In the middle of the night, Asuna and Konoka find someone unexpected in the bath: Nekane Springfield. Negi wakes up the next morning after a dream about Nekane to find her watching over him. But this Nekane seems to be real and so he introduces her as his sister to all the girls. When Negi tells Nekane about the Black Rose Baron, she informs him that it’s the Thousand Master, but he realizes that she’s actually joking. He then rests his head in her lap and doesn’t notice when she uses her magic to destroy a patch of emerging darkness. Only Zazie sees this, and she reports it to the other girls in the exploration group afterwards. Konoka and Setsuna decide to follow Nekane, and although the things she does appear at first to be suspicious, nothing actually turns up strange. Even when Nekane seems to sneak up on Satsuki with a sword, she’s actually just after some of the oden being cooked.

When Kaede, Ku Fei, Fuuka, and Fumika tell Negi about how Nekane is strange and what she did earlier, Negi feels that she just didn’t want to worry him. Later, Ako opens a window and finds a blob of darkness outside. The girls call Negi and tell him about it, but by the time he arrives, Ako is about to get sucked into the darkness. Negi decides to activate Ku Fei’s contract, but she kicks his hand during the process and Negi ends up pulling out the bad card. All seems lost until the Black Rose Baron appears and powers up a wind that pulls Ako back in. Negi finishes the job by destroying the darkness, but the Baron is gone by the time he finishes. After the battle, Konoka tells Negi that the Black Rose Baron is really Nekane because she recognized the Baron’s sword and the oden ingredients that were on it. Negi can hardly believe it, but in fact, at that very moment, Nekane is taking off the disguise in the restroom.

They changed the OP sequence a tiny bit this week by adding some color and a few frames. I think I prefer the darker, less colored version though because it looked a lot cleaner and more stylish.
Anyway, this episode actually surprised me with how funny and unexpected it was. I never would have thought Nekane would have appeared for real, nor did I suspect that she was the Black Rose Baron. I’m still suspicious of this new development and am expecting them to pull something else, though I’m not sure what. As for the funny, Motsu was the main source of laughter with how he was the Black Rose Baron and how he cried in Eva’s tea.


  1. Yep, this was the HOLY SHIT rendition of Negima.

    I watched past episodes with the BRB and there have been subtle hints connecting the two… far more than Nagi (we only had, what, voice? Nekane had more connections than that tbqh)

    Sin Ansem
  2. Lets try posting this for a second time ^_^

    I must say, this has been the best episode I have seen in awhile, I never would have guessed that she was the baron. Hmm… I am definately expecting to see Anya at some point in the show now…

  3. lol it was a shock when i saw this episode ehehe

    ehe Nekane really like Oden ehehe

    and ohh seem’s the Baka ranger member got their own god to pray with (last episode Ku-Fei was praying to a instant noodle now Maki is praying to a pasta ehehe)

  4. ok….this episode was either fecked up or strange, the apperance of nekane is one thing…well this series is pretty feck over, which is cool. but i suppose this was a strange spin on things; zazie really gets invloved in the first 10 minutes being the first one suspect of her.

    the setsunaxkonoka team was pretty good usage, althought they both got nowhere, which ended up with some good moments. it now makes more sense to actually see nekane as the BRB, as it explains the activities in the past, and the two previous star crystal arcs.

    id expect the 1k master to be sitting over with eva and death glasses wasting time.

  5. Yeah I second that. Now on to the episode itself. Was surprised that Nekane was the black rose baron, didn’t see that coming but also surprised that they fit her into the series. She wasn’t in the original series which is just another reason why Negima!? is awesome. Some funny parts with Setsuna smelling Konokas hair and also slamming into the kitchen shelves. All in all a pretty good episode. Also I’m curious if I was the only one that noticed that they didn’t use the character quotes this time for the song.

  6. I guess I spotted the “black rose” connection very early.. so it was like “yeah yeah whatever” … some points for the episode concerning Secchan and Konoka. Always fun watching Asuna’s independently driven hair (apparently most of her brain function is channeled for that 🙂 ).

    One wonders where exactly they’re going with this series now or is it just going to remain rather random for the duration.

  7. BRB…. though it was a women… just the voice… i mean they have the old male teachers male voice actors why give the old male BRB a women like voice??? sister part was a bit suprising… she’s an odd ball… wonder if she is loseing it or something… i mean negi obsesses about his father so I wonder what her hang up is…


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