geass i like it but hopefully they don’t cut the story because of it …. then Geass is going to be off my too watch list”

    WTF? Are you kidding me? It’s Taniguchi Goro we’re talking about. He always put some sexual moments in his shows. This is not “smut”. Get off your high horse please.

    As for Mao and his possible comeback, I think it’s pretty obvious that the Geass powers encompass the ability to physically regenerate. The chances are that Mao DID die, but he simply came back to life thanks to his powers. I wonder if LeLouch will have similar regeneration powers.

    And I don’t think just because they wrapped up the Shirley angle, it would mean that she’d be the background character. We don’t know any side effects to the Geass powers and whatnot.

  23. For anyone who’s lived in or are living in Japan, seeing bare breasts on television isn’t really that big a deal, and this extends to anime. That said, Viletta has some nice, ahem, assets. 🙂 What did surprise me about Code Geass was Nina’s masturbation scene. It was pretty unexpected and instead of coming off as erotic, it was rather creepy and disturbing.

    The return of cheese-kun and more cosplay!

  24. @Shippoyasha, I’ve watched all the animes made by Mr. Goro, & none of them besides one, has any sort of pornographic situations… & let me quote what hentai means:
    Any sexual contents or mature contents put in to attract a certain group of fans will fall under this category. We shall go with the North America standard, which means upper body & lower of women also count.
    EX: A sex scene where the women makes sexual noises in a way which will arouse the viewer.
    Now a quote for smut:
    “Smut” is a slang word – most common in Britain – for any form of media that is considered profane of offensive, particularly with regards to sexual content not meant to attract fans but more to the reason of the moment calling for it.

  25. ok ALIVE =)
    that is all
    yeah thats like not the same shit, the edges are blue,
    and there’s a slit there, like a retarded poncho, where is in the other episode
    the edges of his poncho are white, and the the slit is in the middle..
    BUT he might of (unlike the opening theme) changed his clothing slightly, especially
    now that he has to match it with the arm bands :S
    ahhaha omg nerddddy response =) but yeah, i love them crazy’s XD

  26. Nooo… Mao… I actually LIKED him. Hope he comes back. Even though I like C.C., I blame her for all the psychological trauma that Mao has gone through. Seriously, who gives mind-reading power to a six-year old?? About all the nudity… Meh, I’m okay with it as long as it’s not too gratuitous.

  27. @Meraxes:Even though I like C.C., I blame her for all the psychological trauma that Mao has gone through. Seriously, who gives mind-reading power to a six-year old?

    It seems to me that Geass can not be given to just anybody and C.C. has the ability to see the potential Geass recipients. And from the look of it, there are only a few of them. To make a contract with a six-year-old boy and later abandon him because he was not able to fulfill the contract, she must really be desperate for her wish to be fulfilled (it is most likely something that only a Geass user can grant..After all, if it’s something she herself can fulfill, why does she take the troubles of making a contract??). So, her wish must be very important..

    I think that Lelouch was pretty ungrateful when he got angry and called her cruel after knowing the consequence of possessing Geass. If she hadn’t proposed the contract with him, he would’ve died at the hands of Britannia army, not being able to work towards his goal of crushing Britannia. Though, I understand that it was because he’s emotionally distressed and can’t think straight after what happened to one of his important friends, Shirley and is now facing the high possibility of Mao targeting his precious sister, Nunnaly.

    @Tsu-chan:Hm…but if there were a sex scene who would it be with? C.C. and Lelouch?

    From what I’ve seen, they are more like important partners rather than lovers. Even if they do have feelings for each other, I doubt that it would be b/w C.C and Lelouch. Cuz it’s kinda awkward, knowing that they’re both so stubborn.. Perhaps Ougi x Viletta??

  28. @ flou: Schneizel nii-sama that Nunally mention is the second prince. Hehee, that means he will be appears soon. According to what Nunally say, he may be a very strong enemy.
    same with some of you, I think that smut scenes will not over yet. Don’t you guys forget, this series is aired at midnight at Japan. Btw, they actually focus on dvd sales. but whatever, what make i love this series is the story, so it do not do much for me. ^^

  29. finally having watched it…

    another great episode. one of things I love about Lelouch, besides the point he’s manipulative and borderline psychotic (and the lead) is how he bounces back from defeats. here’s another great example, as Lelouch basically rips Mao to pieces after Mao had the upper hand last episode. if this indeed is the end of Mao, that’s fine by me, if only because of how badly Lu defeated him. and that he was totally insane, got to love mention of chainsaws and sticking people into little boxes.

    as for Villetta, it certainly has potential. at least, her and kaname have become a time bomb inside the order, and there’s also a chance that KanameXVilletta will happen, and Villetta will end up doing for kaname what shirley did for lelouch (there’s a reason for leaving Jeremiah alive after all. he’s the perfect kill for Villetta)

    oh, and it was amusing to see once again that CC is apparently higher on the immortal ladder than a zombie, since shotgun fire (or damage like that) and bullets in the head have yet to kill her. wonder if she’s like a vampire and you could stab her in the heart…..

  30. Villetta’s boobs are awesome. I can’t wait til science advances to the point where we can give women those perfect globes naturally. “Hey Honey, I’m getting you prefect natural large breasts for our anniversary!”

  31. I agree with Banpeikun. Villetta’s breasts are by far the best ones I’ve seen on any anime character. Hentai girls’ are always “overdone” in my opinion. I think the breasts also enhance Villetta’s beauty by hundredfold. That, and perhaps her let-down hair, too.


  32. let’s not be immature about this, women naturally have breasts as well as men as their own sex organ.

    anyway, men has breasts too, just flat, lol. (it’s because, when we were embryos inside of our mothers, we first become as females as oppose to males, then around the 7-9 week, the fetal stage begins and they start to develop them… or it could be a bit later.. but that would be awkward… which can result in erm.. you know those cases when a child is born, they are left without a proper sexual organ, so the doctor ‘fixes’ that, and then when the child is older, he/she will most likely to feel a bit awkward about their sexual/ity or orientation, but that’s not always the case with homosexuals.

  33. a lot of speculations on whether mao is dead or not, i for one thinks he isn’t. sorry for not taking a screenshot, but if you freeze the video at 20:54, you can kind of see the side of mao’s shirt being ripped, dunno if that’s just the lighting effects or not, but coincidentally the rip matches the sleeve shown in the previews and the colors seem to also more or less match that of mao’s apparel. the only thing that troubles me is that the pattern on the sleeve seem to extend into the rip and gives it the look of a poncho, we’ll have to wait and see. anywho, great episode, got a little bit of everything in it.

    p.s. why is everyone so obsessed with boobs? i mean they’re nice to look at, but they contribute nothing to the plot.

  34. Villetta will automatically go to Orange as soon as she finds out hes still alive. So any other pairs you make for her is just crazy unless Orange really gets killed.

  35. Sorry for the double post, but I want to see more of the blue haired female character that’s in like virtually every episode as a Black Knight but only had about 3 lines ever. -.-


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